Love Is Forgiveness

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Love Is Forgiveness.

Is not Love where
forgiveness lives?

What do you keep
inside of you,
that with the forgiveness
of Love
may be released, too,
is not forgiveness
the realization –
there is nothing
to be healed
in You?

Embrace Love
with the arms of
experience the Wholeness
of One who is
give freely of
Who You Are
in your perfection,
see the Face of Love
in every reflection
that you forgive.

Your Gift

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What is your gift
to give?

What inspires you
to extend beyond
the human you,
yes, as human,
are you not a
precious gift,

What transcends
the senses five,
what sparks a
when you feel most
is inspiration
not You as
when human
and soul are having

Are You
not the gift,
You give to

Is Love not the
perfect gift,
when you freely give
do you not receive,
is there not inspiration
in perfect freedom,
when you let Love
transcend what you
may believe?

In This Joy,
is there not Light,
to bring back
your Sight,
to find your way,
with a joyful heart,
through inspiration,
receive the Gift
of Love,
that is You,

Love’s Flow

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Flow like the water
that finds its way
down a stream,
you are the rocks,
you are the water,
you are all spaces
in between.

Are you not the very
ground you walk on
that provides nutrients
for all living things,
breathe in Love
that breathes
all Life,
Love is the Whole
and in Everything.

Is knowing not
available to you,
like Bird who knows
when to return
for spring,
Be Love’s flow
in your knowing,
Love Is Here
and in Everything.

Love’s Work of Art

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You are an aspect
of a beautiful
what you view as
All make up the
You are complete
even as you may think
you are separate,
the Love in You
is greater than
what you may know.

You are the thread
and the complete
beautiful tapestry,
you can look at
the Whole
or each intricate
perfect part,
woven throughout
is Love in
All of its majesty,
is it not Love
that creates
perfect works
of Art?

Behold the You
that reflects
Love’s perfect
You Are the thread,
the tapestry,
the Vision that
You Are always
woven together
in this Web of Love,
let Love weave through
in all beautiful creations
you may make!

A Singular Choice

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You may wish
to re-do the
but might you see
there is only
Here – is your past,
your present,
your future,
you think not yet

Your present choice
of Love,
is only a choice
to the ego,
does it not ripple
and resonate,
with your singular choice
as Soul?

You may or may
not believe
you are All of This
but Here is your
True Heaven,
always available
within you, dear.

Let loose of the
ties that bind
you to judgments
of the past,
peel away the
layers of doubt,
that want you to
believe you are
anything less.

You Are Love,
pure and simple,
do not complicate
this Truth,
your singular purpose
Is Love,
You Are so Loved
Love Is You!

A Loving Intention

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Commit to Love.

Might you transform
a thought
through your heart beat,
upon every breath
you draw,
Here Is Love
in your very Be-ing,
might you go deeper
and commit to Love?

With intention,
your soul’s desire
is gently showing you
the way,
let Love’s whisper
be the Voice
that you listen to,

Say yes to Love,
say yes to You,
no matter the path
life takes you to,
with full heart beating
Love’s sweet rhythm,
commit to Love,
to the Eternal You!