A Gracious Allowance


Be gentle with your self,
find Love’s sweet spot 
that dwells in you,
ego is loud and loves 
to drown out
your peaceful center 
that knows your Truth.

Ego wants you to 
stay small,
but your magnificence 
cannot be hid,
Love is your Reality –
Here and Now,
ego may not want you 
to see This.

Be gracious and grateful
for Who You Are,
with Grace,
acceptance is a 
healing balm,
relax, return to
Love’s open arms,
in this release,
is there not Peace 
and calm?

Be loving with your self
and feel Love’s ripples 
flow from you,
in This allowance
is where Peace resides,
Here is Home,
in This Truth 
of You!



During any gathering 
of loved ones,
are not All of your
loved ones Here,
eternal bonds that 
forever connect,
invite beloveds 
to draw near.

With intention,
holidays are set 
aside to celebrate,
your intention is 
of your heart,
that transcends time 
or any date.

Gather All of your 
loved ones close,
your heart,
with Love lights
up the way,
celebrate with Gratitude,
on this and every 
thankful day!



You may think time 
sets the tone 
for you,
sometimes so fast
and other times 
too slow,
is not time the human 
way to see,
what your soul 
already knows?

Time may play games 
with your head,
but does this not invite
you to pause,
when you need a break
from all the motion,
find the stillness 
that lies beyond 
time’s laws.

To be timeless 
Be with Gratitude,
time stands still 
in This mindfulness,
set the tone with 
your heart,
always in This Moment,
You Are All 
of This!

Sacred Blessings


May you receive 
Love’s eternal 
that wash over you
may you look with 
eyes of Gratitude,
is this not the clearest
way to see?

Clear your lens 
when it gets 
do not fret 
if the timing 
feels off,
all unfolds as it 
is intended,
life’s ebb and flow
is hard to figure

Bless the roads 
that you have 
do not experiences 
help you to evolve,
receive with your 
whole heart,
so open,
the sacred blessings 
of eternal Love!

Being of Love


Be of Love,
gentle soul,
even when friction 
pushes back,
what dissolves 
any perceived 
is Love,
beyond attack.

Ego trains you 
for battle,
creating stories 
just for you,
your soul has 
tools at your 
Strength and Courage
join Gratitude.

Behold your Truth,
blessed One,
beyond this world 
is All you know,
with Love as your 
true superpower,
Be of Love,
magnificent soul!



Welcome Peace 
to sit with you.

Peace says, 
I am already 
When you call upon
me, dear one,
your intention 
draws me near.

Welcome Strength 
to lift you up.

Strength says,
I am quite familiar 
to you.
When you think 
you cannot keep going,
I am the force that 
pulls you through.

Welcome Gratitude 
to see what is True.

Gratitude says,
I am your heart.
When you wish to 
see with clarity,
I am your Vision 
beyond the stars.

Welcome Love 
to Be with you.

Love says,
We Are All This 
All of Love
All of You!

Hello, You


Hello, you.

Be it night 
or be it day,
clear blue sky 
or tenacious rain,
crickets chirping
or city view,
this moment is 
fresh before you.

What will you fill 
this awaiting cup,
with the dregs 
of past or future
not made up?
Hand in hand with 
create your brew,
in this Now,
Love says,
hello, you.

Clear the cobwebs,
release your mind,
as you join with 
let go of time,
yes, you may still 
have a list to do –
but never alone,
as Love walks 
with you.

Question your thoughts 
that may run amok,
weed out what ego 
is making up,
what pearls of Truth
has life presented you,
in Gratitude,
Love says,
hello, you!

Fiercely, Wholly Love


In the safety 
of Love’s Arms,
what comes up 
to see and feel?
There is no-thing
to be ashamed of,
there is no-thing 
for you to heal.

Is not healing 
your awareness
that all transpires 
for you to see –
the parts you think 
are separated,
are Wholly Love,
fitting perfectly.

Set your sights 
on your True 
gather all of you 
into Love’s fold,
see and feel 
with Love so 
that your heart 
feels it may 

Love is Strength,
your heart is 
Gratitude is the 
sacred glue,
joining All of
You together,
see, feel,
behold the 
Whole of You!

Loving Compassion


Give support to your
brothers and sisters,
in Truth,
do not disagreements 
there are many ways 
to ask for Love,
the world provides 
limitless ways 
to evolve.

Let compassion be 
your guide,
what feels right,
what ties you in 
let Love co-create 
with you,
breaking chains of 
past stories driven
by “not.”

Might you be open 
to say yes to Love,
Love is inclusive 
and not on its own,
your soul knows this
infinite web,
even when you as human
sometimes feel alone.

What you give do you 
not receive,
what sharing of Love 
might you experience 
reach out your hand 
with loving compassion,
your grateful heart 
will show you 
the way!