Walking With Love

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Walk your path,
though you never walk
it alone,
though others may see
different scenery,
yes, it is true,
are you not all
walking each other
You learn,
you cry,
you dance,
you laugh,
but in the end
do you not see –
is it not all about
the Love within,
turning up your Light
to shine brightly?

Your Path of Love
may bring you
different things
so you may choose,
to experience
a range of emotions,
to see what comes up
to be known,
and as you move deeper,
honoring every feeling
that you may have,
might the simplest
and most powerful choice,
be for You to extend
Love to you?

Can you take the Love
That You Are
and envelop you
in this Love now,
your heart is the bridge
that lets your soul
speak lovingly to you,
when you feel separate,
when you need comfort,
Love is only an intention
away –
open your heart
to the endless Pool
of Love,
that is with you
every day.

Walk your path –
and know that Love
walks with you.
Find Peace in knowing
Love Is Here,
Everywhere You Are,
so Love Is, too.

All In

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When you feel turmoil
churning inside,
is there not a lesson
waiting for you,
you can use it
to feel more separate
or you can dive deeper
to a greater truth,
the world is made up of
many divisions,
that beliefs have
separated you into,
can you find common ground,
even if it is only the sound,
that comes from
the beating heart
of all of you?

You may strive
to be right
or to “win”,
when there is a
push and pull
of what you believe in,
communication can be
so loud,
when it is shouted
from a crowd,
might one on one
be a place to

Can you listen to another’s
worries and fears,
that may be fueling
reactions and tears,
you may not agree
on a solution,
but is not listening
a beginning,
to honoring a
perspective that
each of you have
here on earth?

And when you are listening,
lend an ear to you –
as you listen to
what fear might
“make” you do,
what is there for
you to resolve,
what comes up
to help you evolve,
to find Love
where you think
there is no Love
at all?

Let Love guide
your heart,
listening with Love
is a start,
many stories are
to help you,
find the Love
deep inside of you,
begin with you,
shining Light
where it is dark.

As you light up
the Truth,
that You Are Love
and Love Is You,
Love You,
Love your neighbor,
You Are Them
and They Are You,
Let Love bring You
All In Love.

A Canopy of Love

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Like taking shelter
near the trees,
as you take cover
under the leaves,
when the summer rain
are you not also
covered by
a Canopy of Love,
is there not respite
from any storm,
when you need a break
or to feel the calm,
like a tree, sturdy
and tall,
does Love not provide
grounding and Strength
through it all?

The Tree of Love
provides you
with some refuge,
or a place to rest
or maybe regroup,
when you need to
reset or recharge,
can Love not connect you
to the stars,
that twinkle over Tree –
does not Love’s energy
flow through you,
showing you Nature’s

When you need to center
and calm,
be near or visualize
Nature’s healing balm,
find your place where
Peace flows in,
under a tree,
near a river,
on a mountain
or field of green,
can you find shelter
in this Love,
that surrounds you now,
all around and
from within?

Let Love’s breeze
flow through you,
and like a summer’s
morning dew,
Love can clear out
what you no longer need,
letting Peace return
to You –
standing tall
and fully grounded,
below and above –
and as majestic as
a Tree of Love.

Leading With Love

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What would you do
in this Play of Life,
if fear and doubt
left the stage,
if you gave them
lesser roles
and not the leading
part to play,
as they demand
some attention,
can you acknowledge
and respect their
role to play,
then can you lead
with Peace and Love,
allowing Strength
and Gratitude
to show the way?

What role,
what voice
is the director,
what belief,
what script
do you wish to play –
all roles have many
choices to make
along the way,
beneath the many beliefs
that you have gathered,
can you find the One
that builds you up,
what believes in You
when you are doubtful,
is it not always

Let Love lead the way,
can you adjust to how
Love feels,
the ego may like chaos,
building drama
to distract your view,
there are roles for
all of the players
that vie for your
attention here,
but with Love as
your Director,
can you lead with Love

Love inspires.
Love includes.
Love has a place
for all of You –
Love loves you
when you are worried,
or do not know what
to do,
give Love the leading role
and experience how the
play unfolds.
With Love,
Be Peace,
Be fearless,
Be You,
Be Bold.

Sharing the Road

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There is a path
you can follow,
do not bread crumbs
lead the way,
a clue here,
a nudge there,
are you not guided
day by day –
others may experience
similar travels,
do you not meet them
on this road,
some will stay,
others branch off,
depending upon
their story told.

Everyone is on a journey,
each one unique
and yet the same,
when you feel awareness
do you not attract others
who feel the same,
no matter – same or different,
does not each journey
help you see the Love
in You
and when you can look
even deeper,
is not another
this Love, too?

