This Bridge of Love


It only takes 
a second 
to remember.
Your remembrance 
makes time stand 
completely still.
In this moment
might you sense 
loved ones so close,
together forever,
are you not all
following your 
souls’ wills?

Is this remembrance 
not an expansion 
of Who You Are,
yes, there are memories 
that make you smile 
as you think of them,
but as you remember You
as wholly soul –
Here your loved ones 
are with you and 
you with them.

Take a moment,
a quiet pause,
your heart 
is waiting,
this Bridge of Love 
is Here always,
ready for you,
greet and hug all 
who you Love,
this moment together – 
is infinite,
eternal and always,
forever with You!

Love’s Grace


Love reminds 
when you have 
even in a moment 
of pain or regret,
there is no-thing 
that Love cannot
Love adds to 
and never 

Each discovery 
you make with 
does it not emanate 
from You,
do you not rejoice 
in the realization – 
your heart,
your soul,
is where Love
loves to come 

Extend Love when
looking in the
what might Love 
bring today to
honor you?
Allow Love’s Grace 
to surround 
and soothe –
forever as Love 
is the Truth
of You!



You are created 
in every moment.
What does Love 
wish to create

You may think 
you are a product
of your experience, 
might you realize 
it is the other 
way around,
as created are you 
not also creator,
you may balk at 
the responsibility 
of how this sounds.

As the power is 
within you to 
with Threads of Love
what might you 
lovingly weave,
if you lose your place 
or get off track,
Love is always Here
when you ask to 

Be a clean slate
in any moment,
forgo past programming
when creating anew,
Be inspired by what 
you may not know,
Be delighted by 
Love’s ease that
flows through 

You are both created
and creator,
with this awareness
have Faith to let go,
Be Love’s expression 
in experience,
create with Joy –
the expression 
of your soul!

Love’s Pause


Clear out the 
sink down to 
where Love 
simply rests.

Do you not sigh 
with relief,
good or
bad or

Simply Be 
with Love 
this moment,
a production 
you need not

Holding Love’s hand,
take a simple 
rest assured,
Love shows you
the way.

Take a breath,
rest in Love’s
the noise of 
the world 
slips away.

Here is Peace
in the quiet,
rest my child
with Love today.

Walking With Love


You may walk a 
different road
from where you
with eyes open,
are you not able
to see more Light?
With purpose in your 
step are you not 
by This Truth that 
now has given you 
new sight?

At times you may 
only be aware of 
your own footsteps,
yes, there are shifts 
that peel away what 
you thought you knew,
yet no space can now 
contain what you 
are sensing,
Love is not lost,
All who you Love 
are always with you.

Allow your journey
to unfold with 
perfect timing,
with Grace,
listen to your heart
that knows This Truth,
your loved ones,
draw so close
to whisper softly,
we are walking 
this road together,
always with you!

This Voice


Let the gentle Truth 
of Spirit,
be what you 
innately hear,
this Voice may seem
softer at first,
as ego thoughts often
boom with fear.

Ego wishes you to 
be distracted,
sending you down 
many rabbit holes,
to find an answer,
to take cover,
to not be aware 
of what you know.

This Voice of Spirit 
is always with you,
as you are ready 
to receive,
do not fret about 
the timing,
any perfect moment
appears with belief.

This voice may appear 
to be outside you,
you may not recognize 
it at first,
but it is the Voice 
of a thousand whispers
that you have heard 
within you,
since before birth.

Welcome Home to the 
Eternal You,
sit for a spell
and with Love,
Be – 
This Voice of Love
is your soul 
reminding always,
You Are Me.

Imagine Love


Imagine Love.
What will Love 
create today?

Set your imagination 
do not stay tethered 
to your brain,
you as soul are 
eternally creating,
might you free your 
thoughts from always
thinking the same?

Imagination is not 
is it not the soup 
of creative flow,
when you release your 
rules of limits,
what are the places 
you may go?

Is there not Joy 
in possibility,
yes, all the details 
will get worked out,
but in the play of 
is this not how 
inspiration comes 

Be inspired.
Be creative.
This is a State 
of Be-ing beyond
outcomes made,
follow imagination 
from inside-out,
what will You 
as Love create 

Magnificent You!


Stand in your magnificence,
Love supports you as 
you grow,
is there not Joy 
when your human 
gets glimpses of what 
your soul knows?

Trust in your soul’s
Divine timing,
remember, time has 
no function Here,
Be Gratitude as you sense
your angels,
your guides,
your loved ones who 
Love to draw near.

You are part of 
this orchestration,
as all of the pieces 
come together to show – 
how magnificent You Are,
my dear,
and what Love wishes 
you to know.

Come sit at the 
Table of Love,
We have prepared 
a place for you,
let Love nurture,
comfort and surround
you with Love,
welcome Home,
magnificent You!