The Power of Compassion

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And do you not
feel the waves
of Love
surrounding what
you hold in
the space of

Is not compassion
powerful –
it need not compare
or judge,
you need not look
at what you think
is “right” or “wrong”,
is not compassion
simply opening up
your heart
to Be with Love –
might you start
by feeling compassion,
might you begin
with compassion
for you?

Does not compassion
help you cut cords,
to release what
you may fear,
since Love reigns
in compassion,
does it not call
on your inherent
Strength –
do you not sense
the freedom,
the power,
that compassion
manifests –
can you not Love
and simply Be Love,
when You Are

Is there not allowance
in compassion,
might you find
acceptance, too –
you need not agree
on tenets that
do not feel right
to you,
but does not forgiveness
dance on the edges
where compassion
paves the way –
is it not Love
that sets you free,
can you send Love
and compassion
to yourself
and others everyday?

Let compassion be
your guide,
let it open
more doors
to Love.
With Strength and
Be compassion –
see and embrace
the Love that you are
made of.

Embracing Love

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Step into the fold,
come out of
the cold,
can you let the
warmth of Love
envelop you
in its loving arms?

Are you not at Home
in this loving place,
do you not belong
in this sacred space,
can you let Love
help you remember
Who You Are
and All Is Well?

Step into Love,
it is Who You Are,
when you are fearful
remember Love Is Here,
your loved ones,
are always near,
may you find comfort
knowing Love Is you,
does not your heart
tell you this is True?

Step into Peace,
always at your side,
with Strength and Courage,
you need not hide,
Love is your Truth,
your Guiding Light –
walk in the Light
that lights up the way,
when you follow
the Light of Love,
are you not Home
every step of the way?

Step into Love,
step into the fold.
Be surrounded
by the Embrace of Love.
You never walk
this Journey alone.
You are always
and forever

Release With Love

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What do you wish
to release?

What do you no longer
have use for,
what do you lovingly
set free,
do you not feel
so much lighter,
soaring in the energy
of Be –
even as your load
gets lighter,
are you not still
connected to
the ground,
do you not achieve
a perfect balance,
when the human and soul
does Love surround?

For even as you are
can you also lovingly
the Essence of
your Being,
or whatever
has brought
you to this place,
is there not releasing
in acceptance,
is there not freedom
when Love is there,
with no judgements,
with no comparisons,
Love is not going

Let Love guide
your intentions,
Love is always
by your side,
when you feel heavy,
when it is dim,
Love can always
bring more Light,
when you are lifted
from your burdens,
has not Love always
been there for You –
grounding your every
step on earth,
or in the sky,
beckoning you to fly?

Release what does
not serve you,
embrace the Love
That You Are.
With no regret,
Love All of You –
You Are All That Is
and That Is Love.

No End

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You may sprint to
the finish,
you may take
your sweet time,
but is not time
only a marker,
to show how
you get
from here to there,
as You Are Eternal,
are you not
truly Everywhere?

As time gives you
a beginning,
of course you are
cognizant of an end,
but as You Are
can you not roll
up time
and begin again?

And as all you know
is time,
in your linearly
structured world,
a finish line
does give you pause,
as you cannot see
what is beyond –
does it not bring
you comfort,
to stay with what
you know
and to stay with those
who love you so?

And where does this
beautiful Love go?
There is no finish line
for Love.
As time is the great illusion,
you never run out
of time with Love.
Love exists before your
human awareness,
Love continues
after you think
you are through –
your connections,
your loved ones
are always with you,
will you not see that
this is True?

You Are Love
before any beginning.
You Are Love
after any perceived end.
No finish line
can hold you back
from the Magnificence
that already shines
so brightly
within You.

Find Joy in simple
Feel Peace when
Love is there.
No matter where
you are,
you will always Be –
for You Are always,
always Love.

A Perfect Time for Love

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Now is the perfect time.

Breathe in now.
Sit with now.
As now is
All That Is –
does not “now”
transcend time,
for is not each
moment of now,
the perfect time?

When you let
the past
predict the future,
do you not miss
the Power of Now –
when you get lost
in your story,
might you not fully see
Who You Are
in this moment?

In each moment of now,
You Are Love –
and now is the perfect time
to see,
to breathe,
to Be
Love now.

You need not arrive
at this moment,
this moment need not
be planned,
you do not need
to pass a course
with a grade to
prove you know,
is there not knowing
in each moment,
when you reflect
upon Love now –
for is now
not the perfect time
for Love?

No matter what you
are doing,
or situation
you are in,
can you honor,
can you recognize,
the Love You Are
within –
might you share it,
might you see it,
in someone or
something you
are doing now –
is this not Love
happening now,
at the perfect time?

Now is the perfect time,
for Love Is now.
See the Truth,
feel the Power,
You Are always
Love Now.

Hearts Heal

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Hearts heal.

