The Flow of Love

Water and amphora


There is no limit
to the Flow of Love.
Is Love not able
to permeate
any perceived
wall or barrier
you think separates
you that is “here”
or loved ones
does not Love flow

Much like water
that can take on
the shape
of what it fills
and when that container
is done,
does not water
carry on –
when it evaporates,
water is not gone,
as is not water both
of earth and sky –
as Love continues
after the body “dies”,
does not Love also
carry on,
there is no limit
to the Flow of Love.

So even when you
cannot see,
can you not feel
within your heart
the beat
of Love that has
created All,
are you not together
with All you Love
right now –
no container can hold
the Love that flows
and there is no limit
to the Flow of Love.

Love Is limitless.
Love Is You.
All you have loved
still flow within You.
You Are Here
as You Are There.
Forever together
in the Flow of Love.

A Gift of Grace

20180315 XPicture


Is Grace
not a gift
of Love?

Yes, Grace appears
in your language,
your books,
your songs,
does it not seem
when will you
be blessed
by Grace –
is it not as if
you are waiting
for a showering
of Grace,
to be bestowed
upon you –
or that only
the “worthy”
may see Grace

But as Grace is
a Gift of Love,
can you see Grace
as the magic
that appears,
that helps you
make sense
of Divine Love
that flows throughout
that you sometimes resist,
is it not Grace
that keeps leading you back,
to believe,
to look at the Truth
of Who You Are –
is it not Grace
that lets you know
that All Is Well,
that as You Are
a Gift of Love,
are You not also
an amazing expression
of the Grace of Love?

Is it not Grace –
much like a magician’s wand –
that touches you deeply
within your heart,
so that you may know
that You Are Loved,
that You Are Love,
yes, let that
Amazing Grace
shower down upon
you now.
With Grace,
with Love,
sense the Magnificence
of All That Is,
of All That You Are –
allowing Grace
to lead you Home.

A Point of Light

20180314 XPicture


A Point of Light.

Are there not times
from your perspective,
that you may see
your Point of Light
as separate,
an individual
beam of Light,
shining out –
searching to find
even more Light?

But is not a
Point of Light,
just that
and so much more,
can you think of
this point
as not an edge
or distant place,
but as one pixel
in the biggest
and brightest
pixelated image,
that can illuminate
any screen
that it shines upon –
are you not part
of All Light,
as you shine so bright
your Point of Light?

Can you shift your focus
from the point at
which you shine –
and follow your way
back up to the
Source of Light –
can you understand
that you are both
the focused point
and the Light
of All That Is?

Is there not Peace
in this knowing,
even as you shine
your Point of Light,
that you may not see
all of this Illumination
with your human eyes,
but as a Point of Light
in the Light of
All That Is –
how can you not
do anything but shine
so bright?

You Are the Point
of All Light
that shines.
One Love.
One Light.
Shining Bright.

Umbrella of Love

20180312 XPicture.jpg


The Umbrella of Love.

Do you not seek shelter,
reprieve from
whatever is going on
around you at times,
do you not wish
for protection
from the elements,
that may rain down
upon you,
until you can find
the Umbrella of Love?

And once under this
do you not feel
safe and warm,
knowing Love surrounds
you may wish for others
to find an umbrella,
to feel protected,
so that they may, too,
be surrounded by Love –
would it not be perfect,
what a beautiful thought,
if All were to find
an Umbrella of Love?

And from your perspective,
on this earthly realm,
you may see many umbrellas,
in all sizes,
different colors –
do you not each have
a perspective
on which umbrella you may seek,
as you look for protection,
from any impending storm?

But we wish to assure you,
no matter the storm,
you always are covered
by the Umbrella of Love –
there are no conditions,
you need not ask
or be invited,
as are You not always
surrounded by Love?

You each may hold on
to your own umbrellas
that you think you need,
but do they not make it hard
to get close enough to see –
that you All are under One,
what is “you”
is also “me –
are you not all connected
under the Umbrella of Love?

The Umbrella of Love
stretches far and beyond,
is Love not infinite –
with no beginning
and no end?
You cannot help
but be surrounded
by Love.

as One,
all gathered beneath
the Umbrella of Love.

The Beat of Love

20180303 XPicture


Listen to the beat
of your own rhythms,
what moves,
what motivates you –
what stirs within your heart,
makes you smile,
makes you dance,
you each may play
a different instrument
or have a unique style
that you play,
but when the song
Is Love,
do you not know
the chorus,
are you not able
to sing along?

Might you celebrate
your differences,
for are there not
infinite ways
to express the richness,
the fullness,
of all Expressions of Love
on earth,
but do you not sense
the familiar,
when Notes of Love
begin to play –
are you not able
to sing along
when the chorus
is filled with Love?

There is beauty,
there is magic,
when you hear a
Song of Love,
it may be in a
different language,
or in a tune
you do not know,
but let the beat,
let the rhythm
of Love show you
the way,
do All not resonate
with the vibration,
with the harmonious
Song of Love?

Listen to the beat,
to the Rhythm of
You are the perfect
to play your magnificent
Song of Love.

Dance to the beat.
Feel the Joy.
Sense the Peace.
Sing along
with All Songs
of Love.

Fellow Lights

20180302 XPicture


Shine your Light.

There are infinite ways
you can shine brightly,
can you choose one today,
what opens your heart,
what connects you with another –
shine your Light.

You do not need
to change the world,
but do not shining Lights
lead any change,
can you be the brightest Light
that you can Be –
shine your Light.

Can you see the Light
in another,
can you join in
to see Light grow –
does not every Light you shine,
spread out in loving waves,
can you imagine
how far Light goes,
the Light of Love
travels forever –
shine your Light.

Yes, there is Light
in every being,
though it may be
hard to find,
the exterior may
not be conducive
to letting Light out
or letting it in,
your human eyes
may not see it,
but can you look
with your heart,
your soul –
when Light touches
another Light,
does not a part of
you know –
I see You, Fellow Light,
shine your Light.

A connection may be
some connections seem
or that may be
what it feels like
on this earth
where you belong,
but as Light is your Essence,
when this Journey
is through,
do you not return
to Love and Light,
do you still not return
to You?

Shine your Light.
Be the Truth of
Who You Are.
Pick a moment
or throughout the day,
shine your Light
of Love today.
Shine on,
Fellow Light,
shine on.

A Greater Good

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For the greater good.

Does not this phrase
pave the way,
to release,
to let Love flow,
as we have said
many times before,
does not Love know
where to go,
can you remove your expectation,
you need not do,
you need not know,
when you surrender,
turning up your Light,
do not Love and Light
know what to do –
for the greater good?

This is not giving
your power away,
does not your Power
add to the Whole –
as Light and Love
are part of Source,
of energy that flows
through All,
are you not connected
to this grid,
as you build your power
can not others feel it, too –
when you shine
your beautiful Light,
can not others see that, too,
are not Love and Light
here for All –
for the greater good?

Even as your identify
steps aside,
are you not a conduit
for this earth,
you are a bridge
playing a sacred role –
turning up your Love
and Light,
can you see the
connected glow,
that is building Strength
as You build and grow,
your Light of Love,
the Power of Source,
that is All for the
greater good?

Do not All
feel the Love,
do not All
see the Light?
Is not the greater good
and you
and you?

Step aside
and you will see,
You Are the Light
shining brightly.
Be the Love
That You Are.
You All are part,
You All Are One
with the Greater Good.