Remember Love



Remember to heal.

And we do not mean
that one needs to
remember events,
the drama,
any trauma,
you need not re-live,
but can you remember
that as You Are
so very loved,
as you remember
Who You Are,
can you remember –
to heal?

Is not remembering,
recalling something
that has already happened,
that has taken place,
something you had
in your possession,
that might have slipped
your mind,
but with intention
and extra focus,
can you not re-member
and bring back to your
that You Are Love –
and as Love heals All,
then in that remembering,
does not Love heal,
yes, remember –
to heal.

As your awareness shifts
from looking for,
to looking from within,
from this Place of Love,
does not the healing begin,
for as you know
yourself as Love,
do not the cracks
of separation,
begin to heal –
does not the healing balm
of Love
surround and soothe,
the parts of you
that can forget,
when you remember Love,
when you remember –
to heal?

Remember –
Who You Are.
Remember –
You Are Love.
Remember, dear ones,
that You Are Loved.
And as you remember
in times when you forget,
healing comes –
when you remember

A Taste of Love

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Like when cooking
a favorite dish,
separate ingredients
you begin to mix,
some put a pinch of that
a splash of this,
some measure out
to be exact,
do you not then
stir it all together,
flavors mingling,
needing time,
does not this all
then combine,
to create something

You cannot wait
to try this dish,
but does not patience
go with this,
the flavors may need time
to marinate
or it may need extra time
to bake,
even letting it stand
when cooking is done,
may add to what the flavors
can become,
there may be many steps,
but can you enjoy each step
as it happens next,
is something good
not worth the wait?

is this not like
learning something new,
do you not need time
to integrate,
to introduce the old
to the new,
combining this,
bringing in that,
letting it all simmer
to create a new
one that you may not
have tried before,
might you give it time
to settle in,
to let the flavors
marinate and blend?

Might you be surprised
with what you create,
it may be different than
what you anticipate,
can you bring Joy
to this process,
being present
with every step,
is there not learning
in how you proceed
as much as what you
finish with?

For when you create
your perfect dish,
is there not another
on your list,
enjoy and savor every
delicious bite,
can you feel the wonder
with every step,
as you create with your
“secret” ingredient,
as you add Love
to it All?

Play with the many
Flavors of Love,
be patient as
you mix it up,
do not some things
that you create,
need extra time
to bake,
savor each moment,
enjoy the process,
is not preparing
part of the Joy,
as you create with the
ingredients of Love?

Savor every
step of Love
as you


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Please enjoy this post from over a year ago as I am traveling early today!



And is there
not a peacefulness
to these words –
stopping time,
knowing that
there is enough,
with no need
to search for
the missing parts –
if All is
Whole and

And is it not
hard to feel Whole –
when bits and
pieces of you
get jumbled about
as you experience
and take on
various roles
in this
School of Life?

And when you
the loss of a
loved one
in this world –
do you not
feel as if
there is a
part of you missing –
as were there
not pieces
that fit together
to make you
whole and

And if you
were completely
made up of
this world’s
bits and pieces –
yes, it would
be quite a puzzle –
to keep together all
of the parts
that you think
make up you.

May we remind you –
there are no
missing pieces
to You.

You Are
in the
Love That You Are –
as are all
of your loved ones
who reside in
One Heart,
One Love.

You Are.




Is not knowledge
what you gather
so that your mind
can expand and grow –
is it not so you
may integrate
what your soul
already knows?
What leads you
to the learning
at the perfect time
for you to hear
the answers to
your questions,
are not the answers
always there?

When you are ready
to receive,
does not all
make perfect sense,
your mind may struggle
to keep up,
but does not your soul
know what is true?
With surrender,
with Faith and Trust,
can you let your heart
lead the way,
does not your belief
become knowing,
when you know
that Love Is You?

Your soul already
know this,
but do not All heal
when you do –
when you see that
Love surrounds you,
when you know
You Are Love, too –
you are always part
of the magic,
of the Life Force
that breathes You,
step aside for a moment
from the human
that you have come
to know,
sense the knowing,
feel the power,
of your magnificent

Keep gathering,
keep learning
the knowledge
that helps you grow.
Yes, expand
from belief to knowing,
when you listen with
your Soul.




Is there not comfort
in remembering
that it is Love that
flows through you –
do you not feel it
at your center,
in your heart,
you are always
when surrounded by
your story,
you might forget
what is always True –
you are already
what you wish for,
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Do not worry,
do not fret,
at where you “go”
from here,
you are already
part of the miracle
that you hope
you might see yet,
with one foot
in this existence,
is not the other
where you always are –
always a part
and never separate
from the Truth
of Who You Are?

Your True Self
is what breathes you,
is not Love
in every breath?
This Love will never
leave you,
even though you might
sometimes forget,
but is it not delightful
to remember,
do you not feel giddy
at the prospect of –
no matter what part
here on earth
you play,
You Are always,
always Love.

Be reassured,
human heart,
you are the bridge
from Here to There –
you may have woken
up here,
but You Are always,
always Love.

This Web of Love



Do you not marvel
at how connections
to others
spread and grow,
like the ripples
on a pond
that reach out
to the other side,
wider and wider
do waves of Love
not bring to you
who might you need
to meet,
do you not cast
a Net of Love
to see what you may
experience next –
is it not Love
that has guided you
to Where You Are
right now?

