This Breath

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Each breath is a meditation,
is it not Love that
you find Here?
May your breath
bring you to this
in this breath
Is Love.

Your mind will take
you on a journey
that is not real
if you are not
there –
let your breath
remind you gently,
in this breath
Is Love.

What fills you up
in this present
what reminds you
That You Are Peace,
within each breath,
breathe in this Truth –
You Are This
Breath of Love.


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There is Love
in each connection
between everyone
you meet,
you may not know
or see it clearly,
as you are walking
down a street,
but soul to soul
are you not nodding
as you may be
passing by,
I See You
in all your glory,
I Am You
and You Are I.

Love is your True
it is what fills up
your current form,
your story can have
you whipping around
as if you are in a storm,
but like the eye
of a hurricane,
or the calm when
the wind is done,
at your center
Here Is Peace,
You Are You
and You Are One.

So say hello to
all of the aspects
of One Love
Who is experiencing
you need not all
be the same,
yes, sometimes you
may feel friction or
but as you connect
at your center,
might you not see You
in every face you see –
connect with Love
to experience Oneness,
begin with You
to Love unconditionally.


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What you do for
One of You,
do you not do
for All?

Like a wave upon
the ocean,
in the sea
or washing on
the shore,
is it not always
no matter its shape
or its form.

Is Love not like
the ocean,
with ripples that spread
throughout the sea,
once you send out
Waves of Love,
do they not go beyond
what you can see?

What you do for
One of You,
do you not also do
for All,
go to your heart,
create a ripple,
build a Wave of Love
for One,
for All.

This Love

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Make room in your
for your heart to expand
in every space,
you need not “try”
to make this happen,
it is as normal
as your breath.

Your mind has many ways
that it wants you
to listen,
but when you quiet
do you not feel,
understanding comes
from Love,
listen and receive Truth
from your heart’s will.

So loosen your grip
on perceived control,
tap into intelligence
that is Here with you –
This Love that is your
very soul,
is holding your hand
as life you walk through.

You can decide in
any moment,
to free up this space
for you to see,
beyond all perceived
space and time,
You Are This Love
You Are Free!

Choosing Love

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There is a loving invitation
that beckons you
throughout all things,
there is Peace in this
when you consciously
choose Love.

You know this Love
when you sense comfort,
when what is constricted
begins to relax,
does not your body
let you know,
when you purposefully
choose Love.

You may fall back
to familiar patterns
that have you reacting
out of fear,
in an instant you
can shift,
when you most lovingly
choose Love.

There is no need for
comparison or judgment
on any choices you
have made,
in your now and
the next moment,
does it not feel
delicious when you
choose Love?

Let Love be the energy
that helps you know
All That You Are,
you realize All of You
is One,
when you Trust and
choose Love.


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Stay with the breath,
there is no need to
run and hide,
your breath connects you
with All That Is,
yes, you are part
of this cosmic ride.

Let your breath
ground you,
and fill you up,
with all the Love
that you can feel,
Love is with you
in every moment,
when your mind
is racing,
or when you are

You Are Divine
within each breath,
honor and hold sacred
this breath of You,
restorative energy
for well-being and
are contained in
each precious
Breath of You.

You may take it for
Love is this way,
no strings attached,
All of This for you –
the miracle within
each breath is
and that miracle is
the Breath of You.

Stay with the breath,
it is your connection
to the earth and
the shining stars,
bless each breath
in its perfection,
it breathes the Truth
of Who You Are.


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Are not the very obstacles
in your path,
the ones that help
you find Grace
and ease,
when what you have tried
feels like going uphill,
why not change course
in surrendering?

Surrender need not mean
giving up,
does it not invite you
to give in,
lean into your authentic
you have the Strength
within –
in surrendering.

Breathe in the Grace
that flows with ease,
create the space
for you to Be,
let spirit help
for you to see,
is there not Love
in surrendering?

You may still slip
finding your way,
know Love lifts you
in so many ways,
grab the hand that
is Here with you
everyday –
Be the Love
in You,
in surrendering.


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You may experience
inner turmoil,
but does not that invite
you to find Peace,
discordant energy,
planet alignment,
may have you seeking
comfort and ease.

Have faith that you
always find your balance,
moving awareness
to Who You Are
and know that sometimes
there is clearing,
a chance to add Light
to what is in the dark.

Welcome all aspects
of you,
surrounding Love around
it all,
when you stir things up,
let the dust settle,
and take a new look
at you now.

Create anew,
keep moving forward,
nod at the past
with Gratitude,
Here You Are,
in the loving present,
You Are Peace
with Love shining
through you.

Your Shining Soul

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Let your soul
lead the way,
this is Who You Are,
all of
I Am.

When your thinking mind
gets tied into knots,
patiently your soul
smooths out each
when you lead
with your soul,
might you see
more clearly
and understand?

Your soul is always
with you as you
try on new things,
the journey that you
is full of surprises
with what life brings.

Your soul will help
you glean
many insights and
meaning from
this life,
and when you
step back a bit
to trust,
might soul help
you deal with
perceived strife?

Let your soul be
your comfort,
as You remind you
Who You Are,
you have a built-in
connection to Source,
as your soul is the
of a million stars.

Let your soul lead
the way,
as you take your
cues from Love,
let your Light shine
so brightly,
illuminating all
that you dream of!