A Return to Love


When you are in doubt,
or are not sure what 
next to do,
return to your heart
to sense your purpose
and know your Truth.

Let the details of 
the story
fall away as you 
to your Essence,
to your core,
to Who You Are
beyond this earth.

The road may split,
your path may take you 
on a detour with 
many curves,
Dear One,
you cannot be lost,
You Are always Home,
Love reassures.

Be-ing Love is your 
it may take on 
many roles,
return Home 
to your heart,
remember what 
you always know!

Grace and Ease


May Love bring you 
may it show you 
Grace and ease,
do you not sometimes 
make things hard,
forgetting Love is 
Who You Are?

Yes this world is
full of strife,
it can complicate 
your life,
might you look 
for simplicity,
the release of struggle
is to be set free.

Try out a change 
choosing Love will 
show the way,
this present moment
is wholly You,
may Love be present 
in all you do.

You Are This Peace,
you need not search
for Grace and ease,
in your life you have 
traveled far,
but welcome Home
to the Love You Are!

O Beautiful Light


May you be filled
with joyous Light,
be it a crisp, 
clear day,
or starry night,
may you know 
you are never 
dear child – 
You Are always 

Memories may linger 
from moments past,
let go of judgments 
that need not last,
your heart holds 
All Love that you know,
loved ones and angels 
are part of this flow.

Enjoy traditions that 
speak to you,
even as you create 
each moment anew,
between, beyond
steps of the day,
is not the wellspring 
of Love showing 
you the way?

Create this day,
O Beautiful Light,
shine as the sun
or starry night,
eternally connected,
sense, know 
This Truth – 
All Holy Love 
forever flows 
through You!

Home With Love

20191222 XPicture

12/21/21 from 12/22/19

Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.

Come As You Are

20181217 XPicture

12/17/21 from 12/17/18

Come as you are,
to this moment,
to this day,
the human experience
may feel like a
you may not know
the ride you
will be on today –
there need be
no perfection,
you need not have it
all figured out,
but might you come
as you are
and let Love
work the details

Come as you are,
you may be rested,
you may be not,
you may be grappling
with emotion,
you may wish
for something
to get excited
might You honor
for trekking upon
this road of Life,
might you show up
as the magnificent
and continue to walk
with your
Beautiful Light?

Come as you are,
and know this will
change every day,
might you discover
something new
about you –
at any moment,
in many ways,
if you do not like
the path you are
you have a compass
inside of you –
set your direction
within your heart,
come as you are –
the Love That Is

Your Strength and Courage


Be open to receive,
is this not the only
thing to know?
Trust, have Faith
in the intelligence –
that Love knows 
where to go.

May Love dissolve 
your fears,
freeing you from 
the ties that bind,
there is no-thing 
that can keep you 
from your True Essence
beyond time.

May you soak up your
Strength and Courage,
they have been with 
you all along,
my dear,
Love reminds you gently,
there is no place 
like Home!



You Are All 
that you seek.

Welcome Home,
beloved child,
see your Self 
as the Love 
You Are,
as you drop your
false beliefs,
you see you need 
not travel far.

Healing is Love
and forgiveness,
All Are One
One is You,
soak up the Peace
in this revelation,
may Love reveal 
the Whole of You.

Your soul aligns
with Love’s true
may it flow,
aligning you,
you find comfort 
in this awareness,
All That you seek
is Home with You.

Welcome Home,
Love says,
rest your weary 
body Here,
Love rejuvenates 
you wholly,
Holy Love 
is You,
my dear.

Eternally, You


In this world of time
and space,
there are experiences 
you experience here,
you may wish to weave 
Love here throughout,
sometimes Love appears 
not to be so clear.

This apparent intersection
of two worlds
may make you think 
a choice is this or that,
when there is choice,
is there not ego asking  –
is this good or is it bad?

As Love is never
might you shift perception
to this Truth,
Love is your wholeness,
your foundation,
beyond this world 
is the authentic You.

As Love is your forever
True Intention,
might you begin Here 
with this Truth,
the world may weave 
itself around your
but beyond all perception
is the Eternal You!

Beautiful Light


Behold your Light!
does it hold,
beyond words 
or thoughts 
the Language 
of Love is what 
you know.

When Love speaks
through your soul,
you need not analyze
what you hear,
Love’s experience 
in This vibration
is understood by all
who are near.

Shine your Light!
Your gifts of Love 
are wholly received,
your soul is strong
and well,
no matter what 
the body may have
you believe.

Here is Home
precious Light,
Love sees you always
as you shine,
Here eternally
is your Essence,
you are so loved,
beautiful Light!

Welcome Home


Is it not you 
who you meet
on the other side 
of you – 
as All are One,
welcome Home,
hello You.

This recognition 
makes familiar
what was unknown
to you,
as you now see,
welcome Home,
hello You.

Like a magnet,
Love draws you 
closer to your
natural State of
a puzzle solved,
Here You Are,
hello You.

You Are Love’s Essence
perfectly unfolding as 
you see your Self 
in Truth,
Love sees You as
your Light shining,
forever Home,
hello You.