Is Love not the clarity 
that you seek,
does it not 
fill you up,
making it easier 
for you to see?

Love loosens
it unwinds what 
is held tight,
when you find yourself 
not breathing,
breathe in deeply 
Love’s breath of

Pause a moment,
check in with 
your soul that sees 
the Whole of You,
let Love’s vibration
and help align 
you to You.

You know this way,
though ego loves 
to make you think 
you may be lost,
with Eyes of Love,
may you see through
any mist or fog
throwing you off.

With Love’s Clear Vision,
may you see what 
is always True,
You Are Love’s Light
eternally shining,
Love so clearly 
sees You!

Eternally Now


To reset,
step into your 
Eternal Now.

You may need to 
untangle ego’s hold,
press pause on the 
stories told,
remember your 
Eternal Now.

“Now” is not time
as you know,
it is not between 
past or what unfolds,
expand to 
experience your
Eternal Now.

Release ego’s hold
on you,
shift so you may 
see a clearer view,
to return
to your 
Eternal Now.

Perspective is a choice
to make,
ask your soul to
show the way,
with Faith,
as Grace,
you exist 
Eternally Now.

repeat – 
I Am
Eternal Now.

The Energy of Your Soul


Plug into Love’s 
you are part 
of this flow,
you are pre-wired
for this current,
it is the energy
of your soul.

Yes, life may interrupt
but as you discover 
another route,
does your connection 
not increase,
is this not what 
experience is 
all about?

Aligning with your 
soul’s purpose,
feels delicious,
making your heart
what excites you,
what fulfills you,
what connects You 
to Everything?

You Are part of 
Love’s infinite power,
an integral part of
this cosmic grid,
in All moments 
may you remember,
You Are connected 
to All of This!

Welcome Home


Is it not you 
who you meet
on the other side 
of you – 
as All are One,
welcome Home,
hello You.

This recognition 
makes familiar
what was unknown
to you,
as you now see,
welcome Home,
hello You.

Like a magnet,
Love draws you 
closer to your
natural State of
a puzzle solved,
Here You Are,
hello You.

You Are Love’s Essence
perfectly unfolding as 
you see your Self 
in Truth,
Love sees You as
your Light shining,
forever Home,
hello You.

Echoes of Love


Sense and feel the
Echoes of Love,
yes, from the earth
but beyond it too,
you know the familiar 
pulse that beats,
beyond time 
and presently,
through you.

Carry on an ancestral 
call to Love,
this collective force 
lovingly uplifts you,
eternally cradled in
the Womb of Love,
sense your limitless 
this Magnificent You.

expand your
Echoes of Love,
may others join in,
exploring their 
your soul is Love’s
it knows Love’s song,
you sing not alone,
All of Love 
sings You!

Align With Love


Set your intention
so your attention 
aligns with Love.

Your attention 
is easily swayed,
often following 
ego’s way,
set your intention
so your attention 
aligns with Love.

Yes you are already 
One with Love,
but as your mind 
loves problems 
to solve,
does it not scatter,
chasing the chaos 
that it loves.

You need not think 
the whole day 
to align with 
what is natural
to you,
but your intention
directs your vibration
to refine and tune.

Set your intention
then let it go,
Love knows where
it needs to flow,
may your attention be drawn
to helpful Love
through you.

Intention is a powerful 
sense your alignment
with your Source,
with Gratitude,
let your day unfold,
aligned with Love.

Remembering Peace


Unwrap the layers 
of your stories
to find Peace.

Resist ego’s pang 
of guilt when
Peace is Here.

Peace is not something 
this treasure is not
something you 
Love is your 
eternal foundation
of perfect Peace.

Build awareness
when ego takes you 
on a ride.

Take this time 
to see what you 
may wish to hide.

What are thoughts
you may believe,
dig down beneath 
what you think 
you see,
Here is Love 
as your True Nature
Here is Peace.

Peace does not depend
on everything
going right.

Peace is your natural 
State of Be-ing
beyond this life.

Tap into this superpower,
you need not understand 
the why or how,
release your struggle,
allow Love,
remember Peace.


Love’s Eternal Truth


Let your soul 
whisper to you,
the Peace,
the Love of 
Eternal Truth.

This may not come 
in words or form,
your ego may 
question it at
every turn,
is this not knowing
that you can trust –
beyond your mind
is Eternal Truth.

Love’s vibration flows
through you,
it is what connects 
loved ones to you,
this bond is sacred
and is forever held,
by the glue,
the power of 
Eternal Truth.

Your soul knows of 
this Truth so pure,
you ask how can 
I be so sure?
The answer is known
by the Whole of You –
your soul is One 
with Eternal Truth.

Beyond Earth and Sky


Be the clouds,
be the breeze
that makes the 
leaves sing in 
the trees,
you are grounded 
in this earth,
with roots connected

You are the sun’s
first morning rays
that cut through 
a misty autumn
as clouds clear 
does not sky blue,
bring Peace and 
clarity to you?

Sense your Light
that connects you,
to this world 
and beyond, too,
there are infinite 
Lights that shine
here on earth 
and beyond time.

Love eternally honors 
as you bless All
who surround you,
as rising sun invites 
the dawn,
beyond earth and sky,
you rise as One.