This Light

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First Is Light.
Here Are You.
No-thing can dim
your brilliant beauty,
the Light of One
resides in You.

Yes, your earthly
challenges and struggles
may change at times
your point of view,
but You always Are
the Light,
and with the Light,
Love always shines

Let there Be Light.
Be Love.
Be You –
Blessed Child of This Light,
Love Is Eternal
and so are You.

A Loving Perspective

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Are you not able to
see the same thing
in a new way,
based on your

Is this not like
when the skies clear
or the fog lifts –
all that has always been
has now become more

And do you not have
this ability,
to change your
to shift your awareness,
to ask to see things
in a different Light,
might the shining
of Light
help to dissipate
the shadows,
helping all
to truly see?

And though you may think
that the one of you,
cannot change how
view the world –
as there only is
One of Us,
when you look at
with the Eyes of Love,
is not sight restored
to All?

Change your perspective,
shift your awareness,
will you not see Love
when your perspective
Is Love?

Be the moon beam
at night,
Be a ray of sun
by day,
as your perspective
Is Love,
may the Light of Love
always Light your way.

The Whole of You

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Embrace and be with the
whatever it may throw your
Love it,
pamper it,
thank it,
for all that it does
for you each day.

You may observe it
from your consciousness,
but sometimes it
draws you in,
your body has lessons
for you,
so pay attention
to this earthly friend.

There is no need to fight
what has come up
to be healed,
accept all that your
body brings,
what you notice
and what you feel.

Surround the body
with Love,
it is a creation of part
of You –
You Are whole,
You Are complete,
Love permeates
the Whole of You.


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Listen for Love’s
it is the simplest
thing you can hear,
no static,
no distortion,
no need to interpret
its message dear.

Love needs no language,
it is universal,
indeed the Universe
is created from Love,
as you are an aspect
of Love’s experience,
are you not wired
to understand Love?

But do not ask your mind
to figure out
what you already know,
yes, your body may give
you signals,
when you sense you are
not in Love’s flow.

Tune into your heart
and use your breath
to find your Frequency
of Love,
then communicate to All
around you,
so All may remember
what they are made of.

Listen for Love’s
and see what Love
has to tell,
sense the Peace
in this loving exchange,
You Are Loved
All Is Well.

Seek, Accept, Be

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Seek Love,
ask Love,
and from this
point of view,
you may realize
that where you are
is always somewhere
outside of you.

Accept Love,
choose Love,
and as Love
appears as a
choice to you,
do you not get
to Celebrate Love
when you say
to You?

Be Love,
know Love,
let everything else
slip away.
Rejoice as you remember,
Here Is Love,

Hello, Remember

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Hello, Love,
how could I
not remember
You Are my mirror,
You Are my reflection,
All That Is Love
is inside of

I may be in the
Voice of a friend
or in the whisper
of one you hold dear,
rest assured that
Love’s Vibration
connects you to All
who are always near.

Remember, Love,
sit with Me a spell,
you are always held close
in the Arms of Love,
sense the tenderness
of Love’s Eternal answer,
Here Is Peace
and All Is Well.


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Seeking clarity.

When leaves drop
and air turns colder,
are you not better able
to see
beloved mountains,
a clear crisp horizon,
where a red-orange sun
rises beautifully.

All that you are able
to see now,
has been Here truly
at all times,
does not the shedding of
autumn layers,
remind you of the clarity
beyond your mind?

What might you shed
to expose the Clarity
of You,
when you let go of
what may hide you,
does not your magnificence
come shining through?

Be clear,
Be You,
Be beautiful,
Be the Love
you cannot help
but Be –
embrace the Love
That You Are,
always at your core
is clarity.

Sweet Surrender

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Turn a page,
let it be blank
for you,
what if it was
not already filled up
with what you think
you must do?

And as you surrender
to this moment,
with past behind,
no future yet,
is not a blank page
a perfect canvas,
to paint your present
in this moment?

Be willing to play
with “I don’t know”,
yes, your human side
loves to know the ending
of so many scenarios,
but might you let yourself
be curious
and be open to a
loving grace,
then might you ask
for Love to show you,
what may be on
the next page.

Turn a page,
know that Love
Is Here,
in sweet surrender
may you welcome
Love’s Eternal Grace
for One so dear.

Here I Am

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Here I Am.
This is True.
Though you may choose
to see it as
Me or You.

Are We not All
graced by
Love’s blessing,
no matter if Love
is sometimes hard
to see?

Move beyond
your senses five,
beyond the very breath
you think keeps
you alive –
One Is All
All Is One,
Love is equal,
imbued in Everyone.

I Am Here –
can you not feel
this Truth?
Knowing Here is
always Everywhere?

Know that We,
You and Me
are an expression
of Source,
now and Eternally.

Here I Am.
This is True.
You Are Me
and I Am You.

A Glorious Light

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Look for the Light
when there is darkness,
it will not be hard
to see,
follow the Light,
it knows the way,
it will lead you back
to Thee.

Take a step back
from the human story,
let Light shine the
Truth of Who You Are,
let Love hold you
in Her glory,
beloved Child of Love
is Who You Are.

Release all burdens,
you are not heavy,
Light knows how to
flow through you,
ask Love to soothe you
with your loving heart,
let Light transform
what you wish it to.

You Are the Light,
lighting up the darkness,
is this not so
you may know,
precious Child of Love,
I See your Glory,
as a Light of Love,
You Are Loved, so.