A Ripple of Love


You are a ripple 
of Love,
with no beginning 
and with no end,
you have purpose,
You Are Grace,
sense this sacred
flow within.

You are infinitely linked
throughout this
Web of Love that 
weaves its thread,
this guiding force is 
what propels you – 
on any journey 
you are always 

In human time 
there is past and 
but You as Love 
ripple eternally,
in Love’s Present 
Eternal Moment,
Here You Are,
sacred Divinity!

Here, There and Everywhere


Your breath takes you
to your center,
your mind’s thoughts
can scatter about,
when you sense turmoil
within you,
is this not you 
identifying without.

Might you be aware 
of your in-between,
where Peace is only 
a breath away,
you may have feet 
in different places,
but in your heart,
you know the way.

In-between is not 
it is a blending of 
All of You,
Here is where forgiveness 
paves the way,
to release the judgment 
of the human you.

May Love create 
this space,
so sacred,
You Are held in 
the Womb of Love,
you are safe,
so Loved and 
Here Love as Source,
honors you.

You need not move 
to a different level,
you are All of This
right Here,
on earth, 
and Here at Home,
You Are whole 
and complete,
my dear.

Fellow Lights


Love leaves a Light 
on always,
it is Here for you 
to see,
as Fellow Light,
You Are this essence,
believe and know,
then simply

In this world 
you give, receive,
this cycle is the 
way of life,
but You as soul
are Love’s infinite
always aware of 
your beautiful Light.

As Light cannot 
be separated,
may you combine 
with Fellow Lights,
Be the Light that 
Love leaves on
for All to see,
This Love,
in life.

Strong and Deep


There is a vibration 
strong and deep,
Here is your foundation,
forever yours to keep,
no matter what transpires
in the earthly air,
This Vibration of Love 
is always there.

Yes, your human heart 
gets bruised,
may crack,
but This loving Vibration
always has your back,
you may not wish
for all that you feel,
but your Eternal Heart 
is whole and healed.

Listen to Love’s hum,
yes Love is Here,
loved ones and angels
are always near,
may you sense This,
be you awake or asleep,
your Vibration of Love 
is strong and deep.

Love, Eternal


You may wish to 
place a bubble 
around all you Love,
to protect,
your heart connection 
is All of This,
Love is eternal,
Love stays.

Experiences in life 
may bring up fear,
you may feel small
with no control,
remember innately 
You Are Strength 
and Courage,
Love is infinite, 
Love stays.

You cannot lose 
what is forever connected,
your souls dance Here 
and in this life,
you wish to know 
the next page in 
your story,
know Love is Here,
Love stays.

You need not hold 
all others together,
may Love be the glue,
the healing balm,
Be This Love that
is You, shining,
Be-ing Love eternal,
Love is Here,

Forever, You


Let down your guard 
to hear Love’s message,
it has been within you
all along,
in the human realm,
there may be struggle,
as you search for where 
you truly belong.

My dear,
this Home is 
always with you,
it is not somewhere 
out of reach,
it resides wholly 
in your heart,
it is not external,
you need not 

This world sets up 
many contrasts,
you are weary of the 
bouncing from this 
to that,
in the center,
Here is Peace,
ask your soul 
to show you 
the way back.

Resist the urge
of push or 
Love has a force 
all its own,
Here is the Peace 
that you have 
longed for,
in This Present,
you Home.

Beyond this world 
is You, forever,
you need not wait 
to sense This Peace,
with humility 
and open heart,
awaken to your eternal
Grace and ease.

Peace, Together


Let Us 
Be Peace,

As Peace is a 
State of Mind,
might you join 
in this sacred space,
As Peace is best 
shared and rejoiced,
let Us 
Be Peace,

You may feel separate 
in this space and time,
but where might 
We All convene,
Peace is always accessible
in Love’s One Mind,
let Us 
Be Peace,

You already are where 
you “need” to Be,
trust Love that flows
within You,
arrive at Home,
We always are Here –
let Us together,
Be Peace,


Knowing Forgiveness


Know forgiveness 
and fully live.

In this life what do 
you cling to,
what feels heavy,
an unseen weight,
what judgments do 
you give life to – 
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

These may be external 
but as human all
are internally held,
what is ready to be 
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

Who do you see 
in the mirror,
might you gaze 
with loving eyes,
Love’s healing power 
is you remembering,
knowing forgiveness 
to fully live.

You need no justification,
no-thing to score 
or to add up,
This Moment now 
is perfect timing,
know forgiveness 
and fully live.

Unconditional Love 
is All of This,
You as soul 
know this well,
breathe in This Truth,
say yes to 
knowing forgiveness –
You Are fully Love!

This Grateful Flow


Be in Love’s flow today.

Welcome in,
listen with your heart,
to what Love may 
have to say,
awaken to the 
Whole of You,
Be in Love’s flow 

This is not a new
do you not sense this
some each day,
is not Love as close
as breath,
Be in Love’s flow 

Yes, you may work 
at shedding layers
that make Love feel 
so far away,
Love is Here,
always with you,
Be in Love’s flow

Your gifts of Gratitude
connect All Lights,
from your souls to 
the moon and stars,
this Web of Love 
supports you All,
Be-ing in Love’s flow

Welcome Light,
your smile shines,
your heart is heard 
and amplified,
your Light adds 
to One so grateful,
You Are Love’s flow,

A Sweet Return


Breathe in your balance,
sense your roots,
your Foundation of Love 
is sturdy and true,
when you feel a bit
re-align with the 
Whole of You.

This steadiness is 
even as life may toss
you about,
you need no special 
complicated instruction,
tune in to Love within 
as you are never without.

Realign as you realize,
the Peace you seek 
is Here with You,
in This Moment 
of remembering,
with your loving heart,
you return to You.