Glorious You


With Gratitude,
may you receive,
with Love,
may you give –
such is the 
Cycle of Love.

Be Love’s vessel
in this Cycle,
with no outcome 
to expect –
Be Here in this 
sacred Flow of

With Humility,
shine your Light,
as you give 
do you not
receive –
behold this is 
standing with Love.

May Peace 
be the harmony
that resonates 
through the Whole 
of You –
Here You Are,
Love’s perfect 
expression of 
glorious You!

Dear Body


Do not Love and 
help you be fearless?

Are you not 
in the Truth 
of Love?

Your body may 
bring up fear to 
tell you, 
I am ready to 
release what is 
coming up.

With your Strength 
and True Light 
you are opening doors 
to experience 
All of Love.

Yes, you are more 
than the body,
but body is a 
communicative instrument,
let Love be a 
patient partner,
listening to and loving 
All of This.

Fear may come up 
as your past 
but Love and Gratitude 
are the curriculum 
embrace the body,
wrap with Love 
so gently,
assure All of You 
that You are Loved 
so dear. 

A Loving Choice


Choose Love 
a thousand times
a day,
between your thoughts,
ask to see 
a different way.

This is You 
speaking to 
when the chatter 
is subdued,
allow this knowing 
from your heart
to rise up today.

Let your judgment 
of you 
to take a rest,
you may think you 
have figured out 
what is best.

Yes, your story
will unfold,
but do you always 
do as you are 
told – 
this Choice of Love 
is always present 
at your fingertips.

Choose Love 
in this moment 
and the next,
may Gratitude 
be a bridge 
to happiness.

In a world 
of duality,
yes, there are choices 
to be made,
choose Love,
Be You, 
You Are 
All of This!

A Joyful Creation


What creates from 
Love today?

It matters not 
the size big 
or small,
comparisons here 
do not matter 
at all.

Maybe Love brings 
a smile,
a break in the 
maybe Love 
Lights up brightly,
filling a room.

Love is true inspiration,
Love is You,
Love is Me,
Love is the creative 
that We All make 
with loving glee.

With Love’s Joy 
invite fun,
let some seriousness
do you not sense 
All Is Well,
when you smile 
with your soul?

Create from You,
from Love today,
share Love’s 
joyful ripples,
as you let Love 
out to play!


20200717 XPicture


Trusting Love
trusting You.

This You
that is always
with you
is a guiding
force, too.

You are never
not connected,
though human will
is quite strong, too –
as an aspect
of Love’s sweet glory,
You Are glorious,
as Love Is You.

Trust in Love,
trust in You.

Let your knowing
guide you gently,
be lifted with Gratitude
in your heart,
Be Love’s presence,
it flows through you,
Trust in Love,
Love trusts
in You!

Your Love Song

20200711 XPicture


Let Love’s sweet song
flow freely from you,
do not hold back
or think too much,
you are the
the harmony,
the accompaniment
that you have come
to trust.

You Are Love’s
that wishes to
you hear it in
the leaves as
Wind plays Tree,
your heart opens
with Wood Thrush’s
Nature is alive,
singing so

Be every note
to your Love Song,
it is written
lovingly for you,
receive it with
Love and Gratitude,
sing it wholly with
your heart,
this sacred
Song of You!


20200619 XPicture


You may awaken
like morning dew,
weighing heavily
upon you,
notice its beauty,
see every drop,
what does each one
wish to tell you?

You may repel,
you may absorb,
you are a student
of what passes
through you,
as a body,
you are learning,
as soul you are
Who Are You?

Live all experiences
that you find,
as many also
are finding you,
you need not
maybe accept
what are you
to view?

There is magic in
the morning
as glistening dew
that once was gray,
begins to shimmer
and shine,
as morning sun
lights up
the day.

As body,
honor your
Love all that
flows through
as soul –
You Are Peace,
this Light
of Love
always shines
in You!

A Celebration

20200521 XPicture


Some days are set
with fanfare and
but is not each
day an invitation,
to celebrate

Why not wake up
every morning,
with heart full
of Gratitude,
knowing Love has
for you a present,
the presence of Love
as the Eternal You.

Yes, celebrate your
but know each moment
holds the gift of Truth,
You Are always Loved
beyond measure,
Love celebrates the
magnificence of You!


20200519 XPicture


Unravel your judgements
one by one,
do they not originate
and wrap around

With Love,
might you gently
loosen and trace
beliefs that you
believe are

Are there not
openings here,
space that need
not be filled
with what is
not real or

Truth stands on
its own,
not needing propped up
as Home
is the Love
that originates
as You.

With awareness,
beware of judgment,
but does this not
light the way
for you?

With Gratitude
for all
that comes up
for Love –
Here Is Love,
loving You!