A Compassionate Gift


Let compassion,
your heart’s True 
be what you share 
with those you meet,
it is the human way 
to see all contrasts,
you may react 
to another’s beliefs.

Beliefs are vested in
the human experience,
yes, you are aware 
you are more than 
each time you lift 
the shroud of judgment,
is it not easier to accept
experiences as gifts?

Be the gift of compassion
you give 
so freely, based on
one simple Truth –
your brothers and sisters 
are One with your heart,
all compassion you give 
you receive as You!

Of Earth and Sky


You are like the roots 
beneath the trees,
providing nourishment
to the leaves,
that catch the drops
of water from high,
from branches that reach 
for the sky.

You are a perfect 
Cycle of Life,
Strength flows through you
by day or night,
you always have 
what you need,
much like the Strength 
and beauty of Tree.

Sense the earth below
your feet,
steadying you when 
change you meet,
Love is the anchor 
that secures you,
allowing flexibility 
to flow through you.

This foundation provides you
with Trust and Faith,
as you reach for the stars
with choices made,
your heart is the center,
bridging earth and sky,
being fully grounded,
your reach is high.

You Are the Love 
that creates Life,
experience it all 
from earth to sky,
visualize the perfection 
of majestic Tree,
You Are All of This with
Everything you need!

Knowing Peace


Be at Peace.

Does not your human mind
begin to search – 
how can this be 
to be at Peace?
There are many things 
or circumstances
I wish to be 
or see differently!

Ah, beloved mind
you work so hard 
to make what appears 
perfect in your world,
it is not the circumstances 
in time or space,
is it not the flow 
of Love beyond 
the words?

Are you not as upset 
when situations 
may need to be seen 
with different eyes,
when you allow 
what had false timing
now is unfolding,
are you not surprised?

You need not be 
in control,
control can mirror 
a false peace,
with Gratitude 
in your heart,
as the Love You Are,
is this not Peace?

Be at Peace,
it is your 
True Home.
You may trust it,
be reassured,
All Is Well,
when Peace you Know.

The Whole of You


Peace be with you, Love.
Love, be with you Peace.
Enfold all parts of you
into the Whole you 
wish to be.

Experiences may feel 
like chapters,
in the book you 
write of Life,
might you lovingly 
turn the pages,
as time appears to 
fly quickly by.

You are You with 
all of your history,
yes, your perspective 
does certainly change,
does this not give you
beyond perspective 
You Are the same.

Gather up what you 
have written 
at any moment 
in time or space,
bring it lovingly 
to your heart,
honor all experience 
past or today.

Peace is You as Love,
Love as You,
brings with it, Peace –
each part of you rejoices,
as Wholly Love 
is You, eternally.

Celebrating You!


Let Love celebrate you!

Love shows up as 
a card sent,
flowers received,
a dinner shared,
on this day of
sharing hearts,
let Love celebrate you.

Love is in a phone 
call shared,
a look that always 
says, “I see you,”
Love is enjoying 
a warm morning cup,
let Love celebrate you.

Love is knowing that 
in this moment 
and in all tomorrows 
that become today,
Here is Love always
within you,
let Love celebrate you.

Open your heart to 
this reassurance,
Love shows up 
always for you,
receive this shower 
of Love’s sweet kindness,
let Love celebrate you.

On this day of celebration,
are you not Love’s 
Divine One,
experiencing Love 
infinite and True,
Love eternally 
celebrates You!

A Healing Heart


Healing is in the heart.

Relationships help you
to see,
does Love flow freely
or have difficulty?
All to help open
where Love may flow –
healing is in the heart.

You need not look 
for an external source,
you need not wait until
you deserve it more,
you have all you need
right Here – 
healing is in the heart.

And does not your heart 
know this is True,
Love ripples out far 
beyond this “you,”
always connected 
You forever are –
This Truth is in the heart.

Receive This Love that 
is Here with you,
your own forgiveness 
is Love’s simple Truth,
Love is eternal and 
so are You –
healing is complete,
forever in your heart.

Love’s Purpose


Be a purpose of 
Love today,
this may be a choice,
extend a quiet calm
in a day that is often
filled with noise.

Love’s purpose flows
within you,
there are moments 
you know this Truth,
when you quiet 
to sense this stillness,
is Love not always Here
with you?

Let go of judgment 
of choices past,
no need to dwell 
on what may come,
the human life has 
many contrasts,
but are you not always 
Divinely One?

Be Love’s purpose in 
this moment,
extend Love that is 
innately You,
be purposeful in choices
made today,
allowing Love’s purpose 
to flow through you!



Embrace the creative you.

This may cause you pause,
ego drags its feet,
if it cannot be seen,
how do you complete?

How many leaps of faith
have you completed 
so far,
put your faith 
in You,
you need not make 
it so hard!

Yes, you wish to control 
what appears to come 
to you,
my dear,
create, expand,
project what flows 
through you.

Embrace with your 
whole heart,
this creative You,
it may ask you to 
a new road to 
find you.

But will you not find 
no matter where 
you go,
Love embraces you 
completely dear,
You Are Loved so!

Breathe As Is


Breathe as is.

When frustration 
is the emotion,
when you feel you
pushing back,
ask for release 
from the struggle – 
breathe as is.

When you experience 
deja vu,
when a situation 
is on repeat,
might Love show you
a different way – 
breathe as is.

Might you play the hand 
you are dealt,
you are creative and
imaginative, too,
is Love not a Wild Card
you hold – 
breathe as is.

You are aligned with
your True Nature
as you return to the 
present This,
follow the path 
of your sacred breath,
as Love – 
breathe as is.



Is not hope an 
opening to
possibility that has 
not happened yet,
in the human form 
it is difficult to 
let go of outcomes 
you wish to be met.

But there is energy to
the feeling of hope,
might you tap in 
to this uplifting view,
no matter what the
future brings,
might you embrace 
all possibility of You?

You need not tie hope
to something specific,
the Universe is limitless 
in its scope,
infinite paths may lie 
before you – overwhelming,
embrace the energy of
each step filled with hope.

May hope lift you up 
when you are weary,
may hope enhance 
the Spark of Life 
that dwells in you,
your Light,
your life shares hope 
with others,
may collective Hope 
reflect the Light
that shines in You!