A Moment of Joy



The joy of a child.

It is easy to picture –
as are not children
in touch with Joy –
are they not
beings of expression?
There is no doubt
how a child feels –
you know it
when they feel Joy.

You can look
at a joyful child
and know what it
feels like to
embrace this Joy.
And as you peel back
the memories
of times you were joyful –
yes, whatever
you were doing
may have created
a space,
for you to feel joyous –
but was it not Joy
that bubbled
to the surface,
that was waiting
all along –
no matter the situation-
is not Joy always ready
to be released?

And as you grow older
does it not become harder
to let Joy come out –
to play with you,
you may think Joy
is hiding,
you may think life
is far too serious,
to feel the child’s play
of Joy once again.

But as You Are Joy,
do you not know Joy
when you see a child
dancing with abandon,
when a picture of an animal
touches your heart,
when you listen to music
that moves you to dance,
when you laugh at something silly
until tears come to your eyes –
are there not
moments of Joy
in any moment
that you let go?

Take a moment for Joy.
You need not have
a joyful situation
to tap into
the Joy That You Are –
Joy is bubbling,
wanting to come
to the surface –
to remind you of
the Love That You Are.
With Gratitude –
do you not open
the door to Joy?

Let go.
Let the Joy
That Is You
bubble up
to the surface
to remind you of
the Lightness of Be-ing

And You Are That.

Transformative Play



A ball of clay.

Do you not remember
as a child,
rolling around
a ball of clay
between your hands,
pushing your fingers
into the malleable dough,
seeing what figures
you could turn
this “play dough” into –
only to pick it all up,
squish it together
to return it back
to a ball of clay –
so you could
begin again?

Were not your creations
only limited
by your creative mind –
if you tried something out
and it was not to
your liking –
could you not
return to the
ball of clay
that was ready
to be formed
into something new?

And can you connect
with this sense of play –
can you be
as pliable
as the ball of clay –
open and ready
to be formed
by your creative mind
that is connected
to your soul?

Would it not be easier
to try something new
if you could be
in the moment
of creating
and not as concerned
with the outcome
or what the expectation
may be?

Is not your body
here to experience
the creative forces
of your consciousness –
do you not need
pushing and prodding
at times to transform
in a different way?

And if the ball of clay
gets hard to form –
if it is not as flexible
as it used to be –
does it not begin
to come back to life
when you work the clay
and begin to play
with it once again?

Peel off the lid.
Take out the dough.
And with the play
of a child –
begin to push,
and shape –
creating something new
with the Joy
in your heart.

Play and create
with Love.

Something New



Try something new.

There are opportunities
that present themselves
to you in
a variety of ways –
some you see
and let them pass,
some may be
on the periphery,
you sense them there,
but you have
not been able
to see them fully
enough to realize –
that you may try something new.

And these opportunities,
the experiences,
that you
“try on for size?”
Some will be
a perfect fit
while others do not
feel quite right –
but do they often
not lead to
yet another opportunity
to try something new?

And as new growth
can sometimes
go through
an awkward stage –
as you stir things up
to see what settles
back into place,
and maybe with
a perfect fit –
are you not usually
grateful that you
took the leap
to try something new?

Can you play with this,
bringing a child’s perspective
to this “dressing up”
or playing “make-believe” –
not afraid to explore
as each opportunity
beckons you
to try something new?

Stretch yourself.
Embrace change.
With Joy in your heart,
play with the
ever-evolving opportunities
that allow you
to express the
Love That You Are.

Take each opportunity
to Believe and Be
a new Expression of Love.


Flight of Joy



Free yourself.

Do you not look
at a bird in flight –
with apparent ease –
so free,
so light,
in the flow
of the air,
making minor adjustments
to stay in this flow –
do you not see
in this bird in flight?

And as you wish
to be free yourself –
might you
wish to capture
what you see
in the bird –
is it not Joy
that must be present
in this state of flight –
for has not your heart
leapt with Joy
as you watch
the freedom
of the bird?

And in your search
to capture joy –
might you have tried
a variety of things
that promised you joy
if you only had it
in your possession?

And as you wish
to free yourself,
as you attempt to fly –
do you not feel
the heaviness of
what may be
tying you down,
making it hard
to let go and fly?

Free yourself.

