A Joyful Creation


What creates from 
Love today?

It matters not 
the size big 
or small,
comparisons here 
do not matter 
at all.

Maybe Love brings 
a smile,
a break in the 
maybe Love 
Lights up brightly,
filling a room.

Love is true inspiration,
Love is You,
Love is Me,
Love is the creative 
that We All make 
with loving glee.

With Love’s Joy 
invite fun,
let some seriousness
do you not sense 
All Is Well,
when you smile 
with your soul?

Create from You,
from Love today,
share Love’s 
joyful ripples,
as you let Love 
out to play!

A Gift of Love


Share You.

What you give 
do you not receive,
what do you 
hide at times 
from you –
Love is a gift 
that needs no
join with Love 
and share You.

This is not 
finite energy,
this wellspring 
never will run
what lifts you up 
lifts your sisters 
and brothers,
as One with Love,
share You.

Why not begin with 
who looks back
at you in the 
mirror of your 
give yourself Love’s 
Eternal blessing,
from your radiant heart,
share and Love 

Still, You


And still, 
You Are.

Be you in movement 
or in quiet,
it matters not
where body is,
in the familiar 
or new surroundings,
You Are.

Be you in nature 
or concrete building,
All of This 
is All of You,
your heart’s rhythm
beats Love’s vibration,
as still,
You Are.

Peace is You 
at your center,
as You Are the 
Center of
All That Is,
Here Is Love 
in simple, quiet 
rejoicing in You,
as always,
You Are.

Forever Light


See the Light,
it beckons softly,
becoming brighter 
as the fog lifts,
is not Light’s purpose
to remind you,
you shine,
you sparkle as 
All of This.

There may be noise,
that try to dampen,
your own Light 
that shines always 
in you,
protective walls no longer 
need to hide you,
as you awaken,
Love says, 
I See You.

You Are a Spark 
of Light 
that glows eternal,
it shines always in 
the heart of You,
your Light is forever 
fueled by All Lights Shining,
the Light of One 
forever shines 
in You!

Love’s Vessel


You are a clear
and flowing vessel,
much like water –
does Love not flow
through You?
You are an instrument
that communicates
with All Love
that surrounds you.

See your self
in nature’s beauty,
see All of Love
in All you see,
your body aligns
with All of Love,
as you tune in
Love waits patiently.

Surrendering to this
Flow of Love
is setting aside
your fear and doubts,
let your Self speak
with Love’s clear Voice,
this is your True Nature
that is You throughout.

There is no need
to control
what your limited mind
cannot clearly see,
step into Love’s
eternal flow,
as Love’s sacred vessel,
You Are Free!

Love’s Voice

20200905 XPicture


You may hear me
whisper softly,
much like a breeze
rustling the leaves,
does not your heart
know what I speak of,
you wish to know
and to believe.

Is Love not able to
part the curtains,
I cannot be separate
from you,
Love is what keeps
us together,
Love is what connects
me to you.

You cannot help but
hear Love’s voice,
Love is Eternal
and Everywhere,
yes on earth it
may look different,
but are we not All
together Here.

Believe what you are
let your heart relay
this Truth,
always together
is Love’s promise,
receive and know
This Love is You.


20200904 XPicture


Earth sends wind
to stir your soul,
moonbeams beckon
this way to grow,
Be the transition
you sense in the
Love is the
answer –
why not me?

Feel your Strength
and innate Courage,
they love to dance
together as One,
look beyond
the open doors,
instead of resisting –
why not toward it run?

Toss aside the
ties that bind
you –
they know not
who you are,
You Are wholly
Love’s creation,
sparkling brightly
as the stars.

Step with purpose
and with passion,
fueled by energies
shine your Light,
beloved Dear One,
in You,
the Universe
does believe!

Knowing Home

20200903 XPicture


Know where is

You may feel
the ebb and
as life unfolds,
as places you
may go,
you may at times
feel quite scattered,
parts of you
to come home.

Take a deep and
powerful breath,
life can feel like
the journey of a
million steps,
Home is not a
for you to go,
though in this life
you may forget.

Know You Are
always as Love
you are never
beneath the noise
outside of you
is your true nature
as One,
as Whole.

Know Here Is
you are the
answer that
you dream of,
open your heart,
embrace this Truth –
Home is the
that Love Is

All of Love

20200901 XPicture


You Are what you need.

All of Love
is Here
there is no-where
Love cannot Be.

All of You
is Where You Are,
Love is All
that you need.

And since Love has
never left you,
there is no-thing
to re-store,
shine your Light
to see This Truth,
there is no need
for anything more.

All of Love
is you,
sweet child,
let Strength
and Grace
help you to see –
All of Love
is All of You,
now spread your wings
and as Love,
fly free!