Sweet Awakening


Remember gratefully
where you have 
realizing roots that 
were already There,
you meet new faces
yet souls are smiling,
it is so nice again to 
see you Here.

Journeys unfold 
with Love’s sweet
sometimes intersecting
unbeknownst to you,
when you look back 
at where you’ve been,
are you not amazed at 
how you found You?

All along are hands
not guiding,
sweet whisperings are
tickling your ear,
choices presenting,
decisions made,
your Awakening 
has led you Here.

As a ripple in 
Love’s wave,
that is as vast 
as the ocean blue,
your vibration sings
in harmony
with fellow Lights,
the One of You!

This Strength


Beyond This Strength,
this Strength is You,
whatever you are 
walking through,
you may wish for an
outcome not yet seen,
but with the Eyes of 
the Soul,
you see Everything.

Trust spirit,
know Love will 
see you through,
you are never alone
working out what 
to do,
You as Soul know
Grace and ease,
from this perspective,
is Here not Peace?

May Gratitude help 
you align,
in This present moment,
Love is by your side,
your angels, guides 
and loved ones, too,
honor your Strength,
this Strength of You.

Behold This Love,
this Love is You,
the human journey 
is only part of you,
in your Wholeness,
you are complete,
so cherished,
so Loved,
through Eternity!

A Loving Balance


Answer the call 
of Love so precious,
from this moment 
to the next,
yes, you may plan 
some of the structure,
but let Love 
take care of the 

Bring your willingness 
to the table,
no matter what is 
being served,
you always have choices
that are honored,
but look for what Love
may bring forward.

Observe what may 
feel like a struggle,
then try untying
some of the knots,
Love gently reminds 
you have the power 
to loosen,
what may have 
served you –
but now does not.

Life brings a constant 
flow of decisions,
Love flows with eternal 
Grace and ease,
may you experience 
a balance that fills you
with hope and Gratitude –
choosing Love’s Peace.

This Day


Let the day unfold.

Yes, you recognize 
but as you bump into 
linear time,
there is an elegance
to gently, softly,
let the day unfold.

Cardinal joins you 
before daybreak,
announcing possibility 
answer Love’s call 
to bless each moment,
let the day unfold.

May your heart connect
with loved ones,
on this plane and 
with you Here,
share Love’s blessing 
with all souls,
as you let the day

In this Peace 
Love hears your
sense Love’s Grace
that fills you up,
Love spills over 
to touch All hearts,
yes, Joy and Wonder
this day unfolds.

A Gift of Gratitude


How does Gratitude 
feel today?

A warming cup,
the song of birds,
welcoming in the 
sun at dawn,
thanking body 
for its teamwork,
invite Gratitude 
in today.

A nice clean slate,
begin This moment,
sharing Love within,
may inclusion 
end separation,
Gratitude helps 
to pave the way.

How might Gratitude
help you create,
it is powerful in 
its scope,
what might you wish 
to transform, transmute – 
Gratitude is Here 
to show the way.

How does Gratitude
feel today?
Tune into this 
healing balm,
mix Love’s patience 
and compassion
with Gratitude – 
Love’s Gift today.


In This Allowance


Don’t run ahead,
you may miss something
that is beautiful 
in your view,
pause a moment,
take a breath,
in This allowance,
what would Love do?

Cherish this moment,
this You right Here,
in your wholeness
with Gratitude,
past or future 
are merely shadows,
your I Am presence 
is Love embodying

Yes, life unfolds 
and it is tempting
to write the script 
so you may know,
but Peace is in 
this moment now,
trusting and following 
Love’s perfect flow.

Be with your breath,
embrace this moment,
allow what Love gives
to you,
in your receiving,
are you not giving
All of your Light 
that shines in You!

Where Gratitude Lives

20190428 XPicture

4/23/22 – from 4/28/19

When day begins
to fall asleep,
as you look out at
the darkening blue sky,
what are the spaces
between the branches
of budding trees,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

As Spring wakes up
to put on its show,
with the waves of green
you have come to know
so well,
does the Universe
not feel so close,
so real,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

A new day dawns,
a gift to All,
what will you see
between the spaces
of thought –
as you sense
all space is
filled with Love,
breathe in
where Gratitude lives!


4/21/22 – from 2/02/21

Are there not times 
you hibernate,
much like the bears
in winter’s cold,
huddled protectively,
keeping warm,
even as the ground 
is covered in snow.

At times winter’s patience 
may wear thin,
but as you know spring 
will surely come,
may you picture 
bear cubs newly arrived,
needing to den with
mother’s warmth.

In this seasonal cycle
may you receive
much needed Love,
warmth and time 
to Be,
as every cycle continues 
to turn,
there may be times 
when change is hard 
to see.

Be as the cub newly 
when springtime comes 
to warm your grateful 
be refreshed and curious 
for a new beginning,
the Light of Love 
shines wherever 
you are!

*Photo credit: North American Bear Center – http://www.bear.org

Gathering With Grace


Gather your self,
your breath is Peace,
return Home to what 
is True.

When you tire of 
asking what is wrong –
know Home is Love 
Here with You.

Be in This Moment
where Gratitude lives,
do not possibilities 

Ask Love to sit 
with you for a spell,
Love says yes and
loving arms surround.

Be gentle with you,
may Grace show you how,
You Are This,
Love gently reminds.

Receive, accept,
allow This Truth,
let go and let 
your Light shine!