Acknowledge You

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Acknowledge you.
Give yourself a hand.
Does your Light not
shine through anything
that may obscure
your view?
Your human self
may think perfection
is the only way
to compliment –
so might you
the perfection
of You?

Acknowledge you –
you are amazing
in your own right,
the human world at times
makes you want to
put up a fight,
but can you look
with no condition
at yourself
and see the Truth –
when you see Love
in your eyes,
do you not
acknowledge You?

Give a nod to your
Higher Self,
who is with you
through it all –
there is no judgement
though as human,
do you not judge
it all,
take a page
from a Master
who Loves
no matter what –
now look at you
in the mirror,
see the Love
and acknowledge You.

Acknowledge you,
give yourself a hand.
Give yourself a break
when you get tough,
when you demand.
Things can get serious
with experiences,
that is true –
but with Love and
can you take a moment
to sense the Joy
that is You –
can you send Love
to yourself,
receive it
and acknowledge You?

Acknowledge You –
You Are shining
Love and Light.
You are amazing,
you are magnificent –
Love Is beautiful,
Love Is You!

The Way of Love

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There is Love with you now.
There is always a way.
Does Love not move you,
can Love not guide you
through any door,
or any maze –
at any time,
can you not see All
when you raise your
when you see with
the Eyes of Love?

And might you use
all of your senses
and the ones that
are able
to sense beyond,
you know that your heart
and your gut
are rarely wrong –
it may be fear
that makes you question,
the unknown can
bring in doubt –
but there is Love
with you now,
there is always a way.

You may think you
“should” do this,
you may be sure
you “must” do that,
might there be
a way to experience
that you haven’t thought
of yet?
Do not close every door
when you open the next,
there is Love with you now,
showing you the way.

Your path need not
be “perfect”,
does that not change as well,
is not every moment
of Love,
the one perfect for you –
can you stop running
from fear
and walk into the
Arms of Love,
does Love not always
surround you,
is not Love with you now?

Love is gentle.
Love is kind.
Love is patient.
Love Is You.
Be Love in this moment,
Love is always the way.

Strength, Courage and Gratitude

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Is it not the human
to think that one needs
to overcome
is not struggle a badge
to be worn,
to be honored?

Yes, you learn much
when you deal with
and there are struggles
you cannot help
but experience,
but when you feel
and sometimes
at Peace –
how do you recognize
these tenets
of You?

Can you be proactive,
moving forward with
Strength –
not as a reaction
to fear,
but as what shows
you the way,
can you find Peace
when you know
You Are That –
are you not Love
when you recognize
your own Strength?

Are you not wide-eyed
in wonder,
when you see
You Are Courage –
stepping into your power,
your magnificent Truth,
can you sense Peace
when it is Courage
you choose to Be,
are you not Love
when Courage shines
its fearless Light?

And is it not Gratitude
that shows you the way,
that amplifies these
Vibrations of Love –
you may be familiar
with struggle,
you may recognize fear,
but what are your Essences,
in the heart of You,
are they not Strength,
and Gratitude?

With Love at your core,
do you not recognize
Peace –
your human world may be
but Peace is steady
and still,
when you shift your perspective,
can you not always
find You,
are you not Love
and does that not
remind you,
therein lies Peace?

Let the Essences of You
lead you forward.
There is no need to run
from what you think
you are not.
Choose Love,
Be Peace
and the rest will follow.
Be You,
Be Strength,
and Gratitude.

Dancing With Love

The Argentine couple constituted by Max


Can you dance,
can you glide,
do you not feel
so light,
when you imagine
you are
dancing with Love?

With Love as your
dance partner,
can you let Love
lead the way,
might you learn
some new steps,
might you let go
and twirl,
knowing Love will
guide you
every step of the way?

And if you need
to change songs,
will not Love
come along,
changing tempo
or beat,
is all up to you,
do not worry that Love
will not know
what to do –
for are you not always
dancing with Love?

Can you follow the
gentle nudges
that Love may provide,
so that Together
as One,
you can flow,
you can glide,
in sync,
in rhythm,
does it not feel good
to know,
you are part of a
you are
dancing with Love.

There are times when
you anticipate
which turn you will
there are moments
when you know,
it is preferable to wait,
but Love is always ready,
to move with you
so you may know,
you are never alone –
you are always
dancing with Love.

An Expression of Love

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Are there not limitless
Expressions of Love?

As Love is infinite,
are there not limitless ways
to express Love,
to Be an Expression of Love,
do you not marvel
at the unique aspects
of Love,
that look so familiar,
even on the faces
of those you
just met,
is there not familiarity,
a reunion of sorts,
when kindred spirits share
their Expressions of Love?

And as Expressions of Love
never cease to exist,
as Love is infinite,
do not loved ones
find ways,
be they here
or There,
to demonstrate that Love
always makes the connection,
do hearts not open
to the communication of Love,
do not hearts leap with Joy
at Expressions of Love?

And as there are limitless
Expressions of Love,
may you remain open
to all the aspects of Love
that you sense in
your heart –
the kindness of a stranger,
a call from a friend,
a passage in a favorite book
that you read again
and again,
the sharing of nature
that makes you stand
in awe,
can you share,
can you send out,
your Expressions of Love?

You know Love
by its vibration,
you know Love
by its Truth.
Experience life,
as an Expression of Love.

