All That Is . . .

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In life,
you may wish
to gather
under the
Umbrella of Love.

And we wish
to have you ponder,
that there is
no umbrella.
All There Is –
Is Love.

And Love needs
no umbrella,
no matter the color
or size,
or shape –
no matter if it
is storming,
or blazingly hot –
Love remains
and always

Yes, it is human
to gather
in groups,
umbrellas you
so you know
who is who,
but Who Are You
now –
in this Truth,
you are not
your umbrella,
You Are Eternally

All That Is
Is Love,
and You Are That.
Through any season
of life,
or storm,
or sun,
You Are Love
eternally part
of the One.

Expanding to Peace

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When your human side
feels scattered,
when daily tasks
begin to build,
you may wish
to retreat
into solace,
and withdraw from what
ego wants you
to feel,
but is there not
another path
to Peace,
you may need stillness
to sense it there –
but when you expand
your Awareness,
is there not room
for All, there?

You need not run
and hide from ego,
that comes knocking
at your door,
there may be lessons
by bumping into
a closed door,
and when you can
expand your view
and look with the
Eyes of the Soul,
when you rise above
the details,
is there not more
that you will know?

See from a bigger picture,
there is Peace when
you accept with
open arms,
when you close up
and push back,
do you not feel
and not as strong –
expand the You
that has this
with Strength and Courage
can you trust
to see,
that All is so
that you may
see the Love
in All you see.

when you
let Love
keep showing You
the way.
There is Peace
that resides
within you,
Love Is Here
in All ways,

Eternally You

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Transition –
movement from
here to there.

In the linear world,
you can look back,
to see where you are
or how far you have
are you not sometimes
at how much
you have grown,
or changed,
or learned,
or expanded?

And who is it
that is able to take
a look back,
as well as see
You Are
right now –
does not the
Eternal You,
your Knowing Self,
have awareness
and the eyes to see
as you transition
and move
from there to here,
from here to there?

And through this
of experiences,
can you not
You as stillness,
can you not slow
or even stop time,
in any place
or at any time –
for as Eternal You,
do you not exist
Everywhere at once,
transcending time?

You Are Love
in every moment,
through all of time,
when you expand
your awareness
of your Knowing Self,
can you not see
with loving eyes,
the Love that swells
within your heart
and holds the beat,
the rhythm
of All That Is?

Move and flow,
be still and know –
All Is Love
and Love Is You.
With every beat
and in the space between –

A Loving Equation

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This is You.
All of This.
The you is me
and me is you –
identity you have
to see “you” here
in a reflection of
what you wish
to appear.

When you wish
to see
Who You truly Are,
then look for
it is near
as it is far.

Love Is within,
Love Is without,
there is no opposite
to what Love
is about.

Love Is You.
All of That.
You and Me
Are Love.
It is as simple
as that.

A Circle of Love

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Connect the dots,
make the connection,
know you All are
on the Circle of Love –
there may be times
when you cannot see
how connected
you will always be,
but no matter where
you stand in time,
can you be open
to a loving sign
that spurs you on,
that opens your heart,
in the Circle of Love
it matters not where
you start.

An endless loop,
this Eternal Love,
means as you travel
the Circle of Love,
you may not fully
see the Whole,
but as each step
begins to unfold,
can you not sense
there is more to You –
is there not Truth
that Love Is You,
you need not understand
it all,
but have no doubt
that All Is Love.

Connect the dots,
rejoice when you discover,
Love Is for All –
all Sisters
and Brothers,
you are part
of an endless stream,
Love flows through you,
it is not a dream,
no matter where
you are
on this path,
the Circle of Love
always has your back –
follow the signs
that you are on
the right track,
all paths lead you
to Love
as You Are That.

A circle has
no beginning,
it has no end –
you are connected
to Love,

Constant Love

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Along the way
to knowing,
do you not wonder,
Beliefs you have
may shift
and change,
but is not knowing
a constant state –
is there not a
constant hum
that resonates
with what you
sense is true,
and even when
your truth
may change,
you are still
magnificently You.

Follow the constancy
of Love,
will Love not point you
in the direction of
experiences and opportunities
that you may only
have dreamed of,
when you open yourself
to wonder,
when you see Love
is Everlasting,
does it not bring you
great relief,
you may not always
you may question
to find out why –
but once you know
that All Is Love,
do you not know
that You Are Light?

The human experience
is a challenge,
with duality,
there is always this
or that –
but the constant hum
of Love can be felt through
all of that,
your mission,
should you choose
to accept it (smile),
is to find where
Love resides,
and as Love Is Everywhere
and All That Is –
you know Love
cannot hide.

Let belief bring you
to see,
let knowing
turn up the Light,
you will see even more
than you thought
could exist –
You Are
This Love,
This Light.


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With intention,
are you not able
to shift your
like perspective,
can you not take
an elevator
up or down
to see more,
in the three dimensional
there are layers
and many floors,
do you not see
a different scene
be it at street level
or on a higher floor?

Now shift your perspective,
your awareness,
beyond the world
that you live in,
you need not travel,
you do not leave,
you remain with the
roots that you stand in,
the expanded You
is always Here,
it is not a “place”
you need to go,
it is your awareness
that makes the shift,
to welcome all of You

You may need practice,
some quiet at first,
to explore All That
You Are,
as you have experiences
in life,
does not your awareness
what you thought
was from afar,
but Who You Are
encompasses more
that your view
from the street –
You Are the city,
You Are the earth,
You Are the stars above
that you see.

Expand your awareness,
so you may sense
Who You Are,
the Loving Force
that you seek,
resides in you,
it is not apart,
you need not leave
you behind,
when you expand,
do you not know –
Love is always
Here with You,
You Are One
with the Loving Whole.

Expand with Love,
become aware
that Love Is You –
shift your awareness,
to see the Truth,
Love Is the
Authentic You.