Breathing Gratitude

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With a heart
full of Love,
as full as
the moon above,
are you not
filled with Gratitude,
yes, counting blessings
may help get
you there,
yet Gratitude
need not a
number be,
are you not Gratitude
any day of
the year,
Be-ing thankful
for the Love
that You Are

May your full heart
shine as brightly
as the moon,
might you extend
as you enter
any room,
let the rays of Love
melt through differences
you may have,
might you make
the main course
of any day,
one made with Love?

With a heart
full of Love,
might you share
the Love
that fills the air,
breathe in Gratitude,
it is Who You Are,
exhale Love so it
may reach the
farthest star –
You All Are Love
and in-between,
let Gratitude
and Love
help you to see
and to Believe.

Loving Gratitude

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To get back to the heart
of any matter,
might you travel
with Gratitude,
is this not the perfect
travel companion,
one that will listen
and balance you.

When you wish to
return to You,
ready to surrender
to your loving Truth,
might you remember
You Are Love,
when you make room
for loving

Being grateful is
a beginning,
a way to shift
your focus some,
counting your blessings
can lift you up,
as you look for the
good that your way
has come,
but can you expand
your Gratitude,
to include what you
may not wish to be,
to then realize
that Gratitude,
is a state of Be-ing
through Eternity?

Look through the eyes
of your Pure Be-ing,
there is Gratitude
everywhere you turn,
it is not something
you need to summon,
it resides in your heart,
something you need not
bring Gratitude into
remembering this
in your human form,
you will be Gratitude
and you were Gratitude
before you were born.

Let Gratitude
tune you into Love,
Let Love turn up
Gratitude within.
Be Gratitude
in any moment,
Love always travels
where Gratitude
has been.

With Grace and Ease

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Ease into what
what invites,
what you move
try on some
different things,
when you see
from a different
might you see
what makes your
soul sing?

Change it up,
change your routine,
change your mind –
let your soul,
show you the direction
to go,
try not to label
good or bad,
simply adjust
to what feels best,
acting upon what
your still, small voice

Do not think of
as road blocks,
might they show you
there is another
way around,
and upon this way,
might you then see
something new
to set you free,
a new perspective,
a new way
for you to Be?

There is Grace
even when you
have fallen,
there is ease,
when you find
your way back up,
your soul knows
your Divine Plan,
so simply Be You
again and again,
loving each moment
with Humility
and Gratitude.

With Grace and Ease,
then Strength and Courage
when those you need,
know throughout it all –
There Is Love.


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It may be a slow walk,
it may be a switch
that flips,
it may be an act
of Grace,
it may be
when something
change is a constant
moving force,
as You Are a Being
of creation,
be it small
or something big,
are you not wired
for transformation?

It may be something
you wish to heal,
it may be surroundings
you wish to change,
it may be a load
you wish to lift,
to free you from
or pain,
you are a constant
wave of vibration,
looking to resonate
with what moves you,
might you move
with Waves of Love,
with Gratitude
for transformation?

And it may not be much
that really changes,
for you to feel
completely new,
to gain a lightness
in your step,
might you unlock
something deep
inside of you?

When you express
your innate Joy,
when you release
the Authentic You,
is that not a transformational
to see how bright
the Love is
That Is You?

When you transform,
when you change,
is that not simply
a return to You?
Transform yourself
into Who You Are,
You Are Love
Love Is You.

Walk With Love

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I am traveling early, so here is a message from February, 2017


Walking along
a rocky road,
following a twisting path,
commands your attention,
as you navigate
the path you are on.
Sometimes the footing
is difficult,
as you maneuver around
obstacles that appear
upon the path
of the rocky road.

And yes, you wish
for surer footing –
a smoother path
upon which to walk –
where you do not need
to constantly look
for what may
trip you up.

But do you not
surprise yourself
as you learn
how to step
around or over
any obstacles
that appear in your way –
do you not
call in muscles
that you may not have used
in a long, long time?

Does not walking
along a rocky road,
give you an opportunity
to experience
the Strength and Courage
that reside within you?

And as you become
more sure of your footing –
do not the stones
upon the rocky road
begin to fade –
losing their ability
to block your way?

Are there not lessons
on a rocky road,
a twisting path,
that command your attention –
does not the road
that you are on
sometimes challenge you
to see if this
is where you want to go?

And if you persevere
upon the rocky road,
not letting obstacles
stand in your way –
does not the confidence
that you have found
give you Strength
to take the next step –
no matter if you
are on a rocky road
or on a path that now
appears to be smooth?

Be grateful for
the rocky roads.
Do they not push your limits
to let you experience
how limitless
you truly are?

And as Love
is the Force
That Is Limitless –
is it not
with Love
that you find
the Strength and Courage
to carry on?

Let Love
be your guide
as you take each step
down the road you walk.

Walk on
with Love,
walk on.

With Ease

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Ease into your day.

Might you be aware
when you arise,
to be present with
might you hold off
of what you must do –
wondering if the day
will be good to you,
with Ease and Grace,
can you let Love lead,
and fill this morning
with your innate Love
and Gratitude?

Relax your shoulders,
take a loving breath in,
let each breath you take,
remind you of the Love
there is Strength and Courage,
ready at your beck and call
turn up your Light,
shine from within,
will Light not reflect
off another,
as Love shows you
the way?

Ease into your day,
begin with You,
send Love to yourself,
it is a loving thing
to do,
give yourself a pat
on the back,
acknowledge you
for Be-ing You,
in your heart,
you hold the key –
the Key to Peace
is loving you.


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Once you quiet
the external,
what do You
say to you?
Have you really listened
to what your
heart is saying
to you,
you may think
you have been
quiet enough
to hear your
still, small
voice –
but might it
resonate more
when you tune
into it
as the preferred choice?

Your mind may
come up with
familiar patterns
or parts to play,
yes, it can be
to open up
to another way,
but can you give
yourself a pass
and move away
from labels of
right or wrong,
will not your heart
lead you in a
loving direction,
when you let it
sing its loving

Move beyond
your usual expectations
to what your intuition
wishes to say –
with boldness,
Strength and Courage,
in Gratitude,
Be You,