Brilliant Light

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Some days are blue,
some days are gray,
but does not the
brilliant sun
chase all the clouds

Does Light not act
like a prism
to beam,
all the colors of
the rainbow
in one single stream?

You may be one color
of the rainbow today,
but you have
unlimited access to
the whole array.

Your Light may highlight
the experience
of the day,
pick and choose the color
that invites you
to play!

As you are brilliant,
constant white Light,
you may shine with
whatever color
that feels right,
or paint the sky with
all colors that glow,
as white Light,
are you not
the entire rainbow?

No matter the day
that rises before you,
your Light is the
that paints all openings
you walk through,
You Are the spectrum
of all possibility,
may your infinite Light
remind you,
You Are free!

Unfolding Love

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Let spring remind you
there is always
after a time
of still,
are you not amazed,
when fresh sprouts
flex their
free will?

This resurrection
of life
from winter’s sleep
never ceases
to amaze,
do you not relate
to this cyclical
are you not anew
each and every

Are not seasons
a sacred spiral,
do you not learn
each time you go
what new growth
are you to nurture,
what is unfolding
from the limitless

Let spring remind you
of the mystery,
what in this season
may arise,
tend lovingly
to the Garden of You,
Love’s beautiful creation,
a glorious sight!

A Sacred Opening

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As you adjust
to many new things,
is there not comfort
in the smallest things,
what captures your eye,
what makes your heart sing,
when all things are new,
does not the familiar
comfort bring?

Have you noticed the sky
with clouds that form
and disappear,
the fog and rain lift
to show you all
is clear,
a bird in flight,
soaring, calling,
I am Here,
your beloved pets
who know that yes,
you need them near.

Through any change,
do you not sense
you are the same,
yes, externally,
your human self
plays in life’s game,
in changing times,
do sacred openings
not appear,
to show you Love
is forever constant
and always Here!


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Love is the blue sky,
when clouds are gray,
Love is the sunrise,
You Are its ray.

In every moment,
in every face,
Here is an experience
of Love,
even in time
and space.

Seasons come and
weather changes fast,
you may feel pushed
and pulled,
as time goes flying

Surrender to what
you know,
what is always constant,
You Are always Holy Love,
Love is the change-less

Love is every star
that shines,
all shining in
the heart of You,
your Light shines beyond
all time,
as Love is Here and
Love Is You!

Love’s Answer

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Does not looking
for what you need
indicate you know
not want you have?

Blessed One,
Blessed You,
do not let your
eyes deceive,
as you See with
the Eyes of Love,
does Love not
reflect back

Let your knowing
be your anchor
as you sail on
life’s rocky seas,
you are Love’s vessel
upon the water,
you are the waves
that meet the
sandy beach.

Love is the touchstone
of your soul,
in any experience
you may seek,
you need not look
outside to find This,
knowing resides always
in thee.

When words or actions
into a puzzle
that you cannot
beyond language,
Here is knowing –
Love is the answer
to it All.

Love’s Flow

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Flow like the water
that finds its way
down a stream,
you are the rocks,
you are the water,
you are all spaces
in between.

Are you not the very
ground you walk on
that provides nutrients
for all living things,
breathe in Love
that breathes
all Life,
Love is the Whole
and in Everything.

Is knowing not
available to you,
like Bird who knows
when to return
for spring,
Be Love’s flow
in your knowing,
Love Is Here
and in Everything.

Your Light

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Bathed in one moon,
created by One Light,
might you see
your Light that
see it shining
in another,
the Face of One,
in All –

You may not make
out of the senseless,
but might you tune
into the Truth of Love,
Here is knowing,
Here is loving,
surrendering below,
to You above.

So beam your bright Light,
make a wide path,
invite All of You
to this Eternal ride,
let Love guide you
and lift you gently,
forever cradled
with the Divine.