Wholly, Holy


Return to the heart,
it holds a place
for you to come back
Home to You,
you have traveled,
you may be weary,
your heart reminds 
that Love is You.

Yes, ego wishes to 
sometimes shake you
into believing you 
are not enough,
my dear you have 
no-thing to prove,
you as wholly Love 
is what You Are made of.

There are many programs,
patterns, playing out
in the world of Life,
relationships can be 
the friction
that helps you dive deeper
and to shine more Light.

At times you may wish 
to withdrawal
into protective cover 
and hide,
but as a magnificent 
creation of Love,
is not Love’s Strength
always by your side?

Expand, extend 
This Love to include 
All of You,
seeing All of This,
when you are lifted,
others rise up, too
do you not All share 
in this loving wish?

Accept, receive 
Love’s wish for you,
to see yourself 
as All do from above,
wholly and holy 
You Are Love’s
forever Home 
in the Heart of Love!



Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.



Immerse yourself 
in Love.

Love is Who You Are,
dear child,
from protective womb
to angel wing,
there is no time 
when you are not 
held sacred,
Love is All before, 
after and in-between.

Breathe Love in,
no matter your 
you are safe 
and held in 
loving Light,
no-thing can be 
taken from your 
True Essence,
You Are at Home 
in Arms of Love,
held tight.

Dive deep into these 
nurturing waters,
you have All that 
you think you need,
your beloved soul 
shares All experience 
with you,
you are never alone
Love reminds,
most tenderly. 

Spread your wings,
there is no-thing 
you back from 
what sets you free,
immersed you are,
flowing with Love 
as One,
and loved infinitely!

I See You


I see you,
Love says,
look with Me 
at Who I see,
We as One are
always together,
there is no distance
between You and Me.

Peel off the layers
that obscure your
do not believe 
what is not crystal
Love is simple,
Love is the knowing 
that is accessible 

I Am You,
Love reassures,
take my hand and 
soar with Me,
it matters not 
the place you dwell,
We Are Home always
through Eternity.

Take Love in,
Love coaxes,
your heart reminds
you of what 
You know,
We as One 
is Love’s sweet 
Precious Child,
You Are always 

Orient to Love


Orient to Love.

Yes, the human side 
of you 
prefers to have feet
on solid ground,
a semblance of order 
helps you to know,
how you may easily
move around. 

But as you radiate Love
from inside out to 
your surroundings near,
is not any place a 
sanctuary of Love,
the soul of you fills
all dwellings here.

You may arrange 
what is around you,
so that your eyes see 
a familiar scene,
but is your heart not
always at Home,
and not dependent
on external things.

You Are the Power 
of Love,
your vibration brings life 
to anywhere you are,
Love is your natural
like navigating by the 
twinkling stars.

Let Love be your North Star,
may you know that 
You Are Here,
you are always Home 
as a child of Love,
you eternally belong 
as Love, Everywhere!



In between sound 
or word,
is space,
that needs 
to fill it up – 
is not
This Everything 
complete and 
filled with Love?

You may push 
against sound,
or stumble over
but does your 
not fill 
in between?

Hum with Love,
make a sound,
write a word
that captures 
your heart,
but know 
You Are 
and always 

All That Is 
and in between,
is where You are – 
This Everything,
breathe it in,
sing it out,
Love is You 
Are Everything.



Relationship is the 
joining of Love.

And as you are 
already connected 
to All That Is Love,
is life not the
experience of
This Togetherness?

And though the ego 
wishes to convince you
that you must carry on
might you discover
this togetherness,
always in Love’s sacred

As you are already joined 
with All you hold dear,
know no-thing can come 
between you,
togetherness is the 
constant Here.

Relationship is Love’s bridge 
to what is infinite 
and True,
as Love is sacred
and holy,
together always
with Love
is You!

A Moment Blessed


Let emotions bring up 
to you,
what is asking,
where is Love?
Your human self 
likes reassurance
from your knowingness

Yes, All of This 
is All of You,
always connected,
though you may 
have doubt,
behold the Peace 
that is always 
with you,
ready to fill in 
what you think 
has run out.

There may be change 
in your surroundings,
take a moment to breathe
in what you know,
as a powerful,
creative Be-ing,
always upon your journey,
you are forever Home.

You need not quell 
your emotions,
but dig down deep 
to their roots,
is not This Moment,
with Love’s sweet blessing,
the perfect time 
to bless the All 
of You?

In this life 
there are many 
as Love is changeless,
know this Truth –
You Are blessed
in this timeless moment,
always whole and complete,
Eternal Love is You!

Anchored With Love


Let Love be your anchor,
when you feel yourself
wherever you are 
upon the ocean,
you belong as 
All of This.

You do not need 
a map to guide you,
your destination 
is always near,
look no further
than your heart,
all that you need 
resides right Here.

You may relish 
quiet moments,
you may wish at times
to pause ashore,
but deeper waters may 
invite you
to find your flow 
so you may soar. 

Let Love be your anchor,
you are You
no matter where,
You Are whole 
as Love’s sweet promise –
eternally with you
and Everywhere!