Angel Wings

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12/21/18 – I am traveling early today, so here is a post from 12/24/2016

From 12/24/16

Listen closely.
Can you not hear,
even sense
the soft beat
of angel wings?

And have not
all of you
been blessed with
the presence of angels –
acts of kindness
and giving –
in the form of friends,
even strangers,
or in situations
that could not
be explained?

And do you
not recognize
what you would call
angelic qualities
within another –
a loving person,
a sleeping child –
you can see
an expression of
Pure Love
on their face –
is it not the face
of unconditional Love
that you would
call “angelic”?

And how are
you able to
and see
these expressions
of Pure Love –
do they not
resonate with
a loving chord
that plays within
your heart?

And yes,
in this earthly realm,
is it not hard to
sense angelic love
at times?

So – listen closely.
Can you not hear,
the soft beat
of angel wings?
Would you not
be surrounded
by the gift of angels,
so you may
feel the presence
of unconditional Love?

Is there not
a knowing
when you have
been touched
by an angel,
no matter
what form
an angel may take?

And as You Are
to All That Is –
do you not feel
the Love of the Divine
in every beat
of angel wings
that resonates
within your heart?

Let the Love
of Angels
remind you of
the Love That You Are.


A Knowing Paradox

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Life can seem like
a gathering
of things that
you can know,
you work at learning,
is this not a way
to chart your

Do not confuse knowledge
with Knowing,
can you not sense
the difference
between those?
One uses your mind,
one is One
with your heart –
you may believe
but trust what
you Know.

And is it it not
in knowing
that Love has
your back,
can you move
and let go of
even that –
is there not trust
in surrender,
when you can gently
let go,
to know that you
are covered,
even when you
do not know?

Might you get comfortable
with “I don’t know”,
yes, at first,
it may seem like
a scary place
to go –
but as you let life
move through you,
as you Know
that All Is Well,
is there not possibility
in “I don’t know”,
as you show up
for what life

“I don’t know”
lets you Be open,
to what life may
bring your way –
and in the Knowing
that You Are Love,
meet life
with Love,
each and
every day.

A Place of Love

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Going Home.

You have homes
that are of origin,
the place where
you first lived
as a baby sweet,
home may be where
you grew up
with friends,
through awkward stages,
with secret pacts
to keep,
home may be
an adopted area,
that you now lovingly
call Home –
is not Home where
you feel you belong,
a place to return to
after you roam?

There is a phrase
that you can never
go home,
that memories made
are memories gone –
but as Love keeps
the home fires burning,
is Love not the fuel
that brings Home
to you?

Are you not Home
in every moment,
it is not a place
that you need to stand,
let your memories
bring up emotion,
then follow your heart
to the unbreakable
is it not Love that
brings you back
to whatever Home
means to you –
and might you see
that you belong
as Everything
is within You?

Going Home
is not one place,
it is your
Place of Love –
return to your
come Home to
it is what You
are made of.

Riding Waves

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You see how vast
is the ocean,
are you not in awe
of the power
it holds,
it reaches from one
shore to another,
so wide you cannot
see where it ends,
its depths are still
a mystery,
is it not another world
the ocean has

Might you imagine
you are the ocean,
with surface waves
that are affected
by the shore,
can stir you up,
on sunny, calm days
you are peaceful
once more.

At your depths
are you not part
of another world,
not affected
by what happens above,
is there not a stillness,
a place for reflection,
a chance to sense
your innate qualities
of Love?

It may be a challenge
to sense your vastness,
how deep and wide
your Essence does reach,
you may think you
are a drop of water,
but you are the
and you are every

You are the waves
of choppy water,
you are the deep
stillness that
balances the flow –
do not limit yourself
as you are limitless,
though you may
not always know.

Sense the Strength
in your very Be-ing,
do not fear
how powerful
you are –
let Love be the
boat that carries
in every moment,
be it near
or be it far.

Ride the waves
that are on the
feel the stillness
that runs deep
within you,
a drop
or the entire
You Are One –
with All of Love
within You.

