This Body Dear

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You search to find
the missing piece,
the puzzle of you
you wish to complete,
does life not give
you much to try,
experiences that often
have you asking “why”.

For each new puzzle
you think you see,
is it not leading you
always back to thee,
you may look beyond
or go within,
might you understand
these are the same

You Are Everywhere
beyond what you see,
yes, also within the body,
but only temporarily,
your heart is the Bridge
connecting You to
All You Love –
All Love Is You,
there is no puzzle
to solve.

Be Love,
Be compassion
in this body dear,
the Love you seek
is always Home
and Home is

Wholly One

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We are all in This
are “You” not part
of this “We”?
Holy sisters and brothers,
Wholly One,
not separately.

Embrace yourself wholly,
dear one,
there is nothing that
you lack,
experiences come and
but you are Eternal,
and Love has your back.

When you reach out
your hand to another,
are you not also
ready to receive –
this infinite Flow of
Love is always
with you,
whether you know it
or do not believe.

We are All in This
You are Me
and We Are This –
Eternal Love flowing
through Us always,
We Are Whole
We Are Bliss.

Your Love Song

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You cannot make sense
with your mind,
but you can know perfection
in your heart.

On the other side
of the world you see,
you remember,
You Are Home.

Where to find this
familiar place?
Listen to your heart
sing your song.

Beat in rhythm,
with the Melody
of Love.

You feel it,
know it,
sense it –
let Love always
be your guide.

Sing with Strength,
Humility and
what would Love
have you do?

Dear One,
precious child,
Love creates
in every moment
of You.


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Open a door.

Yes, there will always
be more doors to
as long as you put
them there.

You may peek around
some doors,
unsure of what you
will see on the
other side,
some doors you throw
knowing Joy will
take you on a
magic ride.

You may see a door
as a symbol
of transition as you
step through,
but you have the power
to remove all barriers
you may perceive
in front of you.

Does not each door
you open
always lead you
directly to you?

You Are limitless,
You Are Everywhere –
there is no door
that can contain you!


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Here is

You may feel anxious,
there may be worry,
but Here is always,
always Love.

Feel earth below you,
reach for sky above,
and Here is always,
always Love.

Breathe in Strength,
exhale Gratitude,
you are surrounded
with so much Love.

In every moment,
throughout your Be-ing,
Here is always,
always Love.

Here is Everywhere
You Are –
You Are always,
always Love.

You Are

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Where You Are,
Love Is.

Do not let space
and time fool you,
there can be no
other way,
at any moment,
in any space –
You Are and
Love Is.

Love breathes you
in this moment,
Love Is You
when breath is
on either side
and in-between,
You Are and
Love Is.

You need not go
somewhere to meet
no matter if you are
early or you are
now is the perfect time
and space to Be –
You Are and
Love Is.

So Be present in
this moment,
Be amazing as
you see,
Who You Are
All of This –
Where You Are,
Love Is.

The Magic of Joy

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With a sweep of your
can you not fly on
Love’s magic carpet
when Joy arrives
on angel wings,
do you not feel
you can do anything?

Yes, Joy is Me
and Joy is You,
let Joy lift you up
to see what you
can do,
always supported
and never alone,
does Joy not remind you
you are safe
and You Are Home?

May Joy celebrate
your child within,
All Children of Love
remind you of the
Love within,
soar high,
dance with the
clouds above,
are you not dancing
with All who you Love?

Let Love’s magic
add sparkle
to your life,
your heart beats
as One with
this shimmering,
shining Light.

Remember Joy,
remember Love,
remember You –
dance with the clouds,
let rainbow’s Light
light up the Joy
in You.

A Sense of Love

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Look at your hands –
what can you do today,
to touch Love as
you work or play,
is it All not One and
the same,
as you “do” with Love?

Feel with your heart –
what can you sense today
as all hearts beat
as One,
might you join in the
chorus of this song,
as you breathe with Love?

Gaze with your eyes –
and look around today,
there are miracles
that abound,
with Gratitude for bounty
is there not clear vision
with Love?

Bless your body –
that is a window to the
beauty of You,
sense the Magnificence
in it All,
You Are One
with Love.


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There is a state
of pure Be-ing
that You Are
right now,
where burdens,
doubt or worry
get filtered out,

You may get glimpses
or spend more time,
in this peaceful
Place of Ease,
this is Who You Are,
these moments of Joy
that set you free.

Yes, You Are Glorious,
a pure Be-ing of Love
through and through,
when you share this Love
with others,
do they not notice,
they are, too?

Might you let the
magic happen,
as this real You
shows up to play,
is it not easier
in this life,
when you let Love
show you the way?

You Are Love,
You Are Glorious,
You Are Peace,
embrace this Truth –
be aware of the
Power of Joy,
as you dance with
the Joy in You.

The Peace Within

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Might you let go
of what you try,
letting Love help
to truly Be,
might you open to
a different approach,
a change in perspective
to help you see.

Peace is an innate
you know it when
your heart says “yes”,
might you give your
mind a break
and let your heart
take care of the rest.

Be aware of point of
but can you shift
your focus to see,
when you truly see
with your heart,
is not your purpose
to simply Be?

Ask Source,
ask Love,
to help you
sense your Peace
You Are Peace,
You Are Love,
every moment is
a gift
to remember This.