Lighting the Way


May Love Light 
the way for All,
when the world feels
upside down,
in a world of duality,
answers you seek 
may not be found.

Within your heart 
is an answer,
it is simple,
it is True,
leave no one out 
of your prayers,
see Love in the 
All of You.

With one foot within
life’s chaos,
knowing this is not 
all truth,
may your other foot 
be walking where 
All Love accompanies 

The world has not 
the answers,
but may you share 
All that you know,
keep your heart open,
dear child,
your Light shares 
Love’s eternal flow!

The Whole of You


Take a look 
at your defenses,
what are they defending
you from,
ego insists you 
need protection,
but what source 
do beliefs really 
come from.

Dive deeper below 
your triggers,
what are beliefs
that are not true,
were they not created
when you worried,
that no one was 
here for you.

Life fosters separation,
from your identity 
to your name,
it is difficult to understand
how those around you
are from Source,
the same.

Your egoic beliefs
wish you to question,
who you are –
keeping you small,
with self-forgiveness 
and compassion,
to heal parts of you,
Be Whole, Be You,

Your wholeness needs 
no justification,
needing no defense 
of beliefs not real,
align your self to
Be-ing Love,
Here, You eternal 
are forever healed!



May Love be the fuel that
ignites your actions
as life and Love 
is there not less 
within, without,
when Love guides
the way.

Is this not occurring 
more often,
you experiencing as 
a blended Be-ing,
your awareness brings 
you to wonder,
realizing this is how
Everything is happening!

With Faith, go with 
Love’s flow,
as Love know that
you are not alone,
as a blended Be-ing,
embrace All That You Are,
wholly amazing,
forever safe at Home!

Nature’s Dance


You are One with 
Love today,
you dance with the wind
that makes trees sway,
Love beckons flowers
to now push through,
is Love not the sun 
that nurtures you?

Join in Love’s dance 
with miracles shared,
the Miracle of You is 
awake, aware,
in This rebirth of 
spring, arise,
may you now see 
with awakened eyes.

See All of Love 
around All of You,
the angels delight 
when This you do,
all who you Love
share in nature’s dance,
your heart is Home
as you take Love’s hand!

Wholly You


Love mends all pieces
back together,
when you feel split
or broken up,
in life this can be
your experience,
as soul your wholeness
is what You Are 
made of.

The intersection 
of these awarenesses,
brings delight in 
many ways,
you need not ignore 
any human experience,
but Love is always Here 
to help Light the way.

Say yes to Peace
when This you feel,
you are naturally wired 
for This State of Mind,
ego will question This 
and distract you,
but know you can return
Here any time.

Be reassured that Love 
is with you,
your soul,
your Team
makes sure of This,
your letting go,
a sweet surrender,
allows the Whole of You 
to manifest.

In life, you may 
not always feel,
the Wholeness of You,
Holy and True,
but delight in the 
glimpses that 
your Team and 
loved ones
Love to show you!

Your Source of Love


Your story may have 
an origin,
but You, as soul,
are free,
with no beginning and
with no end,
might you integrate 
This Flow of Love
with thee.

Each cell with its
own consciousness
works with the 
Greater Whole,
a mix of life beliefs 
and soul awareness
factors in to what 
they know.

Ask Love to help 
to unify what sometimes
can feel off,
you may go to your 
human origin,
with awareness 
you were never lost.

This Flow of Love 
ripples in you Now,
containing All present,
future, past,
unify your present story
with All You Are,
infinite and vast.

Love knows where to go,
you need not analyze 
or think of what to do,
in This Surrender,
Be Love Awareness,
This Source of Love 
remembers All of You!

Your Knowing Heart

For 2/28/23 from  2/27/21

The thinking mind 
wants a connection,
that makes more sense
free of all doubt,
but with matters 
of the heart,
are there not connections
beyond what mind 
can figure out?

Much like learning 
a new language,
you search for meaning 
word for word,
but when you are able
to grasp the wholeness,
does not your heart know 
what it has heard?

Allow your soul to 
guide you gently,
your loved ones are 
part of this master plan,
new doors are opening 
up for you,
in ways you may not
know or understand.

You are a wholly 
sensory being,
always connected 
to your Source,
all those you miss 
on this physical plane,
walk with you always 
upon your course.

Yes, the heart may 
feel the burden,
of what you believe 
only with your eyes,
but allow belief 
in the Truth of Love,
to be felt by your heart,
beyond your thinking

Love exists,
Love is eternal,
the bonds you have 
always connect you,
let your heart open 
to This Truth,
always together
are your loved ones
and you!

Claiming Love


Listen to the rhythm 
of Love as it 
sings to you.

When you walk with 
the beat of Love,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do.

Claim it,
say it,
Be it –
your I Am
tells you this

Sense Love’s Power
in your Voice,
when you speak as
the Whole of You.

Love’s vibration
is the current,
let it Light this spark
in you.

Your Light shines
into forever,
remember, always,
Love is You!



Be patient as Love 
unfolds your journey,
soak up the nuances 
along the way,
it need not be a 
seismic shift,
every refinement has
something to say.

Know that you are 
always evolving,
the greatest changes may
come in the Peace,
as you integrate 
with wholeness,
you may not realize 
how much You Are
at ease.

Tap into Love’s vibration
Here is Home,
your natural state,
may Love’s Grace help you
with receiving
all Love’s gifts for you,
today and always!

Be-ing Responsible


Your responsibility 
is to Love.

In life you seek 
many outcomes,
knowing you cannot 
control them all,
find Love’s Peace,
accepting dear one,
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Love is your map,
your GPS,
when you stumble 
or feel lost,
Here You Are,
forever connected,
Be-ing responsible 
to Love.

Yes, as human
you have preferences,
some things may not 
seem fair,
but as Love’s gift,
your Love shines to reveal
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Follow your guidance,
your soul speaks gently
to you as you 
align with Truth,
your responsibility 
is Here,
Home always,
accept Love’s responsibility 
to you!