One Constant


Transition or change
may bring foreboding,
ego does not like 
the unknown,
Love reminds you 
that All is Light,
and you never, ever
walk alone.

With seasonal change,
you may sense wistfulness,
letting go of what you
are used to,
but does not the next 
usher in its beauty,
life is a rhythm of cycles,
as you are, too.

You are a wave 
in the Ocean of Love,
your experiences may 
be an ebb or flow,
as you are never 
separated from Source,
Love is with you 
anywhere you go.

You may be affected 
by earthly cycles,
but One Constant 
is your Truth,
Light and Love 
are your eternal 
the Ocean of Love
wholly flows 
through you!

From Friction to Freedom


Do not take friction 
it may be showing you 
another way to 
an experience 
may be smooth 
or rough,
if something doesn’t fit,
what else might 
there be?

In life’s experiences 
you are quick to 
why is this happening 
to me,
does this not bring up 
old paradigms,
are not punishment and guilt
asking to be freed?

In any moment 
ask Love to unwind,
any past beliefs 
that are tied 
in knots,
you need not analyze 
the how or why –
only now remember 
what you forgot.

Let Love remind beyond
cause and effect,
your Wholeness is 
Eternal and already 
when friction finds you
in this earthly life,
readjust and remember
Love is You,
my dear!

Love’s Voice


When you listen,
what does your 
soul say?
Why not let your
soul speak

Allow your soul 
to Be your Voice,
speaking from Love 
or ego,
it is a choice.

Give creative freedom
to your soul,
be inspired 
and amazed 
at what your soul 

You need not do 
a thing or try,
getting out of the way,
frees up your wings
to fly.

Shift your focus,
your intent,
your soul is Here,
eternally present.

This still, small voice
may be quiet to 
but as you integrate,
you find Who You Are.

Ask your soul,
come join me 
We Are walking
Love’s path,



Sense your clarity
with your soul,
this may be a 
moment to moment 
Love resides in 
This Present,
what of Love 
do you wish 
to ask?

Does your path
not get murky,
when you look ahead 
too far,
ego takes past 
to make up 
is not clarity
your present power?

Take the hand 
of your soul,
loved ones and 
guides join you 
as well,
with clarity,
walk with Love,
your path unfolds
All Is Well!

Your Truth


Untie the knots 
of your story,
smooth these out 
with tender care,
bring to Light 
what asks for Love,
loosen, relax
and clear the air.

It matters not the 
how or why,
what within you 
wishes to know
that Love is Here 
in every moment,
with every breath 
you are loved so.

Ego may wish to 
invent stories,
but they are not 
the truth of you,
your Truth is Love,
bring All to Love 
to see this through.

a recurring story,
that simply asks 
to trust and know,
Love responds always,
dear Child of Love,
You Are Loved so!

Being Present


Being present 
is the present 
that Love 
eternally gives.

As human –
you focus on 
the future
predicted by 
the past you
have lived.

Your  soul –
exists now 
as the Eternal,
beyond all space 
and time.

This Now – 
is All moments 
that you choose 
with Love 
in mind.

Being present 
is releasing 
what you recall
or may predict.

Being Love 
is You, 
this blessed moment 
is Love’s gift!

Love’s Miracle


You may ask
to see  
a miracle

Is not your 
awakened breath 
a first clue,
as Love breathes 
you the whole 
day through – 
breathe in 
this miracle 

Does Love not bless 
all possibility,
is This Now moment
not a gift to thee –
receive the 
gift of miracles

Do you not relish 
the break of 
as Light arises 
amid joyous 
bird song,
behold the Light 
of miracles 

Cast off
what no longer 
fits This You,
You Are as 
as You Are 
new –
Love’s Creation 
is the Miracle 
of You!



Love is your anchor,
it is your touchstone,
Love grounds you 
if you feel adrift,
the world around you
may seem chaotic,
but Love as Peace 
is your innate Gift.

Yes, you as human 
may bounce on waves,
as these experiences 
roll on through,
but You as Soul 
have an inner guidance,
that re-adjusts 
and re-calibrates

Your ego wishes for you
to stay small,
turning up its noise 
to drown Love out,
but at your center 
Love is not deterred,
its power is stronger 
than any fear or doubt.

What feels upside down
will turn right side up,
hand over any tumult
to Love’s healing grace,
You Are centered
always connected,
forever Loved 
and cherished, 
dear one,

This Bridge of Love


It only takes 
a second 
to remember.
Your remembrance 
makes time stand 
completely still.
In this moment
might you sense 
loved ones so close,
together forever,
are you not all
following your 
souls’ wills?

Is this remembrance 
not an expansion 
of Who You Are,
yes, there are memories 
that make you smile 
as you think of them,
but as you remember You
as wholly soul –
Here your loved ones 
are with you and 
you with them.

Take a moment,
a quiet pause,
your heart 
is waiting,
this Bridge of Love 
is Here always,
ready for you,
greet and hug all 
who you Love,
this moment together – 
is infinite,
eternal and always,
forever with You!