Strength and Courage

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Be Strength when someone
needs it,
though are you not showing
them so they
may see,
they have all the Strength
they need within them,
are they not Strength
when they can Be –
reminded of what
flows within,
does Love not come
with all you “need” –
Strength and Courage,
Grace and Gratitude,
will these not lift you
and set you free?

You need not walk
in another’s shoes
to sense or feel
when a Light grows
you need not fix
or erase what they
are walking through
on this path of theirs –
might you turn
up your Light,
which will in turn
help Light their way,
will the Light of Love
not remind them,
that Strength and Courage
is innately with them
each and every day?

Hold the space
for Love,
let another see
your Light,
you can spark
the Light of Love
that All possess,
even in times
of dimming Light –
see the Strength
that may be hiding
beneath a story
that is hard to bear –
There Is Courage,
There Is Gratitude,
and in Grace
is Love not always

Be a model,
light the way –
let another see
what They Are, too.
Strength and Courage,
Grace and Gratitude –
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

This Moment

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Can you learn from
a season,
from a month,
maybe a day,
from an hour
to a minute,
to this moment
with you now,
can you be patient,
taking care
of what you need
at present time –
can you be with
each moment,
as each one
might you be patient
with what unfolds
before you?

Might you miss
what is in front
of you,
if you are focused
too far ahead,
speculation is
very human,
as you work it out
within your head,
might you take note
from beloved pets
whose presence
brings you to
their moment now
and is not this
present moment,
the perfect time
to see,
to watch
your unfoldment –
unfolding in this perfect
Moment of Love?

Yes, the human world
requires planning,
but is it not easy
to get caught,
in every wheel turning
as you struggle
to keep up,
step off the wheel,
take a walk,
soak in the tub,
breathe in the air outside,
the ground,
the water,
the fresh air
can bring you back
to this moment now –
just as seedlings
are unfolding
after waiting patiently,
is not perfect timing
in this present
moment now?

Be present and patient
with unfolding,
marvel at the
Wonder of You.
Every moment
is a blessing,
when you are
filled with Gratitude.
Acknowledge every step
that has brought you
to this one now –
feel the ground,
take a deep breath,
Be Love
in this
moment now.

Faith, Love and Gratitude

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Acknowledge each step
that has brought you
right here,
have Faith in your
next steps
that you walk
with Love,
in your Now
is there not Gratitude
for All That You Are –
do you not exist,
are you not Whole,
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

Can you integrate all
that speaks the
Language of Love,
is it not Faith
that opens spaces
for Humility
to Be,
when Gratitude
flows from your heart,
what else can you Be
but a Messenger of Love,
shining your Light
so brightly?

Sometimes you may lead,
sometimes you may listen,
with Love as your Guide,
do you not know
what to do –
when you feel knocked
off balance,
when you need to reset,
can you not always return
to Faith,
and Gratitude?

Be aware of the
that mark the paths
you are on,
check in with your
where your heart
beats so strong –
You Are Love
in your purpose,
is not your purpose
to Love You –
and share that expression
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

have Faith,
walk with the Love
That You Are –
let your heart
bring you Home
with loving Gratitude.

Choosing Gratitude

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Does not a snowy
and cold
spring day,
help you to appreciate
when the sun’s
warming rays
and melt
the frozen remnants
of winter,
is it not in the dark
that you can see
how bright the Light –
in a world of comparisons,
of choices to be made,
can you choose,
may you Be

Do not acceptance
and allowance
find their way
from a grateful heart,
of course you have
expectations that
creep in,
but do not twists
and turns
help you to learn,
help you grow –
without nudge
or a shove,
would you sometimes
not want to go,
to try something new,
maybe opening Door #2 (smile)
and at every
new juncture,
can you embrace

When you feel the
can you see where
Love flows,
it may take stripping
off layers
that tell the story
of you –
feel the Love at
your center,
find the Joy
in your heart –
and no matter
the circumstances,
keep choosing

Through change,
throughout transition,
things may be rough
or may be smooth.
Be accepting,
Be allowance,
Be Strength
and Gratitude.

Growing Gratitude

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Is it not when
there is resistance,
that you often
experience the
greatest growth?

Can you look
with new eyes
at what gets
under your skin,
what irritates,
what motivates you
to move,
to shift,
to find another way?

Do you not get
into creative flow
when the river
that you have
come to know,
comes to a dam,
a blockage
that at first
impedes your progress,
until you find
another (better?) way –
like the river,
there is no stopping you,
so why not go
with the flow,
that flows within you
and work with
or around,
giving Gratitude
to what you resist?

Might you be willing
to try new things,
might you find support
from others who sing
a similar song to yours,
might you agree
on a chorus of Love
to sing along,
when voices rise together,
singing with the
Strength and power
of One,
can you not find
common ground,
when you resist
or work around,
does it not sometimes take
a bump in the road,
to find a new path,
a different way?

Give Gratitude
for what stretches you,
makes you change,
helps you to grow.
As you seek comfort
from discomfort,
do you not gain wisdom
that you did not know?
Keep growing,
keep evolving,
you shine every
step of the way –
for what never changes
is that You Are Love.
You are a magnificent jewel
becoming brighter,
ever lighter –
with Love as your polish,
shine your Light of Love

Strength, Courage and Gratitude

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Is it not the human
to think that one needs
to overcome
is not struggle a badge
to be worn,
to be honored?

Yes, you learn much
when you deal with
and there are struggles
you cannot help
but experience,
but when you feel
and sometimes
at Peace –
how do you recognize
these tenets
of You?

Can you be proactive,
moving forward with
Strength –
not as a reaction
to fear,
but as what shows
you the way,
can you find Peace
when you know
You Are That –
are you not Love
when you recognize
your own Strength?

Are you not wide-eyed
in wonder,
when you see
You Are Courage –
stepping into your power,
your magnificent Truth,
can you sense Peace
when it is Courage
you choose to Be,
are you not Love
when Courage shines
its fearless Light?

And is it not Gratitude
that shows you the way,
that amplifies these
Vibrations of Love –
you may be familiar
with struggle,
you may recognize fear,
but what are your Essences,
in the heart of You,
are they not Strength,
and Gratitude?

With Love at your core,
do you not recognize
Peace –
your human world may be
but Peace is steady
and still,
when you shift your perspective,
can you not always
find You,
are you not Love
and does that not
remind you,
therein lies Peace?

Let the Essences of You
lead you forward.
There is no need to run
from what you think
you are not.
Choose Love,
Be Peace
and the rest will follow.
Be You,
Be Strength,
and Gratitude.

Teaming Up With Love

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Work with you.
Be on your own side.
Can you be kind,
lend support
and lift up

What you give
to a friend,
or help a stranger
in need,
can you line up
to be first –
to help and
work with

Even when you are
out of balance,
not feeling your
“normal” self,
might you pamper
instead of scold,
telling you what
you “should” do –
might you soothe,
might you send Love,
might you work together
with you?

Be Loving to you,
turn your inner critic
life is to be experienced,
not as a game
to be won,
can you relish
every breath,
feeling Gratitude
for what is
loving to you –
might you be gentle
with Who You Are,
in every moment of You
right now?

And Who Are You?
Are you not here
to experience it All,
does not each experience
have you looking for Love?
And when you can be kind,
being gentle
with you,
when You see you
with Love,
is that not when
you remember
the Love That You Are –
when you see the Love
in you,
can you not see
Love in All?

Work with You.
Be on your own side.
Soothe with Love.
Be with Love.
Team up
and play together
for the common goal
of Love.