This Web of Love
can be a whisper,
or it can be a
stronger pull,
what snags your attention,
what do you wish
to experience and learn,
if every person
is a teacher,
in this Curriculum of Love,
are there not infinite
to Be the Love
That You Are?

Open your heart,
feel the connections,
are you not All
connected by Love?
Some you think
that you know better,
but is it not the story
that you know,
dive deeper into the
Waves of Love
that surround each
one of You,
can you not sense,
do you not know
that They Are Me
and I Am You?

Are we not All One
even connections
you need not make,
this Web of Love
is always together,
always connected
and will forever grow.
Yes, you All
will keep evolving,
but is that so
All will Know –
Love Is
All There Is.
Love Is All
and All Is Love.

An Intention of Love

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Why, as human,
do predictions
you make?
Does this not lead
to energy going
to what you expect,
what you want
or don’t want,
visualizing an outcome
wrapped in a story,
based upon thoughts
that speculate
so very well?

Might you ponder
versus prediction –
with intention,
can you build it
with the energy
of your Essences,
is not intention
open to what
possibility may bring,
does not intention
feel lighter,
infused with the
Energy of Love?

With prediction,
do you not wish
to put an “ending”
on a story,
you write the script,
you play the part,
the curtain falls on
a scene,
but does not intention
let you explore,
let you experience,
even ad lib,
does not intention
open doors
that you have not
yet seen?

Are not predictions
based on what
you think you might know,
does not intention
flow with the energy
that you already Are –
yes, Joy and Strength,
with Gratitude,
will always help
set an intention,
when your intention
is to Be
and to experience Love.

Let go of any “endings”,
with Love there is
no end.
With Humility,
can you be
the brightest Light
you can shine?
With a heart
that is open,
what might you expect –
might it be
that your intention
is to always
Be Love?

You Are Love
and so very Loved.
Set your intention
and share your Love.

The Movement of Love

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When you open up
a window,
do you not love to smell
the outside air,
what is the difference
between fresh air
and the air that is
inside –
does not circulating air
help to cleanse
and to release
what has built up
in your house,
what may be interfering
with your Peace?

When the air around you
grows stagnant,
do you not need to
make it move,
an open window,
a floor to sweep
and does it not help
for you to move, too –
as energy is always moving,
might you join in
and begin to clear,
what has built up,
what is weighing,
what do you no longer need –
energy is at the ready,
so breathe it in
and breathe it out,
it is never too early
for spring cleaning,
is this not what transformation
is all about?

Is it not in your
that you can visualize
each breath of air –
to be fresh,
to be transformative,
to clear out,
to create anew –
is not breathing in Love
the best spring clean
that you can do?

You need not wait
for warmer weather
or for the greening
to begin,
as you are a
creative Be-ing,
breathing in the Love
of All That Is,
does not every breath
bring you closer
to the wonder
of Who You Are?

Breathe in.
Clear out.
Keep it moving,
keep it flowing.
As you move,
as you create,
reveal the Miracle
That Is You.

The Best of Love

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In this earthly realm,
is it not hard
to know,
all the roles
you play
or where do outcomes
like in any play
you may see,
might there be
more than one story
going on in a scene –
might you not add drama
and simply be –
the best You
that only You
can Be?

Yes, it is hard
not to expect,
what you think
“should” happen next,
based on your perspectives,
do you not know
them best,
but are there not
myriad lessons,
experiences going on,
for your learning
and for others, too –
do you not often
bring it back to you,
but might you
not know
who is teaching who?

So when all is said
and done,
when you lead with
your open,
loving heart,
have you not fulfilled
what you are
“to do” –
is it not in this
that you can simply Be –
the best You,
that only You
can Be?

Remember you are both
student and teacher, too.
Learn with Love.
Lead with Love.
The Best of You
Is Love.

The Nature of Love

20180122 XPicture


A stand of trees
in the forest,
do they not share
the nutrients
from the soil
of mother earth,
do not their roots
soak up the water,
running deep or
raining down
from the skies above,
do not the sun’s rays
bring life to each tree
in the forest,
can you not look
at a single tree
and see the forest
that is so alive?

Do you not receive
the same gifts
from mother earth,
does she not connect you
to the trees,
do you not walk upon
the soil,
that gives you nutrients
through food,
is your thirst not quenched
by rivers of water,
does not the sun
bring warming Light,
can you look at yourself
in a mirror
and see all of humanity?

Do you not sense
the support of nature,
are you not part
of nature, too,
does it not help
when you are standing
with others,
who are also
part of You,
as you are all
part of something greater,
can you expand
your once-limited view,
though you may be a
single tree in the forest,
are you not the
forest, too?

Are you not in the soil
that nurtures you,
are you not the water
that is raining down,
are you not the air
that breathes you,
are you not as bright
as the shining sun,
you are strong
as a sturdy tree
that bends when
the wind is so strong,
both individually
and together,
can you celebrate
that You Are One?

You never stand alone.
You Are connected
above and below.
What is Here
is also There.
Yes, always connected
by the Nature of Love.