You, Created

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Look beyond your feet
as your foundation,
with arms stretched up
look beyond the sky,
your limitlessness
is your True Nature,
your human-ness may
always ask why.

Peace is knowing
you are anchored,
supported always by
This Truth,
Strength and Courage
shine their Lights,
from the brightest stars
that celebrate your

Yes, you may walk here
with gravity,
the laws of earth
appear dense and
but as Love is You,
created –
You Are connected
always with Love,

Breathe in This Breath,
your I Am presence,
exhale Gratitude
both near and far,
You Are supported,
Loved and cherished,
This Truth of Love
is the Love You Are!


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From the ego’s
the path ahead
is often filled
with fear,
watch out for that,
be careful there,
keep yourself hidden
so things do not
come near.

Ego does not like
new beginnings,
when you may upset
the apple cart,
but are you not free
to pick and choose,
as you create
with your heart?

From your human sight
you may not see
what are next steps
to take and how,
but as you create
your steps with Love,
might you illuminate
your journey somehow?

Faith is Here
on a road less travelled,
Love is in every
step you take,
let This Light
illuminate all fear,
so you may walk
with Courage
and not feel afraid.

You Are Here
as Love’s sweet
expand with this,
let your constrictions
let your loving Light
show you the way,
in This Light of
yes, You Are Free!

A Leap of Faith

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Do you not at times
feel you are standing
at a precipice
stretching out
in front of you,
a leap of faith
appears to be an
but your body
knows not what
to do.

Yes, there are times
when soaring
is the answer,
but do not dismiss
a single step,
even staying
in place
may be an
in the physical
it may not be
time yet.

Is not a leap of
faith sometimes
what you need,
to return you to
the chasm of
fear or doubt
or worry,
is ego’s way
to separate

Connect the dots
that lead you gently
to the Truth that
lies within your soul,
leap with joyful Trust
into loving arms,
always holding you,
You Are Home!


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As a brand new day
unfolds before you,
is this not an
example of creation
Yes, inspiration,
but sense the wonder
that fills the air.

A blank slate
may invite
your mind to
what might you
create to fill
it up,
might you draw,
paint or write
this word –
what is creation,
it is always

Is not creation
the intersection,
the relationship
of you with
as you exist
is it not
One Love
that expresses

Lean into the
the magical
though the
One of You
knows This Truth,
as a Holy,
creative Be-ing,
rejoice in the
creation of
Love as You!


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May sweet angels
whisper softly,
may fierce angels
lift you up,
may you believe
in angelic connections,
there are infinite layers
to the Power of Love.

Love’s pure white Light
is ever-present,
might it appear to you
in various ways,
it runs through you,
surrounding always,
it may place signs
upon your way.

You are an intersection
of the earth
that meets the sky
and far beyond,
welcome angel’s
sacred breath,
that breathes through
Here you belong.

May you sense your
brilliant white Light,
may you feel the
beat of angel wings,
may you be lifted
by this Knowing of Love,
One with Love’s melody
that your heart sings.


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Sense your resistance
be it big or small,
does Love not bring
down any wall,
Here is healing,
Here is Grace,
is it not all
Here with Love?

It matters not
if you believe
it’s true,
this Spark of Love
glows in the core
of You,
feel this comfort,
feel this Peace,
does the Heart of You
not feel with Love?

Where you constrict,
may you now expand,
when your mind says
respond with yes,
I can!
You Are this Courage,
You Are this Strength,
Love is Home with You,
always Here With Love.

Always Here

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I know there are
tears you shed
for me,
but Here I Am,
with you
and still me.

I know you are
walking a different
path with change,
but the Love we
is ever-lasting,
the same.

You sense me
in your heart,
and this is true,
my presence is
felt so near
and all around

I rejoice in the
of loved ones
but remember,
dear one,
we are with you,

Let me wipe
your tear,
let me take
your hand, dear,
always together
we are,
I have not left,
I am with you,

Constant, Steady, Love

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Release your burdens,
you need not carry,
let your shoulders
without this weight,
Love is limitless in
its transformation,
hand over what you
need not worry

Your mind may
not know what
to do,
without what keeps
wheels spinning fast,
might you honor
mind with Love,
filling it up so
it may rest.

Let questioning mind
question your beliefs,
but with no judgement,
as awareness builds,
when spirit and mind
play together,
does not body also
become fulfilled?

Play with this balance,
yes it is ever-changing,
is not life your
creative muse,
know that Love
is the constant,
Eternal Force
that so Loves

An Ocean of Love

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Welcome in waves
of emotion,
some may be tall,
some at your feet,
you may feel tossed
and turned
there may be times
you struggle with
what they mean.

A wave may ebb
and flow in rhythm,
it reaches out and
then recedes,
is it not an invitation
to sense the depth
of You,
so deep.

And as the ocean
is the foundation
of what creates a
single wave,
wave is never
apart from
its source,
where it belongs,
at Home,

As waves of life
invite this dance,
may they reveal
the authentic You,
deep and connected
to your Source,
this Ocean of Love
is every drop
of You.

I Am Love

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And Here,
is Love.

You may experience it
in different places,
as you step ahead
in time,
you may rail against
its concepts,
trying to figure it out
within your mind.

The spark in You
knows what we
speak of,
as your language
cannot hold
This Grace,
Love Is Here
with you every
even as you walk
through time and

Love is not measured
by your yardsticks,
it cares not what
comparisons you
Love is Everything
you see,
Love rides along
every road you

You may ask,
where are you
My dear, I Am
always Here
with you,
as You know
I Am Love,
repeat this Truth,
as the Love
in You!