Beyond Choice


Any path can help
you find
your way

Always Love
travels with you,
you are never 

In this world,
choices presented 
may bring up wrong
or right.

As Love is beyond 
there is no need 
to fight.

Return to your 
for Here is 

Surrender to 
your soul’s knowing,
for your release.

You may ask 
with reverence,
about what to 

Love invites you
to Be this
Miracle of You!




Sense the Love 
from your soul 
reassuring you 
that All Is Well.

Is not alignment 
when parts of you
as one Divine Whole 
begin to gel?

The path stretches 
out before you,
though you have travelled 
this road before.

You are at the 
perfect intersection
of heart, mind and soul 
and so much more.

Your Team,
your guides,
the angels 
walk with you 
wherever you go.

Dear loved ones 
support, encourage,
believing in you 
and what you know.

Sense the Love 
as your soul rejoicing
in what you wholly 
are made of.

Your purpose is 
you discovering,
the answer,
the Truth 
is always Love!

In the Quiet


In the dawn before 
break of morning,
in the pause before 
dark grows light,
you accept that 
sun is rising,
in its own timing 
morn replaces 

No matter the pause 
or phase of life,
your eternal Light  
is much like the sun,
it rises, reaches through 
any darkness,
a familiar beacon 
when you are in need
of one.

Like fireflies or 
moon glow shining,
Light surprises when 
you need it most,
receive the gifts 
of others shining 
their Lights for you – 
a gathering of souls.

In the quiet of 
any morning,
before the noise 
of break of day,
Beloveds all whisper
to you gently,
All Is Well,
we will Light 
the way!


Photo: David Gipson

A Blessed Release


to Love.

Letting go,
you may resist,
thinking there is 
something you 
may miss,
but, my dear,
release is the 
way to Love.

Let go of struggle
or of pain,
or a need to 
release to find 
your way always
to Love.

Letting go 
you lose no-thing,
as Love is eternal,
it is what your 
heart sings,
release to find 
you are always 
connected to Love.

Release with reverence 
and with Grace,
your human journey 
is honored in 
this space,
Love eternally 
is with you,
Beloved One.

Wholly New


Create something new 
and fresh today.

Begin by letting go 
of what you think
you know.

To hear the still,
small voice inside,
unhook from what 
takes you for a ride,
listen to something
new and fresh today.

Refrain from asking for
an answer today.

Let inspiration find 
its way in work 
or play.

Surrendering to 
“I don’t know”
opens you up to 
spirit’s flow,
You Are creation,
wholly new 
as Love always!

Forever, Love


Love always finds
a way.

If you are lost,
identity unsure,
when life’s usual clarity
becomes a blur,
what anchors you 
to your forever
Home – 
Love always finds 
a way.

Yes, physical loss is
so hard to bear,
you may feel your
heart has too many
trust your heart,
its Strength is 
Here for you – 
Love always finds 
a way.

Love is the glue 
that builds a 
that connects you to
who you long 
to hold,
be reassured they 
are with you now – 
Love always finds 
a way. 

May Love be the Courage
that helps you step 
upon Love’s path 
you may not trust 
as yet,
Love walks with you 
forever in your heart – 
Love always finds 
a way.

With Faith, As Grace


O Precious One 
release your struggle,
you need not fight 
for what you are
worthy of,
your internal spark 
is forever glowing
with the Light of
Eternal Love.

Yes, life’s experiences 
may bring up conflict,
but know this is 
not the complete 
story of you,
the body is wired to 
get your attention,
it makes demands 
upon what to do.

At the core of this 
strange life,
is it not fear that 
wishes to be seen,
what cries out 
for reassurance,
that Love is for All 
and for Everything?

Yes it is easier to 
push away 
what is not wanted 
but as all wishes 
to be held in Love,
might Love provide 
what it is asking for?

Build your spark 
into a flame,
let your heart be 
the one to lead,
with Faith, 
see you with the 
Eyes of Love,
as Grace,
Love is Here with you,

Your Intention


A new day,
a new breath,
a new thought 
not judged as 
might you set 
your intention
to Love.

Check your routine,
old habits made,
what do you accept 
that you now may 
create – 
might you Be 
your intention 
of Love.

What thoughts recycle
to keep you small,
your soul has knowledge 
and is open to All – 
You Are your
soul’s intention 
as Love.

In this moment,
there is choice,
do you stay quiet 
or find your Voice –
with each breath,
Be Love’s creation,
always Love.



Speak your heart,
let fear release,
Love opens a path
always for you,
Love assists with 
words you need,
Love lights up the 
connections that flow 
through you.

Open your heart to 
what you know,
there is no-thing
truly unsaid,
uncover what you 
may resist,
is this not where you 
are being led?

Look through the veil
before your eyes,
your heart brings Vision,
Love’s way to see,
as Love be fearless 
in This Truth,
The Truth of Love 
will set you free!