Dear Child, With Love


Look at things 
in a different way,
with fresh new eyes,
what may go 
or stay?

It is good to question 
pre-programmed thoughts,
they do not define you,
though they may tie you 
in knots.

Accept opportunities
though your ego 
pushes back,
in fear of judgment 
or showing you 
where you lack.

“I keep you safe!”
ego cries with 
great alarm,
“I am the only thing 
that keeps you safe
from harm!”

Tenderly show ego,
this inner self who 
asks for Love,
You know the Truth 
is within,
not only above.

Dear child,
You Are Loved 
beyond the words 
that you wish to hear,
All of Love 
supports you 
and is always Here.

Thank you, 
for working so hard 
on our behalf,
come take My hand,
see Our Wholeness, 
with no lack.

There is no need 
to fight or struggle 
to Be This Truth,
Love is Who We Are,
You Are Loved 
I Love You!



Do dreams 
come true?

Beyond any dream,
Love Is You.

What do you 
wish for,
or blessing 
to be bestowed,
what miracle 
awaits you,
maybe in a sleigh
through fresh-fallen

Precious child,
sense the wonder
of your heart’s 
loving call,
the Miracle of 
Love lies 
within you,
surrounding you,
One and All.

Let Love lift you
if your heart 
is heavy,
celebrate Love 
with Gratitude,
may you know 
that Love’s eternal 
showers infinitely 
upon and through 

Upon this day 
and all that follow,
may you awaken 
from your sleep
and know that 
You Are Love’s 
blessed gift,
You Are the miracle 
to believe!



Breathe in the wisdom
of ancestors,
who scraped and created 
on their earthly path,
struggle may be a condition
of the earth,
what might you glean
from deep within 
your past?

Yes, you may miss 
extended family meals,
but Love and lessons 
still abound from them,
listen closely,
for they whisper still,
their voices speak 
to your spirit within.

With Love and Grace
may you honor this 
speak the names 
of those you may 
know You Are 
a sacred expression 
of this Love,
that stretches across 
all worlds to tell
you this.

Allow your memories 
to stir emotions felt,
embrace, receive
This Love that flows 
through you,
beyond your memory 
is Eternal Love,
you honor All 
in the remembrance 
their Love is You!

Strength, Courage and Gratitude


Believe in Strength.

Yes, you may need Strength 
to overcome,
to see hope rise 
on the horizon,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do –
as you believe 
in Strength.

Yes, you have Courage
to see clearly,
what is an obstacle
may be a path 
that leads
you to sense your 
Courage within –
as you believe 
in You.

Does Gratitude not 
help you Be,
to accept this moment
as Love flows 
imbuing you with 
all you need –
with Strength,
Courage and 

Believe in Love,
That is You,
your super-powers 
are Home in You,
welcome Home 
to Strength,
always Love 
and Gratitude.

A Grateful Invitation


Might you with spaces 
throughout the day,
fill them up with 
may they expand,
pushing away,
what may not resonate
with Truth.

As you are a powerful 
may Gratitude be 
the material you use,
the foundation you 
walk on,
clear all filters 
as you let Love 
breathe you. 

Spring cleaning need not
be a one-time thing,
be aware of the moment
you are presently in,
invite Gratitude 
with Love to help you,
as you embrace 
your Truth as Love

The Whole of You


See You.

You are the 
bright, shiny 
of your soul.

Yes, life may throw 
much at you,
but it need not 
always stick,
look beyond what 
you hold onto,
see the Whole 
of You.

You need not swim 
so hard upstream,
follow the current 
of your soul,
let go of struggle 
and release,
Be the Whole 
of You.

Embrace the cycle 
of Love’s pure gifts,
what you give 
may you receive,
with Gratitude for 
Who You Are,
Love the Whole 
of You.

See the perfection 
of You
as Love,
Blessed Be,
You Are 
Wholly Love.

Glorious You


With Gratitude,
may you receive,
with Love,
may you give –
such is the 
Cycle of Love.

Be Love’s vessel
in this Cycle,
with no outcome 
to expect –
Be Here in this 
sacred Flow of

With Humility,
shine your Light,
as you give 
do you not
receive –
behold this is 
standing with Love.

May Peace 
be the harmony
that resonates 
through the Whole 
of You –
Here You Are,
Love’s perfect 
expression of 
glorious You!

Dear Body


Do not Love and 
help you be fearless?

Are you not 
in the Truth 
of Love?

Your body may 
bring up fear to 
tell you, 
I am ready to 
release what is 
coming up.

With your Strength 
and True Light 
you are opening doors 
to experience 
All of Love.

Yes, you are more 
than the body,
but body is a 
communicative instrument,
let Love be a 
patient partner,
listening to and loving 
All of This.

Fear may come up 
as your past 
but Love and Gratitude 
are the curriculum 
embrace the body,
wrap with Love 
so gently,
assure All of You 
that You are Loved 
so dear. 

A Loving Choice


Choose Love 
a thousand times
a day,
between your thoughts,
ask to see 
a different way.

This is You 
speaking to 
when the chatter 
is subdued,
allow this knowing 
from your heart
to rise up today.

Let your judgment 
of you 
to take a rest,
you may think you 
have figured out 
what is best.

Yes, your story
will unfold,
but do you always 
do as you are 
told – 
this Choice of Love 
is always present 
at your fingertips.

Choose Love 
in this moment 
and the next,
may Gratitude 
be a bridge 
to happiness.

In a world 
of duality,
yes, there are choices 
to be made,
choose Love,
Be You, 
You Are 
All of This!