The Glow of Love

20180801 XPicture


Are you not made
of perpetual motion,
as you change,
as you evolve,
take in what experiences
give you,
let go of what
no longer serves,
there is no need to
hold on to what
brings fear in
or what beliefs
you think you are
You Are a creator
pure and simple,
as you let Love
be the catalyst
for All That Is.

Let love flush
all remnants
of fear out,
see yourself
bathed in the
Glow of Love,
be grateful for
what has brought
you here,
let doubt and worry
take a backseat
with fear,
know there is no
to have them
take up residence

Your body, mind
and soul
are resilient,
given time to heal,
are there not changes
that you see,
let the Life Force
flow through you,
you need not know
all what to “do”,
can you accept
the Love that
wishes you to
Be Free?

Let Gratitude help
you resonate
with Love’s beauty,
as You Are Beautiful,
this is not hard
to do –
invite Love to wash
over you,
bathing you in its
Loving Glow,
accept and receive
that Love Is Here
and Love Is You.