A Return to You


Find Peace
in a joyous 
return to

You know this 
familiar feeling,
when Light returns 
to lighten you,
calm and patience 
say hello,
as you rejoice in
this return to

It is not based 
upon the external,
though, yes,
that may help
as well,
but which comes first,
external or intention,
to lovingly return 
to You.

Begin within,
when disruption
blame and judgment 
have no power Here,
what do you learn,
what needs released,
so you may peacefully
return to You.

Planetary shifts 
may shift your 
realign to what is 
always True,
with compassion,
as Grace freely 
Be Peace in this 
loving return 
to You.

This Eternal


You are connection 
as a drop of water 
in an ocean vast,
this drop never loses 
its Essence,
it is Home as ocean
or drop as its past.

You need not die 
to Be this awareness,
death is but another 
open door,
as You Are eternal,
always, forever,
you are always with 
who you are missing

No-thing can keep 
Love from connecting,
indeed, This Bond 
is forever, True,
rise above your 
perception of time,
in This Eternal,
loved ones are always 
with you.

Hearts together cannot 
be separate,
Love beats as One 
in this Eternal Truth,
open your heart,
Love is Here,
so present,
together, connected
and forever with you.

Be, You


Be Love with 
not with

Your focus has 
but include All 
in your Vision.

You Are connected 
to All Light,
join with your
and not your 

You are part of 
your Team,
working together 
as One sacred 

Be Home in
your heart
with Love,
all you seek below
is You, above.

You Are Love’s 
blessing through
and through,
precious child,
Be glorious You!



You need not limit
your self.
You Are limitless 

Fear the constrictor,
builds false ceilings,
saying, don’t expand 
or else –
you fill in quickly 
all scenerios,
what might happen 
if I fail?

Every mountain
has many paths,
some are narrow,
others wide,
is there not learning,
flexing, growing,
are you not changed
on the other side?

You may slip,
lose your footing,
you reach out,
Love’s hand is Here,
you remember,
you are not alone,
the path you seek
is Home, my dear.

Set no limits,
free your self,
walk with assuredness
of this Truth,
you are expanding 
your awareness,
but know limitless
is always You!

A Driving Force


You are so familiar 
with your body,
might you now See
with the Eyes of Love?

memories combine
making you run 
on auto-pilot at
your True Awareness 
comes and goes,
handing over the wheel
may suit you fine.

The body wants 
the story,
the script,
of what next it 
is to do,
even reactions 
are pre-programmed,
based on beliefs 
you believe are 

There are times when
cleaning house is 
valid to clear some 
of this out,
but is not a simpler 
solution to shift
and See Love 
within, without?

Love this body 
it communicates 
and experiences 
with you,
but do not give it
all your power,
Love is the driving 
Force of You.

Let Love Be your 
guiding pilot,
yes, your body is 
along for this ride,
may Love fuel your
course with Forgiveness,
with Joy and Peace 
forever by your

Love’s Clean Slate


A clean slate.
What do you wish
to create today?

And may we remind
you – 
You Are Creation.
You need “do” 
no-thing today.

Productivity is your
human self,
keeping track with 
ticks of time.

Might you build 
awareness around
when you feel
content and 

Your purpose may 
align within 
your goals,
but sometimes 
intention strays.

Be Love’s clean slate,
with intention 
and purpose –
Be Love’s clear vessel,

Love’s Sweet Relief


Trying is hard,
surrender is flow.

There is a balance,
a spiritual sweet spot,
when you remember
what you know,
Peace is This 
unencumbered moment,
trying is hard,
surrender is flow.

With discernment,
with awareness,
you sense when ego 
grips tightly to
what will happen – 
ego braces for what
next to do.

Remember to breathe 
as you loosen
your thoughts of future
or what was before,
be receptive,
listen dear one,
You as Soul
know so much 

You as human
work so hard,
take a breath,
a break
and know – 
Love’s sweet relief 
is with you Always,
trying is hard,
surrender is flow!

Be the Light


Be the Light
That You Are.

Move through 
weariness or 
no-thing can truly
weigh you down,
with awareness,
cut through thoughts 
that may have twisted
things around.

Accept your soul’s purpose
as intention,
receive Love’s guidance 
from above,
break down all 
problems or questions,
knowing the answer
is always Love.

Release beliefs 
buried so deep,
may they transform
into This Truth –
the Strength and Courage
you have longed for,
is forever Here 
as the Eternal You.

You Are the Light
you seek,
you shine bright 
as Love’s beautiful 
Love is All fellow 
Lights shining,
Be the Light 
That You Are!

This Fountain of Love


Bring your worries,
your doubts,
to the Eternal Fountain
of Love.

Forgiveness flows here
reminding below is 
what is above.

Drink freely from 
this cup,
that runneth over
and never runs

Bring to the surface
what hides in 
bless with forgiveness,
shower with Light.

Blessed Child of Love,
what your soul wishes
you to know.

You are awash in 
the Fountain of Love,
forever loved 
and never 

Your True Nature


Are you not drawn
to the beat,
to the magic of bird
and butterfly wings,
they catch your eye 
and lift your spirits
when you see a sign 
one of them brings.

Nature provides a 
collective palette 
for hope,
for wonder
to appear,
do you not rejoice 
when you hear owl,
or marvel at the
gracefulness of deer?

Does Love not resonate 
with All,
may you extend your 
self to it,
see your Self in a 
favorite tree,
extending its branches 
to All of This.

Experiencing as One
is your True Nature,
may nature assist 
when you wish to 
you are soaring 
with your heart,
as free as bird 
and butterfly!