Love’s Grace


Let Love pour out
from your heart,
know that This will 
never end,
and as Love is an 
infinite circle,
Love is Here,
always flowing in.

You may feel weary,
battered, bruised,
at times from life’s
but You as Spirit 
rise above,
reborn as Love 
answers your wish.

With Strength and Courage
at your side,
with your heart filling 
every empty space,
Love is You recognizing
your wholeness,
You Are Love’s

Believe and Trust


You are worthy 
of receiving,
might there be 
old walls you put
in place,
you may not have 
trusted to open up 
your heart,
your sacred space.

Open wide these doors 
trust always begins
with you,
within the safety of 
your soul,
why not re-acquaint 
your self with You.

Giving is a superpower,
others are grateful 
for what you do,
might you realize 
that in your giving,
you are wishing to 
give to you.

Open to Love’s 
as you gratefully
receive loving gifts,
Love is Here 
to show you how 
beautiful You Are,
as All of This.

In Love’s infinite cycle,
giving and receiving 
combine as Truth,
sense your wholeness,
no-thing is missing,
believe and Trust
This Love as You!

Love’s Answer


Love is the wish 
that you ask for,
Love is the answer 
you already received,
it may not look like
what you expected,
Love is omnipresent,
not temporary.

Place your Faith 
in the eternal,
This is You,
through and through,
you need not detach 
from this world
to be aware of Love’s
miracle as You.

Let Love open up 
your heart,
Be bold,
Be fearless 
with This Strength,
with no expectation 
about the outcome,
Be Love’s purpose 
throughout the day.

Fellow souls sense 
your vibration,
your Light joins with 
all fellow Lights,
in This Season of 
growth and promise,
Be Love’s answer,
beautiful Light!




May Love be the fuel that
ignites your actions
as life and Love 
is there not less 
within, without,
when Love guides
the way.

Is this not occurring 
more often,
you experiencing as 
a blended Be-ing,
your awareness brings 
you to wonder,
realizing this is how
Everything is happening!

With Faith, go with 
Love’s flow,
as Love know that
you are not alone,
as a blended Be-ing,
embrace All That You Are,
wholly amazing,
forever safe at Home!

Fearless and Free


Trust in Love.

And You as Love
means you may also
trust in you.

Align with Love 
as your intention,
surrender to This 
eternal flow.

Release the outcomes that
have you constricted,
say yes to Trust so
Peace you may know.

You Are the earth 
below you grounded,
You Are limitless as
sky and stars above.

Sense and align with
your True Nature,
fearless and free,
trusting in Love!

All You Are


All you need is 
All You Are,
breathing in Love 
right Here with 

This is not a solitary 
your Team and 
loved ones 
are Here, too.

Human perception 
takes off on tangents,
realign with Love’s 
eternal Truth.

All You Are is 
All you need,
All of the Universe 
is within You.

Allow your breath 
to be a sweet return,
to what forever is
always True.

Beloved One,
the angels sing 
in harmony
with Love’s Essence 
of You!

Wholly You


Love mends all pieces
back together,
when you feel split
or broken up,
in life this can be
your experience,
as soul your wholeness
is what You Are 
made of.

The intersection 
of these awarenesses,
brings delight in 
many ways,
you need not ignore 
any human experience,
but Love is always Here 
to help Light the way.

Say yes to Peace
when This you feel,
you are naturally wired 
for This State of Mind,
ego will question This 
and distract you,
but know you can return
Here any time.

Be reassured that Love 
is with you,
your soul,
your Team
makes sure of This,
your letting go,
a sweet surrender,
allows the Whole of You 
to manifest.

In life, you may 
not always feel,
the Wholeness of You,
Holy and True,
but delight in the 
glimpses that 
your Team and 
loved ones
Love to show you!

A New Perspective


Those you Love 
never leave you,
they find ways 
to make this known,
You as soul rejoice 
in wonder,
you as human 
miss them so.

Grief may feel like 
a wet blanket,
heavy and cumbersome
to bear,
how do you integrate 
parts of you that have you
searching everywhere.

As you discover there 
is so much going on
beyond what you 
can see,
might you open to 
new perspectives,
that help you see
life differently.

Your loved ones,
angels and guides 
are with you every 
single step,
may the blanket of grief 
be something 
that you allow,

May you sense the 
forward momentum
that Love invites you
to share,
beyond life’s changes 
You Are changeless,
Love is Here and 

Accept Love’s invitation
to dance and flow 
with Love’s song 
in your heart,
Be at Peace 
knowing you are with 
all you Love,
never apart!

Spring, Eternal


Take a break from 
past or future,
how much time do 
you spend there,
you create from 
this now moment,
breathe in Love’s 
infinite fresh air.

Clear the cobwebs 
of winter’s layers,
be inspired by 
lighter days,
You Are always this 
bright Light shining,
but in linear life,
sometimes you think
it fades.

Love sees You, 
strong and effervescent,
this is your most 
natural state,
and as human you are
ebb and flow,
ask what your body needs
to navigate.

Your own Light 
is the hope you 
might you see
your Self as We 
see You,
You Are eternal
spring-time blooming,
bask in the Light 
of This Magnificent

A Loving Assist


Ask Love,
what is needed 
in this moment,
might you do this 
let your thinking mind
take a rest,
tap into what is 
flowing free.

This State of Be-ing
is quite different 
from the ego’s 
point of view,
do you not welcome
all possibility,
releasing what feels 
forced in you.

Within this freedom 
there is no judgement,
breathe easily as the 
day unfolds,
allow your Team of 
helpers to assist
as you welcome in 
Love’s flow.

This shift takes but 
a moment,
intention is you 
saying yes,
with no preconceived 
might you be in wonder
at what happens next?

Yes in life there 
will be planning,
but you need not 
do this alone,
open Love’s door 
to see how all 
through time
is Love,
with You,
at Home!