With Loving Grace


Be Love’s purpose 
where you are.

Does Love not connect 
the Whole of You?

Yes, the body 
may feel at times,
that it is struggling 
its purpose to find,
as you rejoin as 
One with Love,
do not all parts 
of you,

Allow the body 
to help you sense,
where flow has been 
bottled up – 
ready to dispense,
with Love, with Faith
might you lovingly
transmuting all 
that is asking 
for Grace and Ease.

Your purpose is 
all Love 
that is You,
may loving Grace 
lovingly remind
that Love’s miracle 
is You!



When seeking connection 
to Source,
are you not seeking 
to You?

Is not seeking 
a remembering
what you think 
has been blocked
from your view?

What you see with 
your eyes,
may not bring the 
Truth you seek.

Your perception 
tells a story
that is a picture 
of your beliefs. 

You need not unwind 
all that feels tangled,
you have a barometer 
that senses a choice.

Which one is speaking,
Love or fear,
and may you turn up 
Love’s True Voice?

In your remembrance
Here is your heart, 
Here is your soul
speaking to you.

May you feel lifted,
always connected 
to the Source 
in You!

Becoming Light


You Are of This Light,
we are always with 
though you would like 
Light to shine in front
to see,
dear one, as Light 
is what becomes You,
in every Now moment, 
this Light shines so 

Embrace Faith 
to sense 
this Courage,
your innate Strength 
powers each step
you take,
Light shines through 
all Eternal moments,
trust in You 
all along the 

Be it journey or 
you cannot ever 
lose your way,
above, below,
You are One 
with Light,
This Light of Love
is you, 



What you change 
is what you see,
so you may know 
as Eternity.

It may seem like 
pieces of a puzzle 
to solve,
or that life is 
testing your resolve,
but as a whole 
and sacred soul,
in this wholeness,
what could you 
not know?

This Love breathes 
life into you,
and Love continues 
when this you 
is through,
but You as Love 
simply still exists,
This Love as You 
is present Now –
Is This.

Clear off the window 
that makes it hard
to see,
in your reflection,
might you see 
that You are Me?

Sweet Child of Love,
this is what your 
heart knows,
whole and complete,
Precious One,
You Are Loved, so!



Be Here.
Rest Here.
No time 
or space 

No-thing Here 
does not mean 
a lack,
your Wholeness fills
All You Are,

A return to 
is a return 
to You,
you have never 
You belong 

You Know this 
though you 
may ask,

All of Love,
All That is 
is Here 
always as 

No Other


See each other 
as no other,
with the Eyes of Love,
might you then 
truly see?

You may think 
you need to 
look beyond,
letting go of judgments,
of what is right 
or wrong,
but is not True Vision 
looking deeper within,
seeing All as Whole 
with no beginning 
or end?

Begin with Love 
is This not your 
flowing like water 
is your eternal 
Life Force,
the world you see 
is made up of 
the Truth of You 
is not what your 
mind thinks. 

Let your heart 
join with sisters,
brothers Here,
You Are Home 
as Love is 
beyond belief 
is You,
at your core,
unite with 
All Creation 
of Source.

This Prayer of Love


Blessed Be,
beloved child,
You Are Loved 
as You Are Home,
lay down your 
Love is with you,
come and rest 
your weary 

Here is quiet, 
Here is Peace,
Here is Love 
always with you
All you Love 
here in your heart,
are ever-present
and always near.

This Prayer of Love 
is yours forever,
Blessed Be,
Beloved Child,
you are cradled 
in Love’s sweet arms,
let Peace and Love 
carry you awhile.

A Loving Choice


Choose Love 
a thousand times
a day,
between your thoughts,
ask to see 
a different way.

This is You 
speaking to 
when the chatter 
is subdued,
allow this knowing 
from your heart
to rise up today.

Let your judgment 
of you 
to take a rest,
you may think you 
have figured out 
what is best.

Yes, your story
will unfold,
but do you always 
do as you are 
told – 
this Choice of Love 
is always present 
at your fingertips.

Choose Love 
in this moment 
and the next,
may Gratitude 
be a bridge 
to happiness.

In a world 
of duality,
yes, there are choices 
to be made,
choose Love,
Be You, 
You Are 
All of This!

You, Beloved


You never walk alone
as earthly steps 
you take,
Love is always Here
with you,
through all decisions 
you make.

You may ask for the 
right answers,
but Love does not 
judge or compare,
as you let go 
of your inner critic,
might you see 
Love is always Here?

Dear child,
there is no judgment 
or blame 
for perceived separation 
from your Source,
when you think you 
are alone,
does Love not invite you
to open doors?

No strings attached,
no conditions made,
You Are Beloved,
You Are Loved – 
You Are Love 
upon this path,
walking below 
as you soar above!

A Gift of Love


Share You.

What you give 
do you not receive,
what do you 
hide at times 
from you –
Love is a gift 
that needs no
join with Love 
and share You.

This is not 
finite energy,
this wellspring 
never will run
what lifts you up 
lifts your sisters 
and brothers,
as One with Love,
share You.

Why not begin with 
who looks back
at you in the 
mirror of your 
give yourself Love’s 
Eternal blessing,
from your radiant heart,
share and Love