You Belong

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You belong,

You may feel lost
in a forest,
but may you remember
you are the tree,
standing tall with
your brothers and
you belong,

When swimming in the
vast blue ocean,
may you remember
you are the wave,
sending ripples out
that return to you,
you belong,

You may walk alone
on a crowded street,
but may you remember
you are All you see,
connected at the heart
of humanity,
you belong,

You may feel the ache
of separation,
from a loved one
you hold dear,
but you are eternally
in your heart
you always belong,

A Voice of Love

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Accept and allow
all aspects
of you
and might you
sense with every
the Love that is
always flowing

Find your rhythm
with the breath,
even when there
may be stops
or starts,
have Faith in
and Trust
your very essence,
as you speak directly
from your heart.

Connect with the
Rhythm of Love,
is that not always
the message clear –
your voice is strong
with the Breath of
share the Love
in You,
as Love is spoken

All of This

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With intention,
there is connection,
do you not feel
so very strong,
do you not realize,
in every moment,
that Love has been
all along.

Your human awareness
longs for connection,
but does not your
soul already know –
you are part of this
Force of Love,
and Love always knows
where to go.

A single prayer,
a gathering close,
Love finds a way
through thick or
with intention
and Love in your heart,
direct This Love
throughout and

Bear no strings
or outcomes thought,
All That You Are
is All Love Is,
feel it deeply,
your soul sings out,
This Love You Are
All of This.

Come What May

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Relax into perceived
are you not a continuation
of Love?
With time there is
the past, the future,
but time is not
what you are
made of.

Get ready,
go –
may take you from
here to there,
but the constant
Rhythm of Love
is what propels
you Everywhere.

Be You in every
let Love show you
the way,
ease into a new
is it really new
or another way
to play?

All experiences unfolding,
give you opportunities
to find,
how Love is Here
with you –
in every space
and beyond
all time.

Release what you
may think
and let your heart
show you the way –
Be Love in this
present moment,
Love is always Here,
come what may.

I Am You

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Come sit beside me
there is a space
always for thee,
are there not times
when you wish for
and for Peace
to Be?

I am your breath,
I am the Light
that you may be
in search of,
I am the Knowing
in your heart,
I Am You,
I Am Love.

So come,
sit beside me,
share what you have
to tell,
know that Everything
Is Love,
You Are This
All Is Well.

Heart Song

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What rises up
within you
that makes you
want to push
or defend,
what strikes a chord
that no longer
reflects the place
you are in.

The more attuned
you are,
the more you notice
the sharper notes,
but as all notes
make up the
Scale of Life,
might you dig
deeper into what
you notice most?

Might all of these
Songs of Life
help you to develop
your own tune,
when you harmonize
with Love,
does not Joy
fill up the room?

There are sharp and
flat notes
that are needed to make
up a scale,
find a key that resonates,
but know there are
others you can experience
as well.

At your core you are
an instrument
that is able to play
many songs,
and when you join
with others,
as an orchestra,
is not a Joy to
play along?

Keep tuning and
keep experimenting
to find what resonates
within you,
and remember there are
infinite notes that
can combine to play
a beautiful tune.

Explore the songs in
your heart
that speak the Truth
of Who You Are,
and experience all of
the limitless ways
to sing with Love
as the Love You Are!


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Listen to a new day
as you turn another
with intention
are you not able
to change your role
upon the stage.

Be patient as all
parts of you
adjust to something
but as you travel
on Wings of Love,
is there not anything
you cannot do?

Do not let your past
dictate what is
happening now,
the future patiently
waits for clues
to work out all
the “how”s,
it is in this present
where your Strength
and Knowing reside,
You Are the
Master of You,
on Wings of Love
may you fly!