Love’s Celebration

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Be your Valentine,
Be true to You,
surround yourself
with Love,
the whole day through,
give yourself a hug,
on this day of Love –
repeat on each day after,
do you not embody
the Source of Love?

Love is Everywhere,
not only in chocolates
or flowers fresh,
share these gifts of
Love as well,
but Love resides
beyond that,
do not the connections
of Love light up
on any day that you
celebrate Love,
loved ones who you
physically miss,
are with you always,
with Love.

Be your Valentine,
make sure you give
yourself a hug,
and share Love each day
with others,
keep sending out
the Ripples of Love –
there may be a day
that celebrates
a special someone
with love you share,
but everyday are you
not able,
to share Love with
fellow souls,

Be a Valentine,
Be someone who
believes in
Love –
sprinkle freely,
share it daily,
is not every day a
Celebration of Love!

Carry On

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Carry on,
keep going,
continue forward
with the flow,
there are numerous
ways to word it,
this perpetual motion
that you know –
you are aware of
this Force’s movement,
as you are living
with space and time,
but is it not beyond
any continuum,
beyond any limits
of your mind?

Are there not instantaneous
something clicks and
then you know,
at other times it
may be painful,
as an answer arrives
so slow,
you actually have all
of the answers,
is life not about
the questions that
you ask,
that propel you on
your journey,
that have you take on
certain tasks?

Carry on,
keep going,
have Faith you are
part of the
magnificent Whole,
when skies are gray
is not the sun still
in your heart,
this you know.

Sense the Light
always with You,
you are a shining
Ray of Hope,
carry on
in your magnificence,
always moving
with Love’s
eternal Flow.


20190212 Layers


Keep diving deeper,
every layer that
you peel,
lets you see from
a new perspective,
a variation of you
you did not know –
as you build your
does it not add
to your everyday,
from the smallest task
to the big picture,
are you not empowered
in every way?

There need not be a
an ending point
you wish to cross,
yes, there are skills
you wish to master,
but once achieved
are there not more –
back to the layers
of the onion,
how can your mind
know what you need,
keep shedding the finite
of the story,
is not the limitless You
then what you see?

There are possibilities,
there are potentials,
there are roads
you may wish to choose,
you have helpers
that see the Whole
vastness of You,
there may be no
right or wrong answer,
for do not all roads
lead to you,
follow your heart,
what brings you Joy,
what lights the spark
of Love in You?

It may seem an
to dive within
so you may expand,
but You Are already
so much greater
than your mind can
understand –
You Are expansive,
with no limits,
though it is hard
from the human view,
to see You Are
and Everything is
within You.

About Love

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It is all about Love.

All things moving,
your soul evolves
beyond this “you”,
You Are omnipotent,
ever growing,
it is all about Love.

You open a door
from here to there,
but as You exist
what is the driving
that moves you –
it is all about Love.

It may not be wrapped
in a pretty package,
you many not recognize
Love at first,
but does not your heart
know how to
receive it –
it is all about Love.

Life takes on the spectrum
of space and time,
for you to experience it
as it unwinds,
but Here You Are
in a blink of an eye,
and Here is
all about Love.

You may ask why,
you may accept,
you may in fleeting
moments understand,
You know the answer
within your soul –
You Are,
and Everything,
is always
all about Love.

A Dash of Gratitude

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Might you season life,
much like a stew,
does it not taste better
with Gratitude?

There are many things
in life
that are thrown into
a pot,
there may be surprises
you did not see coming,
some things you would
not have a lot,
but does life not
let combinations
as separate flavors
are you not surprised
what goes together,
when you add Gratitude
to your plate?

When you sprinkle Gratitude
throughout your day,
for things big or even
does not your heart
open up,
changing your perspective
about it all,
does not your soul
begin to sing,
bringing Light to what
was dark,
with Gratitude do you
not ignite
Hope and inspiration
with its spark?

Let Gratitude lift
you up,
let it lighten and expand
your view,
sprinkle it freely
throughout your day,
breathe in the magic
of Gratitude!


20190209 XPicture


Tap into your power –
it is the Power of Love,
manifest this mighty
it is what you are
made of,
you cannot give away
your power,
that is a false belief,
not true,
as Love is your mighty
you have the power
always within You.

As you have seen
the ruby slippers,
tapping together
to send her Home,
like Dorothy,
do you not know,
that no matter where
you roam,
you may sometimes
lose your way,
but is that not so
you might be found,
your Strength is in
your power,
the Power of Love
fuels you every day.

If you think you
have lost your
Strength and Courage,
they may be clouded
from your view,
step into your
Light of Love,
to find they are
always Here with you –
you have resources
within your Be-ing,
as you let Love
be your guide,
let your Power of Love
smooth out any
bumpy ride.

Tap into your Power,
it is the Power of Love.
Believe it is True.
Believe in You.
Manifest what you
are dreaming of!

Echoes of Love

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Can you feel the
Echoes of Love?

Is Love not a palpable
that you are wired
to pick up,
is there not a familiar
that you cannot get
you may see it
in a painting,
it may move you
through a song,
but do not the
Echoes of Love
call out to you
to sing along?

Life is like an echo
bouncing information
back to you,
what frequency do
you tune in,
that most resonates
with you,
there is Love on every
can you pick out
where it is,
can you sense the
Echoes of Love,
with your heart,
it is not hard to miss!

You all communicate
through the
Echoes of Love,
Love is an infinite
that never stops
what it is made of,
your Loved Ones always
be they in physical
or beyond,
always resonate with
harmonizing with your
eternal heart song.

Are you not surrounded
by the Echoes of Love?
Soak it up,
send it out –
You Are a magnificent
Instrument of Love.