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Be at Home
with You.

You may change
your surroundings,
you may modify
what you do,
you may sometimes
not recognize you –
but Be at Home
with You.

On the surface
there are changes
that happen constantly
as you live,
but as you get to
know your Essence,
are you not Home
with You?

Let your soul
step into anything
that you choose
or wish to do,
embrace it all
with Love
and wonder –
and Be at Home
with You.

You are your own
source of grounding,
can you not tap
into Divine Love,
when You Are Home
with You?

No matter where
you roam,
no matter what changes
you may make,
Love is at your center
and You Are always
Home with You.


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Might you sense
a Pearl of Truth,
in the sea of thoughts
you have,
do these pearls not
glisten and shine,
rising to the top
of all the noise,
some pearls are made
from so much friction,
some pearls are waiting
to be found,
when you tune in
to your True Essence,
are there not pearls
all around?

Do you not recognize
a Pearl of Truth
within the core
of your soul,
does your heart
not expand,
when truth knocks
at its door,
you may need to
quiet the mind,
but you have everything
you need –
to discover your
Pearls of Truth,
is this not a treasure
that you wish to seek?

When you follow
these Pearls of Truth,
do not next steps
appear to you,
your path may sometimes
be bumpy,
but know that always,
in all you do –
each experience is busy
another pearl for you
to see,
as you collect your
Pearls of Truth,
do they not lead you
to your authenticity?

Recognize a Pearl
of Truth,
it will resonate
within your soul –
and when you step into
your True Essence,
with Faith and Love,
may you soar!


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Patience need not be
like waiting,
do some things not
take a certain time,
like pies that are
or dough that needs
time to rise.

An idea that begins
like good coffee
may need time
to brew,
if something takes
time unfolding,
will it not be
worth it,
when it is ready
for you?

Might you also be
patient with
you are in the perfect
place of now,
there are ebbs and
that you experience,
sometimes you may not
see all of the “hows”.

But there is always
something brewing,
as you are a creator
of All That Is,
might you have Faith
in the wheels turning,
as you let Love
take care of this?

Be patient
knowing that Love,
will let you know
when the time
is right –
let Love guide you,
let Peace show you,
All Is Well,
beautiful Light.


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When young,
you may have needed
training wheels,
when you first learned
how to ride a bike,
but without knowing,
was it not you
that was riding it –
so when taken off,
were you not ready
for flight?

Your mind may think,
or convince you,
you are not ready,
for opportunities
that may come your
but like the bike,
are you not already
you only need to
get your mind
on board
to play.

It may be hard
to let go of
what you think,
that keeps you upright,
safe and secure,
but that first time
when you rode
by yourself,
did you not feel
that you could
take on the world?

Believe in you,
when you are flying,
or have fallen,
all are steps
that lead you
to You –
freedom comes
when you embrace
Who You Are,
let go and fly
on your journey,
in your Truth.


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Allow your soul
to guide you
though your mind’s
intentions do
mean well,
your soul will guide
you in the present,
but does not your mind
in past or future dwell.

You may not
the meaning of
it does not mean
that you are giving in,
is it not a form
of allowing,
the All of You
to step into
your power within?

Your soul and mind
need not battle,
they work together
on this planet earth,
there is much to be
though you question
some of its

When in doubt
of your direction,
when you begin
to wonder why,
surrender to your
innate Knowing,
that Love is with
at all times.

You might accept
this basic tenet,
you have an underlying
that Love is
Who You Are,
at any time,
you can surrender
to this.

and allow
are words your mind
may not compute,
but your soul
knows how to
to any song
that plays
this tune.

Allow your soul
to lead your
trust that you
already know
accept each moment
of your discovery,
that You Are
a miracle
of Love, now.


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Say yes to Love.

Why drag your feet
or put on the brakes,
do not let fear and
get in the way,
open up to the
that wishes to
say yes to
say yes to

You cannot control
what happens next,
but you can figure out
which way is best,
when you live your
will Love not sort
out the rest –
say yes to
say yes to

Do not let doubt
find a way to
doubt you,
tell fear that you
have better things
to do,
be inspired by all
that you have experienced
Be-ing You –
say yes to
say yes to

When you are
is this not for
to help you see
there is always
a way through,
through thick
or thin,
Love is always
with you –
you say yes to
when you say yes
to You.

Gift yourself with
what you are
made of –
say yes to
say yes to

A Knowing Paradox

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Life can seem like
a gathering
of things that
you can know,
you work at learning,
is this not a way
to chart your

Do not confuse knowledge
with Knowing,
can you not sense
the difference
between those?
One uses your mind,
one is One
with your heart –
you may believe
but trust what
you Know.

And is it it not
in knowing
that Love has
your back,
can you move
and let go of
even that –
is there not trust
in surrender,
when you can gently
let go,
to know that you
are covered,
even when you
do not know?

Might you get comfortable
with “I don’t know”,
yes, at first,
it may seem like
a scary place
to go –
but as you let life
move through you,
as you Know
that All Is Well,
is there not possibility
in “I don’t know”,
as you show up
for what life

“I don’t know”
lets you Be open,
to what life may
bring your way –
and in the Knowing
that You Are Love,
meet life
with Love,
each and
every day.