And you may ask
does this mean
that a wounded heart
can be whole,
can heal –
or might it mean
that the Love
that pours,
radiates out
from an open
can reach across
what seems to be
a chasm of
regret and pain,
can a healing heart
help a heart to heal
and we say,

How can the space,
that can be broken
in two,
be the very space
for healing to occur,
is this not the
Miracle of Love –
what you think
is broken,
is only asking
for more Love
to surround,
to fill in
any crack
or space
that opens up
for more Love
to come in?

Do not experiences
that make you doubt
the healing Power of Love –
are they not the
very things,
that open up sacred space
for you to notice that –
the space was never
Love was already there,
when you need Love
the most,
yes, is Love not Here?

Hearts heal.
Have Faith in Love.
Your prayers light up
your shining Light,
but you need not wait
for an answer
from far away
or up above.
You Are surrounded,
You Are supported,
does Love not know
what to do?
Hearts heal
healing hearts.
Have Faith in Love.
Have Faith in You.

Clearing Out

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When cold air,
warm air,
collide in spring,
when you add in wind,
what type of storm
might it bring –
a thunderstorm perhaps,
or might it change to snow,
transitions can be
you may not always
but every storm
will pass,
there is calm at
its core –
are you not more aware
of Peace,
when you return to center
once more?

Is it not a storm
that scours out
what was stuck,
making way for
warmer air,
but moving from
winter to spring
may take some time,
make take some care –
can you contemplate
with the outside,
and within,
can you give yourself time
with any transition
you are in?

Be patient.
Be loving.
Be gentle.
Be kind.
When you go through
a storm,
there is Peace on
the other side.
Give Gratitude
for what moves you,
what clears out
to make room,
a new season
awaits you,
will you not experience
spring soon?

Find Peace,
Be the center,
no matter what
swirls around you –
let Love create,
let Love be present
in all that you do.
With baby steps
or leaps and bounds,
change will always
bring something new.
Invite the storms,
breathe the fresh air,
soak up the Love,
as Love Is You.

Growing Gratitude

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Is it not when
there is resistance,
that you often
experience the
greatest growth?

Can you look
with new eyes
at what gets
under your skin,
what irritates,
what motivates you
to move,
to shift,
to find another way?

Do you not get
into creative flow
when the river
that you have
come to know,
comes to a dam,
a blockage
that at first
impedes your progress,
until you find
another (better?) way –
like the river,
there is no stopping you,
so why not go
with the flow,
that flows within you
and work with
or around,
giving Gratitude
to what you resist?

Might you be willing
to try new things,
might you find support
from others who sing
a similar song to yours,
might you agree
on a chorus of Love
to sing along,
when voices rise together,
singing with the
Strength and power
of One,
can you not find
common ground,
when you resist
or work around,
does it not sometimes take
a bump in the road,
to find a new path,
a different way?

Give Gratitude
for what stretches you,
makes you change,
helps you to grow.
As you seek comfort
from discomfort,
do you not gain wisdom
that you did not know?
Keep growing,
keep evolving,
you shine every
step of the way –
for what never changes
is that You Are Love.
You are a magnificent jewel
becoming brighter,
ever lighter –
with Love as your polish,
shine your Light of Love

Fly Free

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Fly free.

What do you wish
to untether,
to release
into Love –
are you not always
in your natural state
when you allow
what you dream of?
You can not let go
or lose,
what fills up
and expands your heart,
is it not the Love
that gives you wings –
fly free.

Be courageous,
be brave –
is Strength not
always part of you,
like an eagle soaring high,
do you not imagine
you soaring, too?
Can you surrender
into the Love
that brings the wind
beneath your wings,
can you have faith
that All Is Well
and fly free?

You may accept
or fight change,
as change is constant,
what will you do –
you have choices,
are you not evolving,
with all of the experiences
in Earth school,
when in doubt
might you choose Love,
does not Love always
choose You –
is it not Love
that fuels your dreams
to fly free?

Fly free,
let go
of what no longer
serves you.
Love stays in
your heart,
Love always celebrates
Celebrate Love –
Be the Truth
of Who You Are.
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
On wings of Love –
fly free.

A Promise of Love

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There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
can you not
open your heart
and find –
There Is Love.

No matter your story,
or beliefs that support
your view,
is it not Love
that rings most True,
is it not Love
that makes up You,
what resonates
at your core,
when you search
the depths of You,
no matter the wrapping –
There Is Love.

Love is everywhere
you look,
even when you think
you cannot see it,
when you look
with loving eyes
and a heart that
sings of Love,
might that stir
where Love may hide –
There Is Love.

Love is omnipresent,
for when you think
that Love has gone,
though you miss
the physical presence
of Loved ones
no longer “here”,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
as your heart
is One with them –
There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
is Love not a circle,
Are You not
Eternally Love –
Here Is Love.

Here, There
and Everywhere –
There Is
and You Are
always, always