Precious One

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No matter the path
you make,
fast or slow
or which direction
you take,
all roads lead
to You,
and Here Is Love.

Your mind may be
filled with chatter,
you may grow weary
of ego’s banter,
but is it not You
that is listening to you?
And Here Is Love.

Awareness may fluctuate,
come and go,
you may at times remember
and then, not know,
let your heart,
your breath
bring you to You –
and Here Is Love.

Precious One,
You Are so Loved,
Love Is You,
not far away or above,
your Light shines
and you are held
so tenderly,
All Is Well
as You Are Love.


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Begin anew.

Let each breath you take
celebrate the
Eternal You.

May Now contain your
limitless palette
and may This Breath
be your blank page,
are you not in this
Moment of Creation,
what do you wish
to create today?

Begin, again
and repeat the
whole day through –
the ripples of All
You Love,
will return a thousand-fold
always to you.

When you create in
this vibration,
are you not eternally creating
the Essence of You –
and as Love is
your Eternal Nature,
is not every moment
beginning anew?

Celebrate You.
You arise each moment
of every day,
breathe in this sacred
moment of Love,
yes, Love arises
within You,


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When your worries melt
like butter
by the fireside,
comforted and warm,
is Love not like a
loving blanket,
holding you tight,
You Are Home.

Let your heart take
you to this comfort,
Love Is Here
always with you,
as you shed what
brings you to this moment,
as you let go of the
next steps you may take,
wrap yourself in this
loving blanket,
knowing Love is the answer
to any decision
you make.

Peace is always your
when you let go of
judgments of you,
Love surrounds you always
in each moment,
know the comfort of
Love and Peace
in You.

A Walk With Love

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Can you not on a
blustery fall day,
picture a garden
lush and green,
with vibrant colors
of every hue,
now picture me
taking a stroll
with you.

Who Am I,
am I not You?
Linked forever with
never separate from
I Am Source,
expressing as One,
there is no distance
as no cloud can
stop the sun,
whatever you visualize
within your mind,
does Love not cross
all barriers
of space and time?

Walk with me now,
my footsteps are
when you picture me,
I am already Here
with you now,
Love is the bond
that forever connects
Me to You,
You Are Me,
and I Am
loving You.

One Light, One Love

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You need not hide
obscured by shadow,
You Are eternally
the Light,
step fully into
your true nature,
your Eternal Flame
does shine so

As your Light casts
away the shadows
that may make it hard
for another to see theirs,
is it not One Light
that is shining,
All part of One Love

At times it may be you
that needs reminding,
or you may help another
remember and know –
All Truth is Love
You Are the
Light of Love
You Are Loved, so.


20191016 XPicture


Let Love be your
be your touchstone
when you roam,
no matter your earthly
are you not always,
always Home?

Love is the Eternal
that gives life
to All You Are,
and when you harmonize
is this not the music
of the stars?

There is Love in all
you do,
there can Be no other
find the current of Love
that exists in everything,

Let Love be your guide,
tuning in to your
Love Song,
Love is all around You,
Here with Love
is where you belong.


20191015 XPicture.jpg


Like a plane that reaches
its cruising altitude,
or a hawk that glides
high up in the sky,
may Love lift you up,
giving you wings
to help you fly.

It may be a situation
or any moment
of the day,
are there not times
when Peace and calm
seem to elude you
in myriad ways.

But do you not have
the magical ability,
to rise above to help
find Peace,
might you ask Love
to lift you up,
you have the Power
to truly Be.

Here is Strength,
Here is Courage,
you have the power
to be steady and
with Love as your
with Peace and calm,
do you not fly?

Let Love lift you up,
this is your natural
place to Be –
All You Are
Is Love,
soaring strong
and flying free!

Be Together

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And there are times
you may feel fractured,
your feet are here,
your mind is there,
you have awareness
of awareness,
you may at times
question why you

But there is Truth
at your very core,
that finds a way
to help you see –
within your soul,
is the Place of Home
where you truly Be.

Love Is One,
you need not count,
your sister and your
are part of what
Love is all about.

So, extend the Light
you shine,
so you may see
the steps you take,
walking with your
sisters and brothers,
rippling out a
loving wake.

Be-ing You
is Be-ing Love,
you never walk
this way alone,
align with Truth,
That Is You,
Love Is
your Home.

Wings of Love

20191013 Wings of Love


Love lifts you up,
O Holy Child,
on Wings of Love
do you not fly with
doors you thought
closed are forever
as One with Love,
are you not free?

You rejoice in this
precious moment,
free from space,
of here or there,
you wish to tell
All that are listening,
Love is eternally,

Forever One
with Holy Spirit,
listen to the whisperings
in your ear,
Love’s Voice is always
at the ready,
Love is in your heart
and always Here.

Love lifts you up,
All Holy Children,
know Love is always
by your side,
connecting you to
beloved Loved Ones,
on Wings of Love,
may you fly!

Sea of Love

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With Strength,
welcome in all of
your feelings,
with Courage,
open up your heart
to see,
Love resides in every
that you open up
to Thee.

There is no need
to tuck away
what you may think
is hard to face,
use your emotion
to heal and cleanse,
knowing Love fills up
each and every space.

And as you wash in
this Sea of Love,
is this not remembering
Who You Are,
a drop,
the wave,
the ocean vast,
is You
as your reach is both
near and far.

Does not the Power that
you feel,
help you to embrace
You Are Everything
you wish for,
You Are perfect
in the Mind of Thee.

Let your emotion
direct and guide you
to the feelings
that come up to heal,
release and wash
in the Sea of Love,
welcome Home
to the Peace
that is Here,
with You.