Diving Into You

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Dive in,
take on the day,
is not the Light
of Love
brightly illuminating
the way?
Are not Strength and
your loyal
whenever you need,
a push,
or nudge,
to jump in
and do Love’s work?

When you let go,
when Joy is called
to come forth,
does not work
turn into play,
when you tune in
to your heart?

Do you not feel
the energy shift,
when you resonate
with the Authentic You –
do not Love,
Strength and Courage
and Joy,
pave the way
for Peace to ensue?

When you invite Humility
to help you see clearly,
and when Gratitude
fills your heart,
do not All
Essences of You,
accompany you
on anything
you wish to start,
tap into your
it is truly
Who You Are –
dive in,
take on the day.
Shine brightly You,
O shining star!

Breathing Gratitude

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With a heart
full of Love,
as full as
the moon above,
are you not
filled with Gratitude,
yes, counting blessings
may help get
you there,
yet Gratitude
need not a
number be,
are you not Gratitude
any day of
the year,
Be-ing thankful
for the Love
that You Are

May your full heart
shine as brightly
as the moon,
might you extend
as you enter
any room,
let the rays of Love
melt through differences
you may have,
might you make
the main course
of any day,
one made with Love?

With a heart
full of Love,
might you share
the Love
that fills the air,
breathe in Gratitude,
it is Who You Are,
exhale Love so it
may reach the
farthest star –
You All Are Love
and in-between,
let Gratitude
and Love
help you to see
and to Believe.

All of You

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Let emotion tune
you in,
to your feelings
that build within,
and then with
a loving heart,
pour Love in.

let you know,
where Love may
need to go,
with open arms
can you behold –
the healing balm
of Love.

You are not only
what you feel,
the You within,
is real,
it is You
that knows how
to heal,
All of You
Is Love.

When you blend
this life
with You,
will Love not
show you
what to do,
sing along
to your
Song of Love –
Love Is
All of You.

Forever Found

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If you feel lost,
do not believe it,
you cannot truly
lose your way,
you may not see
all that you
wish to,
but are you not
forever Home?

Any separation you
is temporary,
you sometimes wish
for a clearer view,
your human side
may not always
see it,
but your soul knows
the Infinite You.

Things come and go
in this earthly
but there is
no soul that
is lost,
even if you temporarily
cannot find it,
know All souls are
always Home.

You are here
yes, to experience,
but you have
never left
Who You Are,
there is no returning
as you have not
left it –
You Are always,


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Twinkling stars,
a glowing moon,
does not the sky
have plenty of
for one more Light
to shine so
as you unfold
your beautiful
bloom –
You Are this
that you see day
and night –
might you add
yours to this
Glow of Love?

You see this
when you drive
at night,
when city’s lights
make the dark
grow bright,
with a collective
O shining Light,
can you combine
your hearts,
to bring day
to night?

Let your star twinkle,
let your Light shine,
some may not be
for this much
day time,
but Be the Light
that you are
meant to Be,
your Light is perfect
for you to see,
when you need more
simply look above –
you shine like
the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
You Are the
Glow of Love.

The Shape of Love

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Be flexible.
Allow yourself
to change form,
when you relax
and lean into
might you be
surprised at what
shape Love is?

Might you loosen
your preconceptions
and be able to
heed Love’s flow,
you may not always
know what Love
looks like –
but when it
do you not know?

Be open.
Allow yourself
to change your
the more you allow
your heart
to lead,
might you not be
at what Love
will find?

Might you strengthen
your ability
to trust,
when you flex
the muscles
that are tuned
to Love,
you need not know
all of the answers,
but will Love
not Light the way
like the sun
and stars above?

There is Love
always within you,
helping you create
anew every day.
Let Love shape you,
let Love show you,
You Are Love’s
in every way.

Clearly Love

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The soul knows.

Step back when
you wish to see
more clearly,
when too close,
is it not hard
to see,
you may think
that you are lost,
but might you
view things
from a higher
vantage point,
might all not
come into view,
you as human
may not know,
but your soul
is always here
for You.

You wish for
answers to questions,
a happy ending
or two,
is not every step
upon your journey
an experience for
Love to come
shining through,
when you least
expect it,
do you not marvel
at what Love
can show you
you are able to
the gifts that Love
magically brings in?

Set expectations
to the side,
they may come from
a limiting view,
Love sees the
bigger picture,
might you have
that Love has you –
an outcome that
you wish for
may or may not
be the point
to see –
that Love is always
your soul knows
will always