Your Forever Breath


What is deeper than
your thought,
more still than 
your mind?

Stay Here for 
an instant,
this present moment 
is beyond time.

become aware
of thoughts 
and where they 
do come from.

Know no analysis 
is needed,
when your mind is 
filled with Love!

Some thoughts 
take you on a
away from your
peaceful Home.

From these thoughts,
turn away,
and sink back in 
to what you know.

Be curious,
Be open,
invite Love to 
show you how.

Love is joyfully 
always with you,
breathe in forever – 
Love Is You, 



Align with your 
it is at the heart 
of Who You Are.

You know this path,
you have traveled 
to the earth 
from the brightest

Is not intention 
a proclamation
of knowingness 
you cannot learn.

May you embrace 
what bloom may emerge
as petals unfurl?

With tender care,
with patience 
nurture your self
so you may see.

You Are aligned 
at your heart,
your intention 
of Love is
Home to Peace!

One Voice


Be in prayer 
with Love.
And is not prayer 
the giving, 
of what You Are 
made of?

Prayer is the language 
your soul speaks,
prayer is the intention
that sets you free,
Be in prayer 
with Love.

Prayer anoits you 
wholly with Grace.
Prayer is your link 
to knowing beyond 
time and space.
Blessed One,
You Are 
as Love
in prayer. 

prayer is your guiding
speak Love’s 
One Voice,
in prayer.

The Ones You Love


Where do you meet 
the ones you Love?

There is no place 
you need to go,
and Love is timeless,
as you know,
but in this space 
of place and time,
where do you meet 
the ones you Love?

Yes, we reside within
your heart,
but you may still 
feel far apart,
is it not your perception
that thinks you need 
to find where are 
the ones you Love?

You may think we need 
to come to you,
but you are with us 
the whole day through – 
yes, this world has 
you mistaken,
thinking you are not
with the ones 
you Love.

There is no-thing 
that keeps us apart,
we share an infinite 
connecting our hearts,
you are me and 
I am You,
always One as 
We Are this Love.

Beyond your thoughts 
we are right Here,
so close as we are 
always near,
We Are together,
Welcome Home,
always with the 
ones you Love!

The Quiet of Peace


Love says Welcome Home,
though you have never 
been away,
return to where you 
have always been,
you have never lost 
your way. 

Yes, the body demands 
it may tie you up 
in knots,
attend to it with 
loving care,
sometimes its experiences
are a lot.

Yes, you find peace 
when there is calm,
but Peace is always 
with you, dear,
do not wait for the 
world to quiet,
Be the Quiet of Peace 
as Love draws near.

Welcome Home 
to Who You Are,
go within, 
yes, Here is Peace,
Be the experience 
of Love,
welcome Home 
to Love’s Reality.

This Peace, This Love


Love has a place 
for you.

Tucked away from 
all the chatter,
you may wonder 
what is wrong,
is this Peace part 
of the journey?
Love is This Place 
always for you.

Rest awhile in this 
get familiar with 
this You,
you need not anticipate 
what may happen,
Love is Here 
always with you.

Know whatever may 
come your way
is not an edict 
issued to you,
your soul remains 
steadfast and true,
Love is this powerful 
state as You.

You choosing Love 
as your companion,
is you believing 
in the Whole of You,
release all else 
with Gratitude,
this Peace called Love 
is Home with You.

Take My Hand


Love says softly,
take my hand,
you need not walk
life’s path alone,
give me your worries,
struggles, burdens, 
let Love clear 
this space called

My dear,
life makes it hard 
to remember,
you may feel distant 
from your Source,
but rest assured,
Home is where
We Are,
and you as soul 
are Home, too,
of course. 

We are connected,
yes, sight unseen,
but you have Vision 
within your soul,
you may not feel 
Love’s arms around you,
but at your core,
you understand and

Take Love’s hand,
We Are forever,
release beliefs 
you no longer need,
Be a beacon of Light,
reminding others, 
I see your Light,
shine on, 
Be Free!

Together, Home


Be you on a great adventure,
no matter where your feet
may roam,
there is no step you take 
without me,
We Are Love and 
Love Is Home.

In solitude your breath
reminds you,
you are breathed 
by the unseen,
We share this Life Force
that is eternal,
beyond this life – 
Love is infinity.

Embrace the Hope 
that burns eternal,
within our souls 
that dance as One,
let Love give you 
the Strength you need
to walk your journey,
be it clouds or sun.

Discover You as life unfolds,
but may you always,
eternally know,
Love beats the rhythm
of your heart singing –
We Are Home.

Wholly, Holy


Return to the heart,
it holds a place
for you to come back
Home to You,
you have traveled,
you may be weary,
your heart reminds 
that Love is You.

Yes, ego wishes to 
sometimes shake you
into believing you 
are not enough,
my dear you have 
no-thing to prove,
you as wholly Love 
is what You Are made of.

There are many programs,
patterns, playing out
in the world of Life,
relationships can be 
the friction
that helps you dive deeper
and to shine more Light.

At times you may wish 
to withdrawal
into protective cover 
and hide,
but as a magnificent 
creation of Love,
is not Love’s Strength
always by your side?

Expand, extend 
This Love to include 
All of You,
seeing All of This,
when you are lifted,
others rise up, too
do you not All share 
in this loving wish?

Accept, receive 
Love’s wish for you,
to see yourself 
as All do from above,
wholly and holy 
You Are Love’s
forever Home 
in the Heart of Love!



Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.