In Love’s Presence


Do not let time
or timing 
roll you into a 
ball that then 
surrender to 
the timeless 
that flows eternally
amidst all of “this.”

Details and minutia 
can set your mind
seeking attention,
saying, “look at me,”
yes you may cross 
things off your list,
but check in often 
with your energy.

There is doing and 
there is creation,
you know which parts 
of you does what,
might you blend all
parts of you together,
allowing what you create
to lead all subsequent 

When fear arises 
or worries of lack,
become the driver 
of what you do,
might you ask 
your soul to 
lead the way,
as Love’s infinite 
possibilities find 
their way to you.

Be grateful for the 
body that gives 
you feedback,
what wishes to be seen,
what do you feel,
in Love’s presence 
may you be reminded,
as Love’s Reality
you are already healed.

You, Eternally


Hope can help you
take a step.

Faith brings you 
Strength – 
where you are.

Trust reassures that 
All Is Well.

Love is eternally 
with you Now.

As human,
these may feel like
separate things,
but you as soul 
are complete and

Let your soul connect 
these all with Peace,
as you Surrender
to what you know.

Hope, Faith and Trust 
help you to see,
Surrender, Love and Peace 
is You, Eternally.



Together We Are.

Even as you know 
and explore 
your Oneness,
is it not the human
that looks for “we,” 
the sense of coming together,
even holy works speak
of the Trinity.

Together We Are 
leaves no one out,
True Oneness is a 
melting pot for All,
are you not forever connected
to those you Love,
your souls forever 
dance together
here and beyond.

Together We Are 
is perfect Oneness,
a heart that grieves
also rejoices in 
This Truth,
there is no real 
separation of Love,
Together as One 
is the perfect expression
of the Love in You!

The Love of Angels


Do you not know 
the Love of 
Does not this Love 
flow through 

Have you not been 
touched by wings 
of mercy –
unconditional Love,
Grace that always 
surrounds you?

You are eternally 
a conduit 
of healing – 
which simply is 
when Love meets
where you are.

Rejoice in this most
sacred reunion – 
you, angels,
loved ones
as the Whole of 
Who You Are.

Are you not imbued 
with the Love 
of Angels –
with Grace and 
may you be at Peace
in these 
Arms of Love.

Simply, Love


Love Is.

There are no conditions 
to this Truth,
it is beyond bargaining,
cause and effect 
are one and the 
same – 
as Love,

What part of you 
cries out for Love,
in your Wholeness 
you cannot lack,
beyond matter 
Love is You,
as Love,

Reframe the picture 
you think you see,
let Love clear the 
filters from your eyes,
at your core 
here Love always
as You,
yes Love,

Love’s Master Garden


Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you.

Like a master gardener 
who knows the soil
is the foundation for 
what may grow,
what do you surround 
your roots with,
what other seeds 
do you wish to sow?

Let Love surround you
with the rich nourishment
that creates all possibility,
let Peace provide you
with sweet patience,
that you may need 
for perfect timing.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
you are quite more 
than a single bloom,
you are continually 
through every season,
with every phase of 
the moon.

Love is a co-creative 
you, angels, guides
and loved ones, too,
beloved gardeners
are you not all,
with Love and Compassion
as most important tools.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
in Love’s Master Garden
you are never alone,
behold the beauty 
infinitely unfolding,
in Love’s eternal garden,
you are always Home!

This Faith of You


A leap of Faith
is not a great distance,
do you not exist 
on both sides you 
Is your heart not 
already the bridge
to what you know 
beyond what you 

You need not make 
this leap any harder,
it is something you 
can do with ease,
you are already 
completely connected,
let this wash over you 
and bring you Peace.

Any chasm you see 
is from human eyes,
your self believes 
struggle is the way 
to go,
but are you not 
lifted by angel wings,
supported by loved ones
who Love you so.

Yes, Faith may appear 
as a leap to you,
for you as human 
wish to know 
what is True,
my dear,
your Soul sees 
your wholeness united,
the hand you reach for 
is the Eternal Hand 
of You!

Love’s Possibility


Stretch yourself
beyond your 
see how your soul 
responds with ease,
even when lessons 
appear not to your
might reasons be 
beyond what you 
can see.

Possibility lives in 
always remember 
you are a creative 
be aware when you
are saying “no” –
might saying “yes”
help you reset 
your course?

The ego is quick 
to shut down
what it fears,
the status-quo 
is where its 
comfort is,
allow your soul 
to speak to your
Heart of Joy,
as an infinite Be-ing,
are you not 
All of This?

This need not be 
a call to change 
the world,
though the world 
changes through 
your Vision of Truth,
be all that is possible
with your courageous 
heart – 
the manifestation 
of Love that shines 
eternally through You!

The Comfort of Peace


You need not wait 
for Peace.
Peace is with you,

Who You Are 
beyond this world,
and may be hard 
to see with 
human eyes,
You Are the 
Eternal Light 
that shines so 
You Are Love’s 
sweet blessing 
always Here,

you may feel 
a distance 
from your center,
yes, you travel 
off in many ways,
but you are never 
far from this 
True Knowing,
Love is Here 
with Peace,
to comfort,

You may wish 
to bring to your 
human awareness,
peaceful things to 
help you remind,
but as True Peace
is your soulful 
re-member Peace 
to help you balance 
and re-align.

You know this familiar 
vibration of Peace,
there is no need to 
think it has left you,
you need not wait 
for all around you 
to align,
Peace wrapped in 
is always, 
in You.

Love’s Eternal Light


Breathe in the air 
of Love that 
surrounds you,
let Love lighten up 
your load,
as you release 
what may feel heavy,
does not a lightened 
path unfold?

As human,
yes, you may walk
a path,
feeling emotion heavy 
with sadness and grief,
as soul you carry 
Love’s Eternal Light,
that brings you hope 
and much-needed

Know that the angels 
and your loved ones,
also shine Love’s 
Light for you,
together always,
Love continues,
a co-creative experience
for the All of You.

May you be lifted 
with the wonder 
and the promise 
Eternal Love brings
to you,
feel This Truth
in your knowing heart,
Love is All There Is,
forever shining 
in You!