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Look beyond
your usual focus,
let you imagination
out for a spin,
what do you wish
to create in this
do not endless
possibilities exist?

You may believe
it is “just” your
you may have been told
not to reach for
the stars,
but the Power that
creates light in
the sky,
is the very Power
That You Are.

Let your imagination
out to play,
is this not the
creative master
in you,
do not children help
lead the way,
demonstrating how
to create with Joy
and laughter, too?

Imagine –
with Love
and Joy,
do you not feel
the shift in you,
create from this
powerful place,
as you infuse Love
in everything
you do.

Play in your imagination,
you may be surprised
at what you find,
when you play in the
energy of creation,
you may find You
beyond space and time.

Look beyond your
usual focus,
let your heart
with Love
lead the way,
with Joy,
let your child out
to dance with
imagine and create
with Love today.


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Stretch outside
your comfort zone,
be open to what
is Here,
Here – is possibility,
that invites you to go
beyond any fear,
trust in what your
might present for
you to see,
be open to creating
from all limitless

You have help,
you are supported,
the Universe is working
with you,
yes, as human,
you make choices,
sometimes you balk
at something new,
do not judge yourself
too harshly on the
timing of this or that –
set your intention
on the bigger picture
and trust what unfolds
out of that.

Set your intention
with Love,
indeed you are
always returning
the ebb and flows
upon this Journey
has you sometimes saying,
“I don’t know”,
you need not know
all of the answers
to the questions that
you seek –
trust Love,
trust You,
set your intention
for Love
to Be.

Stretch yourself
so you may know
another aspect
of the Divine You –
You Are Love’s
express the Love
that always flows
through You.


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Change your view,
turn up your Light,
shine it on areas
that may no longer
feel “right”,
you are in the perfect
place to Be –
looking within helps
you to see
another perspective,
a different avenue,
do you not smile,
knowing all roads
lead back to You?

But you need not be
static in your
are you not expansive
and every possibility,
the Force that breathes
is what the Universe Is –
and are you not a
beautiful part of
All Of This?

Change your patterns
that have moved you
do not be afraid
to sing a different
sometimes baby steps
are how you need
to walk,
but might you fly
when you let go
of limiting thoughts?

Change your view,
turn up your Light,
let Love invite you
to hug yourself
so tight,
let Love brightly
color everything
you see –
dare to be every color
in the rainbow,

With Ease

20190430 XPicture


Be flexible.
Might you be
malleable enough
so that Love
may find a way
to help you
move with
and glide with

Do you not adjust
to your physical
are you not able
to walk on land,
then in the water
might you float
or propel yourself
with your hands?

You make adjustments
based on where your
body may be,
might you tune into
your soul
and make adjustments

Let Love be the ocean
that you swim in,
Love is the air that
you breathe,
is Love not where
you sense Eternity,
do you not feel
the Flow of Love
when there is Grace
and Ease –
why not get comfortable
with Peace,
knowing Love is
where you can
simply Be.

Be flexible,
let Love show you
all ways –
you have infinite choices
to make,
might you choose
with Love,
step away from right
or wrong,
are they not markers
to continue on,
step into the the
Flow of Love,
that always
flows through You!

This Dance of Love

20190425 XPicture


When you have an
when you light up
with an “aha”,
is this not your
soul delighting
in this Dance of Love?

Might you let Love
be your dance partner,
as you glide
throughout this life,
yes, there are steps
that need more
but is not the point
simply to delight
in the movement,
in the creation,
as what is new
has been here
all along,
and when you wish
for a new experience,
might you play
a different song?

Be curious,
Be open,
to the next step
you may take,
yes, there are many
and new ones
that you make,
you are always
and sometimes
what you already
do not things
fall into place,
when you surrender
to Love’s Flow?

Connect the dots,
but do remember,
you are always
a part of Love’s web,
sometimes a direction
draws your attention,
but then something else
calls to you instead,
know Love exists
in All directions,
it is not always
where you go –
it is the Dance of Love
that matters,
does Love not lead you
to what You know?

Delight in Love’s Dance,
you are partners
for eternity,
with Joy
and Gratitude,
take Love’s hand,
let Love dance you
with Grace and


20190421 XPicture


Listen to what
your soul
may wish to
whisper to you
what does the
still, small voice
within you,
what might
Love have to

Like cream that
rises to the top,
or a bud that
pushes through
the ground,
does Love not
know where to
can you not hear
Love’s beautiful

You may need to
soften other
you may need to
still the shouting
of the world,
when you listen
with your heart,
is there not guidance
that unfurls?

Do not forget to
but then do wait
for the answer
let Love rise to
the top,
is not the highest
answer so
very clear?

Listen with your
be still and
trust what flows
through You,
You Are Magnificent,
You Are Divine.
Believe This Love
that believes in

Be You

20190417 XPicture


Let go of what
has to be
let yourself
simply Be.

Is not the Flow
of Love
within you always,
you have experienced
this to be true,
when synchronicities
weave in and around,
do you not sense
the Love in You?

There is connectedness
you may not see,
but you feel it
oh so strong,
you cannot
be a part of this
You Are One
and always

Your Be-ingness
is where Love
let your awareness
of this state
You Are Grace,
You Are Peace,
You Are always
when you see You
with your own

Let yourself
simply Be Love,
Be This
wherever you go.
Be Light,
Be Hope,
Be You
this day,
in the knowing
You Are Loved so.