Find your balance,
but tip the scales 
toward Love.

As Love has no 
opposite and 
can never weigh 
you down,
when you are feeling
lighten your steps
walk with Love.

Your balance point 
is not precarious,
Love’s sweet spot 
is larger still,
know with confidence,
You Are This,
follow your heart 
move with Love.

You may infinitely 
any point that 
may feel stuck,
there is no-thing 
that stands between
perfectly aligned,
You Are Love!

A Relationship of One


We all are 
playing together
in the Relationship
of One.

Yes, the intersection
of relationship
in this linear world
may help you 
to see 
your self. 

Your judgements 
and comparisons
are fuel and fodder 
for your unease,
as One with Love,
might you accept
Love’s invitation 
to release?

Is not your sense 
of self 
only a momentary 
you have forgotten 
the greater Truth,
that All is Love 
and You Are That.

This Relationship 
of One 
is beyond perception,
but the Self knows,
This Love is what 
breathes you 
and All is Well 
within your soul.

This We is Me,
is You,
our Oneness
is at the core 
of All That Is,
see One Self,
extend Love freely,
no-thing can separate 
All That Is!

Beyond Words


Question your thoughts.
Do they not
only know
how to talk 
“about” you?

Now, listen to You.
Is this not a feeling,
a sense,
something you breathe 
lean into,
are there usually 
no words,
but a knowing,
a feeling, 
that This Is You?

Yes as human,
you wish to 
understand You –
and words,
even thoughts 
are ways to 
define you.

But you are 
so much more 
than a definition
that can be placed 
in a box,
with a label,
a description,
yes, the human mind 
wishes for structure –
and is there not 
a beautiful structure
to the miracle 
of You?

You may love words,
the language of 
this existence,
there is much beauty 
in what they can 

But you are beyond 
or thoughts,
your Spark of Light
invites you to 
dance and play.

This freedom 
Is Love,
your Essence 
Is your heart,
your Truth,
your soul 
knows All 
of This – 
Here You Are,
magnificent You!

A Loving Cup


Show up as Love today.

Even if you feel 
your loving cup,
is not as full 
as you wish it to be,
might another not
fill you up,
is there not balance 
in humanity?

Be seen as Love today,
your brothers and
sisters are part 
of This,
does not every One
wish to know Love’s 
is this not a universal 

It takes all parts 
to make the Whole,
allow Love to show 
how far it goes,
show up as Love today,
be a Gift of Love,
share it,
feel it and 



Unfoldment is eternal,
there are no limits
to you,
this need not mean 
you look to future,
All is happening
at once,
as You.

Evolution is not always
there may be no 
beginning, during 
or end,
yet layers continue 
as you experience 
in time, 

Do not place limits
on your unfoldment,
as you open to 
All That Is,
All of Love 
is All of You,
inviting you to see 
You Are 
All of This!

A Cycle of Love


Love is a flow 
like an endless
an eternal Source 
with no beginning, 
no end,
at any point 
in time
you have access 
to it,
though your eternal Self
bathes in this flow 
again and again.

River runs through
the earth as
part of a cycle,
rain pours from the sky 
to refill, refresh,
water then returns 
as its form changes,
to its Source to 
repeat again.

You need not wait 
for your form 
to change,
You Are This Source
it is what breathes you,
dip your toes,
your fingers,
all of you in it,
Love is ever-present 
and always available 
in you.

Bring your self 
to this loving river,
as your Self 
is wholly of this 
you are All aspects 
of this Love, eternal,
an infinite Cycle 
of Love,
complete and Holy 

Imagine, Love


Imagine Love.

And in This moment – 
are you not 

You may think 
Love is but 
a dream,
but as all 
is not as
it seems,
sense the power,
Strength and 
as you imagine 
your Self to Be.

Yes, you may walk
in a world of 
if you do this 
then this comes 
why not expand 
this loving moment
and imagine Love 
in its limitlessness.

You have made up 
many stories,
your mind is powerful 
in its grasp,
let imagination 
free your mind 
and help you 
embrace this 
loving task.

Imagine Love –
yes, you can 
do this,
as You Are Love,
it flows through you,
awaken and see 
all That You Are,
imagine and know
This Love 
is You!



When seeking connection 
to Source,
are you not seeking 
to You?

Is not seeking 
a remembering
what you think 
has been blocked
from your view?

What you see with 
your eyes,
may not bring the 
Truth you seek.

Your perception 
tells a story
that is a picture 
of your beliefs. 

You need not unwind 
all that feels tangled,
you have a barometer 
that senses a choice.

Which one is speaking,
Love or fear,
and may you turn up 
Love’s True Voice?

In your remembrance
Here is your heart, 
Here is your soul
speaking to you.

May you feel lifted,
always connected 
to the Source 
in You!

This Spark



And does not the 
egoic mind often 
change this to 

With signals mixed,
do you open or 
you may feel yourself 
tied in knots,
this unwinding of 
what may block 
your view,
helps You remember 
what you forgot.

Let your heart 
remind you,
you are Wholly 
even when it 
appears to get 
your Eternal Light 
burns always within,
with awareness, 
believe this spark.

Let your soul shine 
the heart of you,
emotion may open 
this door,
let Love hold 
what comes up to feel 
all the Love you 
have been waiting 

Be aware of 
This Spark,
it eternally burns 
within you,
even if your mind 
resists this Truth,
let Love reassure,
let Love show you 
new ways,
to experience 
the Love 
of You!

Still, You


And still, 
You Are.

Be you in movement 
or in quiet,
it matters not
where body is,
in the familiar 
or new surroundings,
You Are.

Be you in nature 
or concrete building,
All of This 
is All of You,
your heart’s rhythm
beats Love’s vibration,
as still,
You Are.

Peace is You 
at your center,
as You Are the 
Center of
All That Is,
Here Is Love 
in simple, quiet 
rejoicing in You,
as always,
You Are.