Wholly Loved


There is time,
precious child,
Love as Eternity 
is always with you,
you may perceive 
some jagged edges,
that you wish for 
Love to smooth.

Beyond time,
you are as perfect
as the Peace you 
sometimes feel,
the road you travel 
in this experience,
may bring to you
some things to heal.

And is not healing 
the remembrance,
the letting go of what 
is not true,
free yourself 
from these falsehoods,
that ego has made up
for you.

Utilize time in 
this experience,
to meet again 
all parts of you,
enfold the you
past or present,
as you allow Love 
to pour through.

In this moment,
know This Love,
let Love lift the world’s
heavy veil,
Here You Are,
precious child,
You Are wholly Loved
All Is Well!