The Whole of You


Take a look 
at your defenses,
what are they defending
you from,
ego insists you 
need protection,
but what source 
do beliefs really 
come from.

Dive deeper below 
your triggers,
what are beliefs
that are not true,
were they not created
when you worried,
that no one was 
here for you.

Life fosters separation,
from your identity 
to your name,
it is difficult to understand
how those around you
are from Source,
the same.

Your egoic beliefs
wish you to question,
who you are –
keeping you small,
with self-forgiveness 
and compassion,
to heal parts of you,
Be Whole, Be You,

Your wholeness needs 
no justification,
needing no defense 
of beliefs not real,
align your self to
Be-ing Love,
Here, You eternal 
are forever healed!



May Love be the fuel that
ignites your actions
as life and Love 
is there not less 
within, without,
when Love guides
the way.

Is this not occurring 
more often,
you experiencing as 
a blended Be-ing,
your awareness brings 
you to wonder,
realizing this is how
Everything is happening!

With Faith, go with 
Love’s flow,
as Love know that
you are not alone,
as a blended Be-ing,
embrace All That You Are,
wholly amazing,
forever safe at Home!

This Place of Home


You may need wings 
sometimes to guide
but you know This Place
so well,
This is You,
your soul complete,
traveling with you
throughout your 

When you need respite
from this journey,
Here is Home 
where you forever
shift your perspective,
release from ego,
even a moment 
brings relief,
a sigh.

Here is your power,
feel it returning,
in life there are things
you cannot control,
but fear this not,
are there not angels
with you,
bringing to Light 
what you already 

Hand not your power 
over to the ego,
answers are not found
here at all,
your Peace,
your Strength
is Here within you, 
rise above the noise 
to hear your heart’s

Remember This,
Beloved child,
you know This Place 
of Home where you 
a breath away,
You Are This Peace,
You Are always Home,
even within this life!

Fearless and Free


Trust in Love.

And You as Love
means you may also
trust in you.

Align with Love 
as your intention,
surrender to This 
eternal flow.

Release the outcomes that
have you constricted,
say yes to Trust so
Peace you may know.

You Are the earth 
below you grounded,
You Are limitless as
sky and stars above.

Sense and align with
your True Nature,
fearless and free,
trusting in Love!

At Peace


You need not have 
but you need not 
sell yourself short,
Be at Peace with you
this moment,
let go of thoughts
of less or more.

May the driving force 
of you,
be one that is wholly
fueled by Love,
you may wish to 
compare, to measure,
if so, check what your
heart is full of.

May Love’s Joy be 
your exuberance,
bringing in wonder 
to all you do,
Be-ing Peace is 
never boring,
it is the perfect state
to express You!



Sit with your emotions,
let them bubble up 
with no judgment,
with compassion,
might you accept,
allow and Be.

The conglomeration of
life’s experiences 
help to shape what 
you believe,
beyond the cause
and effect reactions,
is there not another 
Truth to see?

This is not a request 
to repress,
but simply one made
wholly from Love,
releasing shame 
or guilt exposes you
to what You Are 
made of.

Is not forgiveness
allowing Truth 
to remind you of 
Love’s one rule –
You Are Loved
beyond all measure,
This Love is You!


Threads of Love


Be Strength,
Be Courage,
Be at Home 
in your confidence,
spirit is Here 
to assist and 
help you,
is this not a 
forever dance?

You assist and help
here as well,
souls always connected
seek each other out,
This Tapestry of Love 
is forever growing,
these Threads of Love 
are what it’s all about.

You are needed,
you have purpose,
your heart beats 
to its own drum,
but All Love’s Rhythm
joins together,
to remind All are 
creating as One.

Be Gratitude,
with Humility,
these Essences flow
with Grace and ease,
your breath has 
All that you need,
breathing Love as Joy,
returns you to Peace!

Nature’s Dance


You are One with 
Love today,
you dance with the wind
that makes trees sway,
Love beckons flowers
to now push through,
is Love not the sun 
that nurtures you?

Join in Love’s dance 
with miracles shared,
the Miracle of You is 
awake, aware,
in This rebirth of 
spring, arise,
may you now see 
with awakened eyes.

See All of Love 
around All of You,
the angels delight 
when This you do,
all who you Love
share in nature’s dance,
your heart is Home
as you take Love’s hand!

All You Are


All you need is 
All You Are,
breathing in Love 
right Here with 

This is not a solitary 
your Team and 
loved ones 
are Here, too.

Human perception 
takes off on tangents,
realign with Love’s 
eternal Truth.

All You Are is 
All you need,
All of the Universe 
is within You.

Allow your breath 
to be a sweet return,
to what forever is
always True.

Beloved One,
the angels sing 
in harmony
with Love’s Essence 
of You!

Wholly You


Love mends all pieces
back together,
when you feel split
or broken up,
in life this can be
your experience,
as soul your wholeness
is what You Are 
made of.

The intersection 
of these awarenesses,
brings delight in 
many ways,
you need not ignore 
any human experience,
but Love is always Here 
to help Light the way.

Say yes to Peace
when This you feel,
you are naturally wired 
for This State of Mind,
ego will question This 
and distract you,
but know you can return
Here any time.

Be reassured that Love 
is with you,
your soul,
your Team
makes sure of This,
your letting go,
a sweet surrender,
allows the Whole of You 
to manifest.

In life, you may 
not always feel,
the Wholeness of You,
Holy and True,
but delight in the 
glimpses that 
your Team and 
loved ones
Love to show you!