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And there is no need
to scroll back through
your memory banks
to remember
your Essence
of Who You Are.

This memory that
we speak of
lies resident
within your heart,
is it not what
makes a spark,
saying, “pay attention”
or follow this thread,
that you pull
to reveal
that the Truth
is within you still,
do you feel it,
can you sense it,
do you remember

Yes, information swirls
all around,
you have much that
is stored
within your human mind,
but you need not
sort it
or catalog it,
there is Truth
beyond your bones,
do you not sense
what resonates,
as you remember

Yes, keep learning,
keep experiencing,
this helps you
get to your
to remember
your true Essence –
it is what you
came here for,
feed your soul,
shine your Light,
so when you temporarily
remember Who You Are –
You Are Love
and Love Is It.


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Open a window,
if even a crack,
let Love circulate,
let it go this way
or that,
if you need more Love
to move around you,
to feel its flow,
throw open the window,
open up all the

Love Is everywhere you are,
though you can
close off yourself,
sometimes fear,
worry and doubt
can feel like a wall,
but you are porous
and cannot be contained,
by four walls
or a box –
open a window,
look out the door,
and when you are ready,
come out,
come out.

Once Love cracks you
there is no turning back,
Love is the air
that you breathe,
Love is the wind
at your back,
Love may push you,
Love may pull you,
in ways you knew
not before,
but before and after,
always and forever,
You Are Love
forever more.

Throw open the window,
let Love in,
let it rain on you
like a summer storm,
Love Is Courage,
Love Is Strength,
You Are That
as Love is the
Be the breeze
that rustles leaves,
inviting others
to hear Love’s song,
open the window,
walk through the door,
let Love carry you
along the path you are on.


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And this need not be
changing form,
yes, there is “transition”
from what you think
may be
from here to there –
but as All exists
is not transformation
about letting go
of what you are not,
rather than changing
or shifting
into what you wish
you could Be?

The powerful You
is ready,
is waiting,
to speak,
to write,
to share
your dream,
there may be layers
of beliefs,
where fear masks
your view
of the truest nature
of the Force of You,
you need not absorb more,
you need only to
to the Flow,
to the Love
that is always there –
do you feel it,
you cannot help but
Be it,
when you shed
your skin –
is that not
when Transformation begins?

This switch can be flipped
in a moment,
a second,
or time may stand still,
waiting for the perfect
do not put your energy
into the how or why,
recognize the shift,
spread your wings
and fly,
be guided by Trust,
empowered by Faith,
all time is Now,
you need not wait,
you can transform
any moment,
into one of Love –
is that not the
that you have dreamed of?

Recognize your
Embrace the Power
of Love.
Fly Free
with Love.


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When you shift to see
with the eyes of the
is it not easier
to see with the
Eyes of Love,
does not your perspective
change and shift with
when duality no longer
filters your view?

Yes, human eyes look
from this side
or from that,
making judgements,
or quick to point out
wrong or right,
you need not agree
on all that you see,
but is there not Love
waiting to be seen,
can you see Love
in everything,
with the Eyes of Love?

Might any scene
in the human experience,
be it a celebration of Joy
or a cry for Love,
do not all wish
to be seen,
to feel the gift
of unconditional Love,
in this Play of Life,
yes, it may be hard
to see,
but do you not acknowledge it
with the Eyes of Love?

As You Are Love –
it flows through you,
is there not Love
in each One of You,
can you ask Love
to help you to see,
the Love that courses
through yourself
and All of You –
look at yourself
as well as everyone
and see your Magnificence
with the Eyes of Love.


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A picture is worth
a thousand words.

And do you not say
this phrase,
to acknowledge when you
feel or sense
what is
“out” of your mind,
are you not able
to take in
beauty that you see
and feel it beyond
what you can describe?

Sometimes words are for
to put things in a box,
but do you not at times
have a vision
that is beyond words –
might you set your
and paint pictures in
your mind,
letting your soul
lead the way,
leaving the “how tos”
far behind?

Are not dreams
about imagining,
what is beyond
your “to-do” list,
do you not create
when you are not
by lines on a page,
might you let your
imagination run free
to go and explore –
beginning to picture
the “what-ifs”
as a way to
open doors,
why not let your heart
be the key
to unlock
what you are
looking for?

