Your Beautiful Heart


Say yes to Love that
flows through your
does this not make sense 
now to do,
in the past you thought 
you needed protection,
in This Moment now,
you are safe as You.

As core beliefs build 
your identity,
what can you release 
to see what is True –
You Are more than 
what you think,
answer Love’s invitation
to see the Whole of You.

From this empowered,
peaceful presence,
extend, expand to 
see another’s truth,
as you embrace their 
soul with yours,
is this not You embracing

Is not relationship
a chance
to meet you and 
all of your parts,
how do you follow 
Love’s lead, dear,
might you begin within
your beautiful heart.

Here is wholeness,
Here is Love,
it is an experience 
beyond your mind,
Love imbues you with 
Strength and Courage,
be amazed and open 
at what you may find!

Your Superpower


Believe Love’s Strength,
this is your power,
you sense it flowing 
within you,
Love has brought you 
to This Peace,
rising from the story 
life has shared with you.

Believe in You,
whole and complete,
yes as human this 
comes with flaws,
with no judgment, 
accept, allow,
Be You, authentic,
connected to All.

Love is your 
loved ones and angels
see this too,
with awareness might 
you believe,
their Strength and Love 
is what fuels you.

You have what you 
you and your soul 
are a perfect Team,
enjoy each step as
your journey unfolds,
so blessed and connected
to Everything!

Love, Experienced


Be the experience  
of Love.

You can read and 
you may write,
to learn, to know 
what is beyond 
your sight,
dear one, Be your
blessed Be-ing,
Be the experience 
of Love.

Let go of what neatly 
fits in a box,
release the world 
that is run by clocks,
beyond the brain that
tries to make sense,
Be the experience 
of Love.

There is order beyond
a chaotic world,
may you shift to 
understand Love’s rule,
even as you navigate 
the earth,
Be the experience 
of Love.

Let Peace be the wind
beneath your wings,
release the myth that 
ego controls things,
in any moment,
find your Self Here –
Be-ing the experience 
of Love.

Step back from 
expectations, dear,
look through and beyond 
worry, doubt or fear,
Here You Are,
as Love flows through,
You Are the experience 
of Love!

The Flow of You


Let your intuition 
this is spirit,
the soul of You,
when you quiet 
ego’s voice,
your soul assists 
with what to do.

You need not be 
in meditation,
your soul is Here 
for every ride,
are you not amazed 
when new thoughts 
drop in,
this wellspring flows 
so strong inside.

As constant as breath
your soul is with you,
why not let it take 
the lead,
you may resist the word
but with less resistance 
might you then Be.

This need not be a 
major change,
as you have shifted
more than you know,
now with awareness 
and Faith of Be-ing,
as openness and wonder –
follow your soul!

Still You


Be You.

You Are more than 
what you see,
you expand as 
All of This,
but for now in 
this precious moment,
as you breathe, 
Be You.

Yes, your edges 
may be blurry,
You as Collective 
are This too,
You Are amazing 
States of Be-ing,
Here and Everywhere –
still You.

You may ask,
how can this be,
all I know is 
what I see,
your perspective 
is One of All –
so unique dear one,
Be You.

Sense Love’s Gratitude
for walking this path –
you are not alone,
You Are One and 
so perfectly now –
Be You.



Be listening,

Do not only listen
with your ears,
your soul’s intuition
is part of this, too,
Be receptive in 
your receiving,
Be listening,

Tune into more than 
varied voices,
your own voice may tune
others out,
what is nature singing
Be listening,

In life there is much 
pushing outward,
or building walls 
to keep one safe,
You as soul are 
powerful softness,
open to listening 
to All today.

You may be surprised 
at what you hear,
or what you remember 
receiving this way,
your breath,
your heart knows 
what to do,
Be listening,
Be One with All,



Sense Love’s soothing,
loving presence,
enveloping you,
so safe and warm,
may you receive 
this nurturing,
you belong Here 
and never are alone.

This Web of Love,
you add to this,
your expanded field
knows this is True,
You Are connected
to seen and unseen,
continue to release and
let This flow through.

As you surrender 
to Love’s flow,
is this not a return
to your Natural State,
This is Home,
with no beginning or end,
you can trust This –
eternal and always.

Whilst in this life,
you may need comfort,
so may you sense 
Love’s comfort, dear,
you are honored,
cherished for your 
journey –
that reminds Love 
is always Here!

Safe Harbor


Love is your 
this is where your
Strength resides,
Here is where the 
magic happens,
You Are healed 
and whole inside.

Yes life takes you 
on a journey,
with a body that 
talks to you,
tend to it with 
from Source that wholly
breathes you.

Release ego’s blaming
that keep you constricted
and small,
Here is Love,
your safe harbor,
Be your Self,
connected to All.

With this freedom
may you sense
your wholeness that 
never was apart,
Here You Are,
precious child,
Home and safe as
the Love You Are!

With Loving Faith


Be patient as you 
walk your path,
you are supported 
as it unfolds,
your loved ones,
angels surround
you now,
you hear the calling 
of your soul. 

Know Divine Timing
is at hand,
you need not see the 
journey complete,
have Faith, believe
in You through life,
you have what you need,
may this bring you Peace.

May you walk boldly 
upon your path,
Love holds your hand
as you take each step,
all possibility awaits you,
precious one,
Love delights in hearing
you say yes!

As Above, So Below


Your life may be 
like a book,
with many stories 
to tell,
but beneath the 
“good or bad”
is your soul knowing 
All is Well.

May you rise above 
any performance
that you think needs
to be judged,
as human you know
you are not perfect,
perfection is a myth 
that can hurt so much.

In the story that 
is you,
look at the moments
beyond the plot,
what emotions,
what compassion,
what loving exchanges
rise to the top?

As co-creator of your
Be gentle with you,
in This Moment 
You Are All 
you seek,
you below are 
All of This above!