A Balance of Love


Is there not a balance
to be found,
between standing up
or backing down,
might you discern
from which eyes you see,
ego’s power struggle 
or soul’s neutrality?

A situation may come 
your way,
to shed light on 
a role you play,
ego wants you to
jump into the fray,
are there not plots
to stories 
that get in your way?

Might you ask spirit 
to see beyond this 
what is deep within,
wishing to be seen,
on the surface you 
may feel defensive,
but might this be a request
to know Love inside?

Yes, you may need to 
heed actions of this 
but your reactions 
need not cause you 
allowance need not 
add to any blame,
let Love and Peace 
transform any judgment 
that remains.

Stand firm and grounded 
in the Truth of You,
this balance is always within
the soul of You,
you need not balance 
the external view – 
This Peace,
All Love is always 
in the Heart of You!