Constant, Steady, Love

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Release your burdens,
you need not carry,
let your shoulders
without this weight,
Love is limitless in
its transformation,
hand over what you
need not worry

Your mind may
not know what
to do,
without what keeps
wheels spinning fast,
might you honor
mind with Love,
filling it up so
it may rest.

Let questioning mind
question your beliefs,
but with no judgement,
as awareness builds,
when spirit and mind
play together,
does not body also
become fulfilled?

Play with this balance,
yes it is ever-changing,
is not life your
creative muse,
know that Love
is the constant,
Eternal Force
that so Loves

An Ocean of Love

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Welcome in waves
of emotion,
some may be tall,
some at your feet,
you may feel tossed
and turned
there may be times
you struggle with
what they mean.

A wave may ebb
and flow in rhythm,
it reaches out and
then recedes,
is it not an invitation
to sense the depth
of You,
so deep.

And as the ocean
is the foundation
of what creates a
single wave,
wave is never
apart from
its source,
where it belongs,
at Home,

As waves of life
invite this dance,
may they reveal
the authentic You,
deep and connected
to your Source,
this Ocean of Love
is every drop
of You.

One Light

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Like two beams of
we are together,
you cannot separate
This Truth,
whole and complete
we are as One,
Love is the Light
that connects Me
to You.

You may feel a
as your five senses
search to see,
but does not Love
awaken your Knowing –
hearts beat as One
through Eternity.

Time ticks a clock
you see before you,
but Love is time-less
as it reassures you,
as Light illuminates
All in its presence,
All Love is present
as the Love in You.

I Am Love

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And Here,
is Love.

You may experience it
in different places,
as you step ahead
in time,
you may rail against
its concepts,
trying to figure it out
within your mind.

The spark in You
knows what we
speak of,
as your language
cannot hold
This Grace,
Love Is Here
with you every
even as you walk
through time and

Love is not measured
by your yardsticks,
it cares not what
comparisons you
Love is Everything
you see,
Love rides along
every road you

You may ask,
where are you
My dear, I Am
always Here
with you,
as You know
I Am Love,
repeat this Truth,
as the Love
in You!


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The unfolding.

Does the flower ask,
which petal first,
as a bloom begins
to burst,
there has been growing
in the waiting,
it may appear as
before the unfurl.

Your human mind
wants step by step,
wanting to know
what has not
happened yet,
might you trust
in the unfolding,
present for each
trusting unseen

This Faith in Love
is not a mystery
to you,
at times your human filter
appears cloudy
looking through,
You Are always
Love’s perfect unfolding
behold the beauty
of This Love
in You!

This Family of Love

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Love is always
the connection.
Do not All Souls
make up this
Family of Love?

Yes, there are many
human experiences,
that play out these
ties that bind,
you may feel connected
to your family,
there may be family
you wish to find.

A family of friends
is a powerful bond,
you marvel at the
weaving of these
these loving connections
are a loving comfort,
as human you seek out
these relationships.

Your Family of Souls
is even larger,
than you may be able
to see,
your heart,
your soul,
sees these connections,
some are highlighted
some will later be.

Love knows no
or labels placed,
your heart will
guide you to
This Truth –
your Family of Love
begins in your heart,
it is All you see,
reflecting the Love
in You.

A Cycle of Love

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You have what
you need.
Do you not receive
what you give
as the cycle
of Love
repeats again?

Might your human
align and sync
with Love’s True
no-thing can stop
this loving cycle,
but a greater awareness
is what you wish
to know.

You are receiving,
even as you may
doubt that this
is true,
is it not the
human mind that
questions how the
outcome appears
to you?

Yes, the body
is communicating,
but as its source
may be doubt
and fear,
remember you are
always connected
to Source,
speaking with your
as Love is always

You cannot stop
this loving flow,
even as the body
may be slow
to see,
give Love’s blessing
with your heart,
now with open
lovingly receive!

Celebrate You

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Celebrate you!

Your uniqueness
of Love’s Expression
is your Love Force
flowing through,
allow what you
and honor
all aspects of

As you give
may you receive,
this cycle
beats the rhythm
of life,
You Are Love’s
always with
You Are a beam
of Eternal Light.

Celebrate you
and feel
Love’s Arms
lovingly surround
You Are All
of This,
Love’s sacred
and celebrate

With Grace

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Step back from
the earthly
Be the Grace
you cannot help
but Be,
Grace is not
something external
to you,
you may sense it
when All aligns

Yes, there are moments
that seem miraculous
and amazing,
my dear you are
All of This
and more –
may Grace be
a reminder of
your perfection,
you are amazing
and miraculous
to your core.

Grace is beyond
expectation or
it may not be
an answer
to prayer,
Grace aligns perfectly
with Love
to remind you,
the Miracle of Love
and Grace
is You Are Here.

A Pocket of Peace

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Rest in sweet
pockets of Peace,
that are always
available in a
noisy life,
you may need
a time-out
beyond time
and space,
that sometimes
appears to cause
you strife.

You need not
have what is
to be completely
devoid of noise,
yes, outside calm
may be a preference,
but the Peace
within is always
a choice.

Let Peace remind
you gently,
you are a well-spring
of waters that run
this Eternal Flow of
bathes you in Love

With every breath
Peace is always
with you,
yes, sometimes
you need to
let go –
and rest gently
in the Arms of
safe and protected
and eternally
Loved so!