Make your own ripples
in the water,
what patterns do you 
wish to send,
as energy is 
what do you wish 
to extend?

It may be tempting 
to want experiences
around you to bring 
you what you need,
but as a master creator,
might you begin with 
what you believe?

You are a conduit 
for Love,
even if an experience 
has you not convinced,
might you know you 
have within,
All the Love you need 
as You Are All of This.

Be a Source of Love, 
may you extend what
what naturally flows
through you,
release your ripples 
of Love,
reclaim the Strength 
of this authentic You!



Be kind.

This is an oft used phrase
that you see throughout
the day,
is not kindness a
form of compassion,
be it action or what 
you say?

Is there not a softness 
to kindness,
is this why it appears 
so hard
for human interaction 
to share this as walls
are up and the fight 
is honored?

Honor your soul,
your own kindness,
does it not begin 
with you?
Let Love’s gentle 
remind that Love 
always flows through 

Extend the kindness 
of your heart,
soft enough to 
give and receive,
let kindness guide
you gently,
may it show you 
Grace and ease!

Sacred Blessings


May you receive 
Love’s eternal 
that wash over you
may you look with 
eyes of Gratitude,
is this not the clearest
way to see?

Clear your lens 
when it gets 
do not fret 
if the timing 
feels off,
all unfolds as it 
is intended,
life’s ebb and flow
is hard to figure

Bless the roads 
that you have 
do not experiences 
help you to evolve,
receive with your 
whole heart,
so open,
the sacred blessings 
of eternal Love!



Fly free,
beautiful soul,
you are released 
from what holds
you back,
revel in your 
forever freedom,
One with Love 
as You Are That.

Sense Love’s beauty 
bubbling up and 
pouring forth 
for All to see,
as you are created,
you are creator,
what do you wish 
to create,
to Be?

Is there not wonder 
in your Wholeness,
as you are open 
to receive,
soak up the gifts 
of all who Love you,
who see your Truth
and truly believe.

With this freedom 
upon your journey,
you are guided with 
Divine Grace,
fly free,
untethered soul,
upon wings of Love,
Love lights the way!

Being of Love


Be of Love,
gentle soul,
even when friction 
pushes back,
what dissolves 
any perceived 
is Love,
beyond attack.

Ego trains you 
for battle,
creating stories 
just for you,
your soul has 
tools at your 
Strength and Courage
join Gratitude.

Behold your Truth,
blessed One,
beyond this world 
is All you know,
with Love as your 
true superpower,
Be of Love,
magnificent soul!

Love’s Hug


Sense Love’s arms 
that wrap around 
you hug Love,
Love hugs you
connections made 
within your heart
are hard to miss,
keeping you on track.

As Love is a vibrational 
your intuition helps 
you to know,
when you connect 
to this Source of Life,
are you not extending 
and sharing Love’s

to All Love 
around you,
loved ones 
and angels help 
to turn this up,
now share with Joy
this Love that is 
within you,
there are myriad ways 
to share this loving 

It takes but a moment 
to share a blessing
with another who 
wishes to believe,
Love’s ripples infinitely
extend beyond 
your hug with Love
that you,
with Grace,

You As Spirit


You are cherished,
precious child,
your soul dances 
to what your heart 
You as spirit
are always with 
All who you Love 
and the Joy this 

Angels rejoice 
as you ask 
Love and support 
are always Here,
the human experience 
may have you wanting,
but your Higher Self
brings what you need 

As your awareness 
is ever-expanding,
is not your knowing 
becoming clear,
You as spirit 
are This Love,
forever cherished 
and loved so dear!

Hello, You


Hello, you.

Be it night 
or be it day,
clear blue sky 
or tenacious rain,
crickets chirping
or city view,
this moment is 
fresh before you.

What will you fill 
this awaiting cup,
with the dregs 
of past or future
not made up?
Hand in hand with 
create your brew,
in this Now,
Love says,
hello, you.

Clear the cobwebs,
release your mind,
as you join with 
let go of time,
yes, you may still 
have a list to do –
but never alone,
as Love walks 
with you.

Question your thoughts 
that may run amok,
weed out what ego 
is making up,
what pearls of Truth
has life presented you,
in Gratitude,
Love says,
hello, you!

A Graceful Peace


Breathe in Peace,
welcome Grace 
and ease.

Apply Love’s 
healing balm,
may it comfort if 
things feel wrong.

If your mind 
has a puzzle 
to solve,
may you invite 
patience as the 
answer evolves.

Loosen gently 
what is tied 
in knots,
release and 
remember what 
you think 
you forgot.

realign to your
natural state,
may Gratitude
show you a 
lightened way.

Remember with Love 
this state of Peace,
this is your Home,

Peace and Joy


Savor and enjoy
Peace that comes 
your way,
share it freely,
receive it wholly,
now and throughout
your day.

What disrupts your 
Peace and Joy,
which anchor your 
natural state,
question this fully,
release the rules 
that you have inserted
in their place.

The power to free 
yourself is knowing
you are already 
your ego mind
has drawn the blinds,
making it difficult
to see.

Release the belief 
that there is struggle,
a path of strife
you must complete,
Holy One,
rise up as Love,
taking Joy’s hand,
Here You Are

Savor and receive 
this Holy union
of Joy and Peace,
your soul rejoices 
in this remembrance,
wholly loved 
and forever free!