This Light


Love is your root,
your foundation 
stand secured and  
anchored upon This,
let emotion,
experiences flow 
through you as 
you remember 
You Are This.

When weighed down
with life’s heaviness,
your Strength and Courage
are always at the fore,
let Love lift what 
you no longer need,
Love’s Light dispels
shadows from before.

See clearly now
with Light so
you may see,
Love is eternally Here
with you,
you may have thought 
you struggled alone,
but Love has always 
shined through You.

Stand with Love now,
secure and safe,
Love’s power forever 
flows through you,
accept This Truth 
and know,
Beloved One, 
This Shining Light
is You!



You may feel burdened,
feeling your back 
against a wall,
sometimes you believe
struggle is needed
to keep your head 
above it all.

Yes, this world has 
many experiences 
that ego loves to 
wrap with fear,
might you take a breath 
and remember,
you need not fight
to survive,
my dear!

Sometimes fear latches 
onto memories
that were developed 
at a young age,
might you shower 
younger you with Love,
giving Gratitude to 
who you are, today.

Embrace this opportunity 
to honor emotions
that run so deep,
shedding a tear,
holding you close,
may you release 
old thoughts that 
you keep.

Extend a loving hand
to any parts of you
that wishes to know –
All of You 
All of Love,
All is Well,
You Are Loved, so!

Be the Light


Be the Light
That You Are.

Move through 
weariness or 
no-thing can truly
weigh you down,
with awareness,
cut through thoughts 
that may have twisted
things around.

Accept your soul’s purpose
as intention,
receive Love’s guidance 
from above,
break down all 
problems or questions,
knowing the answer
is always Love.

Release beliefs 
buried so deep,
may they transform
into This Truth –
the Strength and Courage
you have longed for,
is forever Here 
as the Eternal You.

You Are the Light
you seek,
you shine bright 
as Love’s beautiful 
Love is All fellow 
Lights shining,
Be the Light 
That You Are!

This Fountain of Love


Bring your worries,
your doubts,
to the Eternal Fountain
of Love.

Forgiveness flows here
reminding below is 
what is above.

Drink freely from 
this cup,
that runneth over
and never runs

Bring to the surface
what hides in 
bless with forgiveness,
shower with Light.

Blessed Child of Love,
what your soul wishes
you to know.

You are awash in 
the Fountain of Love,
forever loved 
and never 

A Loving Inventory


When bubbling emotions
come to the top,
you need not hide them 
or make them pop,
they may have messages
for you,
to look with clarity and 
see what is true.

As a child you do what
you need,
to make sense of what 
may feel scary,
now with discernment 
and your Truth as Love,
with clear eyes now,
what are you still 
scared of?

Old familiar patterns 
may still run through
the body that holds on
to what you used to do,
re-tune to what you 
with Gratitude,
what can you lovingly 
let go?

Do not fret when 
in the midst of this,
this loving inventory 
is a gift,
honor all phases life
may bring to you,
remembering always,
Love is All of You!

Loving Kindness


What makes you 
It may not be 
what you think,
as you look beneath 
the story,
what beliefs do you 
now see?

In early years of 
trying to
make sense of this 
oft-senseless world,
there may have been
choices made,
that helped deflect
feelings of hurt.

My dear,
compassion is the 
to all judgments that 
come up,
what you judge in 
may be what you 
are fearful of.

You need not unravel 
every detail,
or analyze every step
you take,
but being gentle 
with you
is the best choice 
you can make.

When compassion flows
it cannot help but 
be shared,
with loving kindness 
to your self,
rejoice that Love 
is Everywhere!

As Eternity


You may look back
on your past moments,
some may bring peace,
some may bring strife,
marking time is how 
you capture
snippets of your 
earthly life.

You may gather these
around you,
now with Gratitude,
set them free,
at any moment, 
you are Here,
beyond all time,
as Eternity.

Yes, you as human
We do honor
each step you take 
upon this earth – 
We share in your 
precious moments,
We comfort when 
you may feel hurt.

Know you are never 
far away 
from This Home 
where you reside,
you may reach out 
to Us Here,
but we are always 
by your side.

As an Eternal Soul,
may you see You 
as We do,
pause to reflect 
upon This Truth – 
for Eternity,
This Love 
is You!

Grace and Ease


May Love bring you 
may it show you 
Grace and ease,
do you not sometimes 
make things hard,
forgetting Love is 
Who You Are?

Yes this world is
full of strife,
it can complicate 
your life,
might you look 
for simplicity,
the release of struggle
is to be set free.

Try out a change 
choosing Love will 
show the way,
this present moment
is wholly You,
may Love be present 
in all you do.

You Are This Peace,
you need not search
for Grace and ease,
in your life you have 
traveled far,
but welcome Home
to the Love You Are!

Dear One


Might you sense it
in the trees,
that sway softly 
in the breeze,
is there not more 
than you can see,
surrounding you 
so gently?

We Are You,
yes, You Are Us,
your angels, 
guides and loved ones
these connections
are as real,
as the sacred breath 
that breathes you.

Love is Eternal,
what does this mean –
eternity exists beyond
there is no place that 
you are not,
You Are Everywhere
with All Divine.

May your heart,
with Love,
be full,
may you sense 
Love’s comfort Here,
beyond skies of blue,
yet as close as breath,
Dear One,
as Love,
You Are Everywhere.