Love’s Palette

20191209 XPicture


Is not every day,
any moment,
an opportunity
for re-birth?

As You Are a
creative force,
what will you create

With Love as your
brush stroke
and this moment
a canvas blank,
what are the colors
that you wish
to immerse yourself
in today?

Your Palette of Love
is limitless in its
you arise from
what you wish
to create with


20191206 XPicture


Shine bright your
it shines for You,
it shines for Me,
is it not One Light
that showers Love
so brilliantly?

Is it not One Love
that lifts you up that
feels so nice,
is it not a wonder
that All can feel it,
is this not the Essence
of All Shining Lights?

See your reflection
in another,
let your Light show you
where Love is,
with your One Light,
see All of One Love –
a connected aspect
of All of This.


20191202 XPicture


What is your purpose?
To Be Love.
Yes, Love may shine
a Light in many directions,
lighting up what you
dream of,
but Here is purpose
in a sacred moment –
Here Are You,
Be-ing Love.

There is no need to find
your purpose,
has it not found you?
You may not know it,
see it,
hear it,
but it beats in the
heart of You.

Here is purpose
in every breath,
in every thought
you are grateful for –
when your purpose is
Be-ing Love,
do you not find wings
upon which to soar?

Embrace your purpose,
let Love show you
Who You Are –
your Light is seen
upon the earth,
your Light is reflected
in every star!


20191126 XPicture


How vast is Love?

It may be hard
for you to picture,
your eyes are limited
with what they see,
is it not a feeling,
as Love is present,
in thee.

Is Love not wider
than the oceans,
beyond the sky
that is everywhere,
Love draws the lines
between constellations,
how many Universes
are out there?

Yet, Love is also in
each drop of water,
from stormy cloud
to a tender tear,
every cell of you
contains All of Love,
Love permeates all
that you call Here.

All That Love Is
All That You Are,
you need not understand
all that this may mean,
Love is a feeling,
an awareness,
knowing –
Love connects You
to All
and truly Everything.

Every One

20191122 XPicture


What do you choose
to notice today?

In the world of
there are choices that
you make,
from the perception of
you may expect a
give and take.

And while this makes
sense in your
is there not another
view –
might each exchange
that you experience
be embedded with
the Love of You?

You may not notice
a change or
in your sister or
brother you see,
yet the Light you see
in All,
is reflected from
the Light
in thee.

Do not seek Light
to make a change,
for the Light is
already Here –
indeed, the Light
of Love is constant,
and you see it when
you are aware.

Might you choose
to see the Light
in Every One
The Light of One
shines in All –
You Are This Light,

A Loving Perspective

20191119 XPicture


Are you not able to
see the same thing
in a new way,
based on your

Is this not like
when the skies clear
or the fog lifts –
all that has always been
has now become more

And do you not have
this ability,
to change your
to shift your awareness,
to ask to see things
in a different Light,
might the shining
of Light
help to dissipate
the shadows,
helping all
to truly see?

And though you may think
that the one of you,
cannot change how
view the world –
as there only is
One of Us,
when you look at
with the Eyes of Love,
is not sight restored
to All?

Change your perspective,
shift your awareness,
will you not see Love
when your perspective
Is Love?

Be the moon beam
at night,
Be a ray of sun
by day,
as your perspective
Is Love,
may the Light of Love
always Light your way.


20191117 XPicture


Listen for Love’s
it is the simplest
thing you can hear,
no static,
no distortion,
no need to interpret
its message dear.

Love needs no language,
it is universal,
indeed the Universe
is created from Love,
as you are an aspect
of Love’s experience,
are you not wired
to understand Love?

But do not ask your mind
to figure out
what you already know,
yes, your body may give
you signals,
when you sense you are
not in Love’s flow.

Tune into your heart
and use your breath
to find your Frequency
of Love,
then communicate to All
around you,
so All may remember
what they are made of.

Listen for Love’s
and see what Love
has to tell,
sense the Peace
in this loving exchange,
You Are Loved
All Is Well.