Is there not a
freeing energy
to Joy?

And you can never
capture Joy –
for is Joy
not already
Who You Are?

Is not Joy the
“wind beneath your wings?”

What makes you soar,
with apparent ease?
Can you release
your burdens
and cut the ties
that may weigh you down,
obscuring the Joy
that is ready
to lift you up?

Fly in the
freeing energy
of Joy –
do you not see
in this Flight of Joy?

And as you experience
the essence of
the Joy That You Are –
do you not see
that you have had
the wings to fly
all along?

Free yourself.
Be Joy.

Snow Angels



Snowflakes fall
on a winter’s night –
they may pile up
turning the landscape white.
Do not adults groan
and wonder about
roads, driveways and cold?

But children squeal,
scream in delight,
wanting to go outside
to roll and play
making angels in
the fluffy snow –
are they not in
the Moment of Joy?

A beloved dog
wants to go outside
with fur thick for cold –
she wants to play
in the cold white snow –
she runs around
in a joyful dance,
her favorite thing
is to roll and play
making angels in
the cold wet snow –
is she not in
the Moment of Joy?

And does it not
bring you joy –
to see the joy
that children and
your beloved pets
so fully emulate;
using everyday miracles
to express their Joy.

And do you see
You Are the miracle
that you wish to see
in angels in the snow?

The miracle of
Love Divine
flows through You.

So when Joy
is hard to sense –
let Gratitude in
to fill your heart.
Can you emulate the Joy
of the child or pet –
and make angels
wherever you are?

As you visualize
making angels
in the snow –
can you not
feel the Joy
and Love
That You Are?

Let the Angel of Love
remind you to
express each
Moment of Joy,

The Miracle of Joy
is the Miracle of You.

Be the Miracle of Love.

Finding Joy



There is no opposite
to the innate quality
of the Joy That You Are.

But as you express Joy
in this world of duality –
yes, there may be times
when joy is temporarily
hard to see –
when clouded over
with the fog
of grief,
of fear,
of doubt.

But do you not feel Joy
stirring within –
ready to “lift your spirits up”
as is there not
an energy to Joy
when it electrifies
your very be-ing –
does not Joy
raise your vibration,
filling up the
spaces of You –
pushing out the cloudiness
that may have settled
within you,
weighing you down?

Do you not feel
so connected
to Source,
to Love,
to You –
when you express the
Joy That You Are?

And as Love Is
All There Is –
is not Joy
the switch that
when turned on –
the Light of Joy
is oh so bright,
that you cannot see
or feel anything
but Joy
and Love –
and you wish
always to Be
in the presence of Joy.

“Find your Joy.”
You know the phrase,
but know that Joy
is never lost
or misplaced –
it may be covered over
at times,
but you have the switch
to Be the Joy
That You Are.

Connect with Joy.
Connect with You.
You know this feeling
for You Are Joy.

Does it not bring
you Joy
to radiate the Love
That You Are?

And does not Joy
radiate Love?

Are not Love and Joy
the cornerstones of
Who You Are?

Express the spectrum
of Love and Joy.
Swirl together these
energies of Who You Are.

Play in Joy.
Be Love.
Experience You.
Oh Joy!

New Beginnings



Be surprised.
Delight in new beginnings.
Can the birth of
a new year
a birth in
the story of you?

Can you peel back
the layers of
the stories
you have gathered
over the years as
you have tried on
many clothes
to match your
belief that identify
your persona
of who you think
you are –
are you not weighted down
with things you
no longer need?

And in this sorting
out of layers,
yes – please keep
what makes you joyful,
but are there not
some layers
that keep you
from being seen –
that are hiding
the beautiful
shining light
that can no longer
be contained?

Is not every moment
that you express
the beautiful
Love That You Are –
a new moment,
a new beginning,
with the lightness
of your be-ing –
no longer hindered
or held back
by layers that
may have served you –
but that you now
no longer need?

And as you explore
this new chapter of You –
try things on,
see how they fit,
but more importantly –
how do they make you feel?
Are you able to be free
to play or jump with Joy –
do your layers
let the Love of You
shine through?
Delight in the Joy
of Who You Are.

Play in the
Light and Love
of You.

And as You Are Joy
and You Are Love –
Be the brightest
Light of Love
that you can Be.

dear Light –