You Belong

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You belong,

You may feel lost
in a forest,
but may you remember
you are the tree,
standing tall with
your brothers and
you belong,

When swimming in the
vast blue ocean,
may you remember
you are the wave,
sending ripples out
that return to you,
you belong,

You may walk alone
on a crowded street,
but may you remember
you are All you see,
connected at the heart
of humanity,
you belong,

You may feel the ache
of separation,
from a loved one
you hold dear,
but you are eternally
in your heart
you always belong,

All of This

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With intention,
there is connection,
do you not feel
so very strong,
do you not realize,
in every moment,
that Love has been
all along.

Your human awareness
longs for connection,
but does not your
soul already know –
you are part of this
Force of Love,
and Love always knows
where to go.

A single prayer,
a gathering close,
Love finds a way
through thick or
with intention
and Love in your heart,
direct This Love
throughout and

Bear no strings
or outcomes thought,
All That You Are
is All Love Is,
feel it deeply,
your soul sings out,
This Love You Are
All of This.

I Am You

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Come sit beside me
there is a space
always for thee,
are there not times
when you wish for
and for Peace
to Be?

I am your breath,
I am the Light
that you may be
in search of,
I am the Knowing
in your heart,
I Am You,
I Am Love.

So come,
sit beside me,
share what you have
to tell,
know that Everything
Is Love,
You Are This
All Is Well.


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When you seek to
find balance,
is not this center
simply Love?
You can always return
to this peaceful space,
does it not feel
so much like

You may have
loved ones who
help you,
who remind you
of Home,
do they not continue
this dance,
assuring you are
never alone.

You may at times
lose your balance,
but do not helpful
hands reach out,
to remind you
you are so Loved,
is this not what
Love is all about?

You always carry
your true center
wherever you go,
Be Here,
find Peace,
there is no place
like Home.

The You of I

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If your thoughts
become twisted
in knots,
trying to make sense
of the stories
in your world,
might you follow
the strands
that Light the way,
in quiet reflection,
do they not unfurl?

Yes, it is easy
to get caught up
in endless loops
that take you for a
but do you not find
the You
of I,
when you touch
and believe
your soul

There is a knowing
as you look beyond
as you look within,
it is all the same,
the You that writes
the words,
is the You that reads
them later,
with a different name.

You need not understand
all of the “how”s,
for you to know this
Truth –
God, Source, Divine,
whatever label you use,
is the Force of Love
that flows through You.

Yes, you may experience
me, you and we,
walking your journey
one step at a time,
but know that You Are
always Home,
Love is within
every story
of I.


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When you open up
a window,
do you not feel
the air that flows –
circulating all around
you could not feel it
with window closed.

Are you not continually
opening windows,
yes, to your mind
but also your soul,
Love flows within and
all around you,
but there are times
you do not know.

Build your awareness
and acknowledge,
that you are the very
air you breathe,
you are all things
that you see,
you are the spaces
in between.

You may need to
begin with your human
to crack the window
of your soul,
but do not limit
what you sense,
you are truly limitless
with what you know.

The air you feel
with window cracked
is only a reminder
of the Truth,
You Are Everywhere
at once,
All Is Love
Love Is You.