A Loving Opening

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Meet yourself
when an opportunity
rises up to greet
you – for you to see,
here is a choice
of Love or fear,
or for your acceptance,
to simply Be.

When situations bring
on emotions,
is your body not tuned
to let you know,
here is simply You
opening up a door
for the acceptance
of Love
that you wish to

There is no need
to recreate the past,
no need to fret
of future not yet
in any moment,
You Are Here
in Love’s glorious
acceptance of you
as human being.

With Gratitude
and Peace,
let every opportunity
invite you to know,
every experience
is an opening to Love,
You Are Loved so!


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Feel your Strength
though you may not
recognize its
are you not Strength
when you release,
in release, you do not
give anything away.

When you release
to the heart of
in Humility,
with Gratitude,
listen to Strength’s
joyful roar,
lifting you up,
so you may soar.

It is in surrender
that your inner Strength,
helps you find your
for each step to take,
step with purpose
into parts unknown,
knowing You Are Loved,
always safe
and Home!


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Be unlimited
in Love,
for Love is unlimited
in You.

When you set limits
on your perspective,
do you not limit
the expansion
of you –
Love knows no
Love is omnipresent,
ask Love to show you
the present You.

When you sense
your edges tightening,
resisting the flow
of Love that flows
through you,
with Gratitude,
thank Love for
gently inviting
you to accept
more of This Love
in you.

Love may push,
may pull,
will stretch you,
to recognize
You Are All of This,
sense this depth of
you are created
from It,
upon wings of Love,
You Are limitless!

A Season of Rest

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You are the dark sky
with dawning Light,
you are the stars
that twinkle bright,
you are the fullness
of the moon,
or when it fades
to allow more room.

In this Season of
might you shine your own Light
where Light has not
been yet,
are you not illuminated
by the Light of Love,
is Light not a perception
that you already
know of?

Be still,
Be Love,
Be Peace,
let the darkened quiet
allow this space
for You to Be,
Be Gratitude,
as your blessed Light
shines bright,
Be Who You Are,
infinitely One
with day or night.


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Let Faith take you
by the hand,
so you may glimpse
what your soul
may you believe
that your five senses
can only take in
part of the show.

You may be looking
for the details,
or analyzing the
how and why,
let your heart
be the Director,
as you embark
on this magical

Let Gratitude
open your heart,
feel the emotion
of Love right Here,
might you lower
your resistance,
that Love could possibly
for you care.

You may feel separated,
pulled in many different
let Love be the
constant bond
that with gentle
shows you and
Lights the way.

You Are This Love
you seek,
let Faith continue to
remind you,
believe in Love
that goes beyond
the beat of your heart
and sings to you.

Let each breath
that you take,
remind you that
you are not alone,
You Are breathed
by the Power of Love,
You Are Beloved,
yes, You Are Home.


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Let Gratitude
be your superpower,
does Gratitude not
teach you how
to fly?
Does Gratitude
not open doors
that you may have
thought were closed,
with Gratitude,
can you not touch
the sky?

And while Gratitude
lifts you up,
might Joy not
be far behind,
are they not the
perfect companions,
to lighten up your

Yes, this life can
be serious,
but Gratitude
can help with this –
you may start with
something small,
then be grateful
for it All.

You Are Eternal,
You Are Gratitude,
You Are Joy,
You Are Love.
Get to know your
superpowers –
This is what
You are made of!

And Trust

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Trust the spirit
that dwells within
is This not the
that connects you
All you Love
and Love comes back
to you,
this Force,
this Flow,
is always what
breathes you,
have Faith
and with will,
may Love see
you through –
All Is Well,
Love Is Here
with you,
breathe with Love
and Gratitude. . .

and Trust.