Learning to Fly

20190111 xpicture


Let go.

This may appear
to be a paradox,
but yet as human
and soul,
do you not prepare
for the ego
and with soul’s nudges,
let go?

You all have
inherent gifts,
that rise up to
be seen and
might you develop
your innate treasures,
not unlike a
baby bird?

A baby bird
develops feathers
while it is nested
high and dry,
receiving gifts,
building strength
and nourishment,
waiting for when
the time is

And when it is
to try wings out,
yes, bird might be
but is it not
its innate purpose
to spread its wings
and leave the

Once you recognize
your purpose,
it may be one
or maybe a few,
deep within you is
a calling
that rises up when
you hear You,
when your heart
fills with Joy,
when you cannot
not answer back –
you know then you
are ready
to spread your wings,
knowing Love has
your back.

Let go.
Repeat this often
as you live –
two sides of You
working together,
to create,
to Be
a loving Gift.

Your Voice of Love

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In the midst of
all the noise,
there is one Voice
that you hear,
sometimes you need
to strain to hear it,
sometimes it comes in
very clear,
when you set a loving
do you not clear out
a way,
to be connected,
to recognize,
that Love speaks
to you each and
every day.

Some days may feel
more hectic
and if you do not
take time to
you may fall into
old patterns,
letting fear bring in
some doubt,
do not let time
become your master,
do you not always
work things out –
and listening to the
still, small Voice
within you,
is that not what
Love is all

Turn up your inner
the one that whispers
in your ear,
it sings with the
beat of your heart,
it is the Voice
that is most
you may waver
in your attempts
to tune into
this steady beat,
but when you find it,
save the channel,
it is the only Voice
you need.

Sing with your
Voice of Love,
let it affirm
what you have
come to know –
when you listen
to Love,
and speak your Truth –
O the places
you may go!

Winds of Change

20190109 xpicture


When winds of change
blow in your direction,
do you sometimes
steel yourself
against the shift,
you may resist
changing your perspective,
ego does not want
to change any
of this.

When you look around
in any direction,
yes, you may see
how far you have
but when you truly
shift your human
is that not when
you realize,
You Are always

The human side of you
may make big changes,
even small things
can make you
but your soul
is always steady –
ready to be with you
if you will let,
you need not prove
anything to your
True Essence,
is Love not a constant
that you sometimes

Yes, change happens
often at the surface,
but when you dive down
deeper, still –
here is your familiar,
your ever-present,
Love is always available
to your free will.

When branches sway
in the winds of change,
you are always held
by the Trunk of Love –
let your roots
be strong,
let Love remind you –
You Are always You
and Here is where
you belong.

A Loving Focus

20190108 xpicture


When your mind
is full of details,
when you are mired
in the muck,
when you wish for
clarity –
focus on Love.

When complications
have your head spinning,
when there is change
in the air,
when you wish for
simplicity –
focus on Love.

You may think
Love is elusive,
but it never hides
when you call its
it is as close
as your next
breath –
when you focus
on Love.

You may wonder
how to garner,
the energy that
has brought you
with every beat
of your heart,
might you
focus on Love.

Keep it simple,
slow it down,
to what is always
and all around,
do you not honor
You –
when you focus
on Love?

And with every breath
you take,
a prayer of Gratitude
you may make,
are you not grateful
upon this day,
let your focus
Be Love.

There You Are

20190107 xpicture


There You Are,
beyond any beliefs
you may have –
you may work
to understand you,
but at your soul
does not all
make sense?
There are no problems
to figure out,
no details to
attend to
when you shift,
to discover,
There You Are –
the perfect You
in All of This.

There You Are,
yes, you can give
yourself a break,
when “shoulds”
or “musts”
pile up,
does Love not give
you a rake,
to gently smooth out
what distracts you,
from your loving
Source –
There You Are,
letting Love steer
your course.

There You Are,
might you Love you
just for you,
Love you for
Who You Are,
not only for what
you “do”,
yes, pour Love into
all you can,
while you are here
on this earth,
but Here You Are –
after that
and before birth.

