Love’s Healing Flow


Love’s healing balm 
always knows 
where to go,
you need not 
direct it,
but say yes
to Love’s sweet 

You cannot control 
another’s journey,
but you may travel
a similar path,
breathing the One Love
that breathes you,
helps you to see 
beyond each other’s 

Forgiveness for one
is forgiveness for all,
might you say yes
to what Love can do,
in this acceptance 
and allowance,
Love’s healing flow
lights up the 
Whole of You.

In this sweet surrender
know Love always 
courses through,
let go of doing 
as You Are Be-ing,
this healing Love
forever flows through

Good Company


Rest in the company 
of angels,
do they not surround you
at all times?
Here is Peace,
Here is Love,
soak up This Flow
of the Divine.

Claim your innocence
precious child,
Love forever flows
through you,
the world may appear 
as turmoil, struggle,
but Here at Home,
the Peace of Love 
breathes You.

See your self 
as the angels 
see you,
Be your Self,
Love’s perfection,
you are safe 
in the arms of 
You Are Love,
and Loved eternally.

A Love Story


See your past 
as a Love story,
that leads to 
this present you,
in this life you
unfold linearly,
but You Are always
wholly You.

May you with loving 
eyes look back,
see with the perspective 
of your soul,
in this real-time 
present moment,
what might you 
heal, transform,
let go?

You may be a product 
of your story,
but as a creator 
what say you 
with Love embrace 
all of your parts,
to know the Wholeness
of You Now.

With compassion and 
past presents in a 
new Light,
no-thing can ever 
hold you back 
from Be-ing your
Beautiful Light.

Faith accompanies you
on your journey,
Trust helps you to 
see what’s next,
Grace reminds All Love
is You, dear,
Love walks as You
with every step!


Courageous Awareness


Remember Who You Are,
step out of the role
that you play here,
don’t believe all of 
the stories that ego
wishes for you 
to hear.

Question often what 
is not aligned 
with your eternal
and shining soul,
when you feel knocked
off balance,
what does your soul 
wish you to know?

Do not pile on more 
ego loves to set 
that up,
when you are open 
to what arises,
might you add
more Love to 
fill you up?

Sense your Strength 
in your awareness,
sit with Courage 
and behold,
your innate Power 
is Here assuring,
All is Well with You,
beloved soul!

A Path of Peace


You look for balance 
on your path,
what voices should 
I listen to?
Your intellect knows 
all the details,
at times emotions get 
the best of you.

Through the cloud cover
of life,
there is another Voice 
my dear,
turn to your Light –
always present to help,
making things clear.

Decisions can be 
when expectation 
is attached,
might you sense your
path of Peace,
letting each step lead
you to the next.

Let go of the world 
upon your shoulders,
trust in your Self 
that is sure and clear,
Love is Here,
supportive, helping,
loved beyond measure 
are you always, dear!


A Chance to Love


Be at Peace,
be gentle with 
your self
that you are 
learning from,
do not miss an 
to heal,
to Love
this one.

When you run into 
your obstacles
that you thought 
were now gone,
might you chuckle 
very softly,
grateful for this 
chance to Love.

There are no wins,
there are no losses,
only paths to help 
you see,
clearing out what 
used to run you,
opens you up to 
your innate Peace.

Change your perspective 
of this human self
that you do not need
to fix,
but oh my dear,
accept and Love 
without condition,
to know All of This!

Loving Support


Are you not part of 
something greater,
that your eyes 
may not see,
yes, you play roles
in this life,
but you are woven 
in Eternity.

There may be moments
you experience
that have you asking 
the question why,
you may not know 
the role you play 
is a small slice 
in a greater pie.

You need not take 
for all that happens 
around you,
other life journeys 
are unfolding – 
you do the best that 
you can do.

Trust spirit,
talking daily,
to your soul 
who understands,
being human in 
this life can feel 
like a stranger 
in a strange land.

May you sense 
Love and support
that is always Here 
for you,
beyond the role 
that you play,
dear one,
is All of Love 
that so Loves you!

Love’s Innocence


Love is innocent.
And You Are This.

Your human self 
rises up against this,
pointing fingers 
in and out,
there are so many 
definitions of love,
that artists love to
write about.

Unconditional Love has
no definition,
is This Love not 
beyond all words?
It is captured in
moments, blissful,
when time stands still,
as precious moments

All worldly things 
placed upon Love 
may make it hard 
to see at times,
but your soul knows 
its effervescence,
connecting, rejoicing 
with fellow Lights.

Life is not a loss 
of innocence,
it is remembering 
Love’s Eternal Truth,
when you tune into 
your soul shining,
rejoice – Love’s Innocence 
shines in You!

May This You Know


Be at Peace 
dear gentle soul,
somewhere within you 
this you know.

There is no judgment,
Love is Here,
rest, relax,
Love is Everywhere.

Where chaos reigns
ask Love for Peace,
may next steps come 
with Grace and ease.

Take Love’s hand 
that is here for you,
with gracious support,
Love sees you through.

You Are Love,
dear gentle soul,
so loved, so cherished,
may This you know.

Your Self


Let go of struggle
you need not resist 
your self.

Let friction invite you
to realize,
it is fear that separates you
and everyone else.

Let Love as healing balm
remind you,
begin with you, dear one
and see.

In Love’s flow that 
breathes acceptance,
Here is where you 
return to Peace.

You may feel you 
need to battle 
to hang on to what
you have here.

But Love is always 
with you, dear one,
this Self of You 
is forever Here.