Divinely Open


Constriction may be like
a familiar blanket,
one you think gives 
you formation,
a familiar structure,
with specific edges,
all for the purpose 
to keep you safe.

What could you possibly 
hide from,
you are All of the 
your reach is through 
there are no secrets 
in the Face of Love.

With this awareness,
when you sense closing,
when constriction begins 
to shut all doors,
remember You Are 
Love does not run out,
there is always more.

You are wrapped divinely 
in Love’s sweet arms,
able to extend and
shine your Light,
as you are part of 
this loving flow,
this requires no thinking,
no wrong or right.

Let constriction be 
a reminder,
what is asking now 
to be set free – 
open all doors to 
Who You Are,
safe and at Home,

This Awakened Moment


Does not perception 
of the past,
run into your 
present time,
creating stories
for the future,
that may follow 
a similar line.

Yes, you make up 
things through 
this is not what You 
when entanglements 
do you not see 
what ego makes?

In your present,
awakened moment,
expand your Light 
to see the way,
from this perspective 
of your soul,
does not the drama 
drop away?

There is no script 
for you to follow,
you need not keep track
of any score,
let Love unfold 
as you step lightly,
asking Love’s Light 
to show you more.

In this awareness 
let Love’s experience,
shine its Light for 
you to see,
as you create from 
your True Self,
your path unfolds 
with Grace and Ease.



Lift yourself 
in Love,
and as you rise,
others do, too.

Your perception 
in this world
sees you and others 
as separate beings,
but as your souls 
are from
One Source,
are you not connected 
to everyone you see?

Thus as you focus 
on your self,
it is not a solitary 
aligning with the 
vibration of Love
is an eternal and 
loving pact.

Lift yourself 
in Love,
you need not 
change another or 
change the world,
but as You All are 
does not one in
spark another to 

Let Love raise 
your self up,
to this natural 
State of You,
Be in this presence, 
sense Here is Peace,
you need do nothing 
but Be the Miracle
of You!

Hello, Love


Hello, Love.

Love is with you,
always, completely,
you need never 
be without,
much like the sun 
that is always shining,
be it clear blue sky 
or covered with clouds.

You need not draw 
Love to you closely,
Love is Here 
from inside out,
open and receive
what you are, 
dear one,
You Are the Reality 
you dream about.

Awaken and say hello
to Love that has never 
left your side,
You Are a tapestry
eternally weaving,
with golden thread
that unifies.

Hello, Love, 
Love whispers softly,
recognizing You 
as Eternal Light,
invite Love to help 
you know,
you belong to 
All You Are, 


Together As Love


Let’s work together as Love.

Are you not part of a 
loving Team,
connected to angels, guides,
loved ones unseen,
are you not powerful as 
Love’s Life Force –
let’s work together 
as Love.

You need not do life
on your own,
You Are with your Team 
and always Home,
combining forces as 
soul to soul – 
let’s work together 
as Love.

Let Joy replace work 
as you feel this flow,
release any outcomes 
that you wish to know,
You and Me and We 
are a Force of One –
let us play together as 
a Force of Love.

Connect your heart,
your soul to Love’s 
eternal bond,
Home is Where You Are 
and always belong,
take Love’s hand and 
sense your eternal Team,
we always are together 
through the Grace of Love.



Seeing beyond the dream
brings you closer to 
the natural You,
as you awaken to 
this Reality,
does not more of 
Love shine through?

Do not compare your 
human experiences 
to one another or 
to your self,
in life’s experience 
of unfolding,
some things seem to
go great,
others not as well.

You as human may 
always have plans,
and like a direction 
in which to go,
but you as soul 
can see the wholeness,
from a broader perspective 
that as Love, knows.

Yes, walking in your 
makes it hard to see 
through the veil,
but when you see with 
your soul’s eyes, 
does not this perspective 
have Truth to tell?

Seek the clarity 
from your Self,
who always walks 
and shares with you,
set aside questions 
you want answered,
the answer you seek 
is found in loving 

The Power of Love


Tap into your Power,
You Are the Power of

This is the Life Fore 
that moves through you,
that can move mountains 
from above.

A loving choice is
when you step into 
Love’s flowing stream,
as you awaken to your
True Nature,
does not struggle become 
only a dream?

It may get cloudy,
a bit foggy,
when ego’s grip makes 
it hard to see,
there are situations 
in the world
that are difficult,

But when given a choice,
might you choose Love 
over fear,
and quietly listen to 
Love’s Answer,
to problems solved
as Love is Here.

Be aware of your power,
you need not give 
this away,
it emanates from you,
through you,
brightening the Light
that shows the way.

May you sense your
Strength and Courage,
that remind you
what is forever True,
Love is the powerful force
that breathes you,
You Are Love
Love Is You. 

Forever Held


Give yourself
to sink into the 
Arms of Love.

It need not be a 
or something you 
have earned along
the way,
relax, release 
your self into the
Arms of Love.

Ego thinks you need 
to work hard,
to be worthy of 
who you are,
my dear,
your Home 
is always Here 
in the Arms of Love.

Your beliefs may 
mightily resist,
how do I deserve 
Love and All of This?
Might you remember 
you have never left 
the Arms of Love.

Soak up the comfort,
let Love reassure,
Love with no strings 
remains simple 
and pure,
awaken to where 
you always belong –
forever held in 
the Arms of Love.



Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.

Always Here


Love is always Here.

In life, experiences
may vary,
some things flow smoothly,
sometimes they don’t,
always know within 
your heart – 
Love is always Here.

Responsibility may feel 
only if you think 
you are alone,
you are surrounded,
lifted gently – 
Love is always Here.

You judge by outcomes,
have expectations,
know throughout it all,
dear, here is Truth,
you cannot Be without 
Love flowing – 
Love is always Here.

Let Love comfort when 
you are hurting,
Love knows always 
where to go,
give and receive as 
Love’s sweet blessing – 
Love is always, 
with you,