I Am, You

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I Am
before time
started ticking,
I Am
beyond the horizon
in your view,
time or space
does not affect
the sacred Truth
that I Am,

You may change
the path you take,
you may change
the clothes you
identity is temporary,
but I Am
always is

Life may show up
life may turn you
upside down,
at your core
you have all you
Love is Who You Are
and always surrounds.

Look into the mirror
look beyond
your exterior view,
Here You Are –
changeless and
I Am This
I Am You.

A Remembrance of Love

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You may wonder why
you seek connection,
of course it is easy
with loved ones dear,
but socially are you
not wired,
to interact with others

Now physical distance
does not matter,
your technology
draws others close,
you find you can dance
with those most
like you,
some trigger emotions
that you wish to

Yet every connection
has its purpose,
are all not mirrors
of aspects of you,
in this Web of Life
are you not always
even as you wonder
who is who?

You may still compartmentalize
and label,
in this opportunity
of equality,
yet is there not a connecting
thread you call
is this not when Love
flows unconditionally?

You need not understand
why you seek
it is the Remembrance
of Love you know,
accept your beloved
brothers and sisters,
as you link hearts and
walk each other
lovingly Home.

Still Waters

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Might you dive deep,
still waters are
this is your Home
as well, you see,
You Are Here
throughout the
you play and
explore Here
when you sleep.

Peace may feel elusive
but it is constant,
always Here to comfort
Peace is a State of Be-ing
that flows with you,
throughout your human day
whether you Be or do.

Let Peace take you
by the hand,
reach out and ask Peace
to show you how,
receive and float
upon peaceful waters,
supported and held
always with Love!

With Your Soul

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When the external
is wearing thin,
when bristly parts
make it hard to
get in,
when you long
for Love and
comfort here,
or to understand,

Is there not a place
you can go,
for guidance and
direction for
what is so –
how do you get
to Love’s flow –
your soul knows.

Take a loving breath
and place hand
to heart,
Here You Are
beyond end
or start,
the Center of You
contains your loving
Home Is Here,
with your soul.


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Wake up from
your slumber,
rise up to this
moment now,
be aware,
what are you
holding onto,
what is running
in the background
of you there?

Shake off
what is patterned,
what is programmed,
what the clock
tries to tell you,
return to your
the rhythm of you
helps you remember
Who Are You.

Rise and shine
your Light
when drama,
seeks to pull your
eyes away,
with clear Vision
do you not see,
Love is always
to Light your way.

Does Love not help
you as you
ask Love to show
you how,
let Love wake you
from your slumber,
rising with Love
in This Moment,


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Is not desire
a nudge,
a pull –
your awareness
of an intention
that stirs within
your soul?

And as your soul
is a creator,
also led upon
its path,
does not your soul
bring the Power of
to set in motion
what next to

And as You
create from
This Love,
Be-ing this moment
and the moment
do not moments
flow TO you,
not you waiting
for the next,
do you see now
that Love is
the creator of
it All?

Is not Love
the perfect moment,
where desire says
This Is So –
I Am Here,
Here Is Love,
All Is Well.

With Grace

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In the quiet,
in the still,
with moonbeams
gracing the
window sill,
Here is Peace
by break of day,
how do you ask
Peace to be with
you all day?

Blessed One,
Peace abides with
you always,
lean into this
sacred presence,
let Love show you
this way.

Does Love not fill
up the spaces,
where you thought
there was lack,
does Love not bring
you back to
by remembering
You Are That?

In the Peace
of you, Holy,
cradled always
by Love,
you are graced by
Love’s sweet blessings,
You Are below
as You Are above.