Have fun as
you explore.
Feel it.
Sense it.
Let Love
open all doors.


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Remember to laugh.
At something else
or even yourself,
what tickles you
that you cannot hold in,
is there not release,
do you not let go –
when you laugh
and play?

You need not feel
a certain way,
might you feel many
throughout your day,
but even if you have
to schedule time,
to stop what you are “doing”,
can you then find
a way,
to play,
to laugh,

Make time to really laugh,
not only smile
at a joke,
can you lose yourself
for a moment
or two –
yes, crying can
give you release,
and does not crying often
lead to laughter, too?

What to do when humanness
gets the best of you,
play with a child,
call a friend,
tell your pet
how you are feeling, too,
find the space within
that is wanting to –

It need not take long,
though you may find
once you start to laugh,
you lose track
of time –
in this moment,
can you think back
to a goofy place
and time,
let your smile
show you the way –
to laugh,
let go,
and play!

Always Love

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And does not the answer
to every question,
always bring you back
to Love?

You may circle wide
when you try to find it,
you may not understand
all paths you are on,
it may be hard
to make sense
of what does not –
but is not the answer,

It can be hard
to find Love in
that do not have
enough Light,
but does not shining
ever brighter,
give you a chance
to add more Light?

You have choices,
you have reasons,
to choose whatever
you wish to choose,
in your life
there are a multitude
of scenarios,
that present to you –
a wave of sadness,
jumping for Joy,
no matter how the story
can you find
at your center,
where the choice
is always Love?

When you question,
you are learning,
you are searching out
Truth –
you can only ask
based on what you
think you know
and makes sense
to you,
keep searching,
keep wondering,
at the Wonder of it
All –
and when you need
to rest,
know that All
is always Love.


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Love rises up.

When you review,
when you look back
on situations,
or experiences
that feel “less than”,
might you look
with loving eyes,
to see that
Love rises up?

Is Love not always
even if you did not
choose it,
Love is always
possibility –
no matter the
time and space
you look at,
might you look back
in your mind
and with your loving heart
embrace it,
All with Love,
Love rises up.

And with this loving
and loving eyes
with no judgement,
is it not now
easy to find Love,
even when you thought
you could not see it,
Love is always here,
for you to heal
past or present –
You Are always One
with All That Is Love.
Love Is present,
Love Is now –
Love rises up.

Let Love rise up
at any time
with All you see.
Send Love now,
Be Love – how?
You Are Love –
rise up.

Peace and Love



On any day
with so much thinking,
might you focus
on the breath,
when you can be
in the present moment,
there is no need
to suppress
or forget –
the stories
and their details
are part of life
here on earth,
but might your soul
remind you Peace
is always present
before and after
your birth.

The Peace that surpasses
all understanding,
you love this phrase
and what does it mean –
you need not know
the “why”,
in any situation,
you may not make sense
of many things,
does Peace not help you
strip off layers,
to find the Truth
that is at your core,
with Love
do you not find Peace,
with Peace,
do you not sense Love
even more?

Peace and Love,
Love and Peace,
it matters not
the order you
put these in –
they are a tonic
for any discomfort,
or any imbalance
you feel within,
let Peace and Love
be a balm
that heals the
human side of You,
but remember,
always and forever,
Peace and Love
Are always You.


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Be inspired.
Fast or slow,
even if you do
not know
which way
to go,
is there not inspiration
in the stillness
of your thoughts?

Whether you stay on
your course,
or take a turn,
there is so much
you may learn,
but no matter the
can you not find
the Love within,
can you give yourself
a pass,
from the “shoulds”
that lurk within,
can you let Love
be your guide,
with inspiration
by your side?

When you are still,
can you not feel
the tug,
of what is calling
to your soul,
can you go along,
heed the nudge,
letting inspiration
begin to flow,
yes, inspiration
can give direction,
but it is not the destination
that is the goal –
does inspiration
not provide a map
for you to journey
and explore,
with Love as your
Guiding Light,
what inspires
and feeds your soul?

Be inspired.
Be You.
Be the amazing
Light you shine.
Whether moving
or in one place,
Be inspired
by Love’s tender,
loving Grace.