Here You Are,
what a reunion
when you know –
You Are always
a part of One,
All of Love
is within your soul.

Align With Light

20190106 xpicture


Align with Light –
wherever it may
soak it up when
it is plentiful,
then Be the
when it does
not show,
yes, there may be
gloomy days
when clouds and fog
seem to close in,
but you always have
Light with you,
find the spark
that glows within.

Align with Light
and all of the promise
that it brings,
you feel hope,
you feel delight,
with Light does
not your heart
this is a song
that you can play,
whenever your heart
is open wide –
align with Light
and know that Love,
is always
by your side.

Align with Light,
let it light up
the Joy
inside of you,
remember You Are
not only in summer,
but winter, too –
you are a generator
of Love,
Peace and Joy
will follow suit –
align with Light,
with Who You Are,
shining bright
in the Light of


20190105 xpicture


Might you sense
a Pearl of Truth,
in the sea of thoughts
you have,
do these pearls not
glisten and shine,
rising to the top
of all the noise,
some pearls are made
from so much friction,
some pearls are waiting
to be found,
when you tune in
to your True Essence,
are there not pearls
all around?

Do you not recognize
a Pearl of Truth
within the core
of your soul,
does your heart
not expand,
when truth knocks
at its door,
you may need to
quiet the mind,
but you have everything
you need –
to discover your
Pearls of Truth,
is this not a treasure
that you wish to seek?

When you follow
these Pearls of Truth,
do not next steps
appear to you,
your path may sometimes
be bumpy,
but know that always,
in all you do –
each experience is busy
another pearl for you
to see,
as you collect your
Pearls of Truth,
do they not lead you
to your authenticity?

Recognize a Pearl
of Truth,
it will resonate
within your soul –
and when you step into
your True Essence,
with Faith and Love,
may you soar!


20190104 xpicture



Patience need not be
like waiting,
do some things not
take a certain time,
like pies that are
or dough that needs
time to rise.

An idea that begins
like good coffee
may need time
to brew,
if something takes
time unfolding,
will it not be
worth it,
when it is ready
for you?

Might you also be
patient with
you are in the perfect
place of now,
there are ebbs and
that you experience,
sometimes you may not
see all of the “hows”.

But there is always
something brewing,
as you are a creator
of All That Is,
might you have Faith
in the wheels turning,
as you let Love
take care of this?

Be patient
knowing that Love,
will let you know
when the time
is right –
let Love guide you,
let Peace show you,
All Is Well,
beautiful Light.


20190103 XPicture


When young,
you may have needed
training wheels,
when you first learned
how to ride a bike,
but without knowing,
was it not you
that was riding it –
so when taken off,
were you not ready
for flight?

Your mind may think,
or convince you,
you are not ready,
for opportunities
that may come your
but like the bike,
are you not already
you only need to
get your mind
on board
to play.

It may be hard
to let go of
what you think,
that keeps you upright,
safe and secure,
but that first time
when you rode
by yourself,
did you not feel
that you could
take on the world?

Believe in you,
when you are flying,
or have fallen,
all are steps
that lead you
to You –
freedom comes
when you embrace
Who You Are,
let go and fly
on your journey,
in your Truth.


20190102 XPicture


Allow your soul
to guide you
though your mind’s
intentions do
mean well,
your soul will guide
you in the present,
but does not your mind
in past or future dwell.

You may not
the meaning of
it does not mean
that you are giving in,
is it not a form
of allowing,
the All of You
to step into
your power within?

Your soul and mind
need not battle,
they work together
on this planet earth,
there is much to be
though you question
some of its

When in doubt
of your direction,
when you begin
to wonder why,
surrender to your
innate Knowing,
that Love is with
at all times.

You might accept
this basic tenet,
you have an underlying
that Love is
Who You Are,
at any time,
you can surrender
to this.

and allow
are words your mind
may not compute,
but your soul
knows how to
to any song
that plays
this tune.

Allow your soul
to lead your
trust that you
already know
accept each moment
of your discovery,
that You Are
a miracle
of Love, now.