True Vision


Vision – 
is to see with 
the Eyes of Love.

Yes, this is easier 
when looking at the
greening spread 
of spring,
or when a day 
is flowing and 
you are not 
in need of a 

But on the days 
that tax you,
when you feel 
you have given 
your all,
might you surrender 
with Faith to Love,
to see with Vision 
that cuts through 
the fog.

And in this sweet surrender,
know you are surrounded
with loving care,
let angels,
and loved ones,
bring sweet comfort 
to nerves frayed 
and bare.

Keep looking with your
True Vision,
in Gratitude may you 
see so clear,
in every moment, 
Love is with you,
as the Truth of You,
Love is always Here!

The Miracle of Gratitude



When you feel stuck,
seeing many a 
closed door,
how do you 
this space?

What can transmute,

When fear throws 
out barriers,
how do you 
get through –
first know 
You know
the way.

The impossible 
wholly possible, 

Shift your awareness,
be willing to trust,
you need not do this
on your own.

Surrender to Love,
feel Love’s energy 

Grateful You Are
as Love blesses
behold the 
of Gratitude!

A Prayer of Gratitude


Be Gratitude upon
this day,
sync with the earth 
deep into the ground,
let possibility touch 
the sky,
you are held close 
by angelic arms.

The day unfolds with 
each loving step,
you are this balance 
between earth and sky,
with Faith you keep 
on moving forward,
with Trust, Love is 
the reason why.

With Gratitude in 
every moment,
as Light that kisses 
both sun and star,
may you dance as 
Love’s sweet splendor,
rejoicing in the
Love You Are.

Love’s Devotion


Every breath is a 
of the Creation 
of You.

What do you wish 
to create today?

And as Love is 
True Creation,
what will Love 
create as You?

Whatever form you 
touch or see,
Love is what is woven
within, without,
though objects may 
fade away,
Love eternally 
never runs out. 

Look beyond your 
seeing eyes,
and sense within 
your heart,
your vibration sings 
a Song of Love,
harmonizing perfectly
its unique part.

Every breath is 
a devotion
of the Love 
that is You,
with Gratitude,
Love creates,
You Are This 
as Love is You!

Love’s Sweet Wish


All is energy around you,
yes you may feel 
these subtle shifts,
know that Love is 
your foundation,
steady, strong,
you are All of This.

Your footing may sometimes
feel unsteady,
but in remembering 
do you not know,
you have the power 
to shift to Peace,
with ease and Grace,
you are All of This.

Be aware of the gyrations
that your mind sometimes 
puts you through,
beyond these thoughts 
is Love reassuring,
Gratitude reminds,
you are All of This.

Let what is not You 
to pass through you,
as you are perfectly 
Love’s sweet wish,
welcome Peace in 
your soul’s knowing,
All is Well,
as You Are 
All of This.

A Walk of Purpose


Rise up to your 
soul’s purpose,
you need not know 
all that it is,
accept, allow
the gentle nudges,
even as your mind 
may question this.

It is not the outcome 
that is the focus, 
are you not experiencing,
remembering, You?
in linear time
it is the journey – 
every step as meaningful 
as the first.

Shine bright your Light,
let fear and doubt crumble,
your foundation, 
Love holds All that 
is You,
from your Higher Self’s 
do you not see a different, 
expanded view?

Does not this awareness 
bring sweet clarity,
as the clouds grow
thin and disappear,
when you rise above 
and see with Eyes of 
the Soul,
do you  not know 
your soul’s purpose 
is forever Here?

There is no need 
to measure distance 
on your journey,
the map you walk 
may not in human terms
make sense,
know you walk with
angels beside you, always,
dear one,
your soul beams Gratitude
for your magnificence!

Always Love Is Here


Forgive yourself,
your slate is clear,
know This as Truth – 
only Love is Here.

Yes, choice is present 
in linear time,
say yes to Love,
let the past unwind.

You hold the key 
in your beautiful heart,
beyond forgiveness
is the Love You Are.

Welcome this You
who has never left,
arms of angels hold you,
when you need to rest.

With no conditions, Love
washes over you,
cleansed and free to Be,
this miracle is You.

With a grateful heart,
receive all blessings, dear,
you are safe and well,
always Love is Here.



Are there not times 
you hibernate,
much like the bears
in winter’s cold,
huddled protectively,
keeping warm,
even as the ground 
is covered in snow.

At times winter’s patience 
may wear thin,
but as you know spring 
will surely come,
may you picture 
bear cubs newly arrived,
needing to den with
mother’s warmth.

In this seasonal cycle
may you receive
much needed Love,
warmth and time 
to Be,
as every cycle continues 
to turn,
there may be times 
when change is hard 
to see.

Be as the cub newly 
when springtime comes 
to warm your grateful 
be refreshed and curious 
for a new beginning,
the Light of Love 
shines wherever 
you are!

*Photo credit: North American Bear Center –

This Light of You


How bright the moon 
lights up to see
the Light of You,
shining brightly,
you are seen,
you are loved,
you reflect All Truth 
that shines above.

As Love is the bridge 
between earth and sky,
you feel the sun by day,
you honor moon at night,
you may search and long
for this Bridge of Truth,
but does it not exist 
as the Truth of You?

Embrace your power,
Love flows through You,
here you see day and night,
but All Light shines through
as awareness grows
there is no need to bridge –
do not all sides collapse,
as You Are All of This?

Shine bright your Light,
yes, All Light is One,
bask in moon’s loving glow,
be grateful for the sun,
know every step 
is where Love walks 
with you,
You Are Home with Love,
Love is truly, You!

Love’s Light


Around each corner
Here is Love’s Light,
reminding gently,
everything is alright.

You may not know 
what you wish to see,
you may be praying 
for an outcome to be.

With each step,
my dear,
Love walks with you,
your heart is Courage,
Strength flows through

Do you not arise 
with Gratitude,
this super-power 
finds its Home 
in You.

Above all else,
may you feel loved,
angels surround you, 
beloved Child of Love.

Do you see it –
Love’s Light is You,
Here is Peace,
forever Home
in You!