A Different View


Ask Us all of your
though we may have 
a different view,
but your perspective 
is the training ground
that You have picked 
for you.

Upon this stage,
yes there are many 
scenes that you 
would never choose,
this world can be so 
difficult as your 
humanness is, too.

But as new perspectives 
begin to seep into 
your brain,
does this awareness 
not change everything,
as you do not see things
the same.

So bring your questions,
share your processing 
as you sort through 
This Truth,
when you question any
belief system,
are you not discovering 

Remember this experience 
does not need to 
make sense here,
your powerful soul 
rejoices fully,
each step of your journey – 
always Here.

Joy and Laughter


Do you not feel alive
when you are laughing,
throwing caution to 
the wind,
does not your heart 
open even wider,
giving, receiving,
out and in.

Laughter with Love 
is contagious,
you cannot ignore 
its pull,
it is a simple human 
a sharing of hearts 
that are so full.

Share freely what 
makes you smile,
Be Light and lift 
another soul,
in This Moment of 
Joy and laughter,
All is Well and 
you are loved so!

Sweet Awakening


Remember gratefully
where you have 
realizing roots that 
were already There,
you meet new faces
yet souls are smiling,
it is so nice again to 
see you Here.

Journeys unfold 
with Love’s sweet
sometimes intersecting
unbeknownst to you,
when you look back 
at where you’ve been,
are you not amazed at 
how you found You?

All along are hands
not guiding,
sweet whisperings are
tickling your ear,
choices presenting,
decisions made,
your Awakening 
has led you Here.

As a ripple in 
Love’s wave,
that is as vast 
as the ocean blue,
your vibration sings
in harmony
with fellow Lights,
the One of You!

Being Life


Come to life,
life needs your
share your Self
as you travel through,
as One Mind,
your brothers and sisters
soak up ripples of what
flows through you.

In this life,
journeys may be 
traveling paths that 
may feel your own,
but at any intersection,
there is sharing –
you never ever really
travel alone.

Bring to life
your spark,
your Light,
Be-ing Life
is a journey 
Be-ing You 
is your only 
come to Life,

Your Sacred Self


Return to Home,
you have never 
may your human 
be more aware 
of This.

Your soul,
your connection 
contains all you need,
trust in This now,
You Are where 
Love leads.

Experiences here
may be unique 
to each,
but as One Mind,
does not Love
infinitely reach?

Look closely,
dive down 
to the Essence 
of Love,
it resides in Everything,
be it below 
or above. 

Reach out,
tune in,
to your Sacred Self,
Here in This Home,
your soul sings 
All Is Well!

This Strength


Beyond This Strength,
this Strength is You,
whatever you are 
walking through,
you may wish for an
outcome not yet seen,
but with the Eyes of 
the Soul,
you see Everything.

Trust spirit,
know Love will 
see you through,
you are never alone
working out what 
to do,
You as Soul know
Grace and ease,
from this perspective,
is Here not Peace?

May Gratitude help 
you align,
in This present moment,
Love is by your side,
your angels, guides 
and loved ones, too,
honor your Strength,
this Strength of You.

Behold This Love,
this Love is You,
the human journey 
is only part of you,
in your Wholeness,
you are complete,
so cherished,
so Loved,
through Eternity!

A Loving Balance


Answer the call 
of Love so precious,
from this moment 
to the next,
yes, you may plan 
some of the structure,
but let Love 
take care of the 

Bring your willingness 
to the table,
no matter what is 
being served,
you always have choices
that are honored,
but look for what Love
may bring forward.

Observe what may 
feel like a struggle,
then try untying
some of the knots,
Love gently reminds 
you have the power 
to loosen,
what may have 
served you –
but now does not.

Life brings a constant 
flow of decisions,
Love flows with eternal 
Grace and ease,
may you experience 
a balance that fills you
with hope and Gratitude –
choosing Love’s Peace.

The Way Home


You have asked 
and Love has 
your loved ones 
are never “gone,”
yes, as human this 
makes no sense,
but you as soul 
know you are 
never alone.

You tend to your 
broken heart in 
putting back this puzzle
that does not fit,
as you are infinite,
there are no borders
with Love like This.

Your heart may wish
for healing,
but in your heart 
is a sacred Truth,
Here is where you 
and your loved ones
continue together 
on this adventure, 

Love honors the struggle 
of human experience,
but know this is not
the only experience,
you with All you Love,
so precious,
continue to grow and 
evolve together, Here.

Invite your beloveds
into your heart,
you will find that they
are already Here,
how did you make it 
here on your journey,
your beloved has led 
the way Home,
my dear.

Loving Support


Are you not part of 
something greater,
that your eyes 
may not see,
yes, you play roles
in this life,
but you are woven 
in Eternity.

There may be moments
you experience
that have you asking 
the question why,
you may not know 
the role you play 
is a small slice 
in a greater pie.

You need not take 
for all that happens 
around you,
other life journeys 
are unfolding – 
you do the best that 
you can do.

Trust spirit,
talking daily,
to your soul 
who understands,
being human in 
this life can feel 
like a stranger 
in a strange land.

May you sense 
Love and support
that is always Here 
for you,
beyond the role 
that you play,
dear one,
is All of Love 
that so Loves you!

Love’s Innocence


Love is innocent.
And You Are This.

Your human self 
rises up against this,
pointing fingers 
in and out,
there are so many 
definitions of love,
that artists love to
write about.

Unconditional Love has
no definition,
is This Love not 
beyond all words?
It is captured in
moments, blissful,
when time stands still,
as precious moments

All worldly things 
placed upon Love 
may make it hard 
to see at times,
but your soul knows 
its effervescence,
connecting, rejoicing 
with fellow Lights.

Life is not a loss 
of innocence,
it is remembering 
Love’s Eternal Truth,
when you tune into 
your soul shining,
rejoice – Love’s Innocence 
shines in You!