This Light

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You Are the Light.

Do you not shine
in dark of winter,
are you not dawn’s rays
as the sun comes
do you not warm a
seed in the promise
of spring,
are you not a candle glowing,
that reminds
All Are Home?

Yes, You Are
This Light –
burning by day,
ever-glowing at night,
join sun,
the moon,
and all the stars –
Be seen,
Be You,
Divine Light,
You Are.


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Love is full,
indeed You Are
no matter where
the Light is
are you not
to behold?

There is no dark side
of the moon,
as your Light shines
eternally inside,
You Are Light,
like sun by day
and moon at

Sense the Wholeness
of You,
does Peace not reside
with you Here,
Whole and Complete
You always are –
Beautiful Light that
and loved so dear.

Everywhere, Everything

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Does Love not fly
on eagle’s wings,
is Love not every note
that a songbird sings –
white tail of deer
or flock of turkeys
is Love not in the
Nature of

Is Love not ever-present
on a busy day,
do you not see the
Joy of Love,
when children play,
what brings you to
a moment,
when kind eyes of a stranger
say –
I see you,
you see me,
Love is Everywhere,

Does Love not paint
the sky,
to make you notice
that dawn has come,
does twilight not
let you feel
Gratitude when
day is done,
Love is a cycle,
you always travel
on angel wings –
Love is at the Heart
of Everywhere
and in Everything.


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How vast is Love?

It may be hard
for you to picture,
your eyes are limited
with what they see,
is it not a feeling,
as Love is present,
in thee.

Is Love not wider
than the oceans,
beyond the sky
that is everywhere,
Love draws the lines
between constellations,
how many Universes
are out there?

Yet, Love is also in
each drop of water,
from stormy cloud
to a tender tear,
every cell of you
contains All of Love,
Love permeates all
that you call Here.

All That Love Is
All That You Are,
you need not understand
all that this may mean,
Love is a feeling,
an awareness,
knowing –
Love connects You
to All
and truly Everything.


20191114 XPicture


Seeking clarity.

When leaves drop
and air turns colder,
are you not better able
to see
beloved mountains,
a clear crisp horizon,
where a red-orange sun
rises beautifully.

All that you are able
to see now,
has been Here truly
at all times,
does not the shedding of
autumn layers,
remind you of the clarity
beyond your mind?

What might you shed
to expose the Clarity
of You,
when you let go of
what may hide you,
does not your magnificence
come shining through?

Be clear,
Be You,
Be beautiful,
Be the Love
you cannot help
but Be –
embrace the Love
That You Are,
always at your core
is clarity.

A Season of You

20191030 XPicture


The leaves drop
one by one,
and when the wind
picks up,
do not others join
the fun?

Do they not create
a mosaic,
bringing color to the
path you stroll,
do you not gain a
different perspective
of leaves,
in this season
of letting go?

Might you join in
this dance of leaves,
displaying the beautiful
color of You,
might you embrace
your vibrant beauty,
as you let go
to the Truth of You.

Be strong,
be elegant,
with branches bare,
as sturdy trees remind
you to Be,
every Season of You
You Are Love
You Are Free!

A Season of Love

20191025 XPicture


Through every season
in every cycle,
Love Is Here.

As you see beginnings
and therefore endings,
you ask, can Love
truly be Everywhere?

blessed Child
of Love,
You Are This
This Is You –
Love is
Who You Are,
before this life
and never through.

Be Love,
Be comfort,
to All you Love,
passing through –
the seasons may
be changing,
but Love is
always, forever,
with You.