Fiercely, Wholly Love


In the safety 
of Love’s Arms,
what comes up 
to see and feel?
There is no-thing
to be ashamed of,
there is no-thing 
for you to heal.

Is not healing 
your awareness
that all transpires 
for you to see –
the parts you think 
are separated,
are Wholly Love,
fitting perfectly.

Set your sights 
on your True 
gather all of you 
into Love’s fold,
see and feel 
with Love so 
that your heart 
feels it may 

Love is Strength,
your heart is 
Gratitude is the 
sacred glue,
joining All of
You together,
see, feel,
behold the 
Whole of You!

Loving Compassion


Give support to your
brothers and sisters,
in Truth,
do not disagreements 
there are many ways 
to ask for Love,
the world provides 
limitless ways 
to evolve.

Let compassion be 
your guide,
what feels right,
what ties you in 
let Love co-create 
with you,
breaking chains of 
past stories driven
by “not.”

Might you be open 
to say yes to Love,
Love is inclusive 
and not on its own,
your soul knows this
infinite web,
even when you as human
sometimes feel alone.

What you give do you 
not receive,
what sharing of Love 
might you experience 
reach out your hand 
with loving compassion,
your grateful heart 
will show you 
the way!



Be aware where 
constriction is.
Be open to 
All That Is.

When your stomach 
is tied in knots,
might you remember 
what you forgot?

Yes, ask for help 
with what you see,
with Love,
not fear,
might you see 

Does not the energy 
of would, could 
or should,
feel different than 
what is for the 
greater good?

Allow your heart 
to be your guide,
do not answers to 
questions arise 
from inside?

Constriction exists only 
in time and space,
remember You Are 

Spread your wings – 
you know how to 
with Courage 
and Gratitude,
enjoy the ride!

Golden Gratitude

20181229 XPicture

For 8/04/21- here is a post from December 2018


Mine the gold
of Gratitude –
does it not sparkle,
does it not shine,
might you find it
at any time,
in any person,
place or
does Gratitude
not make everything
might you reset,
recalibrate you,
when you discover

When you let Gratitude
lead the way,
might it not chase
negativity away,
and with your instrument
in tune,
might the notes
of Love
now fill a room,
let Gratitude and Love
cleanse and clear,
so you may find
with whomever
is near?

There is magic
with Gratitude,
does it not
feel sublime
when Love
fills you,
no matter where
you roam,
Gratitude and Love
will bring you
Home –
follow the sparkle
and the shine,
to the Love
in You,
for You Are Love,

For You


For you,
angels sing 
Love songs,
for you,
loved ones 
sing along,
as your Light 
is forever shining,
in Love’s eternalness 
you belong –
receive this Gratitude 
of Love,
for you.

For you,
may the veil 
grow thin,
for you,
may your loved ones 
step in,
as hearts are connected 
within your souls,
does not your Light 
invite all in – 
forever, together,
Love is Here,
for you.

For you,
within your breath 
is Peace,
for you,
Love reminds 
you to Be,
as you glimpse 
may you remember 
You Are Free – 
bask in This Love
that is Here, always,
for you.

This Wave of Love


Step into this 
Wave of Love,
let it lift 
you up,
the Whole of You 
resonates with 
All of This,
it is what 
you are 
made of.

Your soul delights 
when you ride
this wave,
it is your natural 
choose Love again,
let go,
dive in,
you need not think 
or wait.

Your heart is fluent 
in this Language 
of Love,
let it be 
what speaks today,
join the joyous 
invite others 
to sing along,
Love shows 
you All 
the way.

Be One with this 
Wave of Love
let it build 
the day,
the Whole of 
fills with 
Be Joy,
as Love,

A Natural State


Set aside your 
Love can take on 
many forms,
an exchange of 
pure connection,
Love exists
you are.

Love is Gratitude 
when you see, 
acknowledge and 
touch another’s 
Love is Strength 
when you are 
in saying,
“I don’t know.”

Do not miss the 
thousand moments 
that offer exchanges 
of Love today,
Love exists in the 
Love walks with you 
every step of the 

Love need not be a
formal banner,
to remind you 
what is True,
Be Love’s choice 
in any moment,
Be Love’s natural 
state of You!

A Service to Love


Like hand in glove,
Be of service
to Love.

What flows,
what fits,
what chooses you
or you drawn to it,
Be of service 
to Love.

It may be a 
full career,
or a single experience 
that draws you 
Be of service 
to Love.

Answer the call,
your soul to you,
together what might 
you and your Team
Be of service 
to Love.

With Grace and ease,
Love is this flow,
bringing to you
what you need to 
your soul rejoices
with Spirit above –
in Gratitude 
of your service 
to Love.