You may wrap yourself 
in worry,
in life this is a 
common theme,
do you not wear this 
like a blanket,
a protective layer 
from everything?

Anticipation is the 
that may spark fear 
of what may come,
outcomes add on
to this dream 
where dread comes

Precious child,
You Are so Loved,
in This moment of time
and the next,
yes, in linear form 
life’s journey may 
have you reeling
from cause, effect.

Take Love’s hand
even if for a moment,
sense the caress of
angel wings,
You Are Loved,
and supported,
no matter what 
this life may 

Your soul walks 
with you every step,
may you know 
without a doubt,
You Are Love’s Light,
eternally shining,
and Loved
in All moments, 

Always Here


Love is always Here.

In life, experiences
may vary,
some things flow smoothly,
sometimes they don’t,
always know within 
your heart – 
Love is always Here.

Responsibility may feel 
only if you think 
you are alone,
you are surrounded,
lifted gently – 
Love is always Here.

You judge by outcomes,
have expectations,
know throughout it all,
dear, here is Truth,
you cannot Be without 
Love flowing – 
Love is always Here.

Let Love comfort when 
you are hurting,
Love knows always 
where to go,
give and receive as 
Love’s sweet blessing – 
Love is always, 
with you,



What is relationship?
Is it not relationship
with you?

Are you not having 
your own experience,
All of You 
in life?

There are countless 
to extend Love and 
forgiveness, too,
you may think relationship
is of another,
but is it not joining 
you with You?

Some days it is hard,
sometimes it is easy,
you may have noticed 
what is so True,
when you withhold 
Love from another,
are you not judging also,

Look beyond the details 
of the story,
this is ego’s distracting trap,
interactions and experiences,
can bring to the surface 
your healing map.

Keep it simple,
true and pure,
no judge or jury
is needed Here,
answer each cry 
for Love,
with Love – 
no “why”s or defenses 
are required, dear.

You Are relationship 
with Love,
is not Source experiencing
through You,
you have access to 
All That is Love,
as One, 
All Love is You!

A Return to Peace


Love has a lightness 
you can feel,
there is a difference 
that you can sense,
egoic thoughts may 
stir things up,
and when they settle
are they not dense?

You may be programmed 
to look for struggle,
working hard is familiar 
to you,
Love asks for no sacrifice,
All of Love is always 
All of You.

Love judges not 
the egoic mind,
with awareness might 
you then know,
there may be choices
in what you hear,
what is loving and 
what might you 
let go?

Be at Peace in Love’s 
true lightness,
no matter what swirls
externally around you,
Love at your center 
is your loving anchor,
a return to Peace
is a return to You!

Hand in Hand


Love is more than memories,
Love’s presence is with you
in real time,
your experiences are memories
captured in life,
Love within these moments
remains by your side.

You may question 
what you are feeling,
wondering if what you
sense is True,
your heart,
your soul,
knows this loving answer,
your beloveds are always,
eternally with you.

These bonds of Love 
cannot be broken,
do they not exist
beyond space and time,
yes, keep your memories
but expand your focus,
relationships continue
beyond this life.

Free of complications that 
hold no matter,
may you bask in what 
is always Here,
allow your dear ones
to share Love with you,
free of conditions,
is not Love 

May you take Love’s hand 
so you may see,
dear one, This Love 
is what created you,
see yourself in Love’s Light,
forever shining,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
always loving you!



Immerse yourself 
in Love.

Love is Who You Are,
dear child,
from protective womb
to angel wing,
there is no time 
when you are not 
held sacred,
Love is All before, 
after and in-between.

Breathe Love in,
no matter your 
you are safe 
and held in 
loving Light,
no-thing can be 
taken from your 
True Essence,
You Are at Home 
in Arms of Love,
held tight.

Dive deep into these 
nurturing waters,
you have All that 
you think you need,
your beloved soul 
shares All experience 
with you,
you are never alone
Love reminds,
most tenderly. 

Spread your wings,
there is no-thing 
you back from 
what sets you free,
immersed you are,
flowing with Love 
as One,
and loved infinitely!

A Love Story


As Love is Eternal,
it lasts forever 
and never ends.

You as an actor in 
Life’s Story,
may be drawn 
to another’s Light,
you may see what 
is on the surface,
but do not your souls 
spark what feels 

As life is a journey with
ebbs and flows,
this script may take you
on a ride – 
heart-felt tears,
the human experience 
may be rough at times. 

But Love’s eternal 
do they not live on
after the story is told?
As Love is infinite,
does not eternal Love 
continue to unfold?

Love needs no introduction,
it has no beginning 
and thus no end,
the bonds you share 
with another,
may play out in stories
that you star in.

As Love is everlasting,
no story can stop
Love’s eternal Truth,
yes, embrace Love throughout 
your story,
and know beyond this life – 
Love is Forever
with You!

One Choice


Decisions sometimes 
feel very heavy,
as you weigh what 
they may mean,
feeling responsible for 
an outcome,
is a familiar, 
uncomfortable human

As decisions ping 
the human experience,
are they not wrapped 
in time and place,
right or wrong may 
hang in the balance,
what a daunting position
to face.

May you release this burden,
dear one,
yes, human choices 
you do make,
but even with multiple
paths you walk on,
do they not converge 
into One Lighted Way?

You may not know 
a greater purpose,
the bigger picture may 
be beyond your grasp,
you are never alone
in your decisions,
invite the Whole of You 
to any task.

Your worth is not a 
decision waiting,
my dear, you are loved
beyond measure,
there is no choice 
as One Perfect Love,
You Are One with Peace,
as the Love You Are!

I See You


I see you,
Love says,
look with Me 
at Who I see,
We as One are
always together,
there is no distance
between You and Me.

Peel off the layers
that obscure your
do not believe 
what is not crystal
Love is simple,
Love is the knowing 
that is accessible 

I Am You,
Love reassures,
take my hand and 
soar with Me,
it matters not 
the place you dwell,
We Are Home always
through Eternity.

Take Love in,
Love coaxes,
your heart reminds
you of what 
You know,
We as One 
is Love’s sweet 
Precious Child,
You Are always 



You Are Blessed 
and Loved.

You need not wait 
in line,
or jump through hoops
to show your worth,
You Are the self-same 
One of Source,
You Are Blessed 
as You Are Love.

Your human mind 
may forget,
but Love never 
forgets you,
follow Love’s lead 
You Are Blessed
always as Love.

Simple is your 
as Love’s blessing,
share This Love,
add yourself to 
This receiving,
You Are Blessed
and oh so Loved.

You need not do
a thing,
to Be a Blessed 
Divine Be-ing,
Love knows you – 
whole and complete,
so very Blessed 
as Holy Love!