Forever, Together

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Believe what you see,
we are all around you,
in your heart you know
this is True,
dancing in the Light
or radio that plays
the perfectly timed
familiar tune.

Are we not connected
by invisible thread
that your heart and
soul are able to
all of nature loves
to share in this dance,
do not beloved pets
join in joyfully?

And in the stillness
of the night,
or the quiet of dawn,
do you not feel us
we whisper good night
so softly,
that you may not
we are right there.

We rejoice in messages
received or sent,
but know that always
in your heart,
there is no distance
between you and me,
we are forever,
and never apart!

I Am Here

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Wherever you are,
I will meet you
I Am Love,
I Am You,
I Am All
that exists

I run with you
in exploration,
I hold your hand
when you are
I always,
walk with you,
our steps
are One,
our breath
is shared.

Dearest one
we cannot Be
separated as
you may think,
I Am beyond
your thinking
I dwell within
your every

Wherever you are
I Am Here with you,
there is no moment
when you are
I Am Love,
I Am You,
All Is Well, dear,
We Are Home.


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Swim in the depths
of your emotion,
experience the wholly
flow of You,
at times you may feel
lost within this ocean,
but is not each wave
supporting you?

You may float on top
or dive below,
to be with the quiet
of your soul,
are you not always able
to take a breath,
to center and return
to this moment’s flow?

There is healing
in these waters,
what may arise
within you to heal?
You are always supported
in the Ocean of Love,
one drop,
one wave,
You Are All
you see.

Be at Peace
in the depths
of your emotion,
see the Light that
filters from above,
with Strength
and Gratitude,
do you not see
that you are
always cradled
in the Arms of Love.


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When you release
what you hold
be it an object
or belief,
you may question Trust
within this process,
feeling like an autumn
falling leaf.

You may not see
a bigger picture
than the one
before your eyes,
but letting go
to Love’s sweet
is surrendering to
All Love inside.

Like leaf,
you are part of
an eternal cycle,
you may think it
has a beginning
and an end,
but beyond your
human perspective,
leaf goes to the earth
to rise again.

The leaf, the trees,
the earth are
your roots are deeper
than you know,
the sky above you
has you hoping,
when your autumn
that is where you will

But you as Eternal Be-ing,
has no here nor there
to Be,
for You are Always You,
connected with Love

Release what you hold
Love Is Everywhere
You Are,
You Are expansive,
You Are forever,
from magnificent earth
to shining star!

Forever, Always

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As the morning dew
magically appears,
may you know Love
is always Here,
to soothe you when
the road is rough,
or when life brings to you
more than enough,
at daybreak or when
day is done,
are there still not always
the stars and the sun?

Let Love whisper to you
through the gentle breeze,
the fading of night sounds
as summer leaves,
watch the changing palette
as seasons change,
yet in every moment,
yes, Love remains.

Love is always Here
tenderly within You,
no change or transition
can obscure Love’s View,
always holding you
in its loving arms,
Love flows within you
and Love surrounds.

As sun comes up on
another day,
might you listen closely
to what Love may say:
O Child of Love,
Here You Are, today,
wrapped in Love
with Me,

Strength and Peace

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You may at times
feel there is friction,
between human
and soul,
might this be your
protective ego,
not really wanting
to let go.

Might you observe
beyond any judgment
and work together
as a team,
when All of You
is onboard together,
are you not able to
create what you
may dream?

Let experiences bubble up
to inform you,
that Love is needed
the healing balm of Love
is powerful,
is it not able to allay
any fears?

With Gratitude might you
opportunities that come
your way,
what may feel sharp
can always be made smoother,
when Love can have
its say.

As human you may
need reminding,
that Love is in
every space with
yet, as a soul you
all Strength and
Peace reside
in You.

Know Peace

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When you wish to center,
take a breath –
and within each breath
are you not Home?

Be the breath,
know Love breathes
does Peace not arise,
when you realize
each breath Is Love?

Love Is Here,
with you,
always –
find your center,
welcome Home,
Be the breath,
Know Peace.


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What is Strength?

Strength need not
be an act of
are you not brave
every day of your

Strength need not
squeeze out
what you are
are you not Strength
experiencing what
comes your way?

Strength is you
arising each morning,
knowing you have
what you need –
strong as the tree
with sturdy trunk,
knowing when to
in a strong breeze.

Strength may be quiet,
it may surprise you,
you may not know
from whence it comes,
but does not Strength
arrive with Love
and is not Love
what you are made of?

Embrace the Strength
in you,
let it be the fuel
for what you need,
do not be afraid
of your power,
with Love and
Strength do you
not see –
with Strength as your
and with Love as
your guide,
go forth in this
life’s journey,
buckle up
enjoy the ride!

Love’s Roar

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Step into your
and let your soul

You know this
when you hear it,
feel it,
experience it
as your own,
you recognize it
when it reverberates
from the Strength
of another soul.

You All are in this
space together,
to experience Love’s ripples
far and wide,
when Love lifts
as you are connected,
might you All
enjoy the ride?

Stand up,
let your voice
be heard,
be a trumpeter
for Love,
each experience
is unique,
but there are
Truths that
express in words.

When you honor
this Truth,
with your own experiences
that you face,
is this not when
the Joy of Love
lifts you up
from any painful

Step into your
and let your soul
with self-compassion,
Strength and
You Are Free
as your spirit


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Change your view,
turn up your Light,
shine it on areas
that may no longer
feel “right”,
you are in the perfect
place to Be –
looking within helps
you to see
another perspective,
a different avenue,
do you not smile,
knowing all roads
lead back to You?

But you need not be
static in your
are you not expansive
and every possibility,
the Force that breathes
is what the Universe Is –
and are you not a
beautiful part of
All Of This?

Change your patterns
that have moved you
do not be afraid
to sing a different
sometimes baby steps
are how you need
to walk,
but might you fly
when you let go
of limiting thoughts?

Change your view,
turn up your Light,
let Love invite you
to hug yourself
so tight,
let Love brightly
color everything
you see –
dare to be every color
in the rainbow,