Where Gratitude Lives

20190428 XPicture

4/23/22 – from 4/28/19

When day begins
to fall asleep,
as you look out at
the darkening blue sky,
what are the spaces
between the branches
of budding trees,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

As Spring wakes up
to put on its show,
with the waves of green
you have come to know
so well,
does the Universe
not feel so close,
so real,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

A new day dawns,
a gift to All,
what will you see
between the spaces
of thought –
as you sense
all space is
filled with Love,
breathe in
where Gratitude lives!


4/21/22 – from 2/02/21

Are there not times 
you hibernate,
much like the bears
in winter’s cold,
huddled protectively,
keeping warm,
even as the ground 
is covered in snow.

At times winter’s patience 
may wear thin,
but as you know spring 
will surely come,
may you picture 
bear cubs newly arrived,
needing to den with
mother’s warmth.

In this seasonal cycle
may you receive
much needed Love,
warmth and time 
to Be,
as every cycle continues 
to turn,
there may be times 
when change is hard 
to see.

Be as the cub newly 
when springtime comes 
to warm your grateful 
be refreshed and curious 
for a new beginning,
the Light of Love 
shines wherever 
you are!

*Photo credit: North American Bear Center – http://www.bear.org

Gathering With Grace


Gather your self,
your breath is Peace,
return Home to what 
is True.

When you tire of 
asking what is wrong –
know Home is Love 
Here with You.

Be in This Moment
where Gratitude lives,
do not possibilities 

Ask Love to sit 
with you for a spell,
Love says yes and
loving arms surround.

Be gentle with you,
may Grace show you how,
You Are This,
Love gently reminds.

Receive, accept,
allow This Truth,
let go and let 
your Light shine!

Remember to Know


Your soul knows.

And yes, you wish
for this knowing
to enter your awareness
in your life,
the moments when 
awareness and knowing
do these not ease
the human strife?

Might you accept knowing
as a remembrance,
not as a predictor 
of the unknown,
there are life journeys 
that will unfold
with their own timing 
that you may not know.

But rest assured in
every moment,
your soul and guidance
is Here with you,
may you know Peace,
Strength and Courage
always appear with 

Might you embrace your
soul’s perfect knowing,
as it sees the Whole of You,
ask to know you 
as Love does,
remember and know 
This Love is You!

Your Loving Purpose


Is not Peace
the acceptance 
of Love?

Breathe Love in,
be enveloped 
in Peace,
your healing function 
is returning to 

Is not Joy
the expression 
of Love?

Experience Joy 
Gratitude leads
the way,
Joy is your soul 
reminding you – 
This Is Love.

Is not Humility 
knowing fully
You Are Love?

Be Love,
Be authentic,
Be Love’s purpose 
in your way,
allow Love’s experience –
You As Love!

Believe in You


May you walk with 
even if unsure which
door to choose,
sometimes life appears 
to throw a curveball,
though in every scenerio,
you still are You.

Yes, acceptance and 
may help you find 
a smoother path,
as human you learn 
from your emotions,
rollercoaster rides 
are part of that.

Honor completely 
your life journey,
as soul breathe in 
the Strength of Peace,
ask for help to guide
you gently,
so you may experience 
Grace and ease.

Embrace Gratitude that 
always reminds,
All of Love flows 
throughout You,
with a touch of willingness,
may you believe in 
the Miracle of You!



Believe in you,
what fulfills and 
nourishes you?
Begin with loving 
your beautiful self,
trusting what Love 
may bring to you.

Let go of time 
in all scenerios,
what does your soul 
wish you to know?
It is okay to release 
any struggle that appears
to impede your flow.

Let forgiveness lead 
the way,
begin with you 
and send This out 
in waves,
may you ride upon
the Crest of Love 
that lovingly shows 
you the way. 

Believe in You,
Love flows eternally 
through you,
with Gratitude for 
Strength and Courage,
know Love is always 
Here with You!

Being Gratitude


Be Gratitude,
build your list
throughout the day,
bless this moment
You Are Here,
does Gratitude 
not smooth the way?

You can shift 
discordant energy,
does it not align
when you know,
the power of loving 
may it comfort and 
help All to flow.

Gratitude is allowance,
helping you to open
to possibility,
Gratitude brings you 
to present,
what gifts of Now 
do you see?

Be Gratitude and 
sense doors
that were closed 
open up for you,
in the Peace of 
Love’s sweet blessing,
Be free,
Be Strength,
Be Gratitude!



You may feel burdened,
feeling your back 
against a wall,
sometimes you believe
struggle is needed
to keep your head 
above it all.

Yes, this world has 
many experiences 
that ego loves to 
wrap with fear,
might you take a breath 
and remember,
you need not fight
to survive,
my dear!

Sometimes fear latches 
onto memories
that were developed 
at a young age,
might you shower 
younger you with Love,
giving Gratitude to 
who you are, today.

Embrace this opportunity 
to honor emotions
that run so deep,
shedding a tear,
holding you close,
may you release 
old thoughts that 
you keep.

Extend a loving hand
to any parts of you
that wishes to know –
All of You 
All of Love,
All is Well,
You Are Loved, so!