Echoes of Love

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Can you feel the
Echoes of Love?

Is Love not a palpable
that you are wired
to pick up,
is there not a familiar
that you cannot get
you may see it
in a painting,
it may move you
through a song,
but do not the
Echoes of Love
call out to you
to sing along?

Life is like an echo
bouncing information
back to you,
what frequency do
you tune in,
that most resonates
with you,
there is Love on every
can you pick out
where it is,
can you sense the
Echoes of Love,
with your heart,
it is not hard to miss!

You all communicate
through the
Echoes of Love,
Love is an infinite
that never stops
what it is made of,
your Loved Ones always
be they in physical
or beyond,
always resonate with
harmonizing with your
eternal heart song.

Are you not surrounded
by the Echoes of Love?
Soak it up,
send it out –
You Are a magnificent
Instrument of Love.

A Body of Love

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Listen to your body,
what is it trying
to say?
Does it need food,
rest, warmth,
or is it ready
to laugh
or play?

Honor your body
upon this journey,
it is the vessel
that brings life
to you,
and though You
are Everlasting,
in this moment,
your body is how
you experience

So be patient
with this vessel,
be kind to it
as well,
surround yourself
with compassion,
listen to what your
body wishes
to tell.

You are a part of
a Team,
that is both here
and there,
and even when dwelling
in your body,
You still exist

Listen to your body,
and to your soul –
they dwell beautifully
for You Are always,

Simply, Love

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Keep it simple.

Ask yourself:
is this fear
is this Love?

When you can,
choose Love.

When you cannot,
be aware
and then Love
that, too.

Let Love be
your guide,
let Love hold
and cradle you.

Let your heart
tune your ears,
so that you may
hear Love through
any noise.

Ask the question,
question fear
and know the answer –

The Flow of Life

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You are One
with Life.
Life is not happening
to you,
or for you,
do You not flow
with life?

Are you not like
moving, flowing,
down a river stream,
yes, some days you
may meander,
some days you move
ahead full-steam.

There may be turns
you may not see
there may be times
when the ride
is smooth,
but are You not
part of the
bigger picture,
moving with life
as a part of You?

At the surface
you may feel
every bump,
experiencing it all
with eyes open wide,
when you go deeper
you can feel the
even as you may
not understand
the how or

You possess innate
Strength and Courage
within you,
to help you navigate
each turn,
as you expand your
can you see –
life is like a school
from which to learn?

There is no judgment
on this river
that you flow on
every day,
with Faith and Trust
as your companions,
know Love is
with You
in every way.

You Are beyond
this Life,
You Are the river
and the earth,
You Are the flow
that flows through you,
you seek the Truth
as you know it is

In life,
You Are experience,
so that you may
find out once again –
Here You Are,
in this river flowing,
so you may experience
the Love You Are

A Loving Moment

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Might you Be Love
in any moment

And when you meet Love
in its flow,
it is not a give
and take,
Love is with you
wherever you go,
Love is in every
choice you make,
when you pull away
the layers,
of what may make
Love hard to see,
Love has been there
all along,
always with you
in your heartbeat.

Might you spread
the ripples
of Love,

Sometimes it takes
a mirror
for another to see
their Light,
might you be a
loving spark,
like a bright star
in the night,
once a loving vibration
is felt within
the heart,
does it not sing
on its own,
needing only a nudge,
a loving start?

Might you Be Love
in any moment,
be a part of Love’s
that connects You All
in every way,
with your Eyes of Love
and with the heart
of your soul,
Be Love,
see Love,
help it spread
and watch Love

Remember, Love

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Remember Who You Are,
you are a bright Light
that shines,
when your focus
gets pulled away,
you can reset
at any time,
it takes a blink
of an eye,
to remind yourself
it is true –
reconnect with

You wonder how
you could forget,
as Love is what
breathes you through
the day,
but do not opportunities
await you,
to see Love in
a thousand ways,
you may forget temporarily,
so that you can be in
wonder when it does –
do you not remember You,
when you remember,

It may be small,
it may be large,
the perfect cup
of tea,
or being with a friend,
when Love is what
they need,
is Love not what keeps
you going,
even when life sometimes
frightens you –
Love is always
loving You.

Love is Who
and What You Are,
relish each moment
you create,
You Are a bright
and shining star!

Love Heals

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Love heals.

It may take time,
there may be layers,
it may be an
instantaneous switch,
you need not fully
understand it –
Love heals.

Your heart may
be ready to burst
wide open,
or it may open
just a crack,
it matters not the
space or time –
Love heals.

Love surrounds you
in every moment,
Love is within you
all the time,
with awareness
do you not feel it –
Love heals.

You may think you
do not deserve it,
it is for everyone
but you,
but do you not see
you cannot help
but Be it –
You Are Love
and Love heals.

Trust your heart,
it speaks to you,
listen closely to
the spark in You,
believe Love,
you recognize it –
trust Love,
Love heals.

Letting Love



Let Love lead.

Move beyond the thoughts
in your mind,
does ego not trick you
many times,
when you look for Truth,
is it not Love you find –
let Love lead.

Align yourself with
the Love in you,
does Love not surround you
the whole day through,
it is not a big step
to move into Love’s
simple Truth –
let Love lead.

Love waits patiently
for you to find,
you can switch your focus
at any time,
let your heart be
with your mind –
let Love lead.

What opens up
when you lead with
your heart,
is this not how
miracles and magic
Love is All of You,
in each and every
part –
Love connects the dots,
when you let Love lead.