A Service to Love


Like hand in glove,
Be of service
to Love.

What flows,
what fits,
what chooses you
or you drawn to it,
Be of service 
to Love.

It may be a 
full career,
or a single experience 
that draws you 
Be of service 
to Love.

Answer the call,
your soul to you,
together what might 
you and your Team
Be of service 
to Love.

With Grace and ease,
Love is this flow,
bringing to you
what you need to 
your soul rejoices
with Spirit above –
in Gratitude 
of your service 
to Love.

Be Amazing

For 5/27/21 – a message from 2019


Rise up to any challenge,
is that not an opportunity
to grow,
when you are comfortable
do you not gravitate
to what you already know?

Think of the push and pull
of growth
as loving hands
reaching out to you,
will they not lift
you up
and help you see
another side of you?

Be willing to stretch yourself,
it may be a little,
it may be a lot,
but do you not often
surprise yourself –
it may not be as
hard as you thought.

And if you travel
in a direction,
that you wish to change
partway through,
you can alter your course
to realign with what
speaks to you.

With Gratitude and
might you let a challenge
help you to see,
you are always creating
with Love that
lovingly pushes you
to Be Amazing!

Rise and Shine


Rise and shine
your Light today,
let the birds sing
songs for you,
be it sun or rain
the sky reminds,
you are as loved
as the sky is blue.

Earth’s beauty may touch 
your soul today,
as your heart sings 
a song of Gratitude,
Be You in the flow 
of Love today,
receive this Love 
that reflects back to 

Rise and shine 
your Light today,
rejoice with the angels 
that sing above,
as you give and receive 
Love’s song in your 
know you are Love’s gift –
precious Child of Love!

This Peace, This Love


Love has a place 
for you.

Tucked away from 
all the chatter,
you may wonder 
what is wrong,
is this Peace part 
of the journey?
Love is This Place 
always for you.

Rest awhile in this 
get familiar with 
this You,
you need not anticipate 
what may happen,
Love is Here 
always with you.

Know whatever may 
come your way
is not an edict 
issued to you,
your soul remains 
steadfast and true,
Love is this powerful 
state as You.

You choosing Love 
as your companion,
is you believing 
in the Whole of You,
release all else 
with Gratitude,
this Peace called Love 
is Home with You.

A Chorus of Love


Gratitude is your 
heart singing,
can you hear its
simple song?
It requires no formal
at any point 
you can sing along.

Here is Joy, 
do you remember –
sometimes you need 
a gentle nudge,
Gratitude and Joy can 
transform anything 
that may feel like 
too much.

At times you may feel
you have lost your 
but your heart always 
carries this tune,
let Gratitude pick up
the beat,
inviting Joy to 
join in, too. 

Here is Peace as 
your soul singing,
grateful for All 
that you do,
with angels adding 
sweet harmony,
sing with the chorus 
of Love as You!

Melting Time


Time may feel cumulative,
like puddles of rain 
that form in pools,
does not the earth 
absorb the rain,
does not time 
melt away in You?

As time is a linear 
that has no matter 
or substance to touch,
is it not part of 
conscious dreaming,
that disappears when 
you fully wake up?

Are not your lucid states
when time melts away,
when you are connected 
to your Light of Love,
as human you balance 
multiple perceptions,
as soul you know Love 
is All you are made of.

Yes, time is needed 
in your earthly state,
but do not be a 
prisoner of time,
time pushes, pulls,
it thinks it is in charge,
but only if you allow 
it to rule your mind.

Play with time, 
see it disappear,
when you have awareness
of Who You Are as Now,
wave the magic wand 
of Gratitude,
in this Eternal Moment,
You Are perfect, 

True Vision


Vision – 
is to see with 
the Eyes of Love.

Yes, this is easier 
when looking at the
greening spread 
of spring,
or when a day 
is flowing and 
you are not 
in need of a 

But on the days 
that tax you,
when you feel 
you have given 
your all,
might you surrender 
with Faith to Love,
to see with Vision 
that cuts through 
the fog.

And in this sweet surrender,
know you are surrounded
with loving care,
let angels,
and loved ones,
bring sweet comfort 
to nerves frayed 
and bare.

Keep looking with your
True Vision,
in Gratitude may you 
see so clear,
in every moment, 
Love is with you,
as the Truth of You,
Love is always Here!

The Miracle of Gratitude



When you feel stuck,
seeing many a 
closed door,
how do you 
this space?

What can transmute,

When fear throws 
out barriers,
how do you 
get through –
first know 
You know
the way.

The impossible 
wholly possible, 

Shift your awareness,
be willing to trust,
you need not do this
on your own.

Surrender to Love,
feel Love’s energy 

Grateful You Are
as Love blesses
behold the 
of Gratitude!

A Prayer of Gratitude


Be Gratitude upon
this day,
sync with the earth 
deep into the ground,
let possibility touch 
the sky,
you are held close 
by angelic arms.

The day unfolds with 
each loving step,
you are this balance 
between earth and sky,
with Faith you keep 
on moving forward,
with Trust, Love is 
the reason why.

With Gratitude in 
every moment,
as Light that kisses 
both sun and star,
may you dance as 
Love’s sweet splendor,
rejoicing in the
Love You Are.

Love’s Devotion


Every breath is a 
of the Creation 
of You.

What do you wish 
to create today?

And as Love is 
True Creation,
what will Love 
create as You?

Whatever form you 
touch or see,
Love is what is woven
within, without,
though objects may 
fade away,
Love eternally 
never runs out. 

Look beyond your 
seeing eyes,
and sense within 
your heart,
your vibration sings 
a Song of Love,
harmonizing perfectly
its unique part.

Every breath is 
a devotion
of the Love 
that is You,
with Gratitude,
Love creates,
You Are This 
as Love is You!