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When you release
what you hold
be it an object
or belief,
you may question Trust
within this process,
feeling like an autumn
falling leaf.

You may not see
a bigger picture
than the one
before your eyes,
but letting go
to Love’s sweet
is surrendering to
All Love inside.

Like leaf,
you are part of
an eternal cycle,
you may think it
has a beginning
and an end,
but beyond your
human perspective,
leaf goes to the earth
to rise again.

The leaf, the trees,
the earth are
your roots are deeper
than you know,
the sky above you
has you hoping,
when your autumn
that is where you will

But you as Eternal Be-ing,
has no here nor there
to Be,
for You are Always You,
connected with Love

Release what you hold
Love Is Everywhere
You Are,
You Are expansive,
You Are forever,
from magnificent earth
to shining star!

Forever, Always

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As the morning dew
magically appears,
may you know Love
is always Here,
to soothe you when
the road is rough,
or when life brings to you
more than enough,
at daybreak or when
day is done,
are there still not always
the stars and the sun?

Let Love whisper to you
through the gentle breeze,
the fading of night sounds
as summer leaves,
watch the changing palette
as seasons change,
yet in every moment,
yes, Love remains.

Love is always Here
tenderly within You,
no change or transition
can obscure Love’s View,
always holding you
in its loving arms,
Love flows within you
and Love surrounds.

As sun comes up on
another day,
might you listen closely
to what Love may say:
O Child of Love,
Here You Are, today,
wrapped in Love
with Me,


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Come back Home
to your heart,
you have never left,
the Love That You Are,
you may feel different,
or so familiar, too,
growth and change
always lead
to You.

You hear this often
or maybe not enough,
it matters not what
you hear,
but what you know
you are made of,
Home is Everywhere,
you cannot be
fully Whole You Are,
with no finish line
or start.

Be at Home,
with your heart,
so very loved as
the Love You Are!

The Voice of Love

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Trust your intuition,
that still, small voice
that speaks within,
it is the Voice
of Strength and Truth,
always available
when you listen in.

This Voice within is
patient and kind,
it does not judge
when you let it
pass by,
you can always adjust
the dial
and tune back in
at any time.

You feel and sense
this Voice of Love,
your loved ones help you
to hear it, too,
the Voice of Love
sounds much like
your heart,
that beats to the
rhythm of their Love
that surrounds you.

Trust your intuition,
that still, loving Voice
that speaks within You –
know it,
trust and believe,
Love is Eternal
and always with You.


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And Lo,
There Is Peace.

In the moon phase,
in a cloud raised,
in a sparkle on
lake so calm,
in the precious eyes
of a baby,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

With your loved ones,
Here Everafter,
where there is no
time or space,
no-thing between you,
always connected,
and Lo,
There Is Peace.

At morning dawning,
all possibilities
are with you as a
warm cup you
at twilight soothing,
know All Is Well,
and Lo,
Here Is Peace.

The Magic of Joy

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With a sweep of your
can you not fly on
Love’s magic carpet
when Joy arrives
on angel wings,
do you not feel
you can do anything?

Yes, Joy is Me
and Joy is You,
let Joy lift you up
to see what you
can do,
always supported
and never alone,
does Joy not remind you
you are safe
and You Are Home?

May Joy celebrate
your child within,
All Children of Love
remind you of the
Love within,
soar high,
dance with the
clouds above,
are you not dancing
with All who you Love?

Let Love’s magic
add sparkle
to your life,
your heart beats
as One with
this shimmering,
shining Light.

Remember Joy,
remember Love,
remember You –
dance with the clouds,
let rainbow’s Light
light up the Joy
in You.


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When an end
is a beginning,
is this not a
Circle of Love –
no matter where
you are as
you travel,
are you not learning
what you are made of?

And is this circle
not a spiral,
uncovering more
for you to see,
and as you change
your perspective,
do you not see Love
more clearly?

Hearts and Love
make up this
it can never ever
life an endless
eternal fountain,
Love flows up
again and again.

Life can change,
you may be different,
but what is always
the same,
Love is constant,
always surrounding,
forever glowing
is Love’s Eternal Flame.

Always Together

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You may think
those who have
passed before you
are no longer
you surmise that they
must be somewhere
out “there”.

But You Are

An ancestral link,
a loved one you hold
a beloved pet
who is still
always near,
you may not see
them “here”,
but as You Are
Everywhere –
you are

You Are,
and Loved so
very dear,
this Love climbs
all mountains,
and spans across
skies so clear.

Look beyond
what you see,
and know in your
heart –
You Are always
always as

Blanket of Love

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Wrap yourself up
in this blanket,
it is a Blanket of Love,
tuck it in,
feel the comfort,
surrounding you with
what stars are
made of.

This Love can stretch
across the cosmos,
this Love resides
within your heart,
let Love blanket you
with knowing,
you are precious
as Who You Are.

You may at times
feel you are separated
from the ones you Love
so dear,
are they not part of
this blanket,
in your heart are
they not so near,
so draw All closer
to your Be-ing,
feel what Love
has to say,
Love surrounds you
now and always,
anytime be it night
or day.

Wrap yourself up
in This Blanket,
Love is Here
always for you,
You Are a blessed
Child of Love,
You Are so loved
as Love Is You.

You Belong

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You belong,

You may feel lost
in a forest,
but may you remember
you are the tree,
standing tall with
your brothers and
you belong,

When swimming in the
vast blue ocean,
may you remember
you are the wave,
sending ripples out
that return to you,
you belong,

You may walk alone
on a crowded street,
but may you remember
you are All you see,
connected at the heart
of humanity,
you belong,

You may feel the ache
of separation,
from a loved one
you hold dear,
but you are eternally
in your heart
you always belong,