Experience today.

Set aside your 
your fears,
let worry 
take a break

Let the senses
of your body
take in the beauty
of the earth.

Be warmed by sun,
feel breath of wind,
soak up the wonder 
of spring’s rich growth.

Use the splendor 
of Nature’s Oneness
to embrace This Moment

This is your return
to Home,
You exist in 
This Everywhere.

Here is your Home
where you belong,
This is Peace,
sense it flow through.

You Are This,
beloved child,
This moment 
is Love,
as You!

This Peace, This Love

5/18/23  from 5/20/21

Love has a place 
for you.

Tucked away from 
all the chatter,
you may wonder 
what is wrong,
is this Peace part 
of the journey?
Love is This Place 
always for you.

Rest awhile in this 
get familiar with 
this You,
you need not anticipate 
what may happen,
Love is Here 
always with you.

Know whatever may 
come your way
is not an edict 
issued to you,
your soul remains 
steadfast and true,
Love is this powerful 
state as You.

You choosing Love 
as your companion,
is you believing 
in the Whole of You,
release all else 
with Gratitude,
this Peace called Love 
is Home with You.

A Sweet Return


Sensing Love,
gently tears
may flow,
and is this not a 
return to You –
a drop of water 
may think it leaves
its source,
but it always returns
to the ocean blue.

In this release of guilt
are you not wholly
aware of Who You Are,
You Are the vast,
magnificent ocean,
sparkling from the Light
of a million stars!

A drop of water 
from the ocean,
may wish to experience 
the world on its own,
but it cannot help 
but Be as water,
no matter its journey 
or its form.

A drop of dew 
will always glisten
upon a leaf when 
sun says “hi,”
You Are forever 
connected to Love,
as in this world,
earth kisses the sky.

When you experience 
a teary sweet reunion,
with your ever-present soul,
You Are the drop
returning to the ocean,
One with All
and forever Home!

This Experience


Here I Am,
Love says softly,
in an instant,
I Am Here,
You are Me
and I Am You,
We exist as One
truly Everywhere.

In the world of 
time and space,
it appears that Love 
may be hard to find,
end your search using
your perception,
Love exists Wholly
in your Mind.

This One Mind 
is All of This,
as human that is 
hard to believe,
in a world of this 
or that,
there appears to be 
choices to help 
you see.

Be the Choice of Love
begin with This 
intention now,
know that Love 
has never left,
with Faith,
may knowing 
replace how.

Release the need
to understand,
Love is beyond 
explanation here,
Be you Knowing,
awakening to,
the Experience of 
You as Love 
forever Here.

Your Home


Your Truth,
your Home,
is your perspective 
as Love.

Make this shift,
then shift again,
awakening to what 
you are made of.

You lose no-thing,
seeing Everything,
your limited part
becomes the Whole.

As One with This,
can you not sense
the expansive nature 
of your soul.

You Are the trees,
the roots, the soil,
the sky above 
that is so blue.

The stars, the moon
know you and send
their shining Lights
that blend with you.

Greet your sisters 
and your brothers,
honoring the uniqueness 
that you see here.

As Love’s perspective,
you are not different,
needing each other 
to release fear.

Be your Self,
Be All of This,
shine your Light 
in All you do.

One with Gratitude 
and compassion,
your Home is
with You!



Sense Love’s soothing,
loving presence,
enveloping you,
so safe and warm,
may you receive 
this nurturing,
you belong Here 
and never are alone.

This Web of Love,
you add to this,
your expanded field
knows this is True,
You Are connected
to seen and unseen,
continue to release and
let This flow through.

As you surrender 
to Love’s flow,
is this not a return
to your Natural State,
This is Home,
with no beginning or end,
you can trust This –
eternal and always.

Whilst in this life,
you may need comfort,
so may you sense 
Love’s comfort, dear,
you are honored,
cherished for your 
journey –
that reminds Love 
is always Here!

The Peace Within


When you feel hurried,
rushed, chaotic,
you may wish to 
slow down time,
you have this power
within you –
simply Be present 
within your Mind.

Mindfulness may be 
a concept,
but Be this experience 
to sense Love’s calm,
you may not notice 
shrinking time,
but is not your angst
nearly gone?

Mindfulness helps you 
to Be all possibility,
ready to flow,
the “not enough” egoic 
puts you in a box 
that feels tight 
and closed.

You need not find 
the door,
you can transcend 
beyond all time,
You Are timeless,
in Love’s moment,
as You come Home 
within your Mind.

This Place of Home


You may need wings 
sometimes to guide
but you know This Place
so well,
This is You,
your soul complete,
traveling with you
throughout your 

When you need respite
from this journey,
Here is Home 
where you forever
shift your perspective,
release from ego,
even a moment 
brings relief,
a sigh.

Here is your power,
feel it returning,
in life there are things
you cannot control,
but fear this not,
are there not angels
with you,
bringing to Light 
what you already 

Hand not your power 
over to the ego,
answers are not found
here at all,
your Peace,
your Strength
is Here within you, 
rise above the noise 
to hear your heart’s

Remember This,
Beloved child,
you know This Place 
of Home where you 
a breath away,
You Are This Peace,
You Are always Home,
even within this life!

A Loving Assist


Ask Love,
what is needed 
in this moment,
might you do this 
let your thinking mind
take a rest,
tap into what is 
flowing free.

This State of Be-ing
is quite different 
from the ego’s 
point of view,
do you not welcome
all possibility,
releasing what feels 
forced in you.

Within this freedom 
there is no judgement,
breathe easily as the 
day unfolds,
allow your Team of 
helpers to assist
as you welcome in 
Love’s flow.

This shift takes but 
a moment,
intention is you 
saying yes,
with no preconceived 
might you be in wonder
at what happens next?

Yes in life there 
will be planning,
but you need not 
do this alone,
open Love’s door 
to see how all 
through time
is Love,
with You,
at Home!

Forever Home


Here is Peace
when you need 
Here is Love 
forever True,
through any door 
You Are accompanied,
as angels fly with 

Sense Love’s arms 
around you,
dear one,
you are never 
one alone,
Love is All of Us 
Here with Love 
always is Home.

Feel the Joy 
of love reminding,
you are complete 
and fully whole,
may Love fill your 
heart so you may 
know how much
You Are Loved so!