Rise, dear one, rise.

Your Light burns
your soul shines
throughout it all,
though life can 
be unpredictable – 
rise, dear one, rise.

Thoughts of past 
may bring up 
but all have their own
journeys to walk,
connect with your heart’s
pure intentions,
and rise, dear one, rise.

You are never alone 
upon your journey,
sense these bonds that
are always near,
Here is Love,
ready and willing,
to see you rise, 
dear one, rise.

Reclaim your gifts 
that once brought 
is This not Love 
given to you,
pure Love and Light,
the angels bless you,
seeing you rise,
dear one, rise.

This is your natural 
State of Be-ing,
receive This Love 
that Lights up 
for you,
answer Love’s sweet
and continue to 
rise, dear one, rise!

Be You Love


Take one step 
at a time,
when things stack up
within your mind,
returning Here to 
this moment,
realigns you to 
your Source,

Here is where
compassion flows,
this is the perfect
place “to go,”
when you wish 
for inspiration,
or to tap into 
what you innately

Step away from 
wrong or right,
the world’s duality
loves to see a fight,
loves to play in this 
spreading its might.

Be You Love 
in this space
you need not ask 
the why or how,
meet your Self,
release your burdens,
Trust and believe 
Love is all around!

Saying Yes


Say yes to Love.
Say yes to You.

Ego wishes to distract,
not wanting you to 
grow and bloom,
but do you not hear 
spring calling,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Your soul has planted 
many seeds 
that come to life 
when timing is right,
nurture All that is 
within you,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Patience is a gentle 
some things take time 
to unfold,
with compassion for 
your journey,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You.

Cultivate these seeds 
with tenderness,
tend to them with 
loving care,
there is new growth
in every moment,
saying yes to Love 
is saying yes to You.

May Love Be the spring 
you long for,
as you breathe in 
hope and Truth,
You Are growing,
ever creating,
Love says yes, 
forever with You!

Here With Love


When a problem arises 
to meet you,
when you are not sure
what to do,
take a breath,
create space,
in this pause,
Here is Love.

Ego wishes to build 
upon friction,
when you bump into 
what may not feel
release this grip,
return to wonder,
may you sense an answer,
Here with Love.

Time and space are 
part of life,
know Love will work 
with what is Here,
fill your heart
with pure intention,
and Be aligned,
Here with Love.

Be patient with life 
as you take each step
do know,
in each breath,
Peace gifts you gently,
Here You Are,
always Here
with Love.

Love’s Foundation


Know you walk 
on Love’s Foundation,
sense this grounding 
beneath your feet,
you belong always
supported always 
beyond what you 

There is no-thing 
missing from you,
Love fills any 
perceived space,
you may have questioned
Love before,
but bonds once formed,
never break.

Your Strength within is
your Light shining,
let Love guide you 
upon your way,
know your footing 
is safe, secure,
as your path unfolds
each day.

See your self 
as Love sees You,
receive Love’s hug,
Love honors you,
as you walk with Love 
in this life,
sense the Peace 
of the Eternal You!

To Help, To Soothe


Look through the fear 
that may arise before you,
is there not Peace 
on the other side,
with Strength and Courage 
know fear does not 
define you,
You Are Love’s Light,
throughout, inside.

You need not bargain 
with the ego,
Love it with All 
that flows through you,
trust that there is 
another perspective,
to help,
to soothe,
any tumult in you.

Yes, problems arise 
in life, this story,
may you know Love 
is always Here,
ask and receive Love’s 
eternal blessing,
helping, guiding,
and loving you so,

This Present


Be present with you.
Be present with Love.

Sometimes the past 
tugs at your memories,
the future beckons,
what will I be,
in This Present 
is Everything,
Be present with Love.

This is a challenge 
in linear time,
as past and future
are constructs here,
remember You Are
All of This –
Be present with Love.

Your mind uses thoughts 
to journey often,
taking you away from 
what is Here,
All that you have been
is in This Moment,
so stay present 
with Love.

The ego wishes to 
keep you splintered
into what you cannot
my dear, All is within 
your heart and soul – 
always present 
with Love.

Love This You with
all your heart,
Love is wholly,
holy You,
breathe in This precious,
sacred moment,
eternally present 
with Love!

Complete and Whole


There is a familiar space 
inside of you
that wishes to be 
it has sent you 
looking, searching,
far and wide for 
what may heal.

You may tire of 
this journey,
as you ask the 
why and how,
but your soul knows
divine timing is always
in This Moment,

You have always known
This Truth,
but ego tries to block 
this out,
at every stage of 
your life,
your soul,
as Love,
is safe and sound.

See your Strength
with newfound eyes,
reclaim the power 
of Love as You,
in Love’s wholeness 
may you integrate
the Truth of Love’s Force
in you.

Be a cup now 
share the fullness 
of This Truth,
there is no-thing
in you lacking,
One with Source,
This Love is You!

Your Purpose, Ignited


Get excited with Love,
embrace your passion
with Love,
may Love be the passion
that fuels what you 
wish to Be.

And as you make 
your wish,
with Love,
Be All You Are,
blessed by heaven
You Are This,
Love in This Moment,
with Eyes of Love,
able to See.

Is this not your 
purpose, love,
in every moment, 
Here is Love,
it does not need 
an introduction,
or a grand production 
to Be Love.

Play and laugh,
with Love,
dive deep and 
with Love,
Love is in every 
as you understand,
with Love.

Love ignites,
my Love,
rise up wholly 
as Love,
Love is the spark 
that burns eternal,
You Are This Light – 
divinely Love!

Walking With Peace


Let Love reassure,
is that not what 
you wish to feel,
that no matter life’s 
You Are Loved,
All is Well.

There is an ebb
and flow to life,
much like the seasons
always change,
ride the waves that 
life presents,
but know your Peace
remains the same.

Trust in Love’s 
it may come in
many forms,
know your place 
is One with Source,
always safe,
forever Home.

Breathe in Love’s 
calm healing balm,
You Are This,
know This Truth –
Love’s reassurance
holds your hand,
walking with Peace,
This Love and You.