Perspective of Love



When you are looking at,
viewing something
from a particular distance,
a particular angle –
from a certain perspective.

And do you not say,
“I am too close to it”
to see it clearly.
Do you not need
to distance yourself –
to see the whole picture,
to gain understanding –
by changing your perspective?

And as you are
a multi-layered be-ing –
are you not capable of
experiencing many
different perspectives
on any given situation?

Do you not begin
with the personal
human aspect of you –
and do you not feel
the many differing perspectives
that you may have
with those around you –
so focused on your
and experiences each of you
are having in this life?

But as you step back
to see the similarities
of what you and
your fellow be-ings
are looking for in this life –
love –
do you not all share a
more common perspective
in this Play of Life?

And can you look down
at the earth below
from a wider-angle perspective
to include all of humanity
that inhabits this planet –
does this not demonstrate
that you have an even
greater perspective
from a consciousness
that cannot be defined
as the body below?

And do you not feel
the space to breathe –
a greater peace
when you step back
to a broader perspective
that is part of a
greater Perspective of Love
that you know is there –
but still you may not
be able to see
the entire picture
with your human eyes?

But do you not then
shift your perspective
to that of the heart –
or to the solar plexus –
wherever your center
of Knowingness resides,
knowing that when
you perceive with Love,
does that not give you
the greatest perspective
that embraces All
that surrounds you?

And as You Are
surrounded by Love,
imbued with Love,
as You Are Love –
can you now see
with the Eyes of Love
and see how your
perspective may change?

As you step back
and see the Love
That You Are –
can you now
step into this Sea of Love –
with a greater perspective
of Who You Are?

And with this new perspective
you now understand –
Love is as close
as You.

Perceive Love.
Be Love.
See All with the
Perspective of Love.




A snake sheds its skin –
usually in dramatic fashion,
sloughing off the layer
in one continuous piece –
leaving a symbol of the old
as he moves along
glistening with the new.

For is it not the
new skin that indicates
there is a layer that is
no longer needed?

Is there not the
perfect time –
when new growth
is put into place?
Does it not feel
so good
to slide out of
what is covering up
the new skin?

And as Snake
seeks to find an edge –
a place to snag
the old skin on –
then is Snake not able
to move along
leaving the skin
caught upon what had
initially snagged him?

And are you not
constantly changing –
sloughing off
what you no longer need –
are there not snags
and edges that help
to catch and pull off
what may be
holding you back?

And as you may wish
to hold on to the old,
not trusting that
the new is already in place –
may you have faith
in the perfect timing –
to shed your skin
so that you may experience
what is shining
so brightly within You?

And does it not
feel so good
to slide out
of what may be
covering up
the Light and Love
That You Are?

There is no hiding
the Love That You Are.
Peel off the layers
and Shine your Light.

Step out of the old.
Step into the new.
And always,
with Love.

Stillness of Peace



The road to Peace
is steady
and still –
like driving on
a near-deserted road,
driving at night –
when the night
envelopes you with
its star-studded blanket
and you drive on –
freeing your mind,
not looking for
your destination,
just happy to be
right where you are –
in the still of the night.

And is that not
a way to think
about the stillness of Peace –
that is not always still –
as your car rolls along,
past painted white lines
that beat a steady rhythm
as they tic tic by –
yes you notice
you are moving –
but it is movement
with no rush,
no hurry to get
where you are going –
is there not Peace
that flows
in this moving solitude –
when your mind is free
to dance with the stars
while your body
is content to
hold the wheel?

Is Peace not found
in this balance of
earth and sky –
within your body
and your spirit –
when both can work together
to find the stillness
in the movement,
it is not a paradox –
it is where Peace lives
and You Are That.

Peace lies within You.
It is not a destination –
it is a state of mind;
when your mind
is free to be
Who You Are –
no matter
Where You Are.

You Are Peace –
for You Are Love.
Be in the
moving solitude
of Peace.

There Is Love



You set the intention
to bask in the moon glow
that lights up
a January sky –
can you feel the energy?
A magical time –
there is Love.
there is Love.

Is it that so many
are connected by
a singular light
that cannot e denied –
even if you do not notice,
can feel the pull?
There is Love,
there Is Love.

And does this Light
not still shine,
no matter what phase
the moon is in –
are you not a
Point of Light
connected by
a Greater Source?
There is Love,
there is Love.

There is a pulse
that is present –
that connects you all
to All That Is –
is it not the Light of Love
that connects the dots
to weave the web
allowing Love to flow –
for here and there,
and yes, everywhere –
there is Love,
there is Love.

You set the intention
to bask in Love
that lights you up
be it night,
be it day –
can you Be this energy?
A magical Force –
there is Love,
There Is Love.

Love Is.
You Are.

Love You



Love You.

Can you wrap yourself
in a warm embrace
and direct the Love
that flows within you –
to Love You?

Yes, as You Are Love,
able to Be Love,
willing to Share Love –
are you now ready,
able –
to Love You?

Are you not sometimes
hardest on the
ones you love?

And Love You –
not with a nod of the head
or in a superficial way –
do not take lightly
what we wish to say –
but Love You.
Love every cell
that makes You – “you,”
in this beautiful
human life.

Love every experience
that has brought you here –
to this wonderful,
magical moment –
where you can
send the Force of Love
through every fiber
of your be-ing –
Love You.

Does this Love
not push away
any thought that
does not resonate
with the Love
That You Are?
And in this life
do you not wish
to remember
to Be and to say –
Love You?

And even in this moment –
receiving this warm embrace,
basking in this Wave of Love –
can you not feel
its healing powers –
spreading deep into the past,
creating space into the future –
as does not Love
know no boundaries –
it only Knows Love –
Love You.

Yes, wrap yourself
in the arms of Love
that surround You,
sustain You,
that Is You.

And as You Are Love –
shout it from the rooftops
for all who wish to hear –
but remember to look
deep into your eyes
and say with All your heart –
Love You.