Say Yes


Say yes
to Love.

Invite Love in 
to every crack
and corner,
that you think 
Love would not 
your willingness 
allows you to see,
that Love is already 
All of This.

There is no-thing
that you need do,
but might you 
open up to Be,
invite Love to 
remind you,
is Love,

Say yes to Love,
behold its purpose,
that weaves throughout 
your story Here,
in sweet surrender
may you step,
into Love’s flow,
always with you,



What rises up 
within you,
what wishes to 
be heard,
honor all emotions
so Love may 
witness unspoken

In your mind 
you need not 
figure out
all questions you
may have,
Love accepts,
allows and 
Love is beyond 
all good or 

Love creates space 
for exploration,
in this world 
you experience,
now look with Love
beyond your 
set yourself free 
so you may 

Dance with Love’s
blessed forgiveness,
may this flow bring 
Grace and ease,
Love holds out its hand,
accept it,
hand to heart,
Here is Love’s 

A Vision Clear


Love what you see.

What comes up 
for your inspection,
when past thoughts 
come up to heal,
look at all without 
judgment –
Love what you see.

Your critical eye has
years of practice,
do you not practice 
on your self?
Invite Love to blend 
with your vision –
Love what you see.

As human,
you weave a 
unique story,
as soul you use 
thread made of 
find what glitters 
in you,
in others – 
Love what you see.

Lay down fear with
all its judgment,
may you rest 
in knowing This,
you need not fix 
what is not broken,
dear one,
Love what you see.

Love’s Innocence


There may be static
in the signal,
as life’s issues 
come to the fore,
you have the tools 
to realign,
to see more clearly
than you did before.

From this perspective 
of your True Be-ing,
might you gaze with 
eyes so soft,
with compassion,
with loving patience,
might you let go 
of what you once 

Let Love build a 
bridge to freedom,
you have already 
it is Your own hand
that reaches for you,
to remind Love is
always by your side.

May you gaze upon 
your human self,
seeing Love’s innocence 
in you,
with loving eyes so clear 
with wonder,
All of Love perfectly 
aligns in you!

All Hearts


Are not All hearts 
beating as One?

This makes no sense
in a world
that celebrates 
but even as the 
costumes change,
All hearts are beating
as One.

Hurt and pain 
may feel unique
to one’s story 
as it unfolds,
but what unites
in shared compassion – 
All hearts beating 
as One.

Ego sets up many 
pitting “us” against 
might you begin 
to see beyond – 
where All hearts 
beat as One.

Release the need 
to know all answers
to questions that 
honor separateness,
share your Light,
embrace This Truth – 
All hearts are beating
as One.

Be a beacon of 
spread Love as 
a healing balm,
may Grace remind you
Here is Peace,
as All hearts beat 
the Truth of One.

With Tender Care


When old wounds open,
is this not a chance,
to feel,
to heal,
so you may 

Life’s pain may show 
a way to see
what needs,
some Love,
deep care 
that asks now 
to be seen.

Allow This Love 
that surrounds you 
to remind your 
loved ones and angels
are near.

Be healed, 
Be touched,
Love says tenderly,
You Are connected 
with All you cannot 

Love’s healing balm
knows always what 
to do,
let go,
Love’s arms 
are holding 

This Loving Voice


You need not talk 
yourself into
anything with your
own mind,
release your hold on 
and with Love may 
you align.

This vibration will feel 
it is your natural state
to Be,
your ego mind may miss
the noise and constant 
chatter you do not 

As ego rushes to fix 
a problem,
might you change 
your point of view,
may a perceived 
hard situation
be what is helping you
to find You.

You need not turn 
off the chatter,
but as you listen 
with your soul,
does this Loving Voice
not remind 
that You Are always
complete and whole?

May you walk with confidence,
may you trust what next
to do,
angels, guides and 
loved ones join
with your soul
forever loving you!

In Life, So Loved


In life, yes there are moments
when you feel pushed,
left behind,
you may feel grateful 
or frustrated,
depending on your 
place in time. 

Change within ego’s 
experience may have
you looking for more 
but might you look 
where you are changeless,
the soul within,
the Whole of You.

Life’s struggles may 
be painful,
they may not make 
very much sense,
the world is a daunting 
as you look to regain
your balance. 

What do your emotions 
tell you,
which direction do they 
What is coming up 
for healing 
that a loving balm
may anoint?

You have all you need
within you,
look no further 
for This Truth,
beyond the story,
Here is Forgiveness,
You Are so Loved,
This Love is You!

Gathering With Grace


Gather your self,
your breath is Peace,
return Home to what 
is True.

When you tire of 
asking what is wrong –
know Home is Love 
Here with You.

Be in This Moment
where Gratitude lives,
do not possibilities 

Ask Love to sit 
with you for a spell,
Love says yes and
loving arms surround.

Be gentle with you,
may Grace show you how,
You Are This,
Love gently reminds.

Receive, accept,
allow This Truth,
let go and let 
your Light shine!

Remember to Know


Your soul knows.

And yes, you wish
for this knowing
to enter your awareness
in your life,
the moments when 
awareness and knowing
do these not ease
the human strife?

Might you accept knowing
as a remembrance,
not as a predictor 
of the unknown,
there are life journeys 
that will unfold
with their own timing 
that you may not know.

But rest assured in
every moment,
your soul and guidance
is Here with you,
may you know Peace,
Strength and Courage
always appear with 

Might you embrace your
soul’s perfect knowing,
as it sees the Whole of You,
ask to know you 
as Love does,
remember and know 
This Love is You!