Sometimes the road
may look different,
you may travel in
many ways,
you may walk,
or drive,
or fly,
depending on the
type of day,
be respectful of
who may be sharing
a similar road –
one might take a
different route,
following their own map
as it unfolds.

Share the road.
Help another.
Send Love to those
you meet along
the way.
It is the journey,
not the destination –
how will you experience
Love today?

A Loving Conversation

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“Talk to me,”
Love says,

And does it not
makes sense
to talk,
to share,
to say out loud
or in your heart,
what you wish
to say,
or to ask
of Source,

And as Love Is
might you hear
a whisper back,
or a loud,
booming reply,
as Love,
as Source,
is in All,
might you tune into
your heart,
adjust your frequency
to Love
and connect with Love,
to converse with Love?

This Divine Conversation,
need not be one-way,
is it not meant
to be shared,
as you are always
a part of Source –
have you not been
for eternity,
know there are
that you have heard,
albeit sometimes
use your intention
in this conversation
and work things out,

In the talking,
in the sharing,
might you see
a bigger picture
your expectation,
your specific question,
may have you searching
open your mind,
open your heart,
to All of
Love’s possibilities –
talk with Love,
connect with Love
and listen with Love,

For You

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Love is
here for

In each breath,
there is Peace,
in acceptance,
Love lets you
when you surrender
in allowance,
Love is
here for

When you resist Love,
put up a fight,
when you think
nothing is right,
when you cannot
sit with yourself,
Love is
here for

When you are in
Love’s ease and flow,
or when chasing
an elusive rainbow,
still your mind,
tune into your
Love is
here for

Let the Miracle of Love
remind you,
that You Are
a miracle of Love, too.
Always Here
with You,
Love Is.

A Loving Gift

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From the human perspective,
there may be things
that you think
“should” happen,
or want them
to be,
but can you not
experience ease
and Grace,
even when lIfe
is not easy?

Yes, you may wish
to change the world,
reduce the friction,
have all agree,
but is there not learning
in relationship,
even if the experience
brings out difficulties?

When something rocks
you to your core,
is this not where
your Truth resides –
at your core,
can you not sense
what is important,
and stripped of layers
does Love not rise –
you are surrounded
by Love,
it runs through you,
it is Who You Are –
tap into your magnificence,
the Shining You
is neither near
or far.

One part of you
may sense a veil,
as you try to open
up your eyes,
but the You
that is All-seeing
wishes to share
this delightful Prize –
this gift that you
may seek
is already wrapped up
with a bow,
and You Are That,
Eternally Love –
and with Love,

Welcome You,
welcome Home,
be that wherever
you think
is here or there.
Here Is Home.
Home Is Here,
and Love Is


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A new day dawns.

Is this not a symbol
of a new start,
but as you are You
even as you sleep,
your human side
may look at another day,
but your soul is always
Here to stay,
it matters not where
you wake up from,
you are as constant
as the shining sun –
shining on even as
you think it is night,
across the earth,
is Sun not shining

At any moment
can you not begin,
to create anew
or like a snake,
shed your skin,
do you not emerge
feeling shiny,
feeling new,
when you learn the
Truth of You –
a True You dawns
at any moment
of any day,
when you realize
You Are Loved
in every way.

A new day dawns
and may you see it,
feel it,
Know –
You Are Loved
beyond measure
and as you let
this True Love flow,
spread it far and wide,
live your truth,
do not hide,
your shining Light
much like the sun,
can reach out and touch
as You Are Loved,
so You Are Love,
be it your morning
or your night –
shine on,
Beautiful Soul,
Beautiful Light.

Listen With Your Heart

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Listen with your heart.

Yes, ears are amazing
in their structure,
what fantastic receivers
they can be,
to hear the ocean’s roaring
or the faint hum of a
you can hear another
or take in the harmonies
of a song you hold dear,
but where do you
the frequencies that
come to you,
can you experience
what you hear,
by opening up another
by listening with
your heart?

Can you not hear
even more clearly,
when you turn up
the Love,
is there not a richness
in conversation,
when there is nothing else
you are thinking of –
when you give your
full attention
to hear and feel
what is being said,
get out of your head
and really listen
with your heart.

What you hear may
sound different,
when you have this
different intent,
do not birds singing
sound more beautiful,
when you can feel
their message sent,
even as thunder
rolls out summer,
does not the sound
vibrate all through you –
in the present,
in the moment,
are you not listening
with your heart?

You have countless ways
to receive
what speaks or beckons
to You –
tune into Love,
receive and share it,
as you listen with your heart.