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Connected you are
to All and
do you not sway
with the trees
and rejoice when
a bird sings?

Does not a sunrise
or sunset
make you pause
to drink it in,
does not beauty
know wondrous beauty,
no matter the reflection
it shows up in?

Yes, nature is a
no matter the season
or day,
bare trees show their
in vulnerability
they continue to

As You Are connected
to Life,
ask Life to show you
what is True,
see Love in all its
reflecting the masterpiece
of You.

Your Gift of Love

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Let Love be the
constant Here,
may you sense Love,
where You Are is
Where Love Is,
remember, you All
are part of

You cannot be lost,
you are always
Love is Everywhere
you look around,
you may forget,
compare and judge,
but You Are
and always Love.

You Are Source
experiencing Here,
you are cradled in
and held so dear,
let Love remind and
be your gentle guide,
to share the Gift of Love
that You Are inside.

Beyond Possibility

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What is possible,
with Love?

And might you
move your thoughts
from material form,
to know you
are All Possibility
as you are born,
with Love,
through Love,
and beyond possibility
as Love.

Is not All possible
with Love?

And as You Are
that manifests
is not possibility
what you are
made of,
make the impossible,
with Love,
as You Are Now,
Love’s Possibility –
as Love.

Winds of Change

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Even with careful planning
and preparation,
is all not subject
to change,
as change is part
of new creation,
is there anything
that stays the same?

Yes, plan what you
but realize where
your Strength
might you adapt,
whatever comes before
your eyes?

You Are a Master
of the Universe,
the Force of Love
flows through you,
you cannot control all
in this world,
but you have the power
to see what is True.

Yes, you have preferences,
but have you not
had glimpses of your
inner Strength,
with Love as your
True Nature,
might you ask Love
to help you see
another way?

You may set a course
within these winds
of change,
but have Faith
in your ability
to steer,
is not your Source
of Love
always traveling
with you,
experiencing it All,
with One who is
Loved so dear.

This Experience

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grow –
yes, these are what
you may experience
in life,
but is it not Life
that is experiencing

And as Life
goes beyond
what you perceive
as a beginning
or an end,
do you not continue
to absorb,
learn, evolve
and grow?

Yes, this is an
amazing journey,
as human and soul
you are experiencing
but You Are This
beyond This experience,
Be-ing Joy
in perfect bliss.

grow –
Be This Experience
of Love,
creating ripples
in time and space,
as Life experiences You,
This loving moment
in the perfect place.

A Season of Rest

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You are the dark sky
with dawning Light,
you are the stars
that twinkle bright,
you are the fullness
of the moon,
or when it fades
to allow more room.

In this Season of
might you shine your own Light
where Light has not
been yet,
are you not illuminated
by the Light of Love,
is Light not a perception
that you already
know of?

Be still,
Be Love,
Be Peace,
let the darkened quiet
allow this space
for You to Be,
Be Gratitude,
as your blessed Light
shines bright,
Be Who You Are,
infinitely One
with day or night.

Faith and Strength

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Does not Strength
help to support Faith,
and does not Faith
help you to be strong,
do you not have all
the tools you need,
for any experience
that may come along?

Have Faith that in
any present moment,
knowing you are Strength
and Courage indeed,
may you sense the Peace
that passes all understanding,
knowing that Love
is always Here,
with thee.

May you know
you are held
in Grace,
indeed, always
so very Loved,
may Faith and Strength
help you remember –
dear child,
You Are forever
and always, Love!


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Share your Light
by turning your
Light up,
let your Love
help you to see,
the Light in
all brothers and
sisters you see,
are you not always
by This Light?

Shine your Light,
embrace the magnificence
of Who You Are,
This Light is not a
secret tool,
it resonates and
shines in All
of You,
is it not This Light
that solves the
mystery of you?

Be This Light,
darkness simply
in Light
cannot be,
when you see
This Light
in another,
is it not All of You
that are set free?

Share This Light,
shine your Light,
Be All the Light
You Are –
eternal, always,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

Always, Simply Love

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Move your perspective
to One of Love,
do not all differences
might you let go
of comparison,
there is no need
for judgement,

Do not judgments out
reflect judgment in –
is not forgiveness
simply the Truth
of Love,
with no comparisons
to mark progress
are You not always,
simply Love?

Know the Love
of One is
Who You Are,
you may resist
this powerful,
simple Truth,
no matter where
you are in space or
the Love of One
resides eternally
in you.