Be Love Today

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Be Love today.

Be a breath of
fresh air,
infuse a room
with Light,
give a boost,
be there,
when someone
needs you to

Instead of waiting
to receive,
what do you have
to give –
can you make a
Circle of Love
that begins with You,
can you release Love
and let it go
where it may,
will Love not always
come back to you?

Be Love today.
It need not be
or fully thought out –
a kind gesture,
a warm smile,
can go a long way,
surprise yourself,
surprise another,
bring Love into
work or play,
you may be surprised
at the magic
that brightens
your day.

Even in the “doing”
of a day with
a list,
can you add
at the top –
Be Love Today?

And do not forget you
with your infusions
of Love –
pat yourself,
give you a hug,
tell yourself
I Love You –
see the smile,
feel the warmth,
as you are enveloped
with Light,
shine it now
for All to see –
for a minute
or for a day.

Love Is healing.
Love Is precious.
Love Is powerful.
Love Is You.
Take a chance.
Take a moment.
Be Love

Respect Love

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Respect Love.

Is not the simplest way
to respect Love,
to simply Be Love?

As You Are Love,
is not being present
with another
in the Presence
of Love
a way,
a space,
of reverence,
of honoring,
of respecting,
is not the simple
act of listening
a way to respect Love?

And as you look into
another’s eyes,
are you not able
to see the Love
that resides in All –
and from your
space of Love,
is it not easy
to honor,
to respect Love?

As it is Love
that connects
you All,
there may be times
when it is hard
to see,
but does not searching
for each Light’s Love
open your heart wider,
so you may be
a beacon,
a spotlight,
“Here is Love!”
as you shine your
as you respect Love?

May you honor,
may you acknowledge,
each Light of Love.
Are you not all beams
of a Greater Light?

Do you not grow in Love
when you can see
All Lights –
with reverence,
with respect,
in the
Presence of Love.

With Faith

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In the still
of a cold, dark
do you not have Faith
that there is
more light –
seeping in,
ever slowly,
but each day
the sun always rises
and underneath
the snow,
under frozen ground,
does not growth await,
for the warmth,
for the Light,
when the timing
is right?

With Faith
does not come
with Gratitude
do you not applaud
each step?
There is no need
to hurry,
can you accept
what flows
with Love –
keep your face
towards the Light,
focus your heart
on this Path of Love,
let the Light
keep Hope burning,
as you follow
what you dream of.

You can follow
nature’s lead,
and Be each season
that unfolds,
adapting to your
but with a purpose
through all time –
are you not the Light
of the moon,
the stars,
the Light and warmth
of the sun,
as each new day
is dawning,
do you not create
with Light and Love?

Let Love shine its Light
on you,
let Love keep you
going strong,
even when it is dark,
the glow of light
will help you along,
with Faith during a cold, dark winter,
do you not know
that spring will come –
Trust that with
Light and Love,
you will always
find your way
to where you belong?

With Faith
there is Hope.
With Trust,
there is Love.
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Shine your Light
and have Faith
in You.

An Origin of Love

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“Where do you come from?”
You may ask
to find out an
a place to start,
to categorize,
to label,
to make sense
of where a story

And yes, the body
has its roots
in the elements
of the earth –
Mother Earth
gives you what
you need to be
and of all the
wonders of the world –
are you not a wonder, too?

“Where do you come from?”
you may ask
to the You who
looks back,
who knows there is more
than meets the eye,
do you not sense
the connections
with the earth,
in nature,
with people
who see You,
as they see
themselves, too –
is there not common ground
when it is the
connection to Love,
that begins without
a sound,
do you not sense
the Flow of Love
when you know Love
as your origin?

“Where do you come from”
and “where are you going,”
may make sense
in a timeline
that has a beginning
and an end,
but as Love is Eternal,
as Love Always Is –
Is Love not before the
with no limit
and with no end?

“Where do you come from?”
Do you not create You
in every moment,
with every breath –
for is it not Love
that breathes
this life
into you –
and even when the breath
is over
on this earth,
there is nowhere
that you go,
for Everywhere You Are.

Still You Are –
Here With Love.
Always present.
Always Love.
You Are Home,
You come from Love.

A Grateful Heart

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A grateful heart
can open doors,
dissolving walls
built of fear
and doubt,
does Gratitude
not usher in
the Breath of Love
that opens hearts?

When you feel small,
wishing to run and hide,
do you not feel Strength
when Gratitude is
by your side,
is not a grateful heart
the key to open
what is closed,
do you not receive Love
with a vulnerable heart –
can you have Faith
to open
and trust that
Love Is Here,
is there not always Love
in a grateful heart?

You have layers of protection,
but do these not melt
when You Are Love,
you use your Strength
to push away,
can you Be Courage
and let Love in,
when you untangle
to your core,
to see the magnificent Love
That You Are –
are You not revealed
when you look
with a grateful heart?

Open to the limitless
possibilities of You.
Your heart is the bridge,
you can hide
or cross anew.
You Are Strength,
You Are Courage,
with Love –
what can you not do?
Welcome in the Magic
with your loving,
grateful heart.


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Awareness is observing
from the seat of the soul.

You can still the
constant chatter
of your thoughts,
of your mind,
but are You
not always present,
be it loud
or be it still?
When you feel
most human,
experiencing situations
in your life,
is it not You
that is watching,
that is always aware?

