A Shift of Love

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Like winds of change
or jet-stream clearing,
do you not constantly
shift within,
it may be subtle,
or be life-changing,
does Love not nudge you
to begin again.

Do you not gain perspective,
clearing out what
no longer serves,
when in service to Love,
does not understanding
always return?

There is calm after
a storm,
there is Peace
when you go within,
when you surrender
with Love,
is that not when Joy
comes rushing in?

With Gratitude and
does not your heart
gently show you how,
to dance, to sing
with Love,
Be this Love Song
that sings with you

Be the Shift of Love,
let it be the wind
beneath your wings,
believe in your
Love Song,
you are every note
that Love so sweetly

Organically, You

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Be organically, You.

In this time
of summer’s magic,
when buds and blossoms
turn into blooms,
might you learn
from nature’s bounty,
to be organically, you.

The flowers cannot help
but display their
fruits and vegetables
are bursting through,
in this season of
are you not inspired
to be organically, you?

Gift yourself the time
and patience
to appreciate all
seasons of your life,
you have roots that
keep you grounded,
nourishing you at
the perfect time.

As the sun and rain
paint beautiful pictures
on the canvas of
the sky so blue,
are you not a master,
a creator,
do you not flourish
when you are
organically, you?

Take a page from
Nature’s story,
be amazed at what
resides in you –
You Are bountiful,
You Are glorious,
Love displays its beauty,
through You!

Love’s Wonder

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See nature’s beauty
that surrounds you,
even if you live
near city streets,
a tree,
or leaf,
or flower remind you,
nature’s wonder grows

You need only to
look above you
to see a blank canvas,
the amazing sky,
what masterpiece
will you see upon it,
each painting unique
to your wondering eye.

Are you not made
of this same wonder,
with the same
Vibration of Love –
you and everything
around you,
the ground below and
beautiful sky above.

You seek the beauty
that inspires you,
that touches your heart,
to make it sing,
are you not able
to find Love’s wonder
within you as
You Are Everything?

You Are Love’s
You Are Love’s
soak up the wonder
of it All –
feel Love’s Vibration
within your heart,
You Are a masterpiece
of Love.


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What is Strength?

Strength need not
be an act of
are you not brave
every day of your

Strength need not
squeeze out
what you are
are you not Strength
experiencing what
comes your way?

Strength is you
arising each morning,
knowing you have
what you need –
strong as the tree
with sturdy trunk,
knowing when to
in a strong breeze.

Strength may be quiet,
it may surprise you,
you may not know
from whence it comes,
but does not Strength
arrive with Love
and is not Love
what you are made of?

Embrace the Strength
in you,
let it be the fuel
for what you need,
do not be afraid
of your power,
with Love and
Strength do you
not see –
with Strength as your
and with Love as
your guide,
go forth in this
life’s journey,
buckle up
enjoy the ride!


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You are grounded
with the earth,
does she not lovingly
you are held,
You Are Loved,
you are the trees,
you are the ground.

You flow like water
be it a stream,
water is what
moves within you,
Love flows freely
washing you clean.

You are the air,
you are the breath,
does air not flow
inside and out,
with no beginning,
with no end,
you are a whisper,
you are the wind.

Are You not All
that surrounds
you now,
inside out
and outside in,
You Are Everything,
Everything Is You
and Love Is
All There Is.

Your Perspective

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Play with your perspective,
do you not have
many ways to see?
You need not always see
the same way,
are there not infinite

Are you not able
to imagine
a turtle,
looking out or
deep in its shell,
might you experience
the world moving
when you see what
Turtle has to tell.

In your mind,
can you not soar
like an eagle,
who becomes the air
as it flies so high,
does not this distance
change your perspective,
might you see differently
from Eagle’s eye?

Play with your perspective,
your views are never
set in stone,
you are myriad
within You,
you are never alone.

You are a multi-layered
why not look with
different eyes,
let your soul,
your spirit show you,
like Eagle’s flight,
may you soar high.

Play with your perspective,
there is no right
or wrong view,
check within your heart
for what is clear to
may you experience
the Love and Peace
That Is You.

Everything, Everywhere

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As the sun is
always here,
as the moon
does not disappear,
Love is constant
and always with you,
Everything Is Love.

On the darkest days
does not the sun
still shine,
on a cloudy night,
do not constellations
fill in their lines,
All Is Well,
as Here Is Love
all the time,
Everywhere Is Love.

And when you see the sun
at break of dawn,
when your heart swells
with the birds’ morning
when moonlight caresses
your peaceful sleep
all night long,
bask in this Truth –
You Are Love
and so very Loved.