A Celebration

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Some days are set
with fanfare and
but is not each
day an invitation,
to celebrate

Why not wake up
every morning,
with heart full
of Gratitude,
knowing Love has
for you a present,
the presence of Love
as the Eternal You.

Yes, celebrate your
but know each moment
holds the gift of Truth,
You Are always Loved
beyond measure,
Love celebrates the
magnificence of You!


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Unravel your judgements
one by one,
do they not originate
and wrap around

With Love,
might you gently
loosen and trace
beliefs that you
believe are

Are there not
openings here,
space that need
not be filled
with what is
not real or

Truth stands on
its own,
not needing propped up
as Home
is the Love
that originates
as You.

With awareness,
beware of judgment,
but does this not
light the way
for you?

With Gratitude
for all
that comes up
for Love –
Here Is Love,
loving You!

Loving All of You

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You can reframe your
might you reframe
images of the past,
some are wonderfully
happy memories,
some you wish to
look right past.

Time and space may
tell a story,
but as you are author
of this tale,
might you add Love
to birth new color
and with loving awareness,
know All Is Well.

Reclaim all past
unite All of You
right now,
you only exist in
this loving moment,
let go of judgement,

Woven throughout your
connection to memories,
is the Love You Are,
you may have searched,
you also found it,
as your remembrance
has come in waves.

Bless each memory,
in picture or paper,
with Gratitude
for All of You,
unconditional Love
is your True Nature,
embrace and know
This Love
Is You.

Allow Love

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Allow Love.

You need not go
to extreme measures
to weave intricate
Love is intact,
so strong,
so sure,
beyond all doubt,
allow Love.

The human story
may set up mazes,
you may think
you have lost
your way,
no matter where
you are in space,
with any question,
allow Love.

Be a conduit,
a vessel,
a beacon of Light
if it is hard to see,
you need not know
the hows or why(s),
step lovingly aside,
allow Love.

Let Love flow through
you as it touches
hearts that remember
and know This Truth,
Love is Everywhere
and All Are
of This,
in Gratitude,
allow Love.


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Hello, Love.

Show me,
teach me,
there is no way
I cannot Be
All of This,
I Am Love,
I know this

Hello, Love,
I see you,
We are the
this Me and
as We Are
united we
stand together,
This Is True.

Blessed Love,
this is One Truth,
no matter who
is Me or You,
in perfect Oneness,
may We always Be,
hello, dear Love,
Home eternally.

Gratitude’s Gift

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May Gratitude
be the Gift,
that beams its Light
through denser air,
may it shine on
simple Truth,
that dispels
worry, doubt
or fear.

This Gift may come
or in each prayerful
breath you take,
as You Are a
Gift of Love,
are you not
a blessing of Love,

Allow Gratitude to
transform all energy
to its core,
your very essence
is always Love,
you hold the Gift
you have been
waiting for.

May Gratitude’s Gift
and ground you to
this simple Truth,
as you give and
receive Love,
You Are the Gift
of Gratitude!

A Common Connection

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Let Love be the
common language
that all aspects of
you understands,
does Love not smooth
out any disruption,
does Love not connect
any perceived
loose ends?

You may think you
have many hats
you wear,
but are not all
your experience
of Love,
Love is the foundation
of all expression,
even when a part
of you feels
stuck in the mud.

Let Love flow throughout
your experiences,
let Love be the common
connecting thread,
Love is the super-
conducting platform,
that helps you untangle
all of the wiring in
your head.

Integration is a
simple surrender,
allowing Love to do
what Love does best,
with Gratitude,
Joy and wonder,
answer Love’s
with a resounding