When you shift
to this perspective –
aware of your
awareness Here,
does not the unhooking
of your story
bring you freedom,
bring relief –
but you need not
leave your story,
has not your story
brought you here –
do not your experiences
bring to your awareness
of what is coming up
for Love?

Is not awareness
the perspective
that knows All Is Well,
there is pain in
the human experience,
but your heart knows
what to do –
is it not awareness
that gives the heart
the leading role
in the story of You?

As human you may wish
to protect your heart
and close,
but the heart is so much
it is the link to
All That Is –
may you open up
your heart
and Be Aware
of Who You Are –
You as the observer,
are you not always,
always Love?

Your heart is the window
to All That You Are.
Keep it open,
keep Love flowing.
Be Aware.
You Are Love.


20180105 XPicture


Do you not know calm
after a storm?

Like a snow globe
when you shake it,
you can change
the scene you are in,
but when all settles down,
do you not enjoy
the calm?
Sometimes it is you
that shakes things up,
like an Etch-a-Sketch
you clear,
so that you may
start again,
beginning from a
place of calm.

When there is tumult,
when there is change,
on a larger scale
around you –
it may be hard
to find your center,
to find the calm
and sense the Peace,
but you need not be
the winds blowing,
the snow flying,
the globe that shakes.

Might you be the ground
for all to settle down,
can you visualize the snow
no longer flying around,
does not all become quiet
when the storm
has moved along,
do you not find Peace
when grounded in
this State of Calm?

Be centered in your heart,
when things shake up,
you can return.
Be grounded in the earth,
nature can show you
what to do.
There is an ebb and flow
to life,
but at your center
do you not find –
There Is Love.
There Is Light.
There Is Peace
and There Is Calm.

Asking Love

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Just ask.

You spend time alone
within your mind,
following thoughts around
that go here and there –
are thoughts not like
a dog
taking you for a walk,
darting here,
“no, I need to go there” –
when you wish for
a little help
with the thoughts that circle
around and around –
just ask.

There are patterns
that you follow,
programs you are
used to,
when you bump into
that makes you
see what you do,
can you let go
of old behavior
and create a pathway
that is new,
you may wonder how
to do this,
if you have not been
on this road before –
just ask.

There is support
whenever you need it –
does not Love
light your way?
This need not be
a solitary experience,
is there not help
that wishes to play,
yes, you call upon
friends and family,
but is there not help
from “up above” –
do not your guides,
your angels,
your loved ones
know a thing or two
about Love?
Just ask.

Does not receiving begin
when you open up
your heart,
does not surrender
place you in a space
to see what is next,
the answer may be
what you know,
but might it be
what you do not expect,
are you not open
to all possibility,
when you
simply ask?

“Show me,
lead me,
guide me.”
You have heard
these words before –
is not what you are asking
is to sense and Be
more Love?
There is nothing
that needs to be added –
only strip away
what clouds your view,
does not the Light of Love
bring you the answers
as it illuminates You –
just ask.

When you ask
are you not open
to what may filter
in to you –
you have all of the answers
and with Love,
know what to do.
Let the Light of Love
guide you,
you are never separate
from Love.
Ask and then receive
the perfect answer –
it is always,
always Love.

Take Time for Love

Sunset along the north shore of Lake Superior at Stoney Point.


Take some time
to rise above.
You may need
to unhook
to remember that Love
is in the quiet,
in this moment,
in the breath
that you just took.

Love is always by
your side,
in your heart,
wherever you look –
when you see with the eyes
of the soul,
you need not go
far away,
a shift in perspective
can make the denseness
fade away,
is there not greater clarity
when you take time
to rise above,
even when you are in
your story,
are you still not
always Love?

Take some time,
rise above,
give yourself
a loving hug,
sometimes the story
brings up things
you would rather
do without,
but is not Love
the healing medicine
that allows you
to let go,
do you then not
make more space
to let Love come in
and Flow?

Take some time,
to remember
that You Are Love –
can you keep
your heart open
to feel what you
are made of?
The You that is watching
how the story unfolds
knows Love,
Is Love,
is always present,
always near.

Love is never far away –
You Are Love
Love Is Here.

Winds of Change

20180102 XPicture


Winds of Change.

There are systems,
jet streams,
that can bring either
warm or cold air,
does not an arctic blast
originate far away
from where you may
reside –
but in a “cold snap”
or experiencing a heat wave,
do these not often
come in
on winds of change?

Can you be a part
of winds of change,
change that may expand
or melt the heart,
what if waves of Love
were to trickle in,
picking up steam
as more join in,
as Love is energy,
can energy not grow,
expanding as this
loving Flow
spreads far and wide,
to reach any heart,
no matter where you
may reside –
can you set sail
on these Winds of Change?

You need not change
another’s view,
are you not spreading Love
to turn on a Light,
there are myriad perspectives,
many points of view,
can you trust that
the heart
knows what to do –
you need not speak
the same language
or hear the same words,
do you not connect
with a loving heart?
Is it not heart to heart
that continues the Flow,
do not hearts fan
the Winds of Change?

Might you raise your vibration
with a grateful heart,
might you share Love,
might you receive,
there is magic when you
enter this Flow of Love –
when you lift to be in
these Winds of Change.
Is it not Love that lifts you,
are you not ready to fly –
can you add your loving heart
to this Wave of Love?

Share the Love
that is in
your heart.
Be a wave of Love
on the Winds of Change.