Naturally, You


Trust You.

Your ego voice may 
be loud and bluster,
it likes to drown out
all other sounds,
but there is Truth
that softly vibrates,
that your soul hears 
no matter what else
is around.

Words and worry 
can go in circles,
but in your heart 
You Are at Peace,
discernment helps you 
to discover,
beyond ego’s voice 
is You, naturally.

Yes, you may tune 
into your body,
as part of your Team
it can serve you 
it may show you 
where you are 
it may release 
when you know 
All Is Well.

Simply Trust and 
know You Are 
there is no earthly 
complicated test,
partner with your body
for earthly functions
and allow your soul
to handle all the rest.

Trust – 
You Are always 
One with the Light 
you seek.
Shine on, 
Beloved Child,
Here You Are,
Home eternally.



Breathe in the wisdom
of ancestors,
who scraped and created 
on their earthly path,
struggle may be a condition
of the earth,
what might you glean
from deep within 
your past?

Yes, you may miss 
extended family meals,
but Love and lessons 
still abound from them,
listen closely,
for they whisper still,
their voices speak 
to your spirit within.

With Love and Grace
may you honor this 
speak the names 
of those you may 
know You Are 
a sacred expression 
of this Love,
that stretches across 
all worlds to tell
you this.

Allow your memories 
to stir emotions felt,
embrace, receive
This Love that flows 
through you,
beyond your memory 
is Eternal Love,
you honor All 
in the remembrance 
their Love is You!

One Family of Love


You belong to the 
Family of Love.

Yes, family can be 
defined in a multitude 
of ways,
friends who Light 
the way.

As Love is all-inclusive,
may Love welcome you
welcome to the 
Family of Love.

With no comparison,
differing points of 
your Family of Love
is forever Here
with you.

No matter who you
call family,
all you Love so very 
All of You 
are always a
Family of Love.

May you sense 
This Love within
your heart 
no matter 
where you are –
welcome Home,
precious child,
surrounded by 
One Family of Love.

A Bridge of Love


Be a vessel,
hold the space,
be a Bridge of Love 
beyond time and place,
your soul knows only 
this point of view,
might your human
begin to see this, too?

You need not work
to change each other,
simply know you are
your sister and brother,
as your soul knows 
All Are One,
might you release 
your human projection?

A leap of Faith 
is all you need,
let the Bridge of Love 
close any gap you 
when you see with 
your True Vision,
do you not understand 
and know Source 
is within?

Join hand in hand 
as hearts All are 
as Love’s Bridge,
reach out to 
All are welcome,
do you not all
as One with Source,
are you not already 

As Love’s vessel 
you are this 
Bridge of Love,
be Love’s shining Light,
projecting below 
what is above,
hold this space 
for Love’s Light 
to shine through,
as you remember 
You Are Love – 
the One of You!

A Beautiful Light


Your Light exists
for you to shine,
clear Vision helps 
you to see,
no matter the world 
around you,
Love is Here
inviting you
to Be.

Might you let go 
of expectation,
of what you think 
needs to happen here,
is there not Peace 
in the surrender of 
knowing Love always 
is Everywhere.

Yes, you may stand up 
for what you believe in,
but always seek the 
Truth in your soul,
be anchored in deeper 
not tossed about 
by waves crashing 
on the shore.

Look for the Light 
in your sisters and 
You Are One Light 
that forever shines,
Here Is Love 
that passes all 
shine on with Grace,
Love’s Beautiful Light!

Forever, Love


Forever bonds are eternal,
these loving connections 
never die,
Love sees through 
the human condition, 
unconditional Love 
is the tie that binds.

Know that Love is 
forever with you,
in your heart you know
this is True,
loved ones find ways 
to make these connections,
to remind always 
they are with you.

Never alone,
you cannot Be
anywhere without 
Love always Here,
the human journey 
may be hard at times,
but Love supports you
and is Everywhere.

You know these 
forever bonds,
they cannot break
with what they are
made of,
Love is eternal,
never ending,
and receive
forever Love.

With No Sides


There are no sides 
to Love.

It is not structure,
it holds no space,
you cannot contain 
it is beyond place – 
there are no sides 
to Love.

Love is both All
as well as One,
in its infinity
love is never done,
Love knows no boundaries –
as there are no sides
to Love.

Love invites All 
as All are One,
Love cannot be lost,
nor is Love ever won,
Love simply Is
All That You Are,
complete and Whole – 
with no sides 
to Love.

You wish to know 
where do you fall,
on which side of 
right or wrong,
dear ones,
Love catches and 
supports All – 
there are no sides 
to perfect,

Peace, Within


Peace on earth 
is Peace within.

Be the Light 
you wish to see.

Know your eyes 
may not see All,
your heart may 
feel battered 
or weary 
from life,
rest assured,
your soul 
knows Love
and the Peace 
that dwells within.

Be the Love 
that is you,
dear child.

Begin with you,
bathe your heart 
in Love’s healing 

If any problem 
ties you in knots,
release your mind,
surrender thought,
the path of least 
is your loving,
knowing heart.

The Peace you seek 
is returning 
to You.

Welcome Home,
Love says softly,
Peace is Here,
as Love,

A Loving Call


Walk with Me,
Love says gently,
I will show you
Love’s way,
may We walk 
this path together,
the Light of Love 
lighting the way.

I will catch you 
if you stumble,
or if you think 
that you are lost,
All together,
walking with Love,
might there be 
no chasm that 
We cannot cross?

Walk with Love,
step by step,
heart to heart
beating as One,
All brothers and sisters 
are Love’s family,
welcome Love,
All belong.

Be This Love,
You Are Here,
you welcome 
this loving call,
in perfect union 
with Love Eternal,
the Truth of
One Love 
is the Love
for All.

One Mind


Are there not times
when time stands still
before you,
at other times,
does it not fly by,
is this not a
perfect example 
to show you,
time is a perception,
neither wrong 
or right.

Ideas, beliefs
build up barriers 
that make it 
hard to see clearly
with your human
within your soul,
beyond all perception,
is your knowing 
We Are All Love 

Yes, you live in a 
world that highlights
so many comparisons
but time and space 
is but a perception,
the Infinite You
is One Mind,

As human,
walking on a timeline,
may you pause 
and remember 
Who You Are,
you are connected 
to all souls 
as One Love –
awaken in your
of how
Loved You Are!