The Sound of Love

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Love is ubiquitous.
It cannot be lost
or even found,
it is truly all
in every beat
of your heart,
in the vibration
of every sound,
it is Who You Are,
not who you
wish to become,
go to your heart
and Be the
Beat of Love.

You may need to clear
what is not in sync,
what feels like fear,
what has a dissonant
what separates you
from a harmonious song,
is when you think
you are alone
or do not belong –
there is nothing further
from the Truth,
You Are made of Love
and Love Is You.

Open your heart
and let Love flow,
where there is heartache,
let that teach you
so you will know,
Love does not leave
or go anywhere –
Love connects beyond,
what you see
and is always there,
Love vibrates with
the Song that is
You –
and those you Love
are always dancing
with you.

How do you sing with
and be in sync
with this Love?
Open your heart
and send your Love
far and wide,
surround all that you
with no conditions,
just truly Be
an Ambassador for Love,
will not the angels
from above
help you sing your
Song of Love.

Sing it loud,
sing it proud,
spread the word,
You Are Love.
Love Is you.
Love Is me.
We Are One
and will always Be
together always singing
the Song of Love.


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Yes, these words
may seem conflicted
when you think
of shoes
that cannot be filled,
but Love can not
run out
or empty,
Love is always
by your side –
you mourn,
you grieve
the changing of
what your human eyes
can see,
but can you not
help but smile
when you think of
who is dancing in
the Light,
is there not rejoicing,
is there not a party,
when loved ones there

So you need not
throw confetti,
even as happy tears
you may shed,
is this not a lesson
of separation,
that is not true,
there is no death –
so pull up a chair,
o student,
in the School of
Light and Love.
Be assured,
Be at Peace –
it is All that
we have dreamed of!

Let your heart
be the bridge
when loved ones
you do miss,
even when you are sleeping,
you may feel a
tender kiss,
can you not sense us
around you,
do you not clap
your hands in glee,
when the signs
that we are sending
remind you that
We Are Here
and We Are Free!

Feel your sadness
turn to Joy,
yes, you may honor
the sadness
that you feel
within your human heart,
but the Love that
connects you here,
connects you to All That Is
and All you Love –
hear the music,
know there is dancing
on these Beams of
Love and Light –
if you could see
what we see now,
you would know that
everything is alright.

in the knowing that
that All Is Well.
Be at Peace
in the believing
that You Are
so very, very Loved.


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Home is a place
from which you roam,
but do you not yearn
to come back Home,
where does your heart,
where do your roots belong,
is it not always,
always, Home?

And where might be
that Space of Home –
when you feel Love,
when you feel Peace,
is it a place,
a person,
a state
of Being,
back where you

Might you feel Home
in different places,
might you miss Home
in your own
familiar spaces,
but is not returning
back to You,
when you remember
the Love
That Is You,
are you not Home
no matter where
you are,
in your own bed
or driving in your
when you feel the
Love bursting from
your heart,
is that not your
Place of Home?

You belong
and will always
Home with Love
as You Are Love,
You Are Free,
as a bird soaring high
from above,
there are no limits
to the Miracle of Love.

Everywhere, Love

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You need not believe
what your eyes
think they see,
the Truth is in
your heart,
where you know Love
is Everywhere,
you may have limited
experiencing life
with a limiting
but can you let
your soul expand
and sense the
Infinite You?

There are stages,
there are cycles,
in the human realm
that can delight,
there are experiences
that are tough,
sometimes unbearable,
full of strife,
but when you Know
the Truth of Love,
can you not find Love
through it all –
and even when life
appears to end,
There Is Love.

Yes, you may grieve
what you think
is ending,
when you say good-bye
in this physical realm,
but your souls are
already rejoicing,
always together
in this Love.
Have Faith,
have Strength,
have Courage
and know that
All Is Well –
the circle is
You Are always
connected with Love.

Believe Love,
so you may
see Love,
everyday in your
life here.
Know Love.
Believe Love.
Love Is Forever,
and Everywhere.

All Together, One Love

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You are part of a bigger
you are part of a
Greater Truth,
you may feel
like a part
that has separated
from the Whole,
but you have the Whole
within You.

Every cell of your body
has a purpose,
you can move each
you can wiggle your
but they are all
still a part of You.

Life is not only
your amazing body,
life does not end
when the body
is through –
the Life Force that
breathes You,
it has a purpose, too,
connecting You to
the Whole,
to All That Is.