Come As You Are

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Come as you are,
to this moment,
to this day,
the human experience
may feel like a
you may not know
the ride you
will be on today –
there need be
no perfection,
you need not have it
all figured out,
but might you come
as you are
and let Love
work the details

Come as you are,
you may be rested,
you may be not,
you may be grappling
with emotion,
you may wish
for something
to get excited
might You honor
for trekking upon
this road of Life,
might you show up
as the magnificent
and continue to walk
with your
Beautiful Light?

Come as you are,
and know this will
change every day,
might you discover
something new
about you –
at any moment,
in many ways,
if you do not like
the path you are
you have a compass
inside of you –
set your direction
within your heart,
come as you are –
the Love That Is

Love’s Generosity

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Be generous,
whatever that
means to you –
you may think
time or
but might you
expand your
gifting view?

Think not only of
what to give,
might sharing be
another avenue,
when you think
of the Love
within your heart,
is it not generous
to share You?

Be present,
is this not a
all wish to
receive –
a listening ear,
a caring soul,
someone who sees
wherever you
may be.

Might you expand
to be
a non-judgmental view
with no “you” and “me”,
might you be generous
with the Love
that includes All
that you see?

Be generous,
let Love flow,
let Love set
you free,
see where it
takes you,
let yourself be
surprised and see –
as you give
do you not also
being a catalyst
for Love’s

Be generous.
Be present.
Be the Gift
that Love
knows you
to Be.

Welcome, Love

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Welcome, Love.

Might you open
your doors
and invite Love in
to sit a spell?

And in doing so,
is there not a
to this presence
that you feel
you have known
for Eternity,
though you have
far and wide,
high and low,
to find This –
when you welcome
do you now know
Love exists?

Welcome, Love,
and do you not
welcome You –
is this not a presence
you have known
your whole life
your very Essence
that is You,
before you were born
and when this life
is through,
open your heart,
feel this Love,
and welcome,

Welcome, Love,
let us sit
for a spell,
are You not the
Shining Light
that assures you,
All Is Well –
when the story falls
in the quiet
on any day –
welcome, Love,
welcome Peace,
welcome Home.


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You need not
clear a space
for your true
to appear,
you are always
so very loved
and o so dear.

Your heart knows
this truth,
when you trust,
allow and
let go –
is not the challenge
for you to accept
all of the Love
that dwells within
your soul?

You need not
populate you,
with your hopes
and dreams
that you wish
to find,
do not your dreams
come from a place
through are they not
by your mind?

Yes, it is difficult
to turn off
the doubts ego uses
to keep you small,
but are these not
drowned out by
the song of
your heart,
rising above it

You need look
no farther
than from the
wellspring of
Love within,
you have Everything
within you –
trust in you
and dive in!

Love’s Palette

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Does not the sky
put on a show,
morning sun
or evening’s glow,
does sky not use
whatever palette
that is there –
sun, clouds
or moisture
in the air,
do you not look
at sky
throughout the
to see what it
creates anew

Like sky,
can you take
what gathers
around you,
making your own
with what flows
through you,
it may be simple
or quite complex,
with Love,
what will you be
to create next –
use a palette
made up of
Peace, Joy
and Love –
and live your Truth
like the limitless
sky above.

You are as constant
as the sky,
a creation of Love,
be it day
or be it night,
shining brightly as
the sun
or twinkling star,
your palette
contains the colors
of the Love
That You Are.

A Chapter of Love

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Might you be
for your story,
for every chapter
that it brings,
at times a page
sometimes you could
do without
some things,
and though you need
not always know why,
or would prefer
a different plot,
does not your story
bring you to Love,
that finds a way,
no matter what?

It may be an
instant or
way of life,
it matters not
how Love is
does your heart
not celebrate,
whenever Love
is all around?

There need be no
of what is right,
your heart knows
exactly what to
do –
the more you trust
your heart,
will it not lovingly
guide and direct

Build your awareness
of another way,
when your mind
tells you how
the story should read –
let your heart
bring Love to
the purpose
of Life,
is for Love
to Be.