One Love

20190801 XPicture


There are many layers
to you,
many roles that you
but when you dive
in deeper,
do they not All
come back to

There are many other
who are doing the same,
but when you look at
all collectively,
do all not make up
one world?

Where do you draw
where do you
draw a line,
there are no
lines in Love,
as Love is beyond
all space and time.

You may learn from
all the layers,
it is tempting to
sort them out,
but together is
where you find,
what Love is all

One room,
one house,
one street,
one town,
one country,
one world,
one universe,
One Love.

Yes, many rooms
are in this mansion,
but the divisions
are in your mind,
look for Love,
as well as receive it,
You All Are Love
Love Is Divine.