Rise and Shine

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The earth is forgiving,
following winter,
does spring not grow?
You understand
nature’s cycles,
even as you wish
for no more snow,
your relationship
with earth,
can teach you much
about yourself,
and with a teacher
such as Nature,
might you marvel
at the earth’s wealth?

When fields are barren,
trees are bare,
do you not see
what is at their
there is beauty when
you look
and really see the
forest floor,
and do you not
and cheer on,
each growing sprout
of green that finds
the warmth of the sun,
that brings new hope,
and invites all
to rise and shine.

Do you not understand
new growth is something
that you do,
you have cycles,
there is change,
are you not morphing
always into something
like nature,
might you be patient,
as each season of
you unfolds,
sometimes reflective,
diving deep,
at times playful
or very bold.

Might you,
be forgiving,
as the earth has
shown you how,
there is hope,
always new beginnings,
as spring is wishing
to show you now –
reach for the sun,
soak up the Light,
let it activate each
cell in you –
follow the Light,
this Light of Love
is shining brightly
always for You.

Know, Trust, Love

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Your human side
may kick and
at the friction of
it knows so well,
do not automatic
rise up,
in a most familiar

Yes, it may feel
like a paradox,
to sense Peace,
when life seems
like a lot,
but as you are
an Eternal Soul,
is this not all
fertile ground
to grow?

Might you begin
by sending Love
to you,
with compassion
might you encourage
all you do,
you have questions,
you want proof,
but is not Love
the authentic you,
do Peace and Joy
not reside,
in the Miracle
of You?

What you wish to
is part of your path,
there is a knowing
in your heart
that is your map,
with Trust that
Love is the key,
might you unlock
what appears
to Be,
All of You,
All of Love,
You Are That.

Align With Love

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When you wish to
find Truth,
that is not
colored by
when you wish
to see the Light –
align with Love.

When fear or doubt
try to hide,
the spark that
builds within,
how can you
not shine
your Light –
when you
align with Love?

Make it a mantra,
a choice you make,
in any moment
on any day,
does not each moment
shine brighter
when you say –
I Am
I align with Love.

Is there not Joy,
is there not
do you not feel
you have been
set free,
be free to Be
Who You Are,
truly –
You Are Here
as you
align with Love!

Remember, You

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You may wish
to sort things
to work on problems
you perceive,
but do not all
fade away –
when you remember,

Is it not a familiar
when you reacquaint
with this loving space,
better yet,
spend more time
Here –
as you remember,

With quiet reflection,
a walk outside,
or any way to Be
in this familiar place
where you always
reside –
do you remember,

It matters naught
how much time
is spent,
when you touch
your soul,
are you not the
perfect instrument,
to play your song
that is heaven-sent,
are you not
Divine –
when you remember,

Be in the familiar
space of You,
might you realize
this is not new,
Love is always Here,
yes, believe this
to Be True –
Here Is Love
as you remember,

Letting Love

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When you let judgment
fall away,
when you loosen
and send them on
their way,
is there then no
“need” to look for
and find,
who has been Here
all the time?

It may seem a
to let go,
as you are used
to working in order
to “know”,
but as you turn
it over
to your soul –
might you discover
what you already

Let your soul
help you find
Peace is Here,
when you see
your beliefs,
like a fountain
that cascades
through eternity,
there is a well-spring
of Love,
for thee.

Let go,
let Love,
so you may
see –
You Are Peace,
You Are Love,
as you
let it Be.


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Messages sent,
messages received,
is there not a
constant state
of give and take,
might you find
a balance
as you fine tune
so your mind
and soul
may communicate?

Does your mind not
like to talk a lot,
but what of listening –
maybe it is not,
when you think you
have made up your
might you be closing off
possibilities that
your soul wishes you
to find?

Check in on how
you are listening
with your ears,
and also tune in
to what your soul
wishes you to
hear –
might you be open,
listening with your heart
and All of You,
so you may balance
what your mind
tells you to do.

What do you communicate
to All of You,
might you let Love
be the language
that you use,
find the balance
that supports
and uplifts you –
communicate with your
and believe your Truth!


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Does not your soul
work together,
with your body
and your mind,
are you not shifting,
yes and changing
all the time,
you may feel
out of sync,
during times of
internal growth,
but when pieces
click together,
do you not rejoice
with renewed

There may always
be challenges,
things that push
and pull you
if it is comfort
that you seek,
only know it may
not last for long,
so buckle up,
enjoy the ride,
there is a balance
that you will find,
when your soul
dances with you,
integrating with
your body
and your mind.

Be patient,
Be brave,
Be authentic
with Who You Are,
Be compassionate,
Be kind,
embrace You
for the Love
You Are.

Life is an interesting
that you travel
with parts of you,
and when you
and work together,
is it not the
that lifts and supports

Your soul rejoices
when you see the
Truth of
Who You Are,
when all parts of You
work together,
you shine so brightly
as the
Love You Are!