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Reach out.

Be there
for another,
really there,
face to face
or ear to ear –
can you sit
and really hear
what another
has to say,
you need not fix
or tidy up
what is shared
on any day,
with compassion,
an open heart,
do you not All
wish to be heard.
Reach out.

There are some
who wish to leave,
while others may
long to go,
you may not be
a part of the plan,
it is not yours to
say what is so,
but at any given
there are times
that make life tough,
is this not so Love
may smooth a road
that has become rocky
and very rough?

No matter the road
you are on,
even if you prefer
to be alone –
are there not times
when you may be
on either side
of the coin?
For you,
for another,
you are connected
through it All.
Reach out
and connect
with Love.

Love Speaks

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Meet another where
they are,
let Love do the
talking for you,
there is no need to
“talk” someone into
what you believe,
what is true for you,
each journey is an
for all to find
their own way,
can you let Love
be the primary language
that you use to
speak today?

If you feel you have
an “agenda”,
a need to be right
or looking down
on another,
when you judge,
when you compare,
when you are “here”
and they are “there”,
do you not forget
there is Unity,
not the separation
that differences bear –
as human you need not agree,
but as souls
do you not see,
that Love is the
common denominator,
for You and All to
always Be?

Remember the teacher
and the student,
as you are both
at the same time,
do you not show up
in another’s life,
for experiences to be
is not each life
full of teachers,
giving you a multitude
of lessons
not only to learn,
but to experience,
to make choices,
to find the Seed of Love
in Everyone?

With compassion,
with no strings,
can you look through
Loving Eyes,
look with your soul,
speak from your heart,
follow Love’s lead
as All Is Love.

The Greatest Gift

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Love has open arms,
Love surrounds,
Love takes in.
Can you not give your
your worries,
your doubts
to Love’s endless
Well of Love?
Can you not transform
what does not serve you
by giving it up
to the Arms of Love –
do not open arms,
an open heart,
let you receive
your Gifts of Love?

Can not transformation happen
at any time,
in any space,
with Love’s eternal
burning Light,
does it not exist
in any place?
What situation,
what emotion,
what circumstance
do you wish to change –
to bring more Light,
to see it with Love,
can you open your arms
to Love’s embrace?

There is an exchange,
there is a give and take,
when you open your heart
to then let go
of what does not resonate
with you,
what does not vibrate
within your soul –
Love’s open arms are
always ready,
always waiting to lift any
burden from you –
might you open and receive
all of the Gifts
Love has for you?

The greatest Gift of all
is one you already
know of –
look in the mirror,
see the Light,
embrace the You
(w)holy made from Love!

Walking With Love

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When you choose
a path of
least resistance,
is it not a smoother
is not going down
a hill,
often easier than
uphill to climb,
but even if there
are obstacles,
do you not learn
from the choices
you make,
is it not always interesting
to see which road
to take?

“Going with the flow,”
yes, it is easier said
than done,
though the flow
is always with you,
there are many things
that can slow you
might you listen very closely
to what your still, small voice
is trying to say,
when you broaden your
might you find
an easier route,
a different way?

There is no need to focus
on what feels easy
or what feels hard,
sometimes the hardest things
are what eventually
set you free –
there is a Higher Power
that always flows,
is always within you,
might you walk this path
on this Journey
back to You?

Let Love flow
through you,
let Love give
you the Strength
to Trust.
Let Love walk
with You,
as you walk
every path
with Love.

Reset With Love

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How do you
find balance,
when one side of
is thrown off its
does not your natural
draw all sides
back into You
and even as you
move forward,
might not experience
feel like change,
even as you remember,
are you not programmed
to create?

Your human side,
as well your soul,
knows there has been
and will be shifting,
do shifts not
afford you,
the opportunities
to adjust,
and while you may
need time for
the adjustment,
might you not see
or experience
something new,
for as you realign
to your center,
might it not bring
new awareness
back to You?

Take time when
when shifts help you
to recalibrate,
if things look or
feel different,
might it feel like
a new you
a shift helped create –
no matter what you think
has changed,
at your core
you are always You,
return to your center,
to the Love that
always breathes You.

to reset
with Love.

With Love,
find your balance.
With Awareness,
know You Are Love.

