Today, Love

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Be Love.

You may look back
at what has transpired,
you can speculate
what may happen next,
but as you are
in this present
moment –
Be Love.

There are cycles,
there are season,
time ticks by
in this present
but when you are
in your State of
Be-ing –
Be Love.

When fear or worry
has you troubled,
when there is
about what to do,
remember Who You Are
and with intention –
Be Love.

Step into this
present moment,
meet Love Here,
Love is always
with you,
let love remind you
Who You Are,
you cannot help –
Be Love.

Yesterday is but a
tomorrow is not yet
be your magnificent
in every blessed
moment –
Be Love.


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Love –
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind.

You have heard these
words before,
but do they not resonate
in a different way,
knowing your heart is
a bridge
between your soul
and your mind,
what might happen
when Love lights up
all aspects of You,
will Love not
bring together
your scattered pieces
into One?

You may call this
or coherence –
this balancing
of You,
when Love is the
driving Force,
do not the
puzzle pieces
With free will
you may start over,
you may change
your mind
along the way,
but there is
there is support,
when you ask Love
to Light the way.

Embrace your heart,
your soul,
your mind –
and with the
Power of Love,
seamlessly they
fit together,
sense the Peace,
yes, You Are

Golden Gratitude

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Mine the gold
of Gratitude –
does it not sparkle,
does it not shine,
might you find it
at any time,
in any person,
place or
does Gratitude
not make everything
might you reset,
recalibrate you,
when you discover

When you let Gratitude
lead the way,
might it not chase
negativity away,
and with your instrument
in tune,
might the notes
of Love
now fill a room,
let Gratitude and Love
cleanse and clear,
so you may find
with whomever
is near?

There is magic
with Gratitude,
does it not
feel sublime
when Love
fills you,
no matter where
you roam,
Gratitude and Love
will bring you
Home –
follow the sparkle
and the shine,
to the Love
in You,
for You Are Love,

This Is Love

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This Is Love.

Be it family
or friends,
the loving ties
that reach across
the miles that
separate you
or a veil
that appears
hard to cross –
forever, always
you are together,
with hearts of Love
that are opened
can you not feel
the Love surround
from above,

This Is Love,
yes, sometimes
your hearts may
but Love is
as Love can soothe
when there is
Love will always
connect you
to loved ones
you know so
when you miss them,
know they are
with you,
this is Love,
yes, you can

This Is Love.
Feel it welling up
Love is what you
are made of,
sometimes you run,
but you cannot
hide –
Love shines
ever so brightly,
even when you
feel your Light
is dim,
the Well of Love
is always full,
This Is Love –
and within.

Begin Today

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For 12/27/18 –┬áNote: Will have no wifi or cell service this morning. Here is a post from 1 year ago!


Start now.
Begin today.

You are a creative
magnificent force,
when you get out
of your own way,
can you step into
the magic
that electrifies
your soul,
from the smallest
to the biggest –
which thought
might you wish
to manifest,
be it a perfect cup of tea,
a walk outside
or just to breathe,
or creating space
for inner Joy
to think where
it wants to play –
start now.
Begin today.

Each of you
has a magnificent force
of Love that flows
through you,
is that not where
the energy lies,
what ignites the spark
inside of You,
what do you love,
what makes you play,
what makes time
slip away,
even with a task
or a list of chores,
can you find Love
in all that, too –
can you feel momentum
as you listen to
your heart –
start now.
Begin today.

Can you tap into
the Flow
and sense what brings
a smile to you,
what gesture,
what word,
puts you in sync
with your heart,
what action might
you take,
to Be Love
in your own way –
start now.
Begin today.

You Are a creative
Magnificent Force,
as you create from
Who You Are.
Shine your Light
with all you see.
Start now.
Begin today.

Forward, Love

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Pay it forward.

You are familiar
with this phrase,
you can give
in many ways,
is not a random
act of kindness
shining a Light
on the moment
but is there not
a Light moving
forward with
when you let go
of the details
of how,
and move in the
of paying it forward,
without judgement
as you accept
and allow?

Pay it forward.
Move with Love
in every step you
and as giving is the
same as receiving,
may you give as
freely to you
for Love’s sake?
May you receive
all of Love’s blessings,
with a kindness
you can show to
yes, pay Love forward,
and allow Love to flow
from someone else.

Move Love forward,
with every gesture,
every step –
you can Be Love
in the now
and delight in what
may happen next,
make each moment
as you embrace
each moment
with Who You Are –
You Are Love,
moving forward,
where is Love?
Wherever You Are.

Know Peace

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Be Love
Know Peace.

With eyes of Love
do you not see,
listen with your
do you not hear,
and with All
of your Be-ing,
might you sense
what is in the air?

Love is gracious,
Love is kind,
Love connects All
beyond space and
let your heart,
with Love,
gently remind –
Be Love
Know Peace.

You Are precious,
You Are treasured,
You Are Loved
beyond any measure,
soak it up,
receiving Love
with Gratitude –
Be Love
Know Peace.

Being Light

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Be the Light,
keep it steady,
keep it strong,
sing it acapella,
or in harmony,
when other
s sing
you may be one candle
or a beam of Light
that lights the way,
Be the Light,
Be Love,
Be bright,

Be the Light,
with Love will others
not know
and feel their own
when they reflect
Love’s warming glow,
feel it open your
it cannot help but
Be the Light,
Be Love,
go with Love
where you are

Be the Light,
feel it deep
within your soul,
even when distracted
or busy,
check in often,
do you not know –
you hold the space,
for Love to have
a voice,
there are a thousand
ways to sing it,
at any moment,
in any place.

Be the light,
keep it steady,
keep it strong –
sing it alone
or with others,
in Light
and Love
is where You

Believing Joy

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Believe in Joy.

Does not a child
in any moment,
find where Joy
loves to play?
Is there not,
within You,
a loving Force
that finds a way,
to let Joy bubble
up to see,
what might delight you
or laugh uproariously –
can you give in
to your true Essence,
and let Joy
come out to

It need not be
from your surroundings,
it may make no
to your adult mind,
but what tickles
your fancy,
what makes you laugh
every time,
Joy may be an
appreciative gesture,
a perfect cup
of your favorite tea,
is it not when your
is full of wonder –
that you allow Joy
with you to Be?

Believe in Joy,
even on days
when it is hard
to sense,
be open to the
that Joy is with you
in any moment,
and when your heart
is full
as the moon that
shines above,
with Gratitude,
invite Joy to play,
with delight
and wonder,
Joy is Love.


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Sit by the fire,
feel the warmth
surround your
but are you
not mesmerized
by the fire’s
welcome glow,
is it not the Light
you are drawn to,
be it decorated
or stars at night,
does not a season
make an entrance
with a moon that is
full and bright?

When you think things
are the darkest,
is there not a
flicker of Light,
does not hope
and Love,
lighten your heart
at any time,
what brings Joy
to your heart,
what makes you smile
and light up your
can not laughter,
and Love,
bring you Peace
in any place?

You may be trying out
new traditions,
you may be pondering
Who You Are,
like the seasons,
you are always changing,
yet you are as constant
as the stars,
find yourself in
every flicker
of the Light
that shines in
turn it up,
let yourself see,
your Glow of Love,
the Magnificent You.