Love’s Gathering


Welcome, welcome 
All you Love,
be it a holiday 
or anytime,
through your hands 
your loved ones 
help you,
through your heart
they intertwine.

As time unfolds
memories are 
but as Eternity
you All still create,
welcome, welcome
experiences together,
may your hearts 
bring through
Love’s sacred Strength.

Welcome Love
anytime or day,
let Gratitude remind
what you know,
sense Love eternally
surrounding, dear one,
welcome, welcome 
Love’s gathering 
of Home.


This Grateful Flow


Be in Love’s flow today.

Welcome in,
listen with your heart,
to what Love may 
have to say,
awaken to the 
Whole of You,
Be in Love’s flow 

This is not a new
do you not sense this
some each day,
is not Love as close
as breath,
Be in Love’s flow 

Yes, you may work 
at shedding layers
that make Love feel 
so far away,
Love is Here,
always with you,
Be in Love’s flow

Your gifts of Gratitude
connect All Lights,
from your souls to 
the moon and stars,
this Web of Love 
supports you All,
Be-ing in Love’s flow

Welcome Light,
your smile shines,
your heart is heard 
and amplified,
your Light adds 
to One so grateful,
You Are Love’s flow,

Love’s Elegant System


Give Gratitude 
to cells in your
they are working 
on your behalf,
as a “cell” in the 
what might you give
then sense it coming back.

Yes, your biology 
can teach you 
where does anything
begin or end,
as life is cyclical 
in its nature,
systems work together 

You see your Light 
as separate in 
this world,
but your Light 
cannot Be alone,
it is the life-force 
of All That Is,
you as one expression 
are always part of 
the Whole.

Give Gratitude to All 
expressions of One Love,
You are All manifesting
as One,
explore, rejoice 
in your own 
and know your Light 
forever shines 
at Home.

The Alchemy of Gratitude


Reshape your reality 
with the power of 
it responds immediately 
when called upon,
this loving Gift 
is always Here for 

There is much in the 
earthly life,
that makes it hard 
to sit with Peace,
does not Gratitude 
bring you to your 
returning you gently 
to ease.

Gratitude is a super 
it is your alchemist 
shift Here when you 
wish to return,
to Joy,
as Peace,
with Love,

Remember This


Refresh, replenish,
you can do this 
with each breath,
release, let go
of what you hold 
and let Love 
do the rest.

Say hello to this 
moment of you,
with Gratitude
look around,
centered Here,
always with you,
is where Peace
can be found.

Remember This,
Love Is You now,
there is no-thing 
you must do,
refresh, replenish,
remember always,
Love is Here and 
so loved are you!

Perfect Vision


May your grateful heart 
there is Love in All
you see,
when you look with 
Eyes of Love,
is there not wonder
and clarity?

As you take Love’s 
helping hand,
you know fully you 
are not alone,
you need no words 
to explain this – 
your grateful heart
knows You Are Home.

Upon This Journey,
with twists and turns,
return to Gratitude
so you may see –
Love is Everywhere 
You Are,
your loving eyes 
see perfectly.

A Body Blessing


When the body seems 
to turn against you,
it is not personal,
it is what bodies do,
surround this vessel 
with loving kindness,
it is working hard,
send Gratitude.

You need not analyze 
or solve
the complex riddle 
that body brings,
thank the body for 
this journey,
has it not taught you
so many things.

You feel more Peace
when body is peaceful,
but as this is not always
the case,
provide what body needs
this moment,
and in This Moment,
Peace shows the way.

Your body is strong 
in its connection
to you as you 
experience life,
with Gratitude,
send blessings to it,
surround and reassure
with your beautiful Light!

With Gratitude


Love says thank you
for what you give
and for receiving
Love’s blessings
during this life you

Look around,
over and under,
Love is in Everything,
and when you see Love 
at your center,
your heart,
with Love sings.

This eternal dance 
may change a bit as 
you grow,
you will always recognize
the rhythm of your

Be at Peace 
with your knowing,
believe, accept 
This Truth – 
Love is Here
with Gratitude,
dancing and flowing
with You!

Sweet Awakening


Remember gratefully
where you have 
realizing roots that 
were already There,
you meet new faces
yet souls are smiling,
it is so nice again to 
see you Here.

Journeys unfold 
with Love’s sweet
sometimes intersecting
unbeknownst to you,
when you look back 
at where you’ve been,
are you not amazed at 
how you found You?

All along are hands
not guiding,
sweet whisperings are
tickling your ear,
choices presenting,
decisions made,
your Awakening 
has led you Here.

As a ripple in 
Love’s wave,
that is as vast 
as the ocean blue,
your vibration sings
in harmony
with fellow Lights,
the One of You!

This Strength


Beyond This Strength,
this Strength is You,
whatever you are 
walking through,
you may wish for an
outcome not yet seen,
but with the Eyes of 
the Soul,
you see Everything.

Trust spirit,
know Love will 
see you through,
you are never alone
working out what 
to do,
You as Soul know
Grace and ease,
from this perspective,
is Here not Peace?

May Gratitude help 
you align,
in This present moment,
Love is by your side,
your angels, guides 
and loved ones, too,
honor your Strength,
this Strength of You.

Behold This Love,
this Love is You,
the human journey 
is only part of you,
in your Wholeness,
you are complete,
so cherished,
so Loved,
through Eternity!