Enough, Love

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Is Love enough?

My dear,
Love is All
There Is.

Where is Love
when we need
it most?

Here is Love,
as You.

And you,
you here,
you there,
you may not
from your perspective,
but Here
is always,

Love is not a
passive function,
its Strength
is fierce
and powerful,
but not as
but as complete
and Wholly Love.

When place does
not have meaning,
as time
begins and ends,
dear one,
Here You Are,
so very loved,
as Love


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We are the same,
You and I,
as Love knows
no titles –
me, you
or I,
as “we” does
bring plural
to the One,
does it not indicate
Unity –
as in
We Are One?

Might you begin
by joining
all aspects of
these arise in
the projections
that you look
Here Is Love
at the Source
of all you see,
even if the story
plays out differently.

More separation
is not the answer
might you surround
with loving care,
with True Vision
as Love,
might You see
you Here,
One with your
sisters and brothers,
All Loved
and so dear.


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Joy is Love
spirit free.

Joy is with you
every moment,
though human
may make it hard
to see.

Joy can mingle
with your feelings,
though Joy permeates
All of You,
when you open to
your True Nature,
does Joy not
dance and sing
with you?

You may think that
Joy is fleeting,
as human experience
has taught you to,
but behold the
Power of Joy,
your superpower
is the Joy of

Your Story of Love

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Be a story of Love.

Do you not love
to be read to,
children love a story read
again and again,
a shared experience
or adventure new,
as each page turns,
what will happen next?

You may at times
wish for a different
you may worry you
do not know what
the future brings,
but as each page
gives you opportunity,
might you Be You now
and Be a story of Love.

You are the author
and the illustrator,
so step in fully
to what you think of,
upon this new page
as day wakes up ready,
make every story of You
Be a story of Love.

A Time of Transformation

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Clear out the clutter
that builds up
over time,
clear out the cobwebs
that take up space
in your mind.

There is transformation
in this time of
seasonal change,
with many things
tossed upside down,
is there not an urge
to rearrange?

This need not be
perceived as
though ego loves
to keep a score,
might you find
comfort in
as your mind
wishes to know

Always beneath
what you may see,
Love is the soil
you stand upon,
rich in its life-giving
are you not nurtured
as you grow strong?

Many seeds are
being planted,
others are pushing
through the dirt,
Love is the water
and Light of sun,
Love is each petal
that unfurls.

Be You in this time
of transformation,
the Heart of You
knows Here is Peace,
Love is the constant
unchanging Force,
embrace this flow,
know You Are Free!

You Are

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Be You –
in the ever-shifting,
often exasperating

See You –
in perfect balance,
as Truth is what
anchors you.

There is no need
to restore order,
You Are always
perfectly in place,
This Love shines
hope eternal,
You Are
This Love
in time and space.

With opening eyes
might you marvel
that the answers
are very clear,
with open heart
you sense this Knowing,
as perception is
changing here.

Yes, You Are
Love’s sacred blessing,
dearest Child
of Love,
receive what you
have been giving,
You Are below
what you cherish

Holy and Whole

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You may think healing
is elusive,
that it is something
to be found,
you believe that
Love can hold
the key,
You ask for Love
to always surround.

Dear one,
there is no other
All That You Are
is safe and
your human thoughts
ask for Love’s healing,
but All Is Well
within your soul.

There is no-thing
inside that is broken,
only temporary
barriers that block
your view,
may you believe
You are the key,
as You Are Love
Love Is You.

Yes, Love surrounds
as You Are This,
in this Sea of Love
you are the drop,
the wave,
the entire ocean
is All of You,
All who you Love
join you in All Ways.

As the Essence of
Holy and Whole,
may you know the
Truth of Who You Are,
with Strength
and Courage
emerge from inside
behold Love’s
precious Light –
your Shining Star!

Brilliant Light

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Some days are blue,
some days are gray,
but does not the
brilliant sun
chase all the clouds

Does Light not act
like a prism
to beam,
all the colors of
the rainbow
in one single stream?

You may be one color
of the rainbow today,
but you have
unlimited access to
the whole array.

Your Light may highlight
the experience
of the day,
pick and choose the color
that invites you
to play!

As you are brilliant,
constant white Light,
you may shine with
whatever color
that feels right,
or paint the sky with
all colors that glow,
as white Light,
are you not
the entire rainbow?

No matter the day
that rises before you,
your Light is the
that paints all openings
you walk through,
You Are the spectrum
of all possibility,
may your infinite Light
remind you,
You Are free!

Love’s Soft Glow

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Do not fear the
does not the moon
light up the night,
sometimes you need
a little quiet,
to see what comes
into your sight.

Is this not an
to sit and hold
a part of you,
invite All of You
into this Wholeness,
All of Us
will see this through.

Let Love comfort you
in this moment,
holding you so close,
so near,
sometimes when you
feel most vulnerable,
Love reminds
you are so loved,

Sit with Love in
Light or darkness,
your heart generates
Love’s soft glow,
Here is Love,
forever –
dear one,
You Are Love
and you are loved,