Remember, Beloved


Come full circle 
with realization,
you have been Home
all along,
all parts of you
that you thought 
were separate,
are complete and wholly 
where you belong.

No matter the age 
or circumstance,
You as Soul 
are always there,
you can visit these 
parts of you,
but remember Beloved,
You Are always Here.

No one is left behind 
as you cannot Be 
anywhere else, 
you see,
You as Soul are 
the master of your
and beyond the story
You Are forever free!

A Journey of Love


May you receive 
Love’s eternal blessings,
may this help you 
throughout this day,
you are surrounded 
by the angels,
lovingly supported,
come what may.

May you feel buoyed
by loving hearts,
feel this connection 
as Love lifts you,
a journey you walk
is not solitary,
Love is Here
to assist you.

As you help another’s
yes, you lovingly 
make it your own,
hand in hand,
heart to heart,
you All are walking 
each other Home.

Your Wholeness


There is no-thing missing.

Ego plays tricks and 
has you believe
that there are gaps 
you must fill to live,
You Are complete,
divinely whole – 
there is no-thing missing.

Yes there is grief 
with loved ones gone,
as human you will sense
this loss and mourn,
but your soul knows 
you are together Here – 
there is no-one missing.

Home is in every breath 
you take,
no one, no experience 
can take this away,
sense This Peace 
with Grace and know,
there is no-thing missing –
whole is your soul.


Hello, Love


Hello, Love,
Love is Everywhere 
you look,
Love assists you 
on your journey,
from who to call 
to what is your next

Yes in this world
ego is so large,
you may wonder how 
Love finds space
to fit,
Love exists beyond 
all spaces,
wherever you are,
Love Is.

Might you turn to 
This loving Voice,
it may be heard
or may be felt,
it may be a conscious 
or a deep assurance 
that All is Well.

Hello, Love,
invite Love to 
lead the way,
when you tire of
so many details,
loosen your grip 
on these today.

Say hello to This 
inside of you,
you never walk
take a breath,
let go with ease,
Love says hello
and welcome Home!

Welcome Home


Welcome Home.

Home may be a place 
where you are living
on the spherical world 
in space,
be it a visit steeped 
in roots,
or a new-found home
in a different place.

Home may have a
multitude of layers,
as complex as your
human side,
or might it be as simple
as your breath,
as your True Home
resides inside.

Be at Home in all 
of your layers,
let them align when 
Peace you feel,
may your foundation 
built upon Love,
reassure in all places,
All is Well.

May you celebrate 
your Wholeness,
my dear, from Home
you never leave,
welcome Home,
Be at Peace in knowing,
wherever You Are 
is Home, eternally!

Good Company


Rest in the company 
of angels,
do they not surround you
at all times?
Here is Peace,
Here is Love,
soak up This Flow
of the Divine.

Claim your innocence
precious child,
Love forever flows
through you,
the world may appear 
as turmoil, struggle,
but Here at Home,
the Peace of Love 
breathes You.

See your self 
as the angels 
see you,
Be your Self,
Love’s perfection,
you are safe 
in the arms of 
You Are Love,
and Loved eternally.

A Love Story


See your past 
as a Love story,
that leads to 
this present you,
in this life you
unfold linearly,
but You Are always
wholly You.

May you with loving 
eyes look back,
see with the perspective 
of your soul,
in this real-time 
present moment,
what might you 
heal, transform,
let go?

You may be a product 
of your story,
but as a creator 
what say you 
with Love embrace 
all of your parts,
to know the Wholeness
of You Now.

With compassion and 
past presents in a 
new Light,
no-thing can ever 
hold you back 
from Be-ing your
Beautiful Light.

Faith accompanies you
on your journey,
Trust helps you to 
see what’s next,
Grace reminds All Love
is You, dear,
Love walks as You
with every step!


Your Sacred Self


Return to Home,
you have never 
may your human 
be more aware 
of This.

Your soul,
your connection 
contains all you need,
trust in This now,
You Are where 
Love leads.

Experiences here
may be unique 
to each,
but as One Mind,
does not Love
infinitely reach?

Look closely,
dive down 
to the Essence 
of Love,
it resides in Everything,
be it below 
or above. 

Reach out,
tune in,
to your Sacred Self,
Here in This Home,
your soul sings 
All Is Well!

The Way Home


You have asked 
and Love has 
your loved ones 
are never “gone,”
yes, as human this 
makes no sense,
but you as soul 
know you are 
never alone.

You tend to your 
broken heart in 
putting back this puzzle
that does not fit,
as you are infinite,
there are no borders
with Love like This.

Your heart may wish
for healing,
but in your heart 
is a sacred Truth,
Here is where you 
and your loved ones
continue together 
on this adventure, 

Love honors the struggle 
of human experience,
but know this is not
the only experience,
you with All you Love,
so precious,
continue to grow and 
evolve together, Here.

Invite your beloveds
into your heart,
you will find that they
are already Here,
how did you make it 
here on your journey,
your beloved has led 
the way Home,
my dear.

Your Beautiful Soul


Love helps you find 
your way, dear one,
when the path is 
steep and rough,
may angelic arms 
and loved ones
help you when you 
say, enough.

You have what you 
need within you,
though sometimes you
may have doubt,
Love reminds you of 
your Strength
and believes in you 
as you work things out.

Trust can be a slippery 
as the external has 
shifts and change,
but dear one,
Love trusts in you,
your heart and soul 
are One and the same.

Love lifts you up 
when you are weary,
go to your heart 
to embrace this hope,
bask in the Love 
of your beloveds,
believe and trust 
in your beautiful soul!