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Does not your soul
work together,
with your body
and your mind,
are you not shifting,
yes and changing
all the time,
you may feel
out of sync,
during times of
internal growth,
but when pieces
click together,
do you not rejoice
with renewed

There may always
be challenges,
things that push
and pull you
if it is comfort
that you seek,
only know it may
not last for long,
so buckle up,
enjoy the ride,
there is a balance
that you will find,
when your soul
dances with you,
integrating with
your body
and your mind.

Be patient,
Be brave,
Be authentic
with Who You Are,
Be compassionate,
Be kind,
embrace You
for the Love
You Are.

Life is an interesting
that you travel
with parts of you,
and when you
and work together,
is it not the
that lifts and supports

Your soul rejoices
when you see the
Truth of
Who You Are,
when all parts of You
work together,
you shine so brightly
as the
Love You Are!


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When a child runs with Joy
to a playground,
are there not
many ways to
the child may be drawn to
or slides or climbing,
some things may
be new on
any particular day.

Might the child
try them all,
some may come
some need more
but in the state
of play and Joy,
is not practice
something you
don’t mind?

Might you view life
sometimes like a
are you not drawn
to try things out,
might you bring
your playful energy
to stretch beyond
what you typically
are about.

When you play
with something new,
is it not the experience
that you seek,
might you let go of
certain outcomes
and let your child within
have a peek.

With Joy might
you let go
and with Love
to guide your way,
what new things
in this life’s playground,
might you be willing
to try today?

Let Joy show what
delights you,
let Love light the way,
let your playful energy
draw you to
what you wish to
play today!

Here, Always

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Feel the beat
within your heart,
is this not where
Love dwells
from the very
is Love not in
and between
every breath
you take,
connecting you
to All Love
that is made?

Loved ones you
hold dear
know where you
Here in the heart,
always near,
never far,
they come to you,
when grief
may impede your
your loved ones are
with You.

A clearer picture
you wish to see,
to feel connections,
so you may believe,
believe with every
of your heart,
you are always
and never apart.

Trust and know
all hearts beat
as One,
the ones you Love
are as constant
as the sun,
even when clouds appear,
your loved ones
are with you every day,
between each beat,
each breath,
Love is with


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Love is omnipotent,
Love transcends,
as Love is Everywhere,
it never ends,
you can trust Love,
again and again –
There Is Love.

Yes, Trust and
Faith go
hand in hand,
with surrender
you begin to
believe in Love and
take its loving
hand –
There Is Love.

Love is not “there”,
it is All within
Love is not something
that you need
to do,
you understand Love
because Love Is
You –
Here Is Love.

Love is Peace,
Love is comfort,
let Love be a
blanket that
tucks around you,
let Love lift you
with Strength
you never knew –
You Are Here
Here Is Love.

A Moment of Love

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Sit with Love for
a moment,
let it expand
from your loving
let Love fill in
any spaces
that try to tell
you are apart.

Do you not see in
beautiful colors,
when you look around
from this loving view,
let Love help you
to be patient, kind
and loving,
yes to others,
but also with

Sit with Love
for a moment,
let it expand
to the moment
let the present moment
Be Love,
not waiting for
what you might
there need not be
a special time
or place that Love
will magically appear,
Be Love in every
Love is always
with you,

Be Love
in this moment,
bring Love with you
every step,
walk your path
with Love,
from this loving
to the next.


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The door is always open,
only in your mind
you may think it is
yes, there are times you
set intentions,
this helps you focus
on what you know,
and when you embody
the Love You Are,
do not the doors
then disappear,
no matter how you
think something
should be,
can you not be sure
of what is always

Be Love in this
present moment,
let life unfold
in front of you,
as you walk each step
with Love,
will Peace not
fall in step
with you?

Use intention to keep
your focus,
but do not lose sight
of what is Here
right now,
you are supported,
might Love help you
to accept
and allow?

Let Love Be your
set your intentions
to this Loving Force,
let Love cradle you
in its arms,
surrounding you
with comfort
and support.

When you let go
of how and why,
might you begin to
see the Truth,
what a relief
that Love is always
with You –
You Are Love
Love Is You.

Love’s Song

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Listen to the music
that plays within
your heart,
when the chords
combine together,
when the harmonizing
the tune itself
does not matter,
it is the feeling
that you get,
it is Love that
sings a song,
that lifts you up
through All of

Sense the rhythm
of the beat,
that only you may
sometimes hear,
you may move to
the beat of a different
is not each experience
unique Here –
but when the notes
all run together,
is there not
One Song
that rises up,
is it not Love
that makes the music,
that brings you
that lifts you up?

Listen to the music,
that makes you
that makes you
life beats a steady
though you may skip a beat
once in awhile,
but Love’s music
plays for you,
at all times,
in many ways,
why don’t you
sing or dance
to the Song
that Love plays?

Listen to the music
that plays within
your heart,
let Love lift you,
shine your Light,
sing your song
as the Love
You Are!

Love’s Adventure

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Love is motion,
Love is flowing,
it is never standing
you are part of
Love’s adventure,
an expression of
a greater will,
is there not a shift
in energy,
when you align
yourself to Love’s
are you not infused
with energy,
knowing you are part
of the Whole?

You may feel stuck
at times
or stagnant,
but you can easily
move again,
when you shift to
a higher perspective
and invite Love
to join in.

When life gets heavy,
when your brain begins
to run amok,
picture floating on a
yes, there are times
you might get stuck,
but keep moving
toward the current,
letting go of what
you may cling,
Love’s flowing movement
is always with you,
is Love not part
of Everything?

Love is motion,
Love is flowing,
you are in
this loving flow,
let Love move you,
let Love lift you,
You Are Love
You Are Loved so.


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Be willing.

Does willingness
not open doors,
that you might not
have seen before,
is there not possibility
here –
Be willing.

Is this not an
intention set,
you may not know
all of the
hows and whys
but do you not
feel the nudge
or the stretch –
Be willing.

Step outside of
your comfort zone,
surrounded with Love,
you are never alone,
with Strength and
always at your side –
Be willing.

There is power in
the question,
“what if”,
sometimes not knowing
is the greatest gift,
might you surrender
to All of It –
There Is Love,
in willingness.

Be willing to breathe
in this open space,
invite Love in
to this loving
you co-create
with Love,
are you not continually
amazed –
Be willing,
to Be You
as You Are Love

Love’s Flow

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Be open to change,
yes, while in the midst
of transition,
it may not feel so
it is human to
hold on
to what you know
so well,
but how did you get
to where you are
standing now,
might you stretch
yourself further,
even when you do
not know how.

There is a flow,
like a river,
that is waiting
for you,
you may need to
let go of what
you are holding,
in order to see
where it takes you,
in between,
in these moments,
might you surrender
and let go –
there is a direction
you are going
as you synchronize with
Love’s Flow.

It is hard to release
any outcomes you
may have,
but Love holds for
you many surprises,
when you get past
what is
good or bad –
keep learning,
continue growing,
dip your toes
into Love’s stream,
let Love take you,
let Love hold you,
let it be Love
that you believe.

There is Faith
in surrender,
there is Trust
when Love leads,
with Grace
may you know
and in Love’s Flow
may you always Be.