Home With Love


Let Love lift you 
from your troubles,
open your heart,
let Love cleanse you,
like gentle ripples
in the water,
Love forever flows
through you.

Here is a place 
for you to 
come home,
a chair to rest
by fireside,
or if your love 
is by the water,
Love is the waves
that calm inside.

Let Love remind 
you so gently,
Here with Love 
you will always Be,
release, receive
All blessings
Love brings,
Home with Love 
is you, as Peace.

Welcome Home


You are connected 
to all around you,
the wind, the trees,
they speak to you,
do you not sense your
place of belonging,
All of Love is 
Home to You.

You may have changed 
external layers,
searching for inner 
Peace and Truth,
but once you discard 
protective armor,
do you not find 
the authentic you?

May this Path of 
reveal what Love 
already knows,
You Are Love itself 
We See You and 
Welcome Home!

Here For You


As wholly Love,
welcome your self 
wherever You Are
you never are 
your breath,
your heart beats 
Here for you,
though your True Essence
extends beyond 
this view.

So settle in wherever 
your feet go,
Love joins you on 
whatever path you
when a road gets rocky,
Love helps with what 
is next,
might you need
or maybe need 
to rest.

Take time today to
pause and reflect,
sink into This Moment,
no past or future yet,
Here You Are,
Love shines brightly 
Be You,
know Love so cherishes

Eternally Home


Here I Am,
Love says 
I am always 
with you, 
you can imagine 
One or many,
One Love,
are always near.

Love may show up
as a stranger,
helping another 
who is lost,
Love is the generosity
of family,
who help no matter 
what the cost.

As human you may 
question your
but never worry 
about this, dear,
you cannot spend time 
away from Love,
as timeless, 
Love is forever 

Here We Are,
with you always,
know your purpose 
as Love is True,
breathe in Love,
welcome Home,
sense Love’s
eternal Home
in You!

Home With Love

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12/21/22   from – 12/22/19

Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.

A Bridge of Knowing


Welcome Home,
your soul reminds
for you have never 
really left,
your Self is aware
of your whole journey,
have you not had glimpses
of this and that.

When integration reaches 
a level,
are there not switches 
that get flipped,
have you not looked back
upon your journey,
wondering how you
arrived at This.

Take your place 
at Love’s table,
your Team,
your guides are 
familiar, too,
you All have been 
working together,
are you All not aspects 
of Love’s Truth?

You walk and cross 
This Bridge of Knowing,
hand in hand and 
heart to heart,
yes, loved ones join
you on this journey,
they have been with you
from the start.

Love is the Bridge 
of sacred connection,
you help to build this 
brick by brick,
your unique combination
of human and soul,
adds its sweet harmony
to All of This!

Love’s Infinite Sea


Breathe in Peace,
it is within you,
sense Love here,
Here is your
angels, guides, 
loved ones 
are with you,
may you never 
feel alone.

You have always 
the help of others,
yes, it may be 
hard to see,
but Love’s ripples
flow vast and wide,
All Drops of Love
fill an infinite sea.

Sense Love’s Presence,
let Love reassure,
You Are Here with 
Love Divine,
breathe in Peace,
be filled with Light,
as wholly Love,
you forever shine!

A Journey Home


You may not know 
where a journey 
but as Love is 
the only thing 
you need,
Love is in every step
upon your journey 

You may pack a 
check on your 
but the journey within
is what Love 
is about,
Love is with you
every step 
upon your journey 

Your heart already has 
beat you there,
Love is with 
you now,
always Everywhere,
Love honors your 
every step
upon your journey

You cannot be
Love is Where You Are,
Love illuminates 
the way through
every star,
Love lifts your 
every step upon 
your journey

You need not know 
what next may 
but as each morning
is blessed by the 
Love walks with you,
blessing every step
upon your journey 

An Amazing Grace


Hello friend,
Love says gently,
do we not travel 
together Here,
You Are part of 
the Web of Love,
Light is You
and We Are You,

Let us All 
share hearts
connected as the 
sky to star,
as tree roots need
its rich soil,
relationship is 
Who We Are.

We Are All 
teachers and 
evolving as We 
sense Our Strength,
there is learning
in this sacred dance,
may We move 
as One today.

Hello Love,
your heart knows 
This Presence,
ask for Love 
to gently surround,
allow amazing Grace
to remind, dear one,
you are never lost,
only forever found!

Peace, Together


Let Us 
Be Peace,

As Peace is a 
State of Mind,
might you join 
in this sacred space,
As Peace is best 
shared and rejoiced,
let Us 
Be Peace,

You may feel separate 
in this space and time,
but where might 
We All convene,
Peace is always accessible
in Love’s One Mind,
let Us 
Be Peace,

You already are where 
you “need” to Be,
trust Love that flows
within You,
arrive at Home,
We always are Here –
let Us together,
Be Peace,