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May Love touch you
like butterfly wings
that gently caress
your face,
is Love not able to
whatever may exist
in space?

Love may be gentle
in its subtle softness,
but do not underestimate
Love’s Strength,
Love can hold you
in its nurturing arms,
Love can propel you
beyond what you
may think.

May Love whisper
to you
from the depths
of your soul,
indeed this is the
only Voice to be
but listen beyond
your body –
your heart,
your soul,
knows how to communicate
without words.

Let Love lift you up
on Angel wings of
as you allow what
Love brings to
Be One with the breeze
that gently rustles
through the trees,
You Are One
with All of Love –
This Is You.

A Holy Moment

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No matter the
or what you
push against,
does Love not
meet you in
This Moment,
inviting you to
All of This.

You may think
things are repeating,
might you see
another way,
Love is persistent
in its Calling,
Love always walks
with you each day.

Answer with your
open heart,
that opens up
any closed door,
when you see shadows
that need more Light,
your Love, your heart
shines even more.

You Are the answer
to Love’s invitation,
You Are the Light
you wish to see,
your brother reminds
you of your holiness,
I Am You
You Are Me.

Each moment is one
of opportunity,
to accept Love
where you are,
this Holy Moment
is your soul singing,
You Are Love
and Loved You Are!

Everywhere, Here

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What do you
bump up against,
what might you
doubt or
with awareness
may you see
with Vision,
giving you Sight
to look beneath
layers here.

It matters not
the how or why,
as much as what
comes up to be
is not fear a
fear of not
being worthy
of this Eternal,
unconditional Love?

Dear Child of Love,
you would not exist
without This Love
that breathes
through you,
you need no walls
or defenses,
Love resides in
every part of

Let Love embrace
any fears you have,
let Love dissolve
your defenses, too,
You Are Home
where there is Love,
and Love is Everywhere,
Here with You!

Love’s Work of Art

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You are an aspect
of a beautiful
what you view as
All make up the
You are complete
even as you may think
you are separate,
the Love in You
is greater than
what you may know.

You are the thread
and the complete
beautiful tapestry,
you can look at
the Whole
or each intricate
perfect part,
woven throughout
is Love in
All of its majesty,
is it not Love
that creates
perfect works
of Art?

Behold the You
that reflects
Love’s perfect
You Are the thread,
the tapestry,
the Vision that
You Are always
woven together
in this Web of Love,
let Love weave through
in all beautiful creations
you may make!


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Feel your Strength
though you may not
recognize its
are you not Strength
when you release,
in release, you do not
give anything away.

When you release
to the heart of
in Humility,
with Gratitude,
listen to Strength’s
joyful roar,
lifting you up,
so you may soar.

It is in surrender
that your inner Strength,
helps you find your
for each step to take,
step with purpose
into parts unknown,
knowing You Are Loved,
always safe
and Home!

One Heart

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is with
in This Moment
of any day,
bring your mind
back from separation,
as it busily
runs away.

where you are,
always secure as
the Love You Are,
surrender to your
Higher Self,
Divinely Sourced
from the brightest

Let your heart
be your touchstone,
anchoring you to
All That Is,
may every heart
feel Love’s sweet blessing,
on this day of hearts,
to know All of This.


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Be unlimited
in Love,
for Love is unlimited
in You.

When you set limits
on your perspective,
do you not limit
the expansion
of you –
Love knows no
Love is omnipresent,
ask Love to show you
the present You.

When you sense
your edges tightening,
resisting the flow
of Love that flows
through you,
with Gratitude,
thank Love for
gently inviting
you to accept
more of This Love
in you.

Love may push,
may pull,
will stretch you,
to recognize
You Are All of This,
sense this depth of
you are created
from It,
upon wings of Love,
You Are limitless!

A Hand of Love

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Love says,
“walk this path
with ease”,
with Her hand
always held out,
might you take
this Hand of Love,
that helps dispel
worry and doubt.

Yes, as you step
in space and time,
you may sometimes think
you have lost your way,
but do not experiences
help Love to show you,
a loving perspective,
come what may?

Keep diving deeper,
You Are this Truth,
You Are the hand
that leads the way,
let your soul’s knowing
bubble up to greet you,
with Love and guidance
throughout the day.

Your connection to Source,
cannot be broken,
though your eyes may
not believe this Truth,
see with your heart,
as your soul rejoices,
You Are All of This,
as This Love
is You.

A Song of Love

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Listen to the
Love Song,
that is playing
just for you,
it begins
within the heart
and permeates
the Whole of You.

This Song of Love
sings sweetly to
reminding you –
you are not alone,
are you not connected
by Love’s vibration,
with a familiar melody
that you innately know?

Sense each note in
its perfection,
are you not the
that joins with
sing your Love Song with
All who Love you,
together, always,
in this Song of Love.