Whole, Peaceful, Complete

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You may ask Source
to lift the veil,
that you imagine
lies in between,
yes, your mind
may sense separation,
but your soul knows
you are connected
to Everything.

You wish for comfort
to ease your mind,
but is not Peace
closer than your
deeper than your heartbeat
is All You Are,
though your mind
and body
may help you forget.

No-thing can separate
you from Love,
Love is the Source
of All You Are,
all Love dwells at
your very source,
there is no distance
near or far.

Even as your mind
thinks it must learn,
you already know
what you are made
this familiar stirring,
beyond your heartbeat,
whole, peaceful,
All You Are –
Is Love.

A Celebration

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Some days are set
with fanfare and
but is not each
day an invitation,
to celebrate

Why not wake up
every morning,
with heart full
of Gratitude,
knowing Love has
for you a present,
the presence of Love
as the Eternal You.

Yes, celebrate your
but know each moment
holds the gift of Truth,
You Are always Loved
beyond measure,
Love celebrates the
magnificence of You!


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A sunny day,
a rainy day,
a clear day,
a foggy day,
no matter how
a day appears,
is it not part of
what you create?

Is not a day
one of rebirth,
following the slumber
of your mind,
do you not arise
as pure potential,
in this dream
of space and time?

You need not
or walk,
or run very fast –
it is not a place
that is the goal,
a day awaits
for you to embrace,
your experience
as an eternal soul.

A day,
an hour,
this moment
now –
are you not a
creative spark?
In this place,
this time,
expanding beyond
your mind,
arise as the
Love You Are!


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Unravel your judgements
one by one,
do they not originate
and wrap around

With Love,
might you gently
loosen and trace
beliefs that you
believe are

Are there not
openings here,
space that need
not be filled
with what is
not real or

Truth stands on
its own,
not needing propped up
as Home
is the Love
that originates
as You.

With awareness,
beware of judgment,
but does this not
light the way
for you?

With Gratitude
for all
that comes up
for Love –
Here Is Love,
loving You!

Know to Remember

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Remember with your

As human,
you learn,
think and analyze,
following the questions
how or why,
does Love not allow
you to pass this by –
as you remember
with your heart.

Do you not figure life
upside down,
needing numbers to
add up nice and
beyond understanding
is where knowing abounds,
when you remember
with your heart.

You cannot forget
what you already
when you loosen beliefs
that hinder flow,
Here You Are,
always complete
and fully Whole,
as you behold Love,
knowing with
your heart.


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Open up all of the
open doors to let
air in,
let the outside
be the inside,
project the beauty
you are within.

At times you may
close up,
as you reflect,
ponder and mull,
but as a part of
are you not a vibration
of the Whole?

The sliver of the moon
has the perfect light
for you to see,
you are the dawning
from the night,
you are the sun
before the beams
you see.

Be present in
This Life,
meet the morning
air – it breathes
through you,
You Are Love’s
precious gift,
step into this day
as the dawning
of You!