Expand With Love

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Expand with Love.

Expand, contract.
Is it not fear
that makes you perceive
as pulling back,
feeling smaller
than the expanded You
that surges ahead,
that grows and flows,
knowing always
Who You Are,
does it not feel powerful
when you expand with Love?

And as your human
awareness grows,
you may experience
the ebb and flow
of expanding,
can you understand
that movement,
is never static,
standing still –
might you embrace
the pulsing beat
of becoming aware
of All of You?

Might what you think of
as contraction,
of “losing ground”,
might that simply be
when you shine your Light
in areas you did not
want to be around,
but as you light up
all corners,
dusting off what has
been dormant,
what has been too dim
to see –
do you not have more
to be You,
to be free –
allowing you again
to expand with Love?

Expand, contract –
is this not movement,
a sign of growth,
do you not gather yourself
to spring ahead,
do not moments of quiet
bring forth flashes
of insight,
yes, they may seem to be
two steps ahead,
but as you continue
the Journey,
might you embrace
the expansion,
knowing All Is Love?

Embrace and accept
the ebb and flow
of Life.
You are moving,
you are growing,
sometimes fast,
sometimes slow.
Gather your energy,
expand your awareness.
Buckle up,
hold on,
and enjoy the ride!

The Light of Hope

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The Light of Hope.

Does it not take
one Light,
one spark
of Hope to ignite
more Light,
to shine in places
that once seemed dark,
can it not be
the flick of a switch,
a change in perspective,
do not possibilities exist
when One Light,
the Light of Hope,
beams the way
for more Light to shine?

And does not Hope
also have a voice,
one that you
may strain to hear,
but when voices carry
and build in Strength,
when voices resonate
with the Power of Love,
is not the Voice of Hope
heard loud and clear,
does it not speak with
the Strength and Courage
of Love?

Does Hope not travel
on the Vibration of Love,
does Hope not open
your heart,
so you may believe
what your dreams are
made of,
when All imagine the
Light of Love
leading the way,
can you also shine
your Light today,
may your voice carry
what you believe
in your heart,
does not the Light of
shine the Light of

Turn on the switch.
Let your Light shine.
Be a beacon of Hope,
a spark of Light
for All to find.
Turn up the Light.
Speak the Truth of Love.
Believe in Hope.
Believe in Love.

Being Peace

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Does not the ego
love to sense
when drama and fear
are at the fore,
does not the ego
look for more,
giving it something
to wrestle with –
are not drama and fear
for ego to help it
with its job,
to keep you safe
from a scary world –
it is “us against them,”
ego says,
as it readies for
any war.

But when Peace calmly
comes in,
soothing ego’s obsession
to win,
does not Peace look
around the room,
seeing there is only
One of You,
do you as human
not wonder what
you do when fear
begins to disappear,
as does not the drama
give you food for thought,
giving ego something
to work out?

Rest assured, ego,
there is a place for you,
as you help walk through
this experience,
this world,
are not lessons learned
all because of you –
is it not friction
that creates the pearl?

Can you be comfortable
when feeling Peace,
no need to look
over your shoulder
to see,
it may be ego wanting
fear to lead,
but when you let Love
lead the way,
is there not room
for Peace to stay,
yes, get accustomed
to Peace because,
You Are eternally,
always Love.

With Love,
may you
know Peace.
With Peace,
may you
Be Love.

Accept Love

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Accept Love.

As You Are Love
and Love Is You,
as you give Love,
can you receive Love, too,
do not miracles happen
when Love flows
through you –
accept Love.

Love is your birthright,
is it not Who You Are,
you may look elsewhere,
but it is an
inside job,
might you begin
to Love you
where you are –
accept Love.

As human do not
feelings flow,
there can be friction,
you may push and pull,
is it not you
you often struggle with,
can you let go
to find the Peace within –
accept Love.

As You Are Love
and Love Is You,
is not accepting Love
a gift to you,
do you not gift others
when you are True
to You,
is your heart not open
when you accept Love?

Accept Possibilities.
Accept Miracles.
Accept the Truth
of Who You Are.
Keep it going.
Keep it flowing.
Accept You.
Accept Love.

Trust Yourself

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Trust yourself.

As you still the
noisy mind,
is there not guidance
you will find,
that is there
to lift you up,
point to a direction
you may wish
to try,
is it not a feeling
within your gut –
trust yourself.

You may look
to others
to affirm,
what you probably
have already learned –
it is human
to contrast,
you bounce ideas off
when you share,
but ask yourself –
what do you wish
to know?
And in knowing You
may you
trust yourself.

Are there not many paths
you may find yourself on,
whatever journey you are
dreaming of,
roads may curve,
you may come to a “T”,
you may ask –
what does this mean
to me?
When a decision
needs to be made,
go within
and in the quiet there,
is there not a voice
that only you can hear,
when you know it is
your Voice of Love –
listen closely,
and trust yourself.

There are many voices
you may hear,
some of others,
some from your
own fear,
what voice resonates,
what speaks to You,
can you not feel it
as it flows through you –
does your heart and mind
agree it is true?
You know when you
believe in you.

Being the most
authentic You,
is a gift you give
standing in your Truth.
Believe in Love
as you believe in You.
You trust Love
when you
trust yourself.