Be, Be, Be


Be bold,
Be brave,
Be fearless,
Be You,
Be All of what 
Love believes 
in you.

Stand tall,
walk with 
a purposeful 
with Faith,
Be open to 
what has not 
happened yet.

Trust you,
knowing is 
what you are 
made of,
when you are 
hand it over 
to Love.

Be Strength,
Be Courage,
you know 
what to do,
You as Love 
is the Purpose
of You!

Love’s Innocence


There may be static
in the signal,
as life’s issues 
come to the fore,
you have the tools 
to realign,
to see more clearly
than you did before.

From this perspective 
of your True Be-ing,
might you gaze with 
eyes so soft,
with compassion,
with loving patience,
might you let go 
of what you once 

Let Love build a 
bridge to freedom,
you have already 
it is Your own hand
that reaches for you,
to remind Love is
always by your side.

May you gaze upon 
your human self,
seeing Love’s innocence 
in you,
with loving eyes so clear 
with wonder,
All of Love perfectly 
aligns in you!

The Rhythm of Love


Does not your heart
know the rhythm
of the Eternal beat
of Love,
As You Are infinitely 
are you not below 
as you are above?

Walk in rhythm,
believe and trust,
take in signs 
along the way,
those in spirit,
in tandem with you,
are part of your 

May instinct guide you,
intuition speaks,
listen with your heart,
your soul,
may earth’s ancient,
grounding rhythm,
help you align,
trust and then 

Part of Love’s Team,
may you walk 
of your place 
in All That Is,
follow your heart,
guided so gently,
in Joy and wonder,
You Are All of This!

All Hearts


Are not All hearts 
beating as One?

This makes no sense
in a world
that celebrates 
but even as the 
costumes change,
All hearts are beating
as One.

Hurt and pain 
may feel unique
to one’s story 
as it unfolds,
but what unites
in shared compassion – 
All hearts beating 
as One.

Ego sets up many 
pitting “us” against 
might you begin 
to see beyond – 
where All hearts 
beat as One.

Release the need 
to know all answers
to questions that 
honor separateness,
share your Light,
embrace This Truth – 
All hearts are beating
as One.

Be a beacon of 
spread Love as 
a healing balm,
may Grace remind you
Here is Peace,
as All hearts beat 
the Truth of One.

Forever Flowing


Let Love be the boat 
you glide on
over sometimes rocky 
may you feel the 
Strength of Love,
helping you navigate 
with ease.

Be open, receive
Love and support,
coming from old
and new alike,
sometimes a change 
may shake things up,
providing new ways 
to see Love’s Light.

Look with Love 
upon the horizon,
You Are as infinite 
as what you see,
You Are cherished as
Love experiencing life,
forever flowing with
Love and Peace!

Releasing to Love


Relax and breathe 
into Love.

You may resist this 
as your ego 
wishes for you to 
stayed stirred up,
there are times when 
life’s rollercoaster
makes you say,
that is enough.

You have tools at 
your fingertips,
for you to use 
with ease,
you find balance when 
you invite Love 
to remind,
yes, Here is Peace.

Extend compassion 
for your journey
and all who join you 
on this path,
are you not all 
seeking the same thing,
though you may sometimes 
feel attacked. 

Be aware of your 
Dear One,
there is no-thing
to defend,
ego wishes for a 
Love gently reminds 
to go within.

Relax and breathe 
into Love,
what might you remember
in this release,
Be the Peace 
that you are seeking,
within This Truth 
is Grace and ease.


All You Need


Be Strength.

This is not a call 
to brace yourself,
this is Awareness 
that flows within,
your alignment with 
your True Nature,
provides the Courage
needed to begin again.

You need not know 
all that is before you,
As Love, you know 
how to create,
may you receive 
and mold what unfolds
into something 
that invigorates.

Strength brings with it 
a trusted knowing,
you innately have 
all that you need,
what of service may
you extend,
what of your soul’s purpose
wishes to Be?

May Strength and Courage 
be your companions,
as you walk upon a 
path so new,
may you see All 
that is familiar,
All of Love is near
and always with you!

One With Love


Here I Am,
your soul says
and This is True 
for the Whole of
the perceived walls
you think you see,
dissolve when you blend
into the One of You.

As you clear out,
releasing what has 
weighed you down 
upon your way,
cleansing is simply 
returning to Who You Are,

This Presence 
is not elusive,
you need not jump 
through hoops 
to see,
your soul,
connected to 
the angels,
wishes for you 
to know Joy,
Love and Peace.

Here I Am,
This is Love’s 
let this knowing 
fill all space,
align with This 
throughout your Being,
being One with Love
is Love’s experience,

With Tender Care


When old wounds open,
is this not a chance,
to feel,
to heal,
so you may 

Life’s pain may show 
a way to see
what needs,
some Love,
deep care 
that asks now 
to be seen.

Allow This Love 
that surrounds you 
to remind your 
loved ones and angels
are near.

Be healed, 
Be touched,
Love says tenderly,
You Are connected 
with All you cannot 

Love’s healing balm
knows always what 
to do,
let go,
Love’s arms 
are holding