There is no need
for reconnection,
you need only remember
Who You Are –
you are already a part
of the Entirety of Love,
that holds All
and connects All
to You.

So remember you
are never separated,
from Love that
and Love that
The Love That Is You,
is part of All
that you cherish, too –
Love endures,
Love lives on,
Love is Eternal
and You Are, too.
Always connected
to Love is You –
All together,
One Love.

Being Fearless

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Be Fearless.

Standing in the Truth
of Who You Are,
can you Be a
warrior for only
can you shine with
other bright Lights,
creating a Force
that can light a night,
can you choose Love
over any fight –
Be Fearless.

You may wish to hide,
lest you be judged,
by others
yes, and possibly by
comparisons are what
humans do,
but as there is
no opposite to Love,
Love Is Strength
and Love Is Grace –
when you fill up
any space
with Love,
how can you not
Be Fearless?

Remember the Truth
of Who You Are,
and the Love that
dwells within You,
is always in another, too –
can you see their
their Truth,
you may need
to look past
what is in
front of you,
let Love fill you All
with what is True –
that You Are Love
and Love Is You,
see it in everything
you do –
Be Fearless.

And There Is Love

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And There Is Love.

Be it departures
or arrivals
at any moment
in the Cycle of Life,
with ease
or with friction,
can you feel it –
There Is Love.

With Joy,
yes, it is easy
to sense the Love
that is all around,
when there is pain,
is it not the absence
of what you think
is no longer found,
but is not an
ache in the heart
because Love beats
there so strong,
no matter what goes on
around you –
always within you,
There Is Love.

Love connects every relationship,
be it stormy
or at peace,
when you peel away
the layers,
what is at the
center of your heart,
is that not where you
it is not “me”,
it is not “you” –
at the center of your
you are always together –
and There Is Love.

Rise above the story
to see what matters
at your core,
as human,
you have choices
and often wish
that you had more –
recognize the Love
that binds you
to those around you
and those not physically
by your side –
Love connects
You All,
Love Is Eternal –
and always, always,
There Is Love.

Beautiful Light

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There is a Light
that you can follow
and it brightens
every path,
it illuminates
the darkness,
much like the sun
on every morn,
sometimes it shines
so brightly,
sometimes with patience
you wait to see –
there it is,
on the horizon,
stretching as far
as you can see,
does not Light
glow ever-brightly,
when next to darkness
it may be?

There is a Light
that you can follow
and you may travel
far and wide,
to find what
the spaces,
that you may sense
on the inside,
might you need
to look
a little closer
and see what
is amazing
and is True,
is not the Light
that you follow –
is it not coming
from You?

Turn up your Light
like every sunrise
and when you think
your sun has set,
is that not only from
the limited perspective
of where you think
you are –
are you not as vast
as the space
that holds the planet
you stand upon –
and like the sun,
do you not shine
forever brightly
like a star?

There is a Light
that you can follow
and it emanates
from You.
It does not dim,
it cannot fade,
it always shines
from deep within.
There may be experiences
that help you
see how bright
your Light can Be –
keep shining,
Beautiful Light,
for you
and everyone
to see.

A Song of Love

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Where is Love,
is it not
When you cannot sing,
are there not
others there?
Lifting you up,
surrounding you
with care –
can you not hear
the constant
Song of Love?

Will not the beat
of angel wings,
beat the rhythm,
so your heart
may sing,
a chorus of Love
will lift you up
when you need
are you not held
in the Arms of Love?

Where is Love,
is it not
When you look,
do you not find
it Here –
let Love comfort,
let Love fill you up,
listen and feel
the angels’
Song of Love.

Walking With Love

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Just beyond
this moment
there is a step
that you begin
to take,
it can be full
of possibility,
the embodiment
of Love,
or you may view it
as the great unknown,
fearing being outside
your comfort zone,
the choice is yours
to step with Love,
embracing that which
you do not know,
or to step
more tentatively,
letting fear tell
you to
take it slow.

Is not each step
in this place of
full of possibility
that you do not
know –
for once you know,
do you not dream
of the next step,
as you are destined
to create,
as ever-evolving
as You Are –
can you bless
what exists beyond,
taking each next step
with Love?

Just beyond
this moment
Love is waiting
to be seen,
to be experienced,
to express,
in familiar ways
or sights unseen –
let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
in this moment
to the next.
Be with Love.
See with Love.
You walk with Love
in every step.

Embrace the
as the perfect
moment for
You Know Love.
You Are Love.
In every moment,
You Are Home.