Becoming Peace


Peace becomes you.
You Are Peace.

Take a moment,
step away,
from what your 
thoughts are trying 
to say,
feel this deeply,
You Are This – 
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.

Between the gaps 
of space and time,
Peace does not follow
a linear line,
there – that moment,
Here – with you,
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.

A relieving breath,
a surrendering sigh,
a reassurance that 
everything is alright,
in this moment,
with your sacred soul,
Peace becomes you,
You Are Peace.



Love is your foundation.
And Love supports you.

You may have added 
on more layers,
different floors upon
which to walk,
these are temporary 
structures – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

You may not see 
the Whole of You
as walls and rooms
you may construct,
you need no limits 
to define you – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

You may wish to add
nice window treatments,
you may decorate 
to create and play,
but even as you
remodel – 
it is Love that 
supports you.

It is Love that
welcomes you
and Here is Home 
within your heart,
walk with confidence
upon Love’s foundation,
it is infinitely Love 
that supports you.

Glorious You


With Gratitude,
may you receive,
with Love,
may you give –
such is the 
Cycle of Love.

Be Love’s vessel
in this Cycle,
with no outcome 
to expect –
Be Here in this 
sacred Flow of

With Humility,
shine your Light,
as you give 
do you not
receive –
behold this is 
standing with Love.

May Peace 
be the harmony
that resonates 
through the Whole 
of You –
Here You Are,
Love’s perfect 
expression of 
glorious You!

Always For You


Love holds a Light 
always for you.

When you are tired,
weary from 
holding up yourself 
in this linear world,
forever glowing,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Take this prayer 
into your heart,
Here is where 
you always 
know you are forever 
safe and held,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Release your struggle,
your worry, 
your fears,
My arms are wide,
let Me carry you – 
there is no-thing 
that comes between Us,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

Say this with Me,
precious child,
believe and know 
that This is True,
I Am This Light 
eternally burning,
Love holds a Light 
always for you.

A Cycle of Love


Love is a flow 
like an endless
an eternal Source 
with no beginning, 
no end,
at any point 
in time
you have access 
to it,
though your eternal Self
bathes in this flow 
again and again.

River runs through
the earth as
part of a cycle,
rain pours from the sky 
to refill, refresh,
water then returns 
as its form changes,
to its Source to 
repeat again.

You need not wait 
for your form 
to change,
You Are This Source
it is what breathes you,
dip your toes,
your fingers,
all of you in it,
Love is ever-present 
and always available 
in you.

Bring your self 
to this loving river,
as your Self 
is wholly of this 
you are All aspects 
of this Love, eternal,
an infinite Cycle 
of Love,
complete and Holy 

Dear Body


Do not Love and 
help you be fearless?

Are you not 
in the Truth 
of Love?

Your body may 
bring up fear to 
tell you, 
I am ready to 
release what is 
coming up.

With your Strength 
and True Light 
you are opening doors 
to experience 
All of Love.

Yes, you are more 
than the body,
but body is a 
communicative instrument,
let Love be a 
patient partner,
listening to and loving 
All of This.

Fear may come up 
as your past 
but Love and Gratitude 
are the curriculum 
embrace the body,
wrap with Love 
so gently,
assure All of You 
that You are Loved 
so dear. 

Imagine, Love


Imagine Love.

And in This moment – 
are you not 

You may think 
Love is but 
a dream,
but as all 
is not as
it seems,
sense the power,
Strength and 
as you imagine 
your Self to Be.

Yes, you may walk
in a world of 
if you do this 
then this comes 
why not expand 
this loving moment
and imagine Love 
in its limitlessness.

You have made up 
many stories,
your mind is powerful 
in its grasp,
let imagination 
free your mind 
and help you 
embrace this 
loving task.

Imagine Love –
yes, you can 
do this,
as You Are Love,
it flows through you,
awaken and see 
all That You Are,
imagine and know
This Love 
is You!

With Loving Grace


Be Love’s purpose 
where you are.

Does Love not connect 
the Whole of You?

Yes, the body 
may feel at times,
that it is struggling 
its purpose to find,
as you rejoin as 
One with Love,
do not all parts 
of you,

Allow the body 
to help you sense,
where flow has been 
bottled up – 
ready to dispense,
with Love, with Faith
might you lovingly
transmuting all 
that is asking 
for Grace and Ease.

Your purpose is 
all Love 
that is You,
may loving Grace 
lovingly remind
that Love’s miracle 
is You!



When seeking connection 
to Source,
are you not seeking 
to You?

Is not seeking 
a remembering
what you think 
has been blocked
from your view?

What you see with 
your eyes,
may not bring the 
Truth you seek.

Your perception 
tells a story
that is a picture 
of your beliefs. 

You need not unwind 
all that feels tangled,
you have a barometer 
that senses a choice.

Which one is speaking,
Love or fear,
and may you turn up 
Love’s True Voice?

In your remembrance
Here is your heart, 
Here is your soul
speaking to you.

May you feel lifted,
always connected 
to the Source 
in You!

Becoming Light


You Are of This Light,
we are always with 
though you would like 
Light to shine in front
to see,
dear one, as Light 
is what becomes You,
in every Now moment, 
this Light shines so 

Embrace Faith 
to sense 
this Courage,
your innate Strength 
powers each step
you take,
Light shines through 
all Eternal moments,
trust in You 
all along the 

Be it journey or 
you cannot ever 
lose your way,
above, below,
You are One 
with Light,
This Light of Love
is you,