Gently set aside
what you no longer 
unwind, let go
of what you are
ready to release.
Upon this day,
you may have 
intentions set,
why not 
be brave and 
willing to forget?

Be comfortable
trying on the unknown,
there is great wonder
in saying, I don’t know.
Do not your guides,
sweet angels,
walk with you today,
may you allow each 
moment to unfold 
in its own way?

May your path 
be lined
with Light,
with Love,
your heart is the bridge
to All you seek,
you are gently birthed 
in each moment, Here,
may you know 
how sacred
and Loved 
You Are, my dear! 

Gently set aside 
what you no longer
follow your heart,
as Love’s creation, 
Blessed Be!