An Interpretation of Love

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A musical note
can be played
by different instruments,
do they not make
a unique sound,
bringing their own
to that note,
are there not songs
that are remade,
and though recognizable
in their words and
do they not take on
a different feel,
when they are played

Is there not expansiveness,
is there not beauty,
in the interpretation,
of what is music to
your ears,
what may touch the heart
in one,
may not be felt
by another,
until another interpretation
helps one to know –
might one rendition
of a song,
speak to you and
to your heart,
while another
may wish it faster,
with different instruments,
to feel a spark?

A note has a vibration
that tells you
what sound it is,
but when you experience
a note
combined with others,
is that not where the
miracle is –
there are so many
that you may experience
with one song,
whether one note
or many,
might you join in
and sing along?

One note
or a stanza,
which vibration
speaks to you?
One heart,
or many –
All Are Love
and Love Is You.

Tapestry of Love

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Is there not flow
when you can Be –
a teammate,
when One is All
and All Are Free,
when you can open
up your heart
and sense the Love
that flows through You,
is this not when
the magic happens,
manifesting what is
for the greater good?

You are part of a
connected web,
but not a separate
you need not find
what ties you
for together
you will always be,
you are the connectors,
you are the Web,
You Are Love
and Light from
All of One,
how can you not
Be together,
side by side,
without –
when Love is why
You Are Here,
is Love not what
Life is all about?

Always woven together,
even when differences
you see,
do you not see a
tapestry of beauty,
when together you
can Be –
might you meet
where Love connects,
is this not what
you dream of –
souls celebrating together
in this Tapestry of Love?

in Love you
always Are –
in Light,
in Love.

A New Day Dawning

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A new day dawns.

And somewhere on the
there is a brand new day
that comes,
are not dawnings,
new beginnings,
always happening at
any time,
when there are shifts,
great or small,
do you not sense
there is something new,
a different way to
see things,
all around or
within You?

Illumination of Light
can begin with a
single beam,
but like day dawning,
is it not breathtaking
when Light grows stronger
to be as One,
is there not a shift
in your perception,
does night not suddenly
turn to day,
do you not love to see
a sunrise,
when beams of Light
come out to play?

When a new day dawns,
does it not remind
you that –
each moment is
a new creation,
an opportunity to
choose Love again.
Stretch your Beam of
be a sunrise
that All can see –
as you illuminate
your surroundings,
being all the Light
that you can Be.

A new day dawns,
in each moment
that you choose Love.
Be the Light.
Be Love.
Shining bright
for All
for One.

Beyond Belief

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What is beyond belief?

If you think that what
you believe,
is set in stone,
is all there is,
would not anything
beyond belief,
be hard to fathom,
to understand?

And yes, there are other
that may exist
in between yours,
that may stretch farther
or not far enough –
where do you draw
the proverbial line
on what you believe
to be “real” or true?

But do you not know
(and yes, you might believe),
that there are Truths
that do exist –
is not this knowing,
a part of You
that exists
beyond your beliefs?

Is there not Joy
when miracles occur,
when you get glimpses
that there is more
than this world,
and might the greatest
be that You Are That –
believing here
as you are knowing there?

Might what you think
is beyond belief,
be the space where
you Know,
that You Are –
for when you combine
what is Here,
what is There –
is that not when
you know,
You Are Everywhere?

Believe Love.
Know Love.
And beyond all else –
there is always,
always Love.
If the Miracle of Love
is beyond belief –
know your heart,
meet Love there –
Love Is

No Place Like Home

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From the human perspective
you may feel at times
that you have lost your way,
it may be scary
when the road begins
to curve,
when you cannot see
what is coming next,
but can you follow
your own pathway,
seeing it as your
yellow-brick road –
full of adventure,
sometimes challenges,
but always leading you
back Home?

Do not situations happen
so that your soul
can choose and grow,
there are no “right” or
“wrong” answers,
only the ones you
already know,
your body lets you know
what does not set well
deep inside –
have Faith and Trust
that your soul and body,
work together beautifully,
side by side.

Be gentle,
be compassionate,
not only with others,
but also with you,
everyone has a perspective
to help them grow
as you do, too –
can you find Gratitude
from the learning,
in whatever form it takes,
from the perspective
of the soul,
can you not see
the bigger picture
that you have made?

Keep traveling on
your yellow-brick road,
but it is not
Emerald City you seek.
Every step,
every encounter,
is to remind you,
that no matter where
you roam –
You Are Love
and so very Loved.
You Are
(and there is no place like)