Finding Love

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Love has a beat
that you can hear.
It may be subtle,
you may not believe it,
but yes,
Love Is Here.

Be still.

Love has a presence
that you can feel.
You may be missing
who is not present,
but yes,
Love Is Here.


Love has a picture
for you to see.
It may be a memory,
or might you see Love,
in someones else’s eyes,
do not doubt
that you can see it,
for yes,
Love Is Here.


Love has a place
in your heart,
within all of You,
Love is always ready
with what you need,
and yes,
always yes,
Love Is Here.


Love Is You.
Love Is All
that you see, too.
Might you bask
in Love
to Be it,
dear one,
Love Is Here.

Allowing Love

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How do you show Love?

It may be by doing,
checking off what
is complete,
to give another
of your effort,
your time,
your help,
can feel so sweet.

You may listen,
be affirming,
taking in what
one gives out,
time can be spent
it matters not
what the doing
is about.

With time,
with trust,
can you not get
to where your hearts
connect as One,
when you can get
beyond the stories
that may cloud up
the connection some,
can you let go
of the struggle,
that comes when
expectations rule,
can you tune in
to the clearer
where it is only
Love that comes

This can take
an instant,
or maybe years,
but when the
opportunity is there,
can you look in
another’s eyes
and really let them
know you care,
when your heart
can do the talking,
where you need
not win or lose,
in these moments,
can you follow
what your heart
is telling you?

How do you show Love,
can you move
to how to Be –
in this loving space,
might you open
your heart
to see,
with loving eyes
can you see another
to show,
to share,
to Be,
your most loving self

Be Love,
let Love
show you how.
Take a look at
your expectations,
then simply


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Can you feel the lift
of the winds of Hope,
when Light shines
its beam,
on what may have
been dark,
what you may
has been there all
waiting to integrate
into one Loving Song,
fear may think
you are separate,
but do you not belong
to Love,
and does not Love
always prevail?

Breathe deep
from fresh air
that gives you
the will to fly,
may your soul
may you reach out
beyond the sky,
Love is not out
of reach,
you may only need
to look with new eyes,
might you let your Light
show the way?

With feet firmly
on the ground,
are you not also
what does your heart
tell you,
can you listen
with great care,
clear out a space,
to let You
show you a way,
to be One with
that is with you

You have the power,
you are amazing,
let your creativity
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Let the world see You
and hear you roar!

From the Heart

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Speak from the heart,
let Love help
make your voice clear,
let it come from a
place of Love,
no matter what
another hears,
you need not always
say it,
but when you lead
with a heart of Love,
can not another
feel it,
as Love is what All
are made of?

Be true to Who You Are,
as you reveal
this to yourself,
your soul knows
all about you,
even as you peel
your layers off,
your heart will
let you know
what resonates,
what does not feel
when you lead with
your heart,
can you let go
of any “shoulds”?

Live from the heart,
sharing precious moments
of Love,
in any present moment,
can you Be the Peace
that you dream of?
You may change
your surroundings,
things may change
but as Love is
You Are Always
in every way.

Be You
from the heart,
resonate with Love
as Who You Are –
shine your Light
so brightly,
as magnificent as
the sun
and stars.

You Can!

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Is resistance
not like a squeaky wheel
that needs some
oil to go,
can you let Love
pave the way
for you to move
past fear
to flow?

You may get
hung up on
old patterns,
some things get
rusty with
no use,
but as you flex
your loving muscles,
can you not gather
energy to knock
things loose?

Is not resistance
when you are fearful,
when you have forgotten
Who You Are,
can you not figure out
what is needed,
you have the Strength
to stretch so far,
with motivation,
with clear intention,
focusing on the Love
that you know
so well,
can you let Love
be the engine,
on the little train
that could?

Let resistance
be your teacher,
look at it with
open eyes,
what layer can you
let go of,
is fear not keeping you
from flying high?
Now look at You
with Love
and let Love be
your guiding Light,
what seems difficult
is easy,
when Love
is with you,
by your side.

Be aware of what
needs tending,
what can you do
to be in the Flow?
Begin with Love
as your motivation
and watch your
beautiful garden grow!

The Comfort of Love

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Comfort shows up
in many ways,
you know what makes
you comfortable,
pillow or blankets
that surround you,
warm fleece
or gloves
when you are cold,
childhood food
with loving memories –
something made
just for you,
is comfort
not caring,
a gift of compassion,
is comfort not
when you feel
o so Loved?

Does it not feel good
to give another
do you not feel
when you receive it, too?
Might you pamper
and give yourself comfort,
is it not a gift
when you can
comfort you?

You need not earn
love or comfort given,
comfort and love
is always here with you,
can you not wrap
yourself in it,
giving yourself
a hug,
seeing the beauty
in You.

You can receive it
when it is offered,
but you can also
extend this to you –
what can you do
for you
to feel it,
what helps
you feel Loved
and comfortable?

Wrap yourself up
with Love and
let it help you
feel safe and warm.
You Are Loved,
a cherished Be-ing,
surrounded by
the Comfort of Love.

The Road to Peace

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* 10/18/18 – I am traveling this morning; here is a message from January 2017 *

From 1/14/17

The road to Peace
is steady
and still –
like driving on
a near-deserted road,
driving at night –
when the night
envelopes you with
its star-studded blanket
and you drive on –
freeing your mind,
not looking for
your destination,
just happy to be
right where you are –
in the still of the night.

And is that not
a way to think
about the stillness of Peace –
that is not always still –
as your car rolls along,
past painted white lines
that beat a steady rhythm
as they tic tic by –
yes you notice
you are moving –
but it is movement
with no rush,
no hurry to get
where you are going –
is there not Peace
that flows
in this moving solitude –
when your mind is free
to dance with the stars
while your body
is content to
hold the wheel?

Is Peace not found
in this balance of
earth and sky –
within your body
and your spirit –
when both can work together
to find the stillness
in the movement,
it is not a paradox –
it is where Peace lives
and You Are That.

Peace lies within You.
It is not a destination –
it is a state of mind;
when your mind
is free to be
Who You Are –
no matter
Where You Are.

You Are Peace –
for You Are Love.
Be in the
moving solitude
of Peace.