A Love Story

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Do you not treasure
a Love Story,
is it not cause
to celebrate,
a day when Love
is spoken often,
often in a romantic way,
what do roses that
are given,
what are chocolates
trying to say –
can you open up
your heart
and let Love
lead the way?

Do you not have
your own Love Story,
does Love not begin
with You,
you would not be here
without it,
You Are Love
and Love Is You –
as Love is what
breathes you,
can you breathe in
with Gratitude –
and feel the Peace
as you exhale,
celebrating the Love Story
of You.

Throughout the day
can you be the presence
of Love and Light
the way,
there may be many others
who think Love has
lost its way,
can you spread the balm
of Kindness,
being Love,
being Light?

Does Love not bring
a flicker of recognition,
when it is seen in
another’s eyes –
can you help someone
not only on this day,
that You Are Love,
You Are Light,
yes, I see Love
in You today.

Each Love Story
is precious,
as each story
is made from Love.
Be a witness to
each story,
find the Love
it is made of.
With kindness, can you
spread the Balm of Love
today and tomorrow, too –
everyday may you celebrate
the Love Story that is

An Instrument of Love

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Find your voice –
be it soft,
be it loud,
what speaks your
what resonates
with Love,
do you not hear your voice
grow stronger,
when it originates
from the heart –
when your voice carries
your essence,
your innate Source
of Love,
is that not when
you listen,
is Love not what Truth
is made of?

And are there not
countless ways to communicate
without the use of speech,
do not your actions,
your body language,
have the ability
to teach –
do you not sense coherence,
when what surrounds you
moves as One,
when your heart
does the talking,
when you beat with
the Drum of Love?

What you are expresses
through the senses
that you have,
Who You Are
runs deeper into depths
you may not see,
but you know it
when you sense it,
is it not when you
can Be –
the Voice of Love,
an instrument,
that plays best
when You Are Love?

Find the Voice
that originates
from your heart,
within your soul.
Hum the tune
or sing it loud –
You Are an
Instrument of Love.

A Bridge of Love

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Building a Bridge of Love.

Sometimes you connect
with another
with ease,
there are those
you click with quickly,
others may take more time,
but no matter
the outcome,
or what you think
should be,
are you not
building a Bridge of Love?

When you sent an
of Love to Light
the way,
even sunbeams
get filtered,
clouds may block
the rays,
but as the sun
finds a way,
might your Light
also get through –
building a Bridge of Love.

This bridge you imagine,
sending Love from your
does it not already exist –
you need not begin
from the start,
some you may walk
across with ease,
some may be a steeper
as you let Love
guide your heart –
will you not find,
a way to walk across
the Bridge of Love?

With a heart full of Love,
as you let Love guide
some bridges you may cross,
some you may pass by,
with Love as your Strength,
are you not always ready to,
help build,
help strengthen,
any Bridge of Love?

Keep building,
keep sending out
your Rays of Love.
Love connects,
Love builds
each sacred
Bridge of Love.

No Resistance

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When you bump into
is not the first inclination
to push against,
then does not your
brain engage,
to look at all angles,
to problem-solve,
there must be a solution,
if you can find out why,
might you be able
to push through
what may be resisting

But before you begin
to place judgments on,
the resistance you feel
may not be right
or wrong,
might it be to
nudge you in a
different direction,
to make an adjustment
or to change course
in a bigger way,
can you look at
as a navigational tool,
that is not rejecting,
but helping you?

You may have in your
what something “should” be,
you may wonder,
why did this happen
or “how does it affect me?”
Can you feel with
your heart,
can you sense with
your soul
and ask –
where does this wish
to take me,
to get back into the

Does not resistance
help you to find
what you resonate with –
do you not wish to find
and the Peace that goes
with it,
you may prefer for all
rides to be smooth,
but what gets your
what motivates you –
when the path becomes
do you not look for
a new way,
one that helps you to
move forward
with Love lighting
the way,
some changes here,
a turn towards there –
can you have Gratitude
for resistance,
that brought You
to Here?

Breathe in.
Look with the
Eyes of the Soul.
Feel where there
is no resistance,
sense where there
is Flow.
Do not look to where
you think you “should” be.
Be Here
with Love
and therein
lies Peace.

A Greater Good

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For the greater good.

Does not this phrase
pave the way,
to release,
to let Love flow,
as we have said
many times before,
does not Love know
where to go,
can you remove your expectation,
you need not do,
you need not know,
when you surrender,
turning up your Light,
do not Love and Light
know what to do –
for the greater good?

This is not giving
your power away,
does not your Power
add to the Whole –
as Light and Love
are part of Source,
of energy that flows
through All,
are you not connected
to this grid,
as you build your power
can not others feel it, too –
when you shine
your beautiful Light,
can not others see that, too,
are not Love and Light
here for All –
for the greater good?

Even as your identify
steps aside,
are you not a conduit
for this earth,
you are a bridge
playing a sacred role –
turning up your Love
and Light,
can you see the
connected glow,
that is building Strength
as You build and grow,
your Light of Love,
the Power of Source,
that is All for the
greater good?

Do not All
feel the Love,
do not All
see the Light?
Is not the greater good
and you
and you?

Step aside
and you will see,
You Are the Light
shining brightly.
Be the Love
That You Are.
You All are part,
You All Are One
with the Greater Good.


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Do not reactions
help you to see
what may be coming
up to heal,
when buttons pushed
bring out in you
a younger version,
a patterned you –
what is this familiar
and is it ready
to move on its way,
when you see it,
when you Love it,
when you have Gratitude
for what it teaches you,
might it be a human
that makes you think
you are separate
from the Whole –
can you not heal
these human wounds
with the Truth
that You Are Love?

When you shift your
perspective higher,
do you not see the
dramas played
are often acted
by little children,
who only want their
when you feel defensiveness
or when you think that
you are “right”,
might you look a little
to see what lesson
is there for you –
is not the antidote
for whatever hurt you feel,
that you are always
so very Loved?

Do children not seek comfort,
do they not want to be
no matter the temper tantrum,
do they not look to see
who sees them,
you all wish to be seen
and to know no matter
what you “do” –
There Is Love,
with no conditions,
with no hesitation –
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

Be Grateful
for the wounds
that may rise up
for you to see –
the antidote,
the answer
is to Love

Limitless You

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In the Sea of Possibility
does not each drop
of water,
carry the potential
of it to be
a drop,
or a puddle,
might it Be the entire sea –
can it not be
part of each of these
whilst being a single drop,
are there not infinite
when the water
doesn’t stop?

Where does a drop end,
where does the sea begin,
evaporation, rain
are part of this flow,
the water in the rivers,
in the lakes,
in the streams –
do not toward the ocean
they all know to go,
is it not hard
to separate water,
you can – but still you know,
it is a temporary endeavor,
all water is part
of water’s flow.

As you are made up
of water,
as you are powered
by Light,
are you not a Drop of Love
from a Source that is
so bright,
is there not a Sea of Love
that you cannot separate
you may experience
what you see here,
but are you not also there,
like a single drop of water,
you may think you
do not belong,
but as You Are Love
you are always, always

As part of the Sea of Consciousness,
you are infinite,
you are free.
As a Drop of Love
may you spread,
and Be All
You can Be.

Limitless You
swimming in the
Sea of Love.