Time With Love

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*Note – I have an early appointment – here is a message from three years ago.
When ego’s voice
chatters in your ear –
spend time
with Love.
When scheduling
starts to
have a schedule
all its own –
spend time
with Love.
When “to do”
begins to
“to be” –
spend time
with Love.
When there is
“no time”
to spend
quality time
with others –
spend time
with Love.
And as life
keeps you busy
there will
always be
“things to do.”
How do you
balance this
with how to “be”?
Spend time
with Love.
And then you ask,
“What if there
is no time
for Love?”
Ahh – and we
remind you
that as there
is no time
at all –
you can begin
to not make
time a priority,
as you can Love
in every moment,
every second,
in the Now
of each breath
you take –
and There Is Love.
You may think
that you have
crowded out
with all of
your “doings,”
but you
truly cannot Be
anything but Love.
Be Love in everything
that you do.
Yes, you will
find the balance
with the “doings”
of life
and the stillness
of your soul.
But remember
Love Is always there,
for You Are Love.
And you realize
there will
never be
enough “time”
for Love –
for Love Is Eternal
and is beyond time –
and so Are You.
Eternal Love
You Are –


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Where there is Peace,
there is comfort.

Where there is Love,
there is Peace.

And is it not in this
State of Awareness,
that beyond your sight
is where you truly see?

Your human self
seeks Peace and
and how do you
know that these
You Are at Home
always with Love
and as You Are Love,
You Are All
of This.

Where there is Peace,
there is comfort,
where there is Love,
there is Peace.

Be with comfort,
blessed dear one,
Love surrounds You,
always with Thee.


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As your soul expands
to infinity,
is All not possible
beyond what your eyes
can see?

It is tempting,
in this life,
to stay small
and close,
but have you not
amazing things,
as you create
and grow?

You cannot help
but to create,
what surrounds you
is what you have made,
so expand,
go within and ask,
what does your soul
wish to say?

You have helpers,
you have guides,
you have all you
need inside,
might you tap into
your internal Power,
that connects you
to the Life Force
That Is You.

Remember Who You Are,
You Are Eternal
as the stars,
as each day greets
the sun shining through,
is All not possible
with the Love in You?

You shine brightly
as the sun and
the twinkling stars,
let Love express
the infinite Joy of
Who You Are!

A Loving Space

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Do you need to make
room for Love?

Love is Always,
it does not run
and hide,
but with mind-chatter,
noisy clatter,
it may feel so
tucked inside.

Tuning into Love
is multi-layered
as you can experience
it in many ways,
might you choose Love
in this loving moment,
then add another
throughout your day.

Love is not something new
you bring in,
like a stranger to your
Love is familiar,
Love knows you,
and is this not
the Love you Know?

You may think you
need to add space,
to let Love expand
and grow,
but as Love is Ever-present,
might you embrace
Love when you let go?

Gratitude and Humility
will bring you balance,
adding Grace and Ease
to your life,
Peace and Love will
lead you gently,
helping All of You

There is no need to make
more room,
Love is ubiquitous
in its scope,
Love is in every room
you are,
let Love show you the
Peace, Joy and Strength
you know!

A Season of Love

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You may anticipate
seasons changing,
transitioning from one thing
to the next,
as you create,
thus always changing,
you may think you
would be used to this.

You may think you
do not know
what is coming next,
what you cannot see,
but remember
that with Love,
All Is Well,
in that you can

Yes, you will always
seek more knowledge,
it is what you do
while here on earth,
but True Knowing
that comes with
True Vision,
helps you see beyond
the happenings of
your world.

You create this
present moment,
with Love that
always flows through you,
Be One with this
Loving Moment,
now is a Season of Love,
embrace this Loving Truth.


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Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
in You.

No pre-conditions
come before this,
as You Are Love
through and through,
once you see through
layers that are transparent,
is not Love always Here
with You?

You may resist at times
to give up
what you think
defines you now,
but surrendering to Love,
helps you move beyond
the why or how.

Surrendering to Love
is Be-ing the Love
that flows through you,
let Love take your
guiding you always
with Love to You.

I See You

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Do you not see You,
when you see Love?

Do not opportunities
they may go one way
then turn around,
does not a shift
in perspective
let you see with
the Eyes of Love?

Time or space
need not matter,
as You Are always
in the Now,
open your heart,
see what is before you,
do you not see You,
when you see Love?

As pages of life
play out before you,
keep diving beneath
what may distract your view,
There You Are,
in every moment,
do you not know You,
when you know Love?

Yes, shine your Light
of Love so others
may reflect what
they see, too,
you are All together,
when, as Love
you say,
I See You!

Do you not see You,
when you see Love?