Every Step


Take my hand,
Love says gently,
I am forever 
by your side,
you have known this
in your heart,
while traveling life’s
sometimes bumpy ride.

You see now with 
greater clarity,
sometimes wondering
which is the dream,
are you not guided 
to the Truth,
following Love’s Light
with its eternal beam.

You are joined with Love,
dear child,
in your heart you 
sense this Truth,
We Are on this 
journey together,
guides and 
loved ones, too.

Breathe in the Peace 
you thought was 
Here at Home 
you are forever 
you have never
been alone,
Love walks with you 
every step of the 




In a season of 
the harvest,
do you not gather 
and put away,
as light dims you 
may turn inward,
bracing for the 
cooler air.

May the crispness 
of a blue sky,
clear without the 
summer haze,
remind that underneath 
life’s surface,
a brilliant Light shows 
you the way.

Is life not a series 
of cycles,
that invite you 
to see,
any moment is a 
when you are One 
with clarity.

Gather Love’s bounty 
that is within you,
no matter what the 
season is,
your homecoming is
the remembrance,
with clarity,
You Are All 
of This!

Forever Home


You belong with the
Angels of Love,
You Are at Home 
wherever you rest
your head,
may this promise 
of eternal Peace
comfort and surround 
you as you lie 
in bed.

May you be aware 
of Love throughout 
your day,
may you remember 
this eternal Truth,
your soul is connected 
to All you Love,
may you sense their 
Love flowing back 
to you.

The world,
this life 
can sometimes 
cloud your lens,
but your soul reminds 
what you already know,
you are never separated 
from Source,
You Are with Love 
and Peace,
forever Home.

As Love


Sit with Love,
Be with Love,
you ask –
what does Love 

My dear,
beyond all words
and thought,
is You,
as Love,

Tune in as Love,
be aware as Love,
sense the Light 
of your soul.

Here is where you 
commune with Love,
to rediscover 
what you know.

Connect as Love,
give of This Love,
in joining,
do you receive.

Let us rejoice 
as Here is Home,
Love Is You 
You Are Me.



You Are Beloved
You Are Love.

The world of space
and time,
of ego,
does not add up to
the Whole of You,
yes, situations may 
have you questioning 
the how or why 
things happen to 

In the world 
of cause and effect,
is it not human 
to bear it all,
guilt and punishment 
are ego’s directives,
but beloved child,
no-thing is your 

At the core of 
human behavior,
is there not a child
wishing to be heard?
Cries for Love 
long to be answered,
might You reassure you,
with soothing, loving 

Within your soul’s 
loving embrace,
unwind the story 
you may believe,
all actors in this play,
are wishing for Love 
and to find Peace.

May Love’s forgiveness
release you all,
for beyond cause is 
this simple Truth,
You All are wholly 
beloved souls,
finding your way 
back Home 
to You.

Love’s Reunion


Behold the Joy
of Love’s reunion,
to know you have 
never been apart,
release the human 
sense the forever bonds 
of the heart.

Your loved ones 
see you growing,
together this is 
wholly shared,
souls delight in 
Love’s expansion,
supportive with 
tender, loving care.

Your life’s journey 
is evolving,
your soul expands 
and loves this, too,
your spirit Team of
angels and guides
all play together as 
the Whole of You.

Your heart soars 
with realization,
that you never 
are alone,
welcome All who 
walk beside you –
softly saying,
Welcome Home!

Love’s Family


You belong 
to the family 
of Love.

Yes there are families 
you as human
weave throughout 
your story, true,
relationships may shift
or strengthen,
in this world they 
may define you.

There are friends 
whose soulful 
span across this 
singular life,
earthly labels 
cannot capture
the tug and pull 
of fellow Lights.

There are people 
in this lifetime 
who you count on 
to feel at home,
your soul mate,
a beloved partner,
are hearts entwining 
soul to soul.

And beyond all 
earthly connections,
are you not connected 
to infinite Love,
there is no place 
where Love is not
as soul on earth 
or with stars 

Love is the family 
you belong to,
you are forever
cherished and 
loved so,
you are woven into 
Love’s fabric,
always revered as 
part of the Whole!

A Breath of Peace


Come back,
to the Peace 
of your breath.

With eyes above,
see All bright Lights,
Be Here to focus 
on Love’s web.

Set your intention 
upon this day,
choose Love again
if you stray.

Be a billion Lights 
that shine,
lighting Love’s path 
along the way.

Answer Love’s call,
it comes from You,
your soul honors 
your human life.

Join Love with breath,
your focused intent,
returns you Home, 
One with All Light.

This Voice


Let the gentle Truth 
of Spirit,
be what you 
innately hear,
this Voice may seem
softer at first,
as ego thoughts often
boom with fear.

Ego wishes you to 
be distracted,
sending you down 
many rabbit holes,
to find an answer,
to take cover,
to not be aware 
of what you know.

This Voice of Spirit 
is always with you,
as you are ready 
to receive,
do not fret about 
the timing,
any perfect moment
appears with belief.

This voice may appear 
to be outside you,
you may not recognize 
it at first,
but it is the Voice 
of a thousand whispers
that you have heard 
within you,
since before birth.

Welcome Home to the 
Eternal You,
sit for a spell
and with Love,
Be – 
This Voice of Love
is your soul 
reminding always,
You Are Me.

Magnificent You!


Stand in your magnificence,
Love supports you as 
you grow,
is there not Joy 
when your human 
gets glimpses of what 
your soul knows?

Trust in your soul’s
Divine timing,
remember, time has 
no function Here,
Be Gratitude as you sense
your angels,
your guides,
your loved ones who 
Love to draw near.

You are part of 
this orchestration,
as all of the pieces 
come together to show – 
how magnificent You Are,
my dear,
and what Love wishes 
you to know.

Come sit at the 
Table of Love,
We have prepared 
a place for you,
let Love nurture,
comfort and surround
you with Love,
welcome